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went back for lessons todayy. how sian ok! the notes are like totally boring. Sxx. Syy. Svv. Suu. zzz. dunno what in the world is the whole chunk of text about. i hate the next few stats topics. its alot of writing and i took double math so i wont have to write alot. math is about brevity not about whole chunks of hypothesis with Sxx Syy Svv Suu. and combis like Sxy. but i dont mind the SUV though! haha. :P

aft that went for lunch with lian and est. we were nearing j8 and i asked the qn which always stumps us whenever we go for lunch in grps. "um, so where are we going to eat?" sounds familiar to u? ;) haha. luckily this person giving out yoshi leaflets made our decision today so we dint have to go thru the routine 5min of discussion on where to eat. which usually goes like "fast food or slow food?"

matt, grace and kenneth came in aft that altho we didnt pre-decide that we were going to yoshi. haha. yoshis rice rox. aft that talked to matt about tuo qiang shi jie! oooh. just found out tuo qiang shi jie 5 is the final sequel of the whole series!!! (:

consilio et animis
6/30/2006 11:05:00 PM

alan's white slips ;)

yayy. cts are finally over. but the past few days had been rather tragic except todayy. haha. im quite confident of the maths paper coz i managed to finish everything with 40 min left. phy i guessed i havent warmed up and was still not in the exam mode. for fmaths. haha. alot of blank qns and the SHM was GGXX. ): chem was even worse. i couldnt do ionic equilibria at all! i dint even know whats max buffering capacity. :/ haha. and cldnt do electrochem either. at last todayy theres a paper i can do well in. (:

YAYY! finally could get down to re-watching tuo qiang shi jie 4 when i got home today. chionged eps 1-15 todayy. haha. anw i found a big mistake which the producers made on the last eps and ill tell u all more about it when the last eps nears then u all can watch out for the mistake! (: haha. some of the scenes were really super morbid lohh. grossed me out. like a person firing a gun into his hand. rahh. too visual for my liking. :/

just a random comment. i think yingzi's hair looks like yanzi's. and their names both end with "zi" and they have the same initials: YZ. haha. and i think xiaosheng is more compatible with sunnie rather than yingzi.

anww, tmr we hav to go back for fmaths lecture. -.- thats like 3 eps of tuo qiang time. whyy cant the teachers spare us lohh. hmphh.

consilio et animis
6/29/2006 10:22:00 PM

i hate the tuoqiang director

ok. im officially on hiatus until cts end coz i need to force myself to stay off the comp after wasting precious mugging time watching till the last eps of tuo qiang shi jie 4. arghhh. really regret it now. my chem and phys are in a sad state. thats not to say im prepared for fmaths. just that its not as sad.

haha. i really regret it coz the ending of tuo qiang shi jie 4 totally sucks. what a screwed ending. and i was telling my bro how i think tuo qiang 5 will be like (if theres any) and i can rly be the director lahh. coz my bro went online to chck and there is tuo qiang 5 and what happened to this particular character is exactly as i have imagined.

haha. hopefully staying off the comp will save me some time. and if anyone wants to chiong tuo qiang 4 now i strongly advise AGAINST it. its not worth it and ull just feel like slapping the director at the end of it all. :/

consilio et animis
6/24/2006 11:06:00 PM

a new start

tonites last eps of da chang jin! cant wait for it to end so my fav tuo qiang shi jie can finally screen! the fourth series le! wonders if there'll be a fifth! exciting love triangles up this series and lots of devious plots! d y i n g of excitement le! (: bobby ow yeungs just plain funny lahh. (:

was reading my ouxiang's blog a week ago but forgot to post this. so i guess i better post it before it gets outdated. basically joi went to cambodia to help out over there and she was posting her reflections.

its really sad how children over there have such sad fates.
"有些村民为了想拥有电视机 而愿意以两百元美金把女儿的处女身卖出。 有些则是因为天真的相信到城市能找到薪金优厚的工作来添补家用 而被卖到妓院去。 有的更冤枉,被邻居或亲戚强暴后而被家人遗弃, 贩卖当妓女。"

and the boys werent spared either.
" 小男生也是遭受性侵害的受害者。 这些所谓的 paedophiles 通常以金钱买通这些小孩的信任, 然后再带他们上酒店发生性关系。"

i guess. in a way i see how much more fortunate i am. so for todayy, just for todayy, i shall stop griping about cts. (:

lastly, my latest screenies. ta-da! (:

haha. caught u. (: (plus a chance to show how guai i am!)

now now, who's ego?

consilio et animis
6/21/2006 10:14:00 PM

turning upside down

3 more dayys to wilbur's new album (fan zhuan di qiu)!!! cant wait to hear some quality rap that you can actually hear the lyrics (much unlike jay chou). hehhs. hav always liked wilbur's rapping + im really impressed by the first hit! hopes his album will be like its album title: fan zhuan di qiu! go rock the whole world! WHEEE!

3 MORE DAYS! can't wait! and i shld really be counting down to CTs instead! :/ but wilburrrr >>> cts! (:

consilio et animis
6/21/2006 06:41:00 PM


went back to sch todayy coz rakuda mailed us telling us he printed practice paper SOLUTIONS for us without the questions, so had to pop by the lib for a quick visit to print the questions. met quite a lot of people there. and the general response is that i dont look like ive changed specs. and some people have been updating the world cup scorechart outside council room! was quite surprised how updated it is.

yayy. just downloaded windows live messenger so can say byebye to msn screw ups. (: dont rly like the squareish interface but at least it has alot of functions like being able to talk to someone offline so he/she will receive the msgs when he/she next comes online. :P cant wait to tryy.

consilio et animis
6/20/2006 11:10:00 PM

NS checkup

went for ns checkup with kai. at the walk in entrance met weishern and we completed the registration bit together and went into the medical checkup centre and met up with kai. zhiwei came shortly after. was going around mainly with weishern coz we were registered around the same time. haha. blood drawing and urine test first. and aft tt we literally sped thru. dental. xrays. eye check. hearing. medical checkup.

and that was only half of the whole procedure. aft that was the uber long IQ test. while waiting to take the test, kai jacked himself by asking the cj guy: are you j2? -_-" was quite fun except that we had to do phys question. loved the part where u ram the keyboards though. i love series questions too. the whole process took over 4 hours! omg. we were mentally drained at the end of it all. took bus to tiong bahru mrt station. but some child walked up to me and called me "gor gor" at the bus stop, leaving kai and i quite surprised.

oh yeahh. THANX kai for the postcard and chocs! (: and your twins keychain looked repulsive! hah! u cant get back at me for a while hehhs. :P

P.S. DO NOT read est's blog! the evil girl is trying to defame nice guys so dont trust everything (or rather dont trust ANYTHING) you see there. (:

consilio et animis
6/19/2006 10:13:00 PM


sometimes i doubt the healing effects of time. im still quite shocked that this is coming back. :/ hope everything will turn fine for everyone.

consilio et animis
6/18/2006 11:03:00 PM

the nicest!

popped online for a break and dint expect a compliment on top of that. :P

consilio et animis
6/18/2006 11:20:00 AM


feeling bored and came online for a quick update. at last my physics' almost done, except quantum! now only a whole chunk of chem and the stats + j1 part of fmath left. the updates just about me changing specs.

the new specs just feels weird. mebbe im too used to spring specs. haha. and somehow, a few hrs aft wearing my new specs, my ear aches. :/ hmph. and even though only one of my eyes increased degree, the new degree lens still feels weird. at least better than my bro who said he felt like floating coz he got an increase of like 150-200 degrees. and my bro looks abit blur in his new specs. :P

anw, was reading the papers and came across this centrepoint ad:

now dont you all agree this is blatant bullying of poor eeyore? ):

consilio et animis
6/17/2006 05:20:00 PM

Sneezing spree

was sneezing alot todayy coz of the construction works next door thx to my new neighbour who's moving in. at one point of the time (a few days ago) it was so bad that when i left my cup of tea by the window, there was a film of dust on the top layer of the tea after 10 minutes.

joi's new album is coming out soon. heard her first hit and all i can say is im damn disappointed. it was a very no-climax song, the tune wasn't very great, and best of all, it sounded totally like an oldie. was really hoping joi would try something new this time round. after producing 3 albums of slow songs, i really wanted to hear her sing some more energetic songs with her powerful voice. at this rate, all her albums will be no different from the previous ones.

anw, i prefer joi's 2 singles (can u call them singles if 2 are released?) which she released before this - the chi versions of 2 korean songs. it would be great to have them in her new album. (:

tanya, on the other hand, has brought more pleasant surprises to us in her new album. i really dint like tanya until the previous album and ever since then she seems to be picking up the momentum. i was really happy to see her win the most honourable title of top female artiste in the taiwan jing qu jiang, even though that meant she owned yanzi. :/

hehhs. besides joi and tanya, many singaporean artistes are also releasing their albums in this period. seems quite a hot period for album release. we had just seen junyang's album. and now gong shi jia's new album's coming out too. hehhs. hope to see singaporean artistes owning the charts soon! (:

yayy. enough ranting about songs! im in a ranting mood since im super bored cooped up at home and mugging. :/ maybe ill rant about my new specs tmr!

P.S. had an exciting war this afternoon and glad to say i still survived and the warring parties have signed a peace treaty. (: hah. im not easily bullied okk.

consilio et animis
6/16/2006 11:14:00 PM

I'm on my way

I'll do it my way. I know I'm on my way. 跟着我的感觉就一定对.

hehhs. i definitely hope i will finish revising before cts. but from the looks of it. sighh. my chem is largely untouched. fmaths almost done le except the dreaded complex numbers. will they ever stop testing that! :/

its ok. i will be ok. i will be ok ok ok.

haha. i think kelly's really great in her new version of on my way. the lyrics keep repeating in my head. its so cheery and bubbly i just love to listen to it when i do my work. but then ill become too immersed in the song and realised that i'm not really on my way to completion. :/

consilio et animis
6/15/2006 10:54:00 PM

Never Say Die

today was another rather boring day. woke up this morning and was reading the papers and the chi papers actually rated the top 4 shuaiges for the world cup. there's kaka, fernando, ahn jung hwan and beckham. haha. frankly i dont quite agree with the ratings. but the 933 dj was gushing alot about kaka and jung hwan this whole morning. -_-"

and i just watched the finals of never say die (yong bu yan bai). was really impressed how the contestants have improved tremendously. many of them are good dancers, singers and actors now. really amazed by their transformation. though some of them still have bad vocals, each and every contestant impressed me in one way or other. however, it ended on a rather bad note coz they started singing JJ's sarang hae yo and they destroyed the song. totally. theres so many other songs to screw up. just not JJ's. and it's sarang hae yo some more. grrr. ):

consilio et animis
6/14/2006 11:04:00 PM

addicted to sad songs

shall devote this post entirely to some nice songs. (: The following are 2 new songs that are nice!

Beautiful Love - Tanya
难道 - 洪俊扬

junyang's 难道

说着下雨了 我忽然明了
说好的明天 我们已去不到
你说分手好吗 我说好吧
雨点越来越大 一下一下
溅湿我生命中 有你完美的夏

难道你还没看到 整个天慢慢灰了
你说的 我总做到
难道你还没听到 我的心慢慢碎了
可是你的笑 怎么清除掉


sad songs are uber hot on my playlist now. after watching lan se xian ren zhang for a while, i started liking joi's rendition of the korean song 左右为难. i also like rainee's 可爱. the song title means cute but its nowhere near a cute song.

Rainee's 可爱

咖啡已经 温热不再

电话也已经 喧闹不再

期待 突然醒来
有你 温暖依赖

我想你明白 可能不是爱
我想你明白 这并不是爱

last song i want to recommend is a song by jolin when she just started out like ages ago. song title is: 你还爱我吗. heard it on music diary on 933 and thought its quite a sad song. ):

jolin's 你还爱我吗







consilio et animis
6/14/2006 10:46:00 PM

dark chocolate

omg. i watch tv to destress okk. and yet tv doesnt want to give me a break. here's a quote from today's episode of 蓝色仙人掌 (rhapsody in blue) on channel 8: "Dark chocolate contains phenylethylamine." i saw it and was like -.-" u dont need to remind me that i havent finish mugging chem. :/ is phenylethylamine C6H5-CH2-NH2 anyway? haha. havent reach nitro compounds. so im not sure?

relatives came to my house today and we had a sort of get-together dinner so dinner was extremely wonderfu. the highlight of the dinner was my fav herbal roast duck. yummy! (: but my mum keeps stopping me from eating the skin. i ate so much for dinner (for once) im so full now...

...but i dont mind eating this exquisite new dish called sheenie sashimi. (:

consilio et animis
6/13/2006 10:33:00 PM

the slime monster

just came back from the doctor. apparently my itch is because i triggered some allergy. oh dearr. this must be the first case of allergy i ever had. anw, my arms are very patchy and disgusting looking and the doctor's anti-itch cream sucks. like it doesnt even stop me from itching? and est just suggested for me to use ice and it actually helps abit. just that when the ice melts and my hand gets wet, the moisture gets mixed with the cream that i had already applied and my arm was just totally slimy. hehhs. and it got so slippery i dropped the ice all over the floor. felt like a n00b. ):

haha. speaking of est, that unrepentent girl SMS spammed me again, much to my disgust. haha. and somehow shes much faster this time i cant hit the del all button coz its right at the end of all the msgs and b4 i can scroll down to the del all button a new msg pops up. :/ almost got pwned but the word here is almost. (: but she just mildly impressed me by spotting all 9 differences in my latest puzzle! note again the word mildly. (:

consilio et animis
6/12/2006 10:01:00 PM


ughh. itching all over now. re-bathed twice alr. ): and still itching. yikes. i applied like dunno how thick a layer of anti-itch cream lahh. haha. my mum says i always become ill when i mug for exams. haha. mebbe books just hate me. :/

got sms-spammed by est this aft! but she got owned by a delete all button haha. :P better train on your stamina! (:

oh yeahh. X2 rocked even tho this is the 5th time im watching it. (:

consilio et animis
6/11/2006 10:48:00 PM

Walk down memory lane

yikes. i just cant concentrate and get down to mugging. todayy was absolutely sianified that i decided to check out one compartment of my drawer, which contains lots of stuff that i kept since ages ago. haha. was really amused by some of them so i shall share them with u all and see if u ppl r amused too. (:

see the "By: Tan Chor Kiang"? yepp! but i didn't do the whole of it haha. i remember we spent many many arts and crafts session in P3 or P5 doing cross stitching. basically i suck at it lahh. have to stare so hard at the holes and what not. i did three of the balloons then gave up le and my mum helped me do up the rest coz i was just so cmi @ cross stitching. :P anw the message on the cross stitch says "make time for laughter". yeahh. we should all try to smile more. (:

These postcards are places I have been to when I went on an exchange programme to Japan in P5. The ancient Japanese castle looks so cool I wish I can live in one! (: haha. and i went to this volcanic mountain called Mt Aso. You can really see thick clouds of steam pouring out and it's very cold up the mountain but you can feel the heat of the steam. Sadly I didn't go there in winter. How i wish i could get to witness the scene in the last postcard - a wintry Mt Aso!

But the postcard above shows a whole herd of COWS, which i did see. there were just so many of them at the bottom of the volcanic mountain and i got to ruffle the head of one of the cows. (: so i just realised i have actually posed beside a real cow before.

hmm. haha. if u cant read chinese the above chunk of text just means i am very pro. :P jokingg. this bookmark is one of a series of bookmarks made by our pri sch teachers to wish us luck for our psle. we got a diff personalised bookmark for each day of our paper. cool huh! really appreciated their hard work. (:

was extremely amused over this set of figurines which is still hiding in my drawer. haha. to think i was playing with them 2 world cups ago. and now the world cup's back. how time flies. :/ the creators of the figurines could have been more creative thoughh. we dont see all the players in a marching pose on the fields do we? :P

evidence that i was a voracious reader back in my pri sch days. i think i read over 1000 books in 2 years. im serious. we had certificates awarded for a certain milestone number of books which we had read and a quick total showed i read over 1000 books from P1-P2. haha. and this collar pin is awarded in recognition of me being one of the top readers. quite sad that i dont read 5% as much now. ):

these photos were taken in sec 2 when we were assigned a proj to take pics of buildings which are geometrically appealing. -.- haha. i rmb doing this project with hulin and zhenghao. aft that we were supposed to do a website featuring these buildings. and that was how i got to know nat coz some rg girl said shes veri zai at site building and so i got her help to do up our site. she was quite efficient coz an hr later she got a professional site up and running. (:

that wasnt the last time i worked with nat. this badge brings back lots of memories. guess most of you should remember this. (: VULCANS!

i literally LOL-ed when i saw this. i must have been reeeally young at that time coz i this handwriting really sucks. my only explanation for this was that there was an elections going on and i wanted to vote so badly. so yeahh. :P

and this is only one compartment in my drawer. wonder what other treasures lie in my drawer, though each year my mum will make me throw away 10% of it. but its really fun to dig out the stuff in my drawer and have a good laugh over them. stress relief while attempting to mug. (: hope u all enjoyed looking at those items in my drawer like i did! ;)

consilio et animis
6/10/2006 10:37:00 PM

welcome back

yayy. got alot better todayy. (: dunno whyy i suddenly got so sick over the past few days.

thanx to aikkwan for such fast response! got sha sha de shui alr! (:

oh yes, pooh's back todayy! and she is a very good girl (: welcome backk! eeyore was also very good while you were awayy ok, contrary to your belief. :/

consilio et animis
6/09/2006 06:06:00 PM


junyang's 沙沙的谁 is super nice! must listen if u have the chance! currently i can only listen to it on youtube. which is really sad. so if u have the mp3 for 沙沙的谁, you should send to me right now and ill be very happy (: if u want to listen to that song, you can go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gpt94Yn8Fp8&search=%E4%BF%8A%E6%89%AC but be warned, junyang's acting sucks. so just ignore the acting and listen to the nice song. (:

斑駮的台阶 一双老旧的鞋
诗里的世界 被风翻了几页


满院的落叶 任风吹 听出沙沙的谁
诗句语带威胁 结局要怎么完美

满院的落叶 任风吹 听出沙沙的谁

consilio et animis
6/08/2006 10:54:00 PM

mental sudoku

haha. looks like i got happy too early. my fever's still lingering AND todayy i suddenly got a bout of illnesses. started with a headache. then aft that was diarrhoea + vomitting. wonders whats happening to me. and its like the more i sleep the weaker i feel. hopefully ill really really really get better tmr morning. hmph.

since i couldnt mug (had to lie on bed + go toilet once in a while), ive decided to play a game of mental sudoku. was trying to solve for the value of 3 randomly picked spots on the sudoku board without filling in any values on the board. ie aft solving what a certain square should be, i dont write it down but just rmb it mentally. haha. managed to do one mental sudoku although it nearly killed my brain. :/ its quite fun actually so i recommend mental sudoku to those pros out there who find normal sudokus of no challenge. (:

consilio et animis
6/07/2006 10:41:00 PM


finally got to see pooh last night! but msn was wonkie and when it could finally work, it was almost midnight and big bad mommy popped behind and demanded i exited immediately. like omg. hardly managed to type bye and all only. sigh. my mum is starting to control me more and more tightly this hols ever since the SATS incident. so sao xing lahh! poooh go check ur mail if u see this k! (: so sorry couldnt stay longer to talk to u!

consilio et animis
6/07/2006 07:30:00 AM

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday Dad!

Just came back from family dinner to celebrate dad's birthday. omgg. we had a whole steamboat to ourselves so now I'm not jealous that the girls in our class had a steamboat outing. the soup was super rich lahh. plus we had a whole fish in there. and lots of hao liao. mmm. (:

oh yeahh. todayys supposed to be a super bad day coz it has a lot of sixes. its supposed to be some satanic number or sthg liddat. was hearing on 933 about this girl who was born on jun the 6th, on the 6th hour, and she was 6 pounds or sthg. haha. and today's her 66th birthday. o_O shushh. its my dad's bday so i shant talk about such dark stuff alright. (:

and one piece of evidence that today's not a bad day... my fever's getting better! im now only a bit warm.... (:

consilio et animis
6/06/2006 08:00:00 PM

Class CIP

went for class cip todayy. for the first time in ages, i walked to j8. a great achievement haha. (: and so many people were late lahh. ): aft that we went to the ntuc to shop for food to give the residents which we will be visiting. the serenity around j8 then was so contrastingly different from the scene yesterday (coz rainee came to j8 yesterday).

aft buying our food, i met my buddy brian who treated me to mochi or sthg liddat. haha. not baddd. the centre was just heavenly. (: then we waited around for *cough* mr lee before we set off for toa payoh to visit the residents.

after getting briefed there, we did a ho-ho-ha-ha-ha cheer 5 times, which was really amusing, and then we mingled with the elderly. we were sitting thru their "lesson". haha. and thanks alot to all those of u who saboed me to sing. i really dunno how to sing old songs lahh. :/ yikes. and i cant sing all the saddd songs which i like coz it just rly dint fit the occasion. had no choice but to sing roll-eyes tong hua.

aft that was story telling by one of the volunteers, then we set off to visit the residents. i was paired with weijia, matt and xinyu but xinyu had to go for her trg so it was only the 3 of us. hehhs. i really nv see a 1-room flat before, and it really amazes me how much the residents can pack in that 1-room flat. i mean if i lived in such a place, my stuff wld prolly be spilling out of the doors and windows.

the first resident we visited was this guy who's called chun zhang. hehhs. he was super enthu lahh. and told us all about his life, his occupations and the history of singapore. the second one talks alot too. and she was telling us how pretty she was last time. but unfortunately she could only speak in hokkien so we dint quite understand. the last one totally dint need us to visit her and she said she's perfectly fine as it is so we dint have to visit.

rushed down to meet up with the rest aft our visits and took a group photo before heading for lunch. was utterly disgusted at the thought of having to eat at fork n spoon again so went with est and matt to lunch at kfc. ate my fav popcorn chicken! dint eat it for ages! :/ aft that i went back with matt coz the class decided to go pool and i dint rly feel like pooling. :/ plus i sorta had a feeling im unwell alr.

true enuff. when i reached home, aft bathing, i felt rly tired and hit for my bed. and when i woke up, which is around now, i realised i had caught a fever. ): mebbe thats whyy i was feeling cold at fork n spoon just now even thoughh everyone else wasnt.

consilio et animis
6/05/2006 06:40:00 PM

What is your heart REALLY made of?

What is your heart REALLY made of?

consilio et animis
6/02/2006 11:26:00 PM

wicked sick

pooh! haha. munching on your sweets now! (: i think ill become a lot sweeter after the jun hols lohh (not like im not sweet enough already)

haha. todayys quite a normal dayy. parents out working so my bro was dota-ing all day long. i rmb kenneth asking me which words i have learnt. haha. i shall post some new ones that i heard of when he was playing:
killing spree, unstoppable, wicked sick, godlike.

hmm. im sure i heard alot more, but those are just some examples. unfortunately dota doesnt appeal to me as much as it does to my bro. so i can only attempt to shut him out when he plays =p hehhs. and gamers do have cool language i must admit. my bro's pretty addicted to the word imba now.

consilio et animis
6/02/2006 06:20:00 PM

A Pooh Story

this entry is dedicated to pooh! (: not just any pooh, but pooh. (:

eeyore is really sorry that he has wronged pooh and caused pooh to be so sad and hurt! ): pooh rocks, really. not the cartoon character, ill nv agree on that. ;) yepp. eeyore feels bad about scolding pooh, and promises this will be the first and last time! (: sorry for ever doubting that ull be there for me. eeyore's the slow one you knoww. (:

haha. but pooh and eeyore will always be the best of friends, just like in the cartoon. (:

consilio et animis
6/01/2006 10:16:00 PM

stormy seas

apparently my parents are not going to drop the topic anytime soon. haha. and now they go: oh, we KNEW u would screw up your SATS alr coz u dint prepare. woww. thanx alot for that comment, im sure it helped alot. tskk. and really, my dad should know that respect has to be earned. ): had a bad quarrel with him over dinner which totally spoilt my appetite.

consilio et animis
6/01/2006 10:00:00 PM

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