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I realised I have neglected my blog since I embarked on my trip to cambridge. While it is definitely right to say that I have had a busy term, I think there are many other reasons behind this. I feel that my first term has been a very... reflective one. When term began, I found myself having to make many changes to adapt to the steep learning curve, the new environment and many other different things. 透不过气来 is an apt word to describe my situation. While I survived the term, I felt that I certainly could have done much better to start my term in cambridge on a much better note. And it made me wonder if it was because I was not mentally prepared for the challenging term in cambridge, or if I had been resting on my laurels for way too long and it is time that I am shaken back to reality. For too long have I been in a protective bubble of praises, encouragement and approval, and it is time to step out of this circle. I hope that my upcoming term will be a better one.

Anyway, Michaelmas term ended with a (not-so-enjoyable for me) christmas formal and a wonderful christmas party within the F@F-ers, with guests from the other side of cambridge - Homerton. It was a great way to end the term, and everyone of them at the party played an important role in making my term a great one.

the return trip back to SG wasnt so smooth though. thanks to gg who cursed our entire trip, we encountered luggage problems, failed bag checks and just when we thought we successfully made it through, our plane fuel compartment had problems and our flight was delayed by 3 hours. nevetheless, we made it back safely and it was an experience worth remembering, but not one which i would like to relive. its great to be back basking in the sunshine of singapore but i didnt get to stay for long because our family had a holiday trip to China shortly after.

the trip to China was a nice break, and the scenery in some places were really breathtaking. i loved the trip up one of the snow mountains. on the trip up, we could see a beautiful snow capped peak in the distant, along with some occasional snow. and once we reached the top, we could gaze at the countryside area at the bottom of the mountain. i also enjoyed some of the cultural performances, which were very lively and allowed us to learn a bit more of the culture of some tribes in China.

now that im back, its time to start on my work. i resolve to finish all my holiday homework before term ends! hopefully i will have time after that to do a new blog template... if not it will have to wait till summer hols next yr! :D

anyway, here's a new song by JJ which i like a lot:

第几个100天 - 林俊杰

我 把爱铺成蓝天
让不安的你 一抬头就看得见
我 把心烧成火焰
让怕黑的你 拥着温暖入眠
我晓得 时间如雪 有时候会覆盖一切
但是真爱 一如倔强会重生的绿叶

第几个100天 还是很有感觉
用眼睛去素描 你内心的世界
第几个100天 也像刚热恋
两个人手一牵 连命运都改变

我 把心烧成火焰
让怕黑的你 拥着温暖入眠
我晓得 时间如雪 有时候会覆盖一切
但是真爱 一如倔强会重生的绿叶

在我的胸口 你就躺下来别说了

第几个100天 越来越有感觉
用眼睛去素描 你内心的世界
管过多少100天 也像刚热恋
两个人手一牵 连命运都改变
当守护变信念 连泪水都很甜

consilio et animis
12/28/2009 09:42:00 PM

Rock 'n Roll

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