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rise and shine

still awake but zombified.

consilio et animis
8/31/2006 08:00:00 AM

random musings


I suddenly staying up, facing a comp screen, a few years back. the weather was equally frosty like today. but at that time i was playing a comp game in front of a sch comp, tgt with zhaoyan, zhihao and zhengkang, dur our annual maths club camp. hm. i had a sudden realisation that the ri maths club exco all begins with ZH. mebbe thats why i dint get an exco position. ;)

ok. im feeling random and crazyyy now.

consilio et animis
8/31/2006 03:59:00 AM

good morning

How time consuming.
Went back to school specially for 6 disgusting forms.
And now I'm staying up for 1 disgusting form.
How dreadful.
Oh did i mention? I probably won't be sleeping tonight. Good morning.

consilio et animis
8/31/2006 02:33:00 AM


prolly not many of u have heard this song. but i feel it gives u lots of energy esp when u r feeling sadd and down, or if u r just plain tired.

Woosa Woosa 放轻松快乐摇摆
张开双手 迎接蓝蓝大海
Woosa Woosa 把烦恼通通抛开
Say Yeah Say Yeah
Woosa Woosa

乌云跳开 回首拜拜

眼泪放下 悲伤转载
爱靠过来大声Say Hi
没有答案就别问Why Oh Why

不累不累 再往前飞
准备准备 爱在心飞

woosa woosa! haha. this is just my random addiction. really sianified when i realised i have so much to do for uni apps and i havent started yet. sighh. ): if onli i can 把烦恼通通抛开! heading to sch later, and tmr too. sianified. haha. ok. mebbe i can go chck out who won the hot bod award. :P

hmm. haha. to continue proving to kai that there is a song for each mood u have, my current mood-song: 突然累了 by JJ. (:

consilio et animis
8/30/2006 10:26:00 AM

shooting the moon

yayy! teachers day celebs turned out to be quite a success! (: hehhs. it was quite amusing that the teachers bu yue er tong just came out one by one and we just had to hand them the prezzies. hehhs. sadly rakuda broke that streak cos he had to be called out and his attempts to talk to the class were rather unsuccessful. hehs. bet mr lee gan dong until he want to cryy just tt he did it at homee. :P mdm ho would hav a rather interesting bedtime story too. hope it wont be too violent until she gets nightmares.

ok. i dunno if many ppl noticed. but mdm teng was actually smiling superrrr broadly todayy. haha. its a refreshing change cos we hardly see her like this. she should stayy like this moreee. (:

aft tt got treated by zhao yan (THANKS!) and we settled down to play cards. hehhs. set off for home aft tt and WOAH. guess wad. i bumped into my bro and we went home tgt. how qiao.

noww. i really need to get started on my personal statement. im still procrastinatinggg. sigh. ok. shant procrastinate anymore! i shall start... tmr! lol. was really tired just now and just conked out and slept till 10ish. was really disappointed that music diary got cancelled today without informing the audience and then they just played half an hr of old songs. pffft.

ok. then i suddenly got this warped addiction for Woosa Woosa. doubt many ppl will share that addiction thoughh, but it gets me really high esp when i realised i hav to face piles upon piles of notes for the next week or so. yawns.

consilio et animis
8/29/2006 11:48:00 PM

sophias luxury feast


gp common test was quite bad. firstly history and poverty dint come out for essay and i didnt write anything for the first half an hr. compre was worse. just chcked the meaning for all 5 words and i got all of them wrong. good job. haha. and i did compre without understanding what predilection meant.

aft tt had class briefing for tmr then my dad drove me for special lunch treat - my fave bah kut teh. really touched by my dad and mum these 2 days. yest she cooked dinner consisting all my fav dishes just to wei4 lao2 me for today.

hais. anw. today is one of the few dayys i get in the self pity moods. rahh. i hate feeling like that but well.


note how tong en contradicts herself. a song about crying from her "bu zhun ku" album.

random: admire the magnificence.

chio album, lousy songs. does looks matter over substance?

consilio et animis
8/28/2006 02:32:00 PM

a gp question

a gp question arises.

should repeated offenders be given a second chance? what about recalcitrants? should they be given a third chance, a fourth chance...?

how apt. thats a question im asking myself now. :/ all i can say is that if u continue to be unrepetent, b prepared to face corporal or even captial punishment. and im not a human rights activist. so good luck.

consilio et animis
8/27/2006 09:06:00 PM


haha. i had dirrhoea thruout yest and i thought 2 tubes of carbon pills did the job, cos i had a rather peaceful night last night. but i found out i was wrong this morning. :/ yikes. i rly need to do some work lohh. i had been zzz-ing alot yest le. sighh. time seems to be moving at ultra fast speed right nowww.

consilio et animis
8/27/2006 08:23:00 AM


haha. now i know. 10ish is the time when blogger screws up big time. just tried to edit something on the class complete-a-story blog again and blogger was so off again. haha. :P

ok. i just had a super super embarrassing experience while trying to call up wangkan to key in his entry. as usual, the guy who reads E-cell values diagonally read sergius' number instead of wang kan's number and dialled sergius' number instead. of cos i dint know whose number it was. and lo and behold, a girl picked up the phone. and i was like horrified and just totally fumbled and said some rubbish before saying wrong number. oh dearr. haha. so embarrassing. and wonders who that girl was. tskkk.

oh. and heres presenting to you jay chou's new album cover!

who agrees with me that jay chou looks totally like a retard in here? like how xie xian looked like when he had a stroke and was paralysed in that show. tra la la. jay chou is a retardddd~

oh yeahh. my guesses for tmr!

#1 Fei Xing Bu Luo
#2 Jie Bu Diao
#3 Ma De Li Bu Si Yi
#4 Fan Zhuan Di Qiu
#5 Zhang Yan Fa
#6 Chu Dian
#7 Wo Men De Ji Nian Ri
#8 Tai Mei Li
#9 Bei Ji Xing De Yan Lei
#10 Bu Shuo Chu De Wen Rou

sadly im guessing scandal will drop out of top 10. :/ sobsss.

consilio et animis
8/26/2006 10:48:00 PM


haha. this is a really meaningful song for all true friends out there. really, this song just describes it all. but its really quite sad that, after so many years of school, you cant find many people who are like that. you3 yi2 wan4 sui4! (: hope u all really spend some time looking at the lyrics of this songgg. (:






consilio et animis
8/26/2006 10:05:00 AM

a flick of the wand

had been really really busy the past few days so didnt blog. haha. spent the whole of last night typing the class story. i must say its really amusing. but irritating at the same time. cos blogger was down last night. not really down. the kind where it is super laggy and u have to hit submit a billion times before it gets thru. and sometimes i forget to save what i type and an error occurs and ill go wthhh. and it didnt help that i forgot the password to the account and re-created another account to type the story again. AND THE REQUEST PASSWORD FUNCTION ON BLOGGER DOESNT WORKKKKK!. rah.

ok. so i was cursing and swearing at blogger last night but finally, at around 1:40 i managed to complete keying in 19 entries to the story! (: (: (: if u r from 1D and u havent keyed in your entry i highly suggest u do it by todayy or else ill set one of the ancient protectors of the 4 dungeons on you. haha. im in a touchy mood now. guess the past few days had just been really tiring n my mum just cant stop nagging. :/

consilio et animis
8/26/2006 09:41:00 AM

the beginning

for some reason everyones feeling super grossed out by jay and fei yu qings collaborative piece. everyones giving me the eeew comment. oh well. i hav a feeling this song might get nicer when u listen more cos fei yu qing is more of the nai4 ting1 kind? haha.

anw something about jay chou. i like his songs but i dont like him as a person. really. haha. just read that aft his breakup with patty hou, patty hou has been seen crying by herself everyday. what an evil guy. first jolin then patty. and NOWWW hes hitting on my dearest hebe tien! OMG. he better not make her cry too if not i boycott his albums le. :P haha. sometimes i wonder whyy girls are still attracted to him given his "wonderful" track record.

ok. on to todayy.

class played badminton today then cheekie came to join us. haha. it was quite fun watching our class play badminton cos alot of strong ppl. and of cos i know my capabilities and decided not to ban men nong fu. :P then aft tt when we were talking to cheekie then we talked about prelims. and realised cheekie expects me to do well cos he says ive been doing my work so he isnt worried about me. sighh. haha. i so wanted to tell him that his faith is misplaced. :/

anw gp today was quite disastrous. ended up quite confused. and it dint help when i was trying to smoke abit also. aft tt continued doing cheekie's prezzie! yayy. very happy to see that ppl r acherli taking the effort to write nicer notes and as a result we will be giving him a really really nice book. (:

consilio et animis
8/23/2006 11:47:00 PM

a thousand miles

haha. this entry is going to sound really random cos i realised i forgot to blog about a few things. :P

anw was half zzz-ing just now while sitting on my study. in fact i actually plonked my head on the table and slept for the second half of the music diary. haha. i wonder how did the sad story end? :/

ok. this is latest news. JAY CHOU's new album is coming out! but then. before u get all happy. heres some news which, in my opinion, are qt bad. firstly, the album is called "yi ran fan te si". when i saw that i really rolled my eyes. like omg? can u come up with a more creative album name instead of reusing an old album name?

and number two. his first hit is a duet with FEI YU QING! like omg? jay chou + fei yu qing. do u see the connection? no i dont. haha. unless hes trying to tap into the aunty market too. the song is called "qian li zhi wai" (thousands of miles away). haha. like all jay chou songs it will prolly get on charts. so for once, FEI YU QING makes his debut on longhubangs. ok. im still horrified.

but there r other things to be horrified about. mdm teng was telling us, rather gleefully, that she set a wonderful complex number question for our fmath paper, but ms wang rated it too difficult, and decided to throw it into the math S paper. so we will most likely hav to do it cos section A is wholly pure math. just in case u all dont know who mdm teng is, she is the one who conducted the complex no. math S session. and did i mention? her complex no. questions kill.

oh yeahh. yest was quite a bz day cos of the cambridge uni talks but i got to talk to a math teacher who went to study maths @ cambridge. quite a nice chat haha. got home late lohh, then was rushing work and all so i dint get to blog. oh and not to forget the wonderful blueberry muffin really made my day. (: sheenie! u shld bake more often, haha. i volunteer to test out your experiments. :P

consilio et animis
8/22/2006 10:58:00 PM

1, 2, 1234

haha. i guess u all wont believe it if i say this. ur usual highly motivated and studious chork is actually having troubles focusing and settling down to revise for his prelims. dur break todayy i walked over to talk to kangya and kayleigh randomly decided to write: STUDY HARD on my hand.

although i seemed like i was telling them jokingly that they were actually giving me pressure, the truth is, they are actually the first source of pressure for weeks to tell me that i really should settle down. somehow i am just very slack with myself this time and the more i procrastinate the more i sigh at the impossibility of completing my revision. :/ each time some of my classmates ask me a question expecting me to supply them the answer, i feel a sense of dismay when i stare blankly at the question and disappoint them. and i bet half of them wont believe that i can be stumped totally at the questions they ask me. hehhs. mebbe i shld chg to a redirection service and redirect them to zhaoyan.

anw, if the 2 of them successfully knock some sense in me todayy then i must really really really thank them. but then again thats a big if. on another note, the reason whyy i walked over to kangya was to wish her happy birthday! (: we celebrated her bday outside council room today. was supposed to celebrate poon's bday too but poor him got stuck in a traffic jam.

anw, shou xing gong. shou xing po. shen ri kuai le! (: haha. to my point on why cpop has a song for all occasions. here r the songs that would be fitting for the 2 of them!

happy birthday - ah xin
qing zhu - yang cheng lin

not in their case, but if ppl sadly hav to celebrate bdays on their own, theres also:

zhu wo sheng ri kuai le - wen lan.

lyrics from the song for me right now. haha. dont underestimate this song. :P


this song even contains what est and grace tried to do me todayy! this songs quite popular so u can prolly guess what they tried to do. as i said, i nv see before girls zai guang tian hua ri xia bully guys one loh. ):

consilio et animis
8/22/2006 06:03:00 PM

Global Chinese Music Awards - Voting Begins!

yayy! thanx to kai for helping me find mei hua hao shuo so im very happy now! plus i just voted for the global chinese music awards (quan qiu hua yu bang).

you can all go vote here too: http://www.gcmaa.com/gb/vote.asp

here are my votes. try to vote the same as me. then got more fire power. lets strive to make singaporean singers more recognised! plus this yr the award ceremony is held in SINGAPORE so it is even more meaningful for our own singers to win the awards at our own country!

my votes:

最受欢迎男歌手 - 林俊杰
最受欢迎女歌手 - 孙燕姿
最受欢迎新人 - 洪俊扬
最受欢迎创作歌手/团体 - 林俊杰
二十大最受欢迎金曲 - 曹操 (林俊杰)
最受欢迎对唱金曲 - 如果的事 (张韶涵、范玮琪)

haha. if u dont know about chi songs and happen to pass by this site, then just vote the same as i did! haha. the zu he prolly SHE or TWINS will win it but as long as Vanness and Kangta ru wei, ill root for them! (: yepp yepp go vote!


consilio et animis
8/21/2006 12:18:00 AM


a song im addicted to even before i found the mp3. the tune is so catchy that i can alr replay the tune in my head aft listening to it twice. junyang rocks lahh. hes going to be zai like jj soon. this song is composed by him. (:

没话好说 - 洪俊扬

那还是会心动的笑容 还无意触摸我的手




consilio et animis
8/20/2006 11:45:00 PM

surprises in store

all i have to say of todays charts is: OMG.

haha. ok lahh. my predictions were closer this week then last week and my best achievements are prolly predicting jie bu diao as first and predicting that fei xing bu luo will soar past ma de li. (: but still. there are lotsa surprises.

kai and i were commenting abt the songs as they were playing and we were going OMG at all the surprises which charts had in store for us this week. -_-"

surprise number 1: WTH @ zhang zheng yue. his crappy song zai jian acherli shot up. haha. we were listening all the way to position 16 and then still no signs of that song. so i was feeling very happy cos i thot really say zai jian to his "zai jian". but no! he got number 15. as i said, ill really faint if he gets into top 10.

surprise number 2: ok. so i heard that there were 2 new songs on charts this week and up till position 14 i still havent heard the new song. so i was telling kai: so powerful song can only be SHE. i was greatly surprised. it wasnt SHE's second hit. it was tao zhe's tai mei li. position number 13! and i was complaining: OMG that will surely screw up his first hit. and thats where surprise number 3 comes in.

surprise number 3: WHAT? after shooting up by 8 ranks in the charts last week, wang bu liao was 11th, and was close to top 10. and it just disappeared like that this week? really OMG? haha. what r david tao fans thinking. they just swapped their votes all to the second hit and the first hit only stayed on the charts for 2 weeks. it really does not do wang bu liao justice. i hope it can re-enter the charts.

surprise number 4: wo men de ji nian ri shot up 6 ranks. ok. i like that song. but i really really thought it was the one that dropped out instead of wang bu liao! cos fan wei qis songs havent exactly been very popular. mei xiang dao it did so well...

other surprises included ma de li bu si yi dropping before making it to first. haha. but then i think it was a good choice. cos jolin fans prolly continued actively voting jia zhuang so that it can be jing qu. (: so jia zhuang dropped by 1 rank onli. (:

hmm. and for some reason, after getting first for 2 weeks, chu dian suddenly just dropped to 4th? a hint that their fans have switched votes to ring ring ring? or the fans were too affected by the latest news regarding SHE?

and fan zhuan di qiu really shot up lah. zhen de gua mu xiang kan. i nv expected that song to own jolin, kangta and vanness and SHE. if fan zhuan di qiu gets first, it will be weibo's first ever first! just like how it is harlem's first champion song in a few years. congrats to jie bu diao! fei xing bu luo's not bad either! (: it will be a rly tough fight between the 2 next week but i think FIR will win the battle.

oh yeahh. and i really really really hope bu shuo chu de wen rou gets into top 10 next week. it is quite weak lohh. slow rises every week even though it is such a nice song. its finally at the brink of the top 10 this week (position 11). it had been experiencing increments of 1 or 2 the past few weeks. rise faster lah! nan dao too. how come nv reach top 10 then drop until so can3 le?

another song i want out of the charts is li sheng jies yan di xing kong. rly dun like li sheng jie. and this song just doesnt change my impression of him. sun's hai shi hui xiang ta can pack up and say bye bye too. haha. nv did like her either. (:

whee. and the charts had been really volatile the past few weeks. noone had been able to guess the top 3 for 4 consecutive weeks le! so next week's chart guessing prize is $160! OMG! haha. i wantttt! (: but i alr foresee next week's gonna be hard to guess. just hope wang bu liao comes back. surely his fans cant forget that song. LOL. :P

omg i acherli typed so much? :P but yayy i feel happier after making this chart rant entry. haha. dint i say im easy to please? :P and now if u have JUNYANG's MEI HUA HAO SHUO you can send me and see me grow even happier! (:

consilio et animis
8/20/2006 06:05:00 PM

the passion.

spent the day packing my table and found alot of things that i supposedly have lost. :P and aft tt started on my 3 best achievements. just finished writing my 3 best achievements. really tired nowww. yawwwns. but really happy too. lol i must be really easy to please.

decided to go ahead with chart predictions even tho my eyes are half closed. (:

#1: Jie Bu Diao
#2: Chu Dian
#3: Fei Xing Bu Luo
#4: Ma De Li Bu Si Yi
#5: Scandal
#6: Fan Zhuan Di Qiu
#7: Wang Bu Liao
#8: Hai Shi Hui Xiang Ta
#9: Zhang Yan Fa
#10: Bu Shuo Chu De Wen Rou

i just hav this dreaded feeling for scandal. ):

and central affairs had a saaaad ending. but it was a good ending imo. better than tuoqiang's ending. yeahh. good endings need not be happy endings. (:

consilio et animis
8/20/2006 01:10:00 AM

the pinkness

mugged till 2am today morn for phys test and realised it was super not worth it to have done so cos it was a passable exam even if u dint mug simply cos a huge chunk of the marks were awarded to the graph qn.

so i was really zzz-ish thruout todayy. and when im zzz-y i say random stuff. like dur fmath tut ms wang was just talking and then suddenly i just made a totally random anticlimatic comment. then evryone was giving me the o.O look.

oh yah dur gp i was just sitting there on my seat and looking at the glossary she gave us and i just fell aslp even before i knew it. and then. as suddenly as i have slept, someone sharply woke me up. :/ bet that was pigletie's wayy of getting revenge.

so i shall post a pic which i took with pigletie like a mth ago? kept forgetting to request tt photo from est and finally rmbed today!

cute not? ;)

haha. im talking about my sweater not pigletie. :P

consilio et animis
8/18/2006 11:16:00 PM


another good song which i am ADDICTED to. LOL. haha. jie bu diao this new song. ;) guess yu cheng qing did put in effort to give us a new form of gan dong in his latest album. (:

戒不掉 - 庾澄庆




consilio et animis
8/18/2006 10:58:00 PM

lost in the desert

phy tut today was really the best. haha. people started blueslipping just before phy. heh. rakuda seemed really pissed w the class todayy. and every now and then he would attempt to grab peoples attention. lol.

what else did he do arh. oh yah. he decided that from now on ximeng should report to him the absentees with the reasons. hehs. pls loh. if he gets his facts correctly mebbe he could command more respect. but thats a big if. :P its a real pity that he mixes up N2L and N3L.

hehs. i thk zhaoyan and weihao are the best today lah. haha.

heres wad zhaoyan did:
rakuda walks in. zhaoyan plonks his head on the table.

zhaoyan (to me): oh. i think i want to go to a phy lect in nus which starts at 4.30. i shall leave at 3.30.
me: haha. u SURE u can get there in 1 hour?
zhaoyan: good point. i shall leave now. (and raises hand and gets himself excused)

and weihao was qt funny too. was almost laughing my head off seeing how he dao-ed rakuda. if i werent sitting right in front of him i would burst out laughing. (:

haha. oh yahh. another random thinggg. tried to snap cheekie's photo so that we could make a poster of himself for him but then i guess im a lousy gou zai. kept getting caught by him dunno if he was pissed or not.

consilio et animis
8/17/2006 10:54:00 PM


we had discussion for tday gifts and i must say im qt appalled by some of the ideas which came from ppl in our class esp if it came frm some usually serious ppl. (: haha. the suggestion for cheekie's gift was just ultimate lah. :P

aft sch today we had cambridge talk and i realised my christs college is so popularrr. (2nd most popular aft trinity) hehs. but i thk im sticking to christs college cos im the only math guy therre. (: then went to get some tday gifts with est and kenneth. bought a huge dice for teng and a huge book for cheekie. action city was selling some really biased cups. they had positive comments for pooh and piglet yet for eeyore, the large words: SILLY OLD EEYORE were splashed across the cup. hmph.

oh yeahh. i said something really embarrassing on my way to j8. but i guess it was the heat which fried my brain so i was momentarily in blur mode. quote ms wang: a slip of the tongue is not the fault of the mind. hehs. if u rly want to knw, u cant find it on my blog cos im so not going to mention it. :P ull have more luck on other blogs lah. ;)

consilio et animis
8/16/2006 11:34:00 PM

surprising find

OMG. i just realised i havent viewed the harmonix photos till now. haha. i onli found out becos i was transferring my half typed best achievements on thumb drive and i saw a folder: harmonix 9 2006. and was wondering. hmm. whats inside. and i realised its the photos which kenneth took for me! wahh. haha. since i dint post those photos last time, i shall post one containing all of us who went (excl lian).

From top left, clockwise order: zhaowei, matt, est, grace, jiangzhe, qiaoli, kenneth, me (:

consilio et animis
8/15/2006 04:35:00 PM

simple harmonic

haha. today. i officially went crazy cos in one day i got to taste 2 things which i dint get to in a long long time. 1) thanks to kenneth for satisfying my sudden craving for wang wang. 2) bought cotton candy from the entre stall. wahh. loved it to bits leh. too bad it wasnt fluffy. nevertheless, relieving the feeling of cotton candy dissolving on ur tongue is just great.

and so i went crazy. started drawing fatty slashing off cheng fengs fingerr. haha. for those who are watching tonite theres a headshot scene but i thk they will cut it again. :/

slept at 3 yest and was sianified todayy but then there were the 2 things to keep me crazy so im still not sleepy just yet. (: (: (: or mebbe cos i drank essence of chicken but then im supposed to pay back the sleep debt, according to mr leong. still not tt sleepy leh.

read news that Ella wants to pull out from SHE. OUCH! thats how sad. ): hehs. i thk recently theres alot of pressure on her lah. she has to come up with album AND film shows simultaneously. but its going to be REAL SAD if she quits. haha. and apparently she isnt tt happy tt the medias attn is focused on selina and hebe cos they have scandals atm. haha. if Ella really pulls out, we dont have a nice bass tone anymore le. ): and SHE will be called SH! simple harmonic! argh.

as u can seem im positively crazy.

consilio et animis
8/15/2006 04:25:00 PM

wang wang and the jellyfish

ok. i cant believe it. 2+ hrs aft i started, i havent complete a single best achievement. tonites not my nite.

haha ended up chatting with kenneth and we were comparing midnite (acherli more like morning) snacks. then he mentioned he was eatg wang wang and i was like: OMG! wads the last time i ate a wang wang!

feel impressed by my drawing. (: i dint eat a wang wang since like sec 2 le (see how deprived i m) but still can rmb how the wang wang looks like! ok. im being totally not constructive here. i just coloured the wang wang i drew.

random extract from my convo:
[chorkie] 北极星的眼泪 says:
oooh. wang wangs carrying a jellyfish

haha. if u cant figure out why i said that:

hint 1: kenneth was telling me how to improve on the wang wang and he said the hand has 5 fingers.
hint 2: bad drawing skills

if u still dunno and rly want to knw u can always ask me. mebbe ill show u wang wang carrying a jellyfish. ;)

oh right im going crazyyyyyyy!

consilio et animis
8/15/2006 02:14:00 AM


yawns. im finally starting on 3 best achievements! im supposed to stay rly rly rly focussed but im stumped. i got the stuff in point form but just dun like to write in prose. i rly shdnt have procrastinated lah. :/

made a horrifying discovery that pigletie is homo todayy! omg. now ill be freaked out when he stares at me.

haha. and i just found out they dint feature THE FINGER in tuo qiang shi jie today. omg. tt was the highlight of todays eps loh. aft cheng feng raised his hand, then the evil zhan cai slashed off one finger, the real thing showed the finger flying off and landing on the grass. and once it landed on the grass it was featured for 1 full second. when i first watched it i closed my eyes la. how gross is that. but thrilling too. its a sad thing ch U cut tt bit off. and prolly alot of parts of the axe-slashing.

oh yah scandal rose back to 7th on the world boards! so now its on the boards for 7 weeks le! not bad rite. the longest is jia zhuang with 9 weeks. comparable. (: go go go! chiong up summore! and fei xing bu luo entered charts for the first time this week and was first alr! (:

hehs. i sound random in this entry. prolly i need the sleep. :/ but oh wells. hav to go back to writing le.

consilio et animis
8/15/2006 12:04:00 AM

lazy yawns

yikes. charts today are both good and baddd. bad because my guesses were quite off. and because fan wei qi's yi ge xiang xia tian just disappeared like that. and because sweety's hua yan qiao yu continued to rise. i cant believe it la. it was on the verge of dropping out of the charts le and now its so qiang2. and lastly, the !#&^&#*^#@* lousy mic-kissing zhang zheng yue's zai jian got on the charts. utterly grossed out by the way he kissed the mic dur superband. plus he is damn loud and vulgar even in concerts. and he got a wu2 lai4 kind of look. and he strips off his pants dur concerts. yea. basically i just hate zhang zheng yue to the core.

but theres the good bit: jy's new song, mei hua hao shuo was recommended on hot stuff. that song is DAMN good. i want ittttt. and tao zhe's wang bu liao shot up 8 ranks! from 19 to 11. good or not. OMG. im shocked. as i type this, my playlist just switched to tao zhe's wang bu liao.

anw, im quite relieved now that ive just settled a major problem! (: yayy! and goes really high and jumps around. haha. wonders how i can always stay so positive. mebbe im really an alpha particle :P

kai! haha u failed to prove my theory wrong! (:

consilio et animis
8/13/2006 10:52:00 PM

Charts predictions

my chart predictions for tmr!

1. Chu Dian
2. Scandal
3. Ma De Li Bu Si Yi
4. Hai Shi Hui Xiang Ta
5. Jia Zhuang
6. Jie Bu Diao
7. Beautiful Love
8. Fei Xing Bu Luo
9. Yi Ge Xiang Xia Tian Yi Ge Xiang Qiu Tian
10. Bu Zhun Ku

how i wish one day had 48 hours instead. then i will have more time to sleep, and think.

consilio et animis
8/12/2006 11:37:00 PM

已经擦干了泪 为何还有点痛

the lyrics that i unwittingly wrote yesterday. :/ the tune is on repeat mode in my head now.









consilio et animis
8/12/2006 08:50:00 AM

summers wind

Feeling real bored during lessons today, so I decided to translate zhi zu.


How do I own a rainbow?
How do I embrace a summer's wind?
The stars in the sky mock the people on Earth
Who always do not know how to be contented.

If I fell in love with your smile,
How do I keep it, and make it mine?
If you are happy not because of me,
It is only through letting go that I can truly possess.

When a wind blows, the kite soars in the sky.
I pray for you, and give you my best regards,
At last, you disappear within the crowds.
And I realised that laughing while crying hurts most.

That day, you and I, on the hilltop,
Singing the song of yesteryear.
Those memories - they are enough
for me to taste loneliness each day.






Um, this is actually fun. So i mite continue doing this. haha. n i unwittingly wrote down the lyrics of bu shuo chu de wen rou today and realised how apt the lyrics are. haha. i cant believe how est and i who play bu shuo chu de wen rou on repeat can both not know the full lyrics of that song. i believe right now ive heard it close to 100 times le. mebbe this joke is meant for me aft all.

what did the pipette say to the pipette filler?
you suck!

okk. haha. i guess i was just in a super weird song lyrics writing mood today. dint really listen much in class. just wrote and wrote. attempted to write bei ji xing de yan lei but failed quite badly thoughh.

random fact. got back gp essay today and its the highest one i scored this year even though i felt that it was quite bad cos i dint finish writing the conclusion. but nevertheless it got 35/50. guess what. in one para i wrote about KANGTA AND VANNESS' SCANDAL! (: the song pwns. really. even in gp. so u all shld start getting addicted to it and mebbe it will improve ur gp grade.

est: dont worry! i ate my dinnerr. haha. improvement frm lunch and breakfast le so dont ask trudi to kick me. (:

consilio et animis
8/11/2006 11:39:00 PM


i realised why i like cpop songs. no matter what, i will always be able to find a song that fits how i am feeling. it doesnt matter if i cant describe how i am feeling. there'll be a song that's just right for me.

consilio et animis
8/10/2006 04:46:00 PM

weeping with the northern star

dint like this song at first cos it sounded quite old-ish. hehhs. but i realised the lyrics are quite meaningful after all. or maybe, it's because i understand the lyrics now. 北极星的眼泪 说不出的想念 原来我们活在 两个世界.

像断了线 消失人海里面
我的眼终于失去 你的脸

再等一会 奢望流星会出现
愿 如果真的实现
明天 或许来不及变
但曾经走过的昨天 越来越远

北极星的眼泪 说不出的想念
原来我们活在 两个世界
北极星的眼泪 你哭红的双眼
被淋湿的诺言 淹没在心里面
我抬头看着 爱不见

当对的人 等不到对的时间
就在放开双手的瞬间 爱撕成两边

整个宇宙都 流眼泪

consilio et animis
8/10/2006 12:43:00 PM


ok. i officially declare linear spaces as the worst topic after complex and vectors.

i cannot read that piece of notes for more than an hour. otherwise i'll sleep. its proven to be true. i slept thrice today thanks to linear spaces. and of cos i slept twice yesterdayy because of that too. not to mention everyone knows i sleep through all but one linear space lecture. (:

words are swarming my head now but they mean nothing to me.

null space. kernel. basis. linear transformation. dimension. axioms. row rank. column rank. range. spanning set. linear dependence. vector space.

rah. i need help. ): ): bleahh.

consilio et animis
8/09/2006 11:28:00 PM

buddy treeeee


whee! its our 41st birthdayy alr! waves a mini flag and goes into celebratory mood. (:

was working on a project for the past 2 days so dint really get to bloggg. but im here to blog againn! haha. yest was nat day celebs. ended up playing cards quite a lot. aft that when the class' gp remedial ended, we went indoor gym where the class played badminton. but i wasnt rly in the badminton mood so dint play. was chased out by mr michael but our class continued playing first @ parade sq then at the raffles rooms.

went back at 12ish with kenneth and i realised the haze was really bad so i started complaining about indonesia and their incompetence. somehow along the way we discussed about changing the currency of indonesia and we were wondering how to introduce this change when kenneth suddenly suggested to drop an atomic bomb on indonesia, haha. :P and aft tt we started talking about all the nuclear missiles hidden in n. korea. hehhs. we were just in the war-ry mood yest.

went back and had lunch before dozing off. woke up and started to get ready to go out with my buddy samuel. previously my parents objected to it because its supposedly not advisable to go out at nite during the ghost month. and jiangzhe told me something about getting possessed. :/ hehh. but i figured if i came back before it turned dark it should be alrite. yea. and so previously my parents did agree to let me go out. BUT aft i woke up and started packing up, my mum started asking if i can change the date. umm. that was like 1 hr before the meeting? like how u expect me to chg like that. called up samuel anw, but he dint pick up his phone. and so in the end i argued with my parents again about this whole ghost month issue. ): they said something about yest being the 15th or something like that. :/ heh. cant believe it la. they agreed previously and now 1 hr before the meeting they are arguing with me over it again.

in the end my parents did agree to let me go if i come back by 7. found out that samuel actually invited my grand buddy liangsi and great grand buddy jian an and great great great grand buddy en ying. haha. its really nice chatting with them. our first topic of discussion is of cos about what council is/was like. haha i mean u get a bunch of councillors together wad do u expect them to chat about rightt. but its the fun kind of chat. like council camp experience etc. haha. half way i started choking for some weird reason. and i wonder whyy i chose yoshi. but thats beside the point.

we waited quite a while for jian an and when she arrived liangsi and enying were laughing like crazy cos he looks like ah beng. haha. and jian an was like trying to persuade me how he is not actually an ah beng. :P

oh yahh. and then we started tracing our buddy tree. we hav the longest known buddy tree at the moment. 10 generations. hehhs. it started branching out in samuel's batch and aft that nina and i each adopted 2 buddies so the buddy tree got more complicated. and we were wondering. what if the next council batch has less people than the 26ths' batch. that means we will hav shared buddy and our buddy tree will actually merge with someone else's. so confusing...

we were having so much fun chatting that i dint realise it was past 7! i quickly made my way home and was feeling a little paranoid. then when i entered the lift, for some reason the light was flickering. heh. my heart was pounding and i was thinking: dont worry. ull be baq home in a while.

guess what. when the lift reached my level. the lift door was like jammed for quite a while. as in it reached my level. the arrow head showing that the lift is moving up is no longer lit, which means the lift stopped moving alr. but then the lift door dint open for quite a while which freaked me out like mad. heh. but at least i reached home safely, haha. :P

consilio et animis
8/09/2006 10:36:00 AM


gosh. my predictions today were really very off. dint expect chu dian to shoot from 7th to 1st. as kai was saying yest, "maybe theres a miracle and scandal wont be first". omg. i cant believe it. wad kind of miracle is this. i was like calculating: surely noone can rob scandal of a second week first cos the 2nd - 5th songs are quite weak and now we have a song shooting from 7th to displace scandal from 1st. omg. ):

other wrong predictions included predicting beautiful love will crash. instead, it was yi ge xiang xia tian yi ge xiang qiu tian which crashed. to make up for that, at least wo men de ji nian ri came up! and wang bu liao entered charts too! wang bu liao wang bu liao wang bu liao!

oh yah. i just found jay's new song online! sent to kai alr. if u all want to preview it u can msg me on msn and i can send u too! (:

yayy. i cant believe it. haha. today cat from the 26ths contacted me and they are actually carrying out this idea which i was dreaming of dur my term but cldnt execute cos it sudoku + that was too much of a brainy overkill. haha. im sooo glad to be able to help out in this proj plus its welfare too. so welfare can finally hit the sch with a bang. (: grows excited. haha. looks like i do get to work on another proj aft all! guess i just cant wait to take on a proj and get working again!

kai and est! OMG. ): gang up on me arh.

consilio et animis
8/06/2006 09:43:00 PM

Scholarship day!

went back to sch for scholarship day todayy! haha. got lots of cute freebies! liked the strategist toyy from firefly. really cute. haha. and the psc booth lady pissed me off cos i dint even say i wanted to apply yet she was alr trying to persuade me to choose non US UK unis. and when i said maybe i like the env there she was like: are u SURE u REALLY like the env there or are u just influenced by common misconceptions. i was really rolling my eyes la.

anw. heres my predictions for tmr's charts. scandal has a real high chance to be first again! (: i think im making a lot of bold guesses for tmr like how beautiful love will crash to 9th. i hope im as accurate as the last 2 weeks! ;)

1. Scandal
2. Yi Ge Xiang Xia Tian Yi Ge Xiang Qiu Tian
3. Hai Shi Hui Xiang Ta
4. Chu Dian
5. Jia Zhuang
6. Bu Zhun Ku
7. Jie Bu Diao
8. Ma De Li Bu Si Yi
9. Beautiful Love
10. Yuan Lai

consilio et animis
8/05/2006 11:51:00 PM

David Tao Album Ratings!

Looks like i shdnt have been so hyped up over dt's album cos after listening to the whole album i realised it dint quite match my expectations. reality =/= expectations (rathi would love me for being such a good student and rmb-ing). but those songs that are good are REALLY good. (: heres my album review for ur references if u r considering whether to buy the album!

Wang Bu Liao

Rating: 9/10
Comments: Cleverly mixes the oldie wang bu liao with bits of rap, giving the song a new leash of life and making it something which is closer to the modern pop world.

Tai Mei Li
Rating: 6.5/10
Comments: Nice shu qing song, like how the song is complemented with a background which is also recorded by him.

Rating: 6/10
Comments: Fast paced and fairly light hearted song, but not a memorable one.

Na Yi Shun Jian
Rating: 6.5/10
Comments: Does not start out that well but ended strong and rather impactful.

Walk on
Rating: 6/10
Comments: Another light hearted song that has a pleasant tune but just not memorable.

Zi Dao Zi Yan De Bei Ju
Rating: 7.5/10
Comments: Haha this song reminds me of cheekie cos of "zi dao zi yan". This song lacks a climax but otherwise the tune is great.

Zhu Ni Xing Fu
Ratings: 5/10
Comments: Slightly rock-ish but the song just doesnt fit together well.

Si Ceng Xiang Shi
Ratings: 7/10
Comments: Nice tune complemented by David Tao's high range vocals.

Jin Tian Ni Yao Jia Gei Wo
Ratings: 8.5/10
Comments: As I mentioned before, this song paints a blissful picture of couples getting married and I think Jolin and DT really complemented each other in this song.

Mei Yi Mian Dou Mei
Rating: 5/10
Comments: Quite a repetitive song, don't find it especially interesting.

Bu Ai
Rating: 6.5/10
Comments: Impactful and characteristically David Tao

Rating: 6/10
Comments: Quite a traditional and average song.

consilio et animis
8/05/2006 11:39:00 PM


yayy for MILO ICE - MI LU BING for being the first ever superband in singapore! somehow i saw that coming. why is it that those that kicked out and re-enter in fan sheng sai do super well. we hav proj superstar kelly as an example. and singapore idol sylvester. and now milubing. haha. its almost like a rule le. kai was saying: to win u must get kicked out. hehhs.

heres my reviews on the teams tonite. personally i dint like the look of lucify. they just look gross la. but their rock is not bad. j3's jazzy rendition of xiao wei was THE BEST and even the judges voted unanimously for it. its a pity they only shone so late. soul was veri energetic and liked how they turned xiaowei into a rap. and milubing just did well overall lahh so they deserved it. (:

on to the judges. chong qing looked totally disgusting tonite. um. he looks totally like a girl. wahh. i thot he wld spare us for the last session of superband but oh wells. surprise surprise.

the best non-competing performance of the night imo is niu nai's Mr Q (: a real sizzling hot performance if u watched it! haha. and the worst one was zhang zheng yue's. rahh. i was like: whats he screwing ard on the stage for. his dressup was pathetic and it was gross to see him kiss the mike countless times. and when he said hes singing a second song i nearly fainted. wad a major spoiler.

the best competing performace would be j3's jazzy xiao wei. think they spent alot of effort to chu2 li3 the song. they complemented each other really well!

yepp my thoughts for the nite! if u watched superband im sure u wld hav enjoyed it too! (: hehhs. milubing's representative colour was pink so PINK WINS THE DAY! (: (: (: oh yeahh and there were many cows flashed throughout the competition cos of niu nai. and the cows were sooo cute! not like all cows arent cute. ;)

consilio et animis
8/05/2006 11:08:00 PM

the disorderliness

tmr! (: david tao's album will be out tmr! and i just read on needpop forums that the admin has some blatant bias against david tao so DT's album isnt allowed on needpop. omg. ): theres this song: zi4 dao3 zi4 yan2 de bei ju. reminds me of cheekie.

really looking forward to tmr but then i realised i hav all these undone tuts for tmr:
- F3
- linear spaces
- thermodym (we only finished entropy tdy and we hav to do le!)
- chem 47 mcqs

but then theres one more thing to look forward to. im getting my leadership profile evaluation tmr!

schools really quite dead today cos i slept thru 2 lects. really too tired aft staying up so late last nite to complete my portfolio and the deadline got extended. :/ was really stone today i really cant rmb much except my craving for potato wedges alot and rushing down to buy them. zzzz.

consilio et animis
8/03/2006 10:57:00 PM


dint blog yest cos i was bz doing my portfolio which i am only halfway thru at the moment. :/ haha. but i feel a glow of pride when i see that i have actually planned 7 projects/functions! (: (: stayed up late to do portfolio yest so i ended up sleeping thru teng's lect today. ):

class played badminton todayy and even got special training from song jiao lian. so mebbe we have hopes of trashing cheekie someday. (: and im slow but i only just noticed that cheekie cut his hair tdy.

got bullied by est she whacked the shuttlecocks up to the second level and i had to go up and retrieve them. ): that prolly explains why i got trashed cos i exhausted energy to run up, bend down and pick the shuttlecocks. yeahh thats it. (:

tengs week is halfway through and i must really thank the normal maths students for liberating the fmaths students yet again cos their teachers robbed teng of her afternoon session with us on mon. of cos teng ranted extensively over that also. linear spaces really suckk. :P

aft sch chatted with my buddies! omg. dint expect to be able to see BOTH of them. haha. the lit students started bugging us to buy the food which they were selling and everyone asked velda to bug me cos im supposedly the easiest to give in to rentless bugging. she was close but oh wells, she gave up before i gave in so yay. (: hehhs. brian's doing grad nite! omg. and they r thinking of coming up with an award just for me just so i can do a chicken little performance. rather obviously, i turned down the offer. :P

sheenie! i own u at blowing bubbles. (:

consilio et animis
8/02/2006 10:14:00 PM


dint post song lyrics for quite a while le. shall post a new song from david tao's latest album. loved it instantly when i heard it cos it evokes happy images of couples getting married. (: song title is: 今天你要嫁给我, featuring both david tao and jolin! david tao's album's looking good. i alr like the first 2 songs i heard from this album. (:




Jolin in the house
DT(david tao) in the house
Our love in the house





Yes i do!


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8/02/2006 10:09:00 PM

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