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finally had progress on chicago essays todayy. got bored so i came up with this sketch:

consilio et animis
12/26/2007 08:57:00 PM

class outing

i was woken up on sun morn by my hp ringing. mum called to ask if i was going back for brekkie hahas. i was still veri tired but dint feel like sleeping again aft that. waited for the other councillors to wake up before leaving guanghao's house tgt. reached home, had a quick bath and started msging my classmates to inform them about the chg in venue. after that i had a short nap and a quick lunch before going to meet my classmates @ cine (:

my second kbox session within a day hahas. all the hot faves were sang by the time i reached there alr, ie wo bu pei and cai hong. haha what to do the songs r too popular ;) matt improved liao! he acherli could sing some of the latest cpop songs! *is impressed* :P wanted to sing last christmas but went to answer a call and the song was skipped. nvm i shall sang it next christmas hahas.

after kboxing, we proceeded to have dinner. kept humming yang guang zhai nan along the way cos it was so catchy and once u sing it, itll be stuck in ur head. anw, we couldnt decide where to eat (as usual) and grace wanted to spin me ard then go to wherever my hand pointed to lol. in the end went to food court cos xinyu made the decision for us. chose some black pepper chicken hot plate and ended up sweating like crazy cos it was chao spicy. saw bryon and elaine walking past the food court while eating and went to say hi to them. then elaine started talking about me being chicken little which was soo embarrassing hahas :P and grace said that qianxiao also agrees that i look like chicken little -_-"

went to arcade for a short while and played this jungle adventure game which was quite fun cos it was alot of shooting, like a semi automated weap, just that there wasnt any recoil so u cld zam as much as i wanted. some more like infinite ammo de so damn fun to keep whacking the monstrous bugs ;)

had a really enjoyable weekend :D thanks to those who came for the class outing (:

consilio et animis
12/25/2007 11:46:00 AM

Gastronomical Expedition

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY! (: and may you have a fruitful 2008 ahead!

the past few days had been fun, and i was catching up with sleep yesterday :D anyway, i shall talk about sat first. on sat i woke up to make tang yuans cos it was dong zhi. hand made tang yuans are just so much more meaningful and they taste more delicious (: ate like 20ish tang yuans before heading to maxwell food centre to join the councillors in their food expedition :D

was so delighted to see all my fellow councillors (: haha found out from them that they had earlier went to katong, old airport road and peoples park and they ate frog leg porridge! ZOMG haha i shd have joined them earlier loh! i loooove frog leg porridge ): anw i tried this horlicks + soya bean drink at maxwell food centre. it is supposed to be veri good but i thk it just tastes soya beanish with malty aftertaste loh. we ordered some desserts and some finger food there before heading to princep street, which was our next food chckpt.

we were hoping to eat delicious muffins there but when we reached there, the stall owner told us that the muffins were sold out. so it was rly disappointing ): we decided to eat dim sum instead. the dim sum was just average loh. some more the zhen zhu ji was a major con job. there was so much rich and like a few morsels of chicken onli ):

left with wes halfway to go to cat hi class gathering @ fish n co. was surprised to see so many of my ex classmates and teachers there. it was like the best attendance ever in a long time. wes and i were so stuffed we decided to share a plate. in the end mrs goh was so nice and decided to treat us all which was quite bad cos there were so many of us ard and the bill was definitely in the hundreds.

after dinner with my pri sch mates, we went back to join councillors @ guanghao's house (: guanghao's monitor is so cool cos it is a plasma tv screen OK. we skyped with josie on guanghao's bed and it was so funny to talk to josie esp when he gets emo haha. :D we chatted a bit too long and by the time we finished chatting it was past midnite so there wasnt any public transport. that was a prob for those of us who wanted to go kbox. in the end we decided to cab even though cab fare had recently spiked. it was then that i found out that paradiz centre kbox was closed and that was where our class was supposed to meet the next day! OMG. was like super panicky loh. but decided to just go kboxing with councillors first. then worry later hahas.

we went to lucky chinatown kbox in the end. same old place like last yr. sang all the way from like 1ish to 4ish. finally got to sing all the nice new songs. haha we sang alot of HIGH songs like ren yi men and kangya said i was so happy when i sang ren yi men that she didnt bear to skip the last portion of the song :P shui ba ren yi men jie gei wo~ (: oh yah and we ordered the christmas drink cos we got to keep the special kbox christmas mug :D but the christmas drink tasted weird. it tasted like something u get when u mix leftover soft drinks tgt :S but the mug was cute so it was worth it anyway. haha almost got a shock when we looked at the bill cos we were each paying 30+ for the kbox session. they were like ripping us off cos of the festive season loh ): but at least we had loads of fun.

cabbed back to guanghao's house. tried calling for them to bring us into the house but none of them was awake to answer the calls. managed to get into the condo anw cos the security guard was sleeping zomg. but we were soon trapped again cos the lift had to be activated with a card. thankfully darren picked up the phone and got guanghao to fetch us upstairs :D

was dead beat by then and quickly found a spot in the living room to sleep. i displaced a lion and tiger soft toy from the cushion and slept on the cushion :D poor lion and tiger had to sleep on the cold floor for the night :P my voice was quite dead and i downed half a mug of water b4 sleeping hoping i would recover for the kbox session the next day :D conked out almost immediately after that cos it was alr 5 and we were sooo tired. haha anw thanks to all the councillors who came along to the kbox session and made it such a fun session :D looking forward to meeting u ppl again some time soon (:

consilio et animis
12/25/2007 10:29:00 AM

what you discover when you are bored

feeling bored, i clicked on this banner in facebook and was brought to StarTutor.com.sg. then i started scrolling thru the list of tutors and was LOL-ing at lots of familiar faces. i also find it quite amusing that this person with a B in math and D in chem was tutoring math and chem. well. i guess she had no choice. cos her 2 other A level subjs were E. LOL.

anyway, i was also shocked to discover that this certain person was amongst the high ranking tutors. his remarks were so fake can, just like his real person. i was laughing like siao when i read it. if u r bored, try http://www.startutor.com.sg/ and see if u can spot your frens :D i merely scrolled thru the first few pages and spotted ard 10 frens le.

consilio et animis
12/20/2007 08:58:00 PM


Feeling bored, I was going thru all the songs of 2007 and came up with a list of my top 10 favourite chi songs of 2007 (:

#1: 五月天 - S.H.E
#2: 不能说的秘密 - 周杰伦
#3: 天使 - 五月天
#4: 我怀念的 - 孙燕姿
#5: 蔷蔷 - Ella

#6: 专属天使 - Tank
#7: 一 - 刘德华
#8: 淘汰 - 陈奕迅
#9: 任意门 - 杨丞琳
#10: 湘南海欧 - 南拳妈妈

consilio et animis
12/20/2007 10:14:00 AM


went to meet sheenie yest evening cos she just came back from london! WELCOME BACK (: havent seen her for a long time (: got black forest gateau from her, which was damn nice cos of the chocolate topping on top. OMG. was going crazy over the choc and the berries hahas :P thanks alot sheenie (:

after that rushed to bathe and change for dinner with relatives to observe my grandparent's death anniversary. had lots of nice food to eat and i felt quite guilty after the sumptuous meal cos i had not been exercising recently due to my finger injury. i still need to maintain my fitness level to clear my SOC, which eugene kindly reminded me yesterday. i clear leave, you were corporal. i get my pink IC, you still corporal. when r u going to earn your sergeant rank? :/ ok i shall continue trying hard... anw congrats to eugene who is now a civilian again :D i look forward to getting my pink IC too... in a year's time HAHA.

consilio et animis
12/19/2007 10:29:00 PM

Unsung heroes

haha i always treat most of the foreign contractors changing pass at the guardroom not too kindly cos many of them always refuse to fill in the form. their stand is that they had been in this camp for years and we shld recognise their faces. either that or they will give expired passes and work permits and create headache for us. however, wad happened yesterday and today made me change my opinion of them cos i was actually grateful to 2 batches of contractors.

the first batch came yesterday. basically there was a blackout and several appliances like lights and tv could not work anymore after electricity was restored. i remember we did try to remedy the prob by going to the switch room at the back of the guard room and toying ard with the switches and ended up seeing sparks HAHA.

anyway, the electricity technicians came down and i immediately recognised one of them whom i had chided before cos he did not possess a work permit and was trying to enter the camp with a passport that stated that he was on a social visit. the technician tt i recognised asked me for the switchroom key and then set work on it with his tools. in like 3-5min he got all the appliances up and running again. thanks to him, we got tv shows to watch again :D

on to today. i was lowering the barricade when one of the barricade bars suddenly sank further than it used to and cracks were observed on the bar. the other bar was lowered halfway before it stopped working. there was chaos cos one whole road was blocked up and the other was lined up with lowloaders. we were still fretting over what to do. then our favourite contractor ah goh was called in and he promptly sawed up the damaged bar and traffic was running smoothly again after that. :| imagine the chaos if the bar continued to block up half the road for the rest of the day.

so i realised that it isnt good to be too ke4 bo2 to ppl at times cos ull nv know when ull need their help. to these contractors who go in and out of our camp everyday, i know ull continue to be a pain with all the probs u create, but at least i greatly appreciate all ur efforts in ensuring that we have the best working environment and conditions in our camp. heres a big thank u to our unsung heroes (:

consilio et animis
12/19/2007 10:08:00 PM

dream prize hamper

OMG i just made a super dumb mistake thats going to make me a laughing stock for the next few days ): kill me.

anw todays charts, they said that they were giving out a hamper containing EVERY SINGLE CPOP CD OF THE YEAR if u could guess the top artistes and songs. omg. i know the correct answers for sure. *makes a christmas wish that i will win the hamper* ahhh. ill be like daaaamn happy if i win that loh

consilio et animis
12/16/2007 10:43:00 PM

ang 5.0 is out (:

finger swelling worsened alot on wed and it looked super bloated loh. plus it was very painful too. decided to visit another doctor, who had another theory on my finger. according to him, one of my capillaries burst and the blood accumulated was causing the swell. so it will just take a few days for the clot to clear and then my finger wont swell anymore. that sounded alot better and more relieving than what the other doc said about finger infection and finger operations. thus, the doctor prescribed me another set of medicine. and since the previous set which i got on monday was antibiotics, i had to complete that course too. so i ended up having to pop 4 pills 3 times a day ):

anyway what this doctor said was right cos my finger's swell got better gradually after thur. and its almost recovering now. (:

went to bishan park for a family jog yesterday. since i slept quite late on fri nite, i almost had to be dragged out of bed tgt with my bro this time round. but still, i enjoyed the jog. on our way back, we saw this weird guy who was carrying several HUGE styrofoam boxes. the styrofoam boxes were like half his body size. he then went to the top of the bridge in bishan park and THREW all the styrofoam boxes down into the canal. we were like quite shocked cos he did it in the full view of evryone and he didnt seem to care. he then watched the boxes float down the canal before walking off. weird rite.

after that, my family had brekkie and i went to purchase my FTT book. argh i dont get the book at all ok. i thk im dumb but im confused with all the parts of the car loh ): fell asleep twice while reading it LOL.

angela's album is out alr! unfortunately i onli liked the songs that are from gong zhu xiao mei. the rest were just so-so loh. haha. speaking of gong zhu xiao mei. i thought the last episode totally sucked. the segment regarding xiao mai flying off was totally redundant loh. like time-staller liddat. and it wasnt even exciting.

lastly, i have a song recommendation. cyndi's 还是好朋友 (:











consilio et animis
12/16/2007 09:25:00 AM

finger infection

today is another rainy day. poured rly heavily in the afternoon. plus we are still not getting the boost in manpower. so almost evry1 got dripping wet loh. at this rate the RPs are all going to fall sick one by one ): haha finally cleared the swords and sandals game today :P but then found out that its a DEMO version so i cldnt get to complete the game ): hmphh.

anw just went to doc to chck out my finger. omg. apparently i got finger infection and the doc says i may hav to go to hospital for mini operation if it gets serious. like wth? for no apparent reason my finger swells and now i have to go for a mini operation to remove the stuff inside. the doc kept asking if i punctured my finger or sthg ): hopefully my finger will get better so i dun hav to go back to him again :S *prays that swelling will go away tmr*

consilio et animis
12/10/2007 09:52:00 PM

chart rants

as a followup to my previous post on how bored i am that i have to resort to facebook for entertainment, i just spammed my bro with lots of chickens on superpoke LOL. it has special meaning but well. i just realised i must hav been damn bored to spam him with chickens when hes just a room away frm me.

anw today my index finger still hurts like crazy. i wonder how i am going to clear SOC on tuesday with this bloated finger. argh. i am getting used to subbing my middle finger for my index finger to do things le. like using my middle finger to scroll my mouse. and to hold chopsticks. its quite weird but at least it doesnt hurt as much.

charts surprised me yet again today cos jay's 2nd hit is STILL NOT UP! after 8 weeks alr! looks like the fans are really pumping niu zai to be a jing qu. and yi zhi du xiu shot up frm 8 to 1, taking the champion title frm fish. and tanya's song continued rebounding to no 3 OMG. its not that i dont like the song, but i find it surprising that a song rebounds higher than its original highest position. jiayou anw! i support dang ni li kai de shi hou to be 1st :D

FIR's second hit had a miserable increase in only 1 position despite them coming to spore to do promotions. was quite disappointed cos it seems like the song will nv make it into top 10. then tang yu zhes song shot up to no 9. which is rly remarkable for a new singer. but then he has lots of backing frm 933 for some reason.

anw, hebe and jois new songs were on hot stuff todayy! so i was rly happy with todays hot stuff. looking forward to jois new album this dec :D joi doesnt sound like herself at all in the first hit. sounds like she has more nv ren wei liddat. kai thks its audio editing effects hmph. anw the song is a fan chang of an old french song. no wonder the tune doesnt sound like a typical chi song. but its nice (:


consilio et animis
12/09/2007 09:16:00 PM

random fun

fri was quite a busy day at the guardroom. had quite a lot of stuff to settle plus some problems arose at the last moment so it was rather chaotic. i handed over at 5ish and i was like: woah today can even take 2nd bus back. but in the end i missed the buses and reached home at 9. hehs.

anyway, eugene came back on fri and gave us a pizza treat. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE TREAT! haha there were a whole lot of people ORD-ing on fri, and they all walked by the gate shouting "ORD loh". Some people even MARCHED right up to the gate and stopped the traffic loh. haha. i thk evryone goes crazy on ORD day, especially after recovering some things they had lost the past few yrs - the pink ic, and most importantly, freedom. Rueven, (after screaming ORD loh a few times) officially handed me the bunk key and told me to make good use of it hahas. so we DO have a bunk key after all :P

on fri nite, my finger started swelling for no apparent reason. and its still hurting right now. dunno what happened. i guessed its an insect bite, but it really hurts. but theres no pus or anything. the finger just looks bloated. :/ and it really hurts when i try to hold something, like a pen. i wonder whats wrong with it ):

then on sat, i woke up early to go jogging at bishan park with my bro. havent been there for a long time, and it felt really good, cos the air was nice and fresh and i felt refreshed. aft that i had beancurd frm the nearby market, and once again, i havent eaten this for a long time alr. hehs. going for morning exercise and having breakfast after tt as a family really gives u a family bonding feeling, much as it sounds very cliche.

later in the evening, my cousin came over and bugged me to play with him and so we ended up playing lots of games like snakes and ladders and mastermind and animal chess. it was kinda fun, the kind of pure, innocent, childish kind of fun. :D aft that we started taking pics of each other haha. hes so pro loh. not even p1 yet and can alr take pics with a camera hp le. hehs. i thk i didnt touch a camera hp till veri much later. later my bro was drawn to our games and joined in the fun.

aft my cousin left, i went on msn. yest nite i was like some song request station cos i was sending ppl lots of songs and i even got labelled "ultra pirate" oops :X anw grace is back alr. welcome back and pls help organise a class outing ok. i was chatting about facebook and i realised i dun really use facebook to keep in touch with ppl. i really use it to entertain myself with the applications and also for bagua purposes by checking out the relationship statuses. i am bored and have no life and i am antisocial ok.

consilio et animis
12/09/2007 11:57:00 AM

desk top

just went for lunch with my family and some relatives and had a nice feast. the highlight was my fave chilli crab haha. its been so long since i feasted on crabs le (: the chilli sauce was soo superb i kept drinking tt sauce :D haha my bro was quite funny. firstly he cldnt break the shell of the crab + he didnt want to dirty his hands so i had to help him prep his crab. then a bowl of lime water arrived on the table and i told him that it was for washing hands and he looked at me with disbelief. he thought i was kidding him, and that the lime water was for drinking LOL. feasted so much im a little afraid what wld happen to my SOC timing tmr.

anyway i did AOS on sat. FIRST day of dec. haha. my first sat AOS also, after doing SOOO many AOS alr. it was quite relaxed, except for the fact that the CDSO stayed in the office the whole time, so abit pressurizing. weihong took over me the following day hahas and some of the comments he made were like. really funny. hahas.

anw i updated my top songs. havent done that for quite a while!


consilio et animis
12/03/2007 06:28:00 PM

Rock 'n Roll

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