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Somerset 313!

had 2 eventful days in a row!

yesterday, i went for a US-China relations lecture in the morning at Buona Vista. had to reach there at 9ish, so i woke up at 7AM! had not woken up at such ungodly hours for a long long time alreadyy. throughout the entire trip, i was half asleep, and kept thinking to myself: if only the circle line were complete, then my trip would be half an hr shorter! anyway, the trip was pretty informative, but we saw many big shots attending the lecture, including MPs and colonels, so we felt like small fries in the lecture theatre.

after that, i took another 45 min ride back home, had lunch, then went out for tea with my ex-tutee's dad. had quite a long chat, and then realised i was running late for my networking session at NUS, so i rushed back, had a quick shower, and took the train again to CLEMENTI.

once again, the single thought in my mind throughout the entire trip was: why isnt the circle line complete. so for the second time in a day, i had a really long train ride. met weijun at clementi, and we both werent very certain of the directions. when we exited the train station, within seconds we were already a little lost since we couldnt find the bus that we wanted to take. we later managed to find a bus stop with the bus service which we were looking for around 400metres down. im so glad i didnt study at NUS otherwise ill die from the INSANE travelling time! finally, we reached NUS, and after some wrong turns, we managed to find the venue for our networking session. The entire building was a real maze, we actually found the venue without passing by the registration counter, so we had to backtrack to register at the counter.

finally got to meet up with my buddy and several other PSC scholars who are coming over to cambridge. seems like we have a lot less scholars coming to camb this year as compared to the last, and they are all taking pretty exotic subjects haha. after that, went to chat with my buddy and her parents, and then we went over to Udders at novena to continue talking about my camb experience. that reminded me of my internship memories last year, where we frequented the food centres around this area, and dropped by Udders for dessert (:

the next day, i went over to RJ to find some teachers and chat with my students! had a great time talking to my students whom ive not seen for either 6 months or a year! some of my teachers commented that i was very free since i had alr came back to school twice within a week LOL. after that, went to somerset 313 and shopped around there! yay now theres only orchard central left and ill be done catching up with the latest developments in town area ;) theres still helix bridge and IR on my to-visit list though :D

going kbox later today! *excited*
P.S. last night i was being compared with a fangirl. this is disturbing O_O

consilio et animis
7/06/2010 08:53:00 PM

v15: SHERO!

finally... after 1.5 years, my blog gets a face-lift. that must have been the longest ive ever kept a blog template ever. anyway, this new blog template features S.H.E's latest album, SHERO, so this is technically the 2nd blog template in a row that im featuring my favourite band! (the last blog was le petit prince, which was inspired by S.H.E's 612 星球) Anyway, SHERO is a nice motivational song, and i like a number of lines from this song, such as:

你可以我可以为自己赴汤蹈火的 SHERO

we will always face obstacles and difficulties in life. lets rise up to the challenge and become our own heroes and sheroes. hopefully this new blog template will renew my confidence in the year to come, and also provide me with more incentive to blog more frequently (:

blog template aside, im officially back for close to 2 weeks! still trying to adapt to the weather here though. when the sun is out, it gets really hot and humid, and when it isnt (which is the case for most afternoons now), we get freak showers, which start flooding many low-lying areas around singapore. so far ive been caught in the rain twice, and carrying an umbrella hardly helps in this kind of weather. which makes me wonder whether i would rather have the sun or the rain.

nevertheless, its great to be back, tasting delicious homecooked food AND Singaporean dishes. yummy! and i must have my fill of SEAFOOD before i go back! ive missed eating all the delicious seafood such as crabs, prawns and squid!!! time for a mega seafood meal soon (: and of course, its nice to be back in my room, which feels so much larger after staying in my tiny college room for a year. and i can now reach over to my radio and listen to 933 all day long! yes, its definitely great to be back!

anyway, i don't have any internships or major projects this summer, so im pretty free, and have been racking my brains for ideas on how to occupy myself! ive been quite successful so far haha... organised a KBOX outing last week and just had a cycling outing yesterday. we cycled from ECP to Changi Village and had lunch there! it was a nice cycle and the route was pretty shaded, so we didnt feel the full blast of the heat from the sun. it was also a good way to work out all the calories from the good food that ive been eating since i got back, though everyone will probably be quick to point out that i should be gaining more fats rather than burning them. ok hopefully all the yummy stuff in Singapore will give me a kg or two before i go back to Cambridge (:

after lunch, we wanted to cycle back from Changi V to ECP through another park connector but the weather didn't look good, and we were pretty tired, so we decided to head over to GG's house, where we spent the afternoon playing table tennis and karaoke-ing :D the table tennis session turned out to be more exhausting than cycling cos we started having a ping pong war and smacked ping pong balls towards each other. haha that was definitely a good warmup for our upcoming paintball session this hol (:

consilio et animis
7/03/2010 09:29:00 PM

Unbreakable, Impenetrable, Irredeemable

S.H.E has finally released their new album! Generally quite pleased with the songs in this album, though I was hoping there would be more. And this is one of my favourite songs from the album (:

你不会 - S.H.E

第一次拥吻以前 我们找不到语言
但听见彼此灵魂 多渴望永远
贴心后嘴角的甜 摩擦后眼角的咸
一起懂爱和真爱 的差别

你送的杯子里面 还装着温热感觉
你给的每个纪念 都排在窗沿
相机是牵手两年 围巾是东京五天
界线是又哭又笑 的道歉

我不相信 你心中现在她最美
你不会 你不会 你不会
把我们 的爱踩碎
我不相信 你口中会讲出后悔
你不会 你不会 你不会
不心疼 我拒绝被看见的泪

当初被激烈反对 你安静却没妥协
对我更好来瓦解 别人的偏见
我生气时总几天 我倔强口不择言
是你 请把我当情绪沉淀

我不相信 你心中现在她最美
你不会 你不会 你不会
把我们 的爱踩碎
我不相信 你口中会讲出后悔
你不会 你不会 你不会
不心疼 我拒绝被看见的泪

我不相信 重来的幸福在脱轨
你不会 你不会 你不会
留残酷 让我面对
我不相信 一起的回忆都损毁
你不会 你不会 你不会
舍得我 留一滴想乞讨的泪

On a side note, Joshua and I were chatting and he mentioned a quote by C.S. Lewis which I found quite interesting and checked it up:

"To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything, and your heart will certainly be wrung and possibly broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact, you must give your heart to no one, not even to an animal. Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements; lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. But in that casket- safe, dark, motionless, airless--it will change. It will not be broken; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable."

I wonder if my heart has become irredeemable.

consilio et animis
4/11/2010 06:16:00 PM

Welcome 2010 and Lent Term 09/10!

my first post of 2010! my time in singapore seemed to fly by really quickly. tomorrow at this time ill be on my way back to cambridge already... and the battle against the weather will begin. of course, not to forget the battle against the insane example sheets too. now that im more mentally prepared, hopefully this term will be a much more fruitful and satisfying one. i hope 2010 will begin on a good note (:

had a great time in singapore thanks to all my friends who arranged the outings without being able to contact me on hp! thats quite a feat haha. but come to think of it, i remarkably survived 2 weeks without a hp!

went to kbox yesterday with kai, kwanie and a few other friends. it will be a while before i get to kbox again, and then ill be trying out all the new songs once more. but quite happy that i experimented with so many new songs! i discovered genie's 一秒就好 is actually very difficult to K. but i also K-ed a number of fast / crazy songs, like lu guang zhong's OH YEAH!!, david tao's 我太傻, evan's 小乖乖 and yoga's 看见什么吃什么. haha actually i love to K hyper songs when i go kbox cos most people like to sing slow ballads which are usually very emo. so to balance things up, ill usually sing some cheerier songs :D haha... too bad never get to sing WOW!

the day before, i went to rjc. its always nice to be back in rjc. i really feel at home there, especially since ive spent a year with the math department. im really glad for that opportunity, as it made 2009 a really memorable year of my life. anyway, i got to see the math dept tutors, who just ended their meeting. the oteam were also there to do their final dry run for orientation, so i hung around to see what they were doing. then, i was walking along this corridor when this bunch of people dressed in ninja gear started charging past haha... thought it was quite amusing. apparently that was part of the war games. im glad that i managed to see a number of my students too! (:

tomorrow, i shall pop by school again to say hi to my students before i leave! and to take with me some parting memories of RJ before i return to cambridge.

cheers to the new term ahead!

P.S. this is a nice new song that im recently addicted to:

切歌 - 李圣杰

我坐在钢琴前面 敲着黑白的琴键
不够动听 不够经典

我也努力过改变 学你要爱的完美

用力唱一首歌 忽然被你切歌
这歌词很像我 心里够曲折 多么适合
就算没有音乐的伴奏 唱到声音都哑了
我会记得 你曾是我最爱的情歌

我也努力过改变 学你要爱的完美

用力唱一首歌 忽然被你切歌
这歌词很像我 旋律够曲折 多么适合
就算没有音乐的伴奏 唱到声音都哑了
我会记得 你曾是我最爱的情歌

放下你 只剩下我自己

用力唱一首歌 忽然被你切歌
这歌词很像我 旋律够曲折 多么适合
就算没有音乐的伴奏 唱到声音都哑了
我会记得 你曾是我最爱的情歌

唱一首歌 忽然被你切歌
这歌词很像我 旋律够曲折 多么适合
就算没有音乐的伴奏 唱到声音都哑了
我会记得 你曾是我最爱的情歌

consilio et animis
1/10/2010 05:22:00 PM

933 Top 100 Songs of 2009

As per their usual tradition, 933 announces their top 100 of 2009 on the first day of 2010. Below are the top 100 of last year! The bolded songs are my personal top favourites of the year!

Below is a record of the top 100 from previous years:
Top 100 of 2007
Top 100 of 2008

: 妥协 - 蔡依林
: 心跳 - 王力宏
: 掉了 - 张惠妹
: 入戏 - 曹格
#5: 王妃 - 萧敬腾
#6: 分生 - 张惠妹
#7: 我不是你想像的那么勇敢 - 梁文音
#8: 越来越爱 - 飞轮海
#9: Everything - 王力宏
#10: 如果爱 - 方大同

#11: 给你 - 陈奕迅
#12: 这就是爱吗 - 容祖儿
#13: 全世界都停电 - Tank
#14: 如果我变成回忆 - Tank
#15: 情歌 - 梁静茹
#16: 没有如果 - 梁静茹
#17: 寂寞暴走 -飞轮海
#18: 寂寞,好了 - 蔡旻佑
#19: 狂热 - 苏打绿
#20: 暗恋 - 陶喆

#21: 失落沙洲 - 徐佳莹
#22: 大丈夫 - 蔡依林
#23: 个中强手 - 罗志祥
#24: 在树上唱歌 - 郭静
#25: 白白的 - 张韶涵
#26: 寂寞光年 - 刘力扬
#27: 搞笑 - 罗志祥
#28: 欢送会 - 谢安琪
#29: 留下来 - 飞轮海
#30: 另一个天堂 - 王力宏 + 张靓颖

#31: 会痛的石头 - 萧敬腾
#32: 分手的情书 - 陈伟联
#33: 坦白 - 萧亚轩
#34: 你还有个我 - 933 DJs + Funkie Monkies
#35: 说好的幸福呢 - 周杰伦
#36: 国王皇后 - 大嘴巴
#37: 日光 - 苏打绿
#38: 谁 - 蔡健雅
#39: 交响梦 - 苏打绿
#40: 一句话 - 卓文萱

#41: 新歌 - 唐禹哲
#42: 永远的朋友 - 陈伟联
#43: 新不了情 - 萧敬腾
#44: 二缺一 - 蔡卓妍
#45: 最幸福的事 - 梁文音
#46: Be With You - 潘玮柏 + Akon
#47: 黑白 - 方大同
看见什么吃什么 - 林宥嘉
#49: 寂寞先生 - 曹格
#50: 崇拜你 - 刘力扬

#51: 画沙 - 袁咏琳 + 周杰伦
#52: 突然好想你 - 五月天
#53: 继续转动 - 动力火车
#54: 无重力 - 潘玮柏
#55: 同一个遗憾 - 潘玮柏 + 纪佳菘
#56: 可不可以爱我 - 卢学睿
#57: 在KTV说爱你 - 言承旭
#58: 说谎 - 林宥嘉
#59: 偶尔 - 张韶涵
#60: 明白 - 郭静

#61: Thank You - 言承旭
#62: 放肆 - 五月天
#63: OH YEAH!!! - 卢广仲
爱一直存在 - 梁文音
#65: 放了爱 - 郭美美
#66: 锁住时间 - S.H.E
#67: 沉默的瞬间 - 张栋梁
#68: 太阳 - 陈绮贞
Only Love - 蔡健雅
隐形纪念 - 蔡淳佳

#71: 太烦恼 - 杨丞琳
#72: 当你想着我 - 品冠 + 李心洁
#73: 如燕 - Olivia Ong
#74: 紧箍咒 - 大嘴巴
#75: 我的爱 - 王若琳
#76: 哭过就好了 - 梁文音
#77: 安静了 - S.H.E
#78: 美丽的主题曲 - 李玟
#79: PK - 梁静茹 + 曹格
#80: 你为什么说谎 - 丁当

#81: 带我走 - 杨丞琳
#82: 鱼 - 陈绮贞
#83: 若你碰到他 - 蔡健雅
#84: 春天的呐喊 - 五月天
#85: 我没有错 - 萧闳仁
#86: 1到10 = 我和你 - 范玮琪 + MC Hotdog
#87: 帮你记得 - 潘裕文
#88: 又圆了的月亮 - 郭采洁
#89: 破天荒 - 张芸京
#90: 一秒也好 - 卓文萱

#91: 降落伞 - 蔡依林
#92: 暗恋 - 张智成
#93: 相爱后动物感伤 - 张惠妹
#94: 低调 - 张栋梁
#95: 属于 - 梁静茹
#96: 小乖乖 - 蔡旻佑
#97: 吃下宇宙 - 迷路兵
#98: 春雨里洗过的太阳 - 王力宏
#99: 我还想她 - 林俊杰
#100: 爱来的刚好 - 张智成

consilio et animis
1/01/2010 09:34:00 AM


I realised I have neglected my blog since I embarked on my trip to cambridge. While it is definitely right to say that I have had a busy term, I think there are many other reasons behind this. I feel that my first term has been a very... reflective one. When term began, I found myself having to make many changes to adapt to the steep learning curve, the new environment and many other different things. 透不过气来 is an apt word to describe my situation. While I survived the term, I felt that I certainly could have done much better to start my term in cambridge on a much better note. And it made me wonder if it was because I was not mentally prepared for the challenging term in cambridge, or if I had been resting on my laurels for way too long and it is time that I am shaken back to reality. For too long have I been in a protective bubble of praises, encouragement and approval, and it is time to step out of this circle. I hope that my upcoming term will be a better one.

Anyway, Michaelmas term ended with a (not-so-enjoyable for me) christmas formal and a wonderful christmas party within the F@F-ers, with guests from the other side of cambridge - Homerton. It was a great way to end the term, and everyone of them at the party played an important role in making my term a great one.

the return trip back to SG wasnt so smooth though. thanks to gg who cursed our entire trip, we encountered luggage problems, failed bag checks and just when we thought we successfully made it through, our plane fuel compartment had problems and our flight was delayed by 3 hours. nevetheless, we made it back safely and it was an experience worth remembering, but not one which i would like to relive. its great to be back basking in the sunshine of singapore but i didnt get to stay for long because our family had a holiday trip to China shortly after.

the trip to China was a nice break, and the scenery in some places were really breathtaking. i loved the trip up one of the snow mountains. on the trip up, we could see a beautiful snow capped peak in the distant, along with some occasional snow. and once we reached the top, we could gaze at the countryside area at the bottom of the mountain. i also enjoyed some of the cultural performances, which were very lively and allowed us to learn a bit more of the culture of some tribes in China.

now that im back, its time to start on my work. i resolve to finish all my holiday homework before term ends! hopefully i will have time after that to do a new blog template... if not it will have to wait till summer hols next yr! :D

anyway, here's a new song by JJ which i like a lot:

第几个100天 - 林俊杰

我 把爱铺成蓝天
让不安的你 一抬头就看得见
我 把心烧成火焰
让怕黑的你 拥着温暖入眠
我晓得 时间如雪 有时候会覆盖一切
但是真爱 一如倔强会重生的绿叶

第几个100天 还是很有感觉
用眼睛去素描 你内心的世界
第几个100天 也像刚热恋
两个人手一牵 连命运都改变

我 把心烧成火焰
让怕黑的你 拥着温暖入眠
我晓得 时间如雪 有时候会覆盖一切
但是真爱 一如倔强会重生的绿叶

在我的胸口 你就躺下来别说了

第几个100天 越来越有感觉
用眼睛去素描 你内心的世界
管过多少100天 也像刚热恋
两个人手一牵 连命运都改变
当守护变信念 连泪水都很甜

consilio et animis
12/28/2009 09:42:00 PM


回到最初 - 蔡淳佳






consilio et animis
11/19/2009 04:48:00 PM

my cambridge experience so far

I realised that it's been over a month since I last blogged. It had been very eventful since I arrived at cambridge and I must say that it is a totally new experience for me to be studying here.

a noticeable difference between singapore and UK is the weather. firstly, its rather cold here, even though it is only autumn. and the temperatures have taken a dip over the past week and are now in the range of single digits. the skies here are almost always gray, and you will have to be lucky to see a bright sun and blue sky. after the change in daylight saving time, it gets dark very early, at around 4ish, and so the nights here seem longer. it took me quite a while to get used to the weather, but thankfully, after getting some nice warm scarfs and gloves, im more ready to combat the adverse weather here.

the food in my college is passable but not exactly fantastic. there are some nice desserts to look out for though, which im often unable to resist :D food is generally quite expensive, especially if u want something good. an alternative to that will be to cook something on our own, and we often hold cookouts where we invite fellow singaporeans to taste our cooking (:

im glad that there are a number of singaporeans in my college (fitzwilliam college). coincidentally, 3 of the 4 singaporean freshers are living side by side in the same block along the same corridor, and its great that we have much in common to talk about. my other corridor and course mates are also very friendly, and some of them are impressively smart and really knowledgeable in their respective fields.

generally, cambridge is a nice place to stay in. the buildings and scenery here are also very beautiful, not to mention the river cam, which flows through several nice bridges such as the bridge of sighs and the mathematical bridge. the only problem about staying at fitz is that it is located at the top of a hill, so ill have to cycle up and down hill to the town centre for lectures everyday. the uphill ride was quite tiring at first, but i gradually got used to it so it became better after that.

on to my math course. the math course here has a really steep learning curve, and i really struggled to keep up with the course. a lot of new concepts and ideas are continually thrown to us to grapple with, which may be very daunting for a first year. nevertheless, im still learning to adapt to the challenging nature of the course and hopefully i will be able to keep my head above the waters :D

that pretty much sums up my life so far... which is quite different from my study experience in singapore. life certainly hasnt been a bed of roses so far. perhaps it is because i was not fully prepared for my studies as i was working right up till a few days before i flew over... i just feel that i am not mentally ready to take on, and fully benefit from all the challenges that my course has to offer. or perhaps it is because i have very high expectations of myself, but so far, i feel that i have been underachieving, and not fully maximising the opportunities here in cambridge. but im still working, learning, and adapting, and i hope that this new experience will be allow me to become mentally and intellectually stronger.

consilio et animis
11/11/2009 05:55:00 AM

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