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Hell month is officially coming to an end (which also means not alot of wu yue tians left). We have finally completed our final 2 exercises, wanderer and grandslam.

Wanderer was quite successful. We managed to find all 4 day checkpoints. On our way we bypassed echo field camp. it was around 3ish and the echo ppl were alr slacking around in their base, eating and sleeping and all. and we wondered if our grandslam will be like that (dream on...)

We reached our day end point 1.5 hrs early and had a good rest before wandering off to find our night checkpoints again. Our night checkpoints are extremely far and my team really didnt want to continue but i was surprisingly energetic enough to push them on to our first chckpoint. On our way, we saw lots of bright stars in the sky. It was a really beautiful sight and someone commented that he wished that he were there, sitting on the field with his girlfriend. haha. it is not exaggerating to say that looking at the tons of bright stars in the sky rejuvenated us and lifted our spirits. before long, we managed to find our 1st checkpoint, and continued on to our 2nd checkpoint.

On the road leading to our checkpoint, we came across this area with lots of bright red lights lit, and generators whirring. at the start of the path there was a sign which said: UNAUTHORISED PERSONNELS WILL BE SHOT. we spent a long time deciding whether we should enter or not, so we comms in to chck if we are allowed to enter and we were told to just enter. after a while we decided to try our luck and walk through the 500 m path in the "red light district", hoping we wouldnt be shot. thankfully nothing happened to us, but it was a really freaky trek. we reached our 2nd chckpoint and had to hunt for it, but noone was really in a mood to bash through chest level lalangs. so we just gave up and walked to our end point, hoping for a good rest before grandslam.

we should have thought better of JULIET coy. guess wad. once we reached there, we were told to move out to our field camp site and harbour there. like omg. we all felt cheated cos previously we were promised a bath and a night's sleep in SISPEC before we began our grandslam. pffft. so that was it. the start of grandslam. then came 2 days of ambush + patrolling which were really exhausting. there were lots of quarrels over many issues cos everyones very exhausted and uptight and all. ):

on the 2nd day, i had enough of combat rations and decided to cook maggi. wow. it was like the best meal i had in ages lohh. maggi never tasted so good (: then ppl who couldnt cook came over and used my mess tin to cook and in the end we cooked like 10+ packets of maggi. yummieee.

in a flash, grandslam ended. on our last day i was really praying that noone lost any items like last week. thankfully nothing was lost and we got to book out on time. (: and so ends our 9th week in SISPEC. next wed we will all be corporals le (: cant wait!!!!

was really exhausted after grandslam and caught up with my sleep last nite. woke up todayy to rush lots of my tutee's stuff cos his common test is after the sch hols. then listend to longhubang. OMG! yanzi's wo huai nian de rebounded to 1st again. so it is the 2nd 3 x champ song this year (: YAYYYY (:

oh btw. i collected my cert and yrbook le. for those of u who dont know, u can go collect le. but the yrbook really sucks. firstly, the photos are stretched to everyone looks FAT. secondly, the pritn quality is REEEEEEAAAAL bad. tskk. wad a disappointment.

tmr im going for live firing and im carrying SAW. pray that i dun kill anyone with my live rounds tmr ):

consilio et animis
5/27/2007 04:42:00 PM


After a disgusting and exhausting field camp 2, we were all looking forward to a weekend to rest. everyone was set to book out after our FIBUA. i was personally looking forward to my WU YUE TIAN which i had been dying to hear all week. and guess wad. a surprise had to drop on us like that.

bleahh. everyone was so demoralised that we could not book out just to look for this missing equipment and wth lahh seriously. they made our parents wait for 2 hours, then tell them to go backk. argh. we had to stand by universe, ie empty everything out for inspection too. RAHHH. and we couldnt sleep. and had to look for the equipment! ARGHHH. at least give us our sleep lohh. we barely slept 3 hours, but at least in the morning, they decided to let us book out.

our last n final field camp is coming up and im appointed LSC on the day after wanderer, the major navigation exercise. so i guess ill be sleepie and dead and blurrie and tootsie and wadevr. and ill mess up bad. so im prepared to be screwd alr. plus i dint get much sleep todayy too. all thanks to all that hoohaa.

but it was a really dramatic thing. u could c all ur instructors and enciks losing their cool and all. screaming and stuff. a really different side of them. :/

oh yahh. abit about FIBUA. it was really fun, cos we learnt to fight in old residential apartments. there r like so many traps all around. every room brings surprises. hehhs. its like playing a real life CS game. aft that we even got a chance to fight other sections, who r hiding in the block. (:

kk. i really hope we get to book out on time this weekend, and not have another surprise drop on us. AND PLS PLS PLS let us have nice weather. NO RAIN from wed - sat pleeeeease. its the last camp alr. sighh. this bookout is the shortest yet. and i dont even have a good rest before i say hi to tekong again.

consilio et animis
5/20/2007 08:26:00 PM

Album Review: PLAY

General Comments

SHE brought their fans a huge surprise in this new album. they have decided to change their style a little, and you get to hear many SHE raps in this song, with ella being the rapper. although its their first attempt, the standard is already very much above average, and im very impressed with this fresh side of SHE.

However, this is not to say they have neglected the shu qing side. with selina and hebe's beautiful voices, it would be a pity if there were no shu qing songs. thankfully, there r still adequate slow paced songs for us to enjoy, amidst adapting to SHE's new change.

Several bold attempts have also been made in this album, for instance, incorporating other singers' songs / names into their own song (wonders if it is an attempt to catch attn), or even writing their own songs. Having explored various exciting new possibilities, SHE have really lived up to their album name - PLAY.

Song Ratings

#01: 中国话
Rating: 9/10
Comments: Cute rapping of rao kou lings, with a catchy tune. A great way to start the album.

#02: 谢谢你的温柔
Rating: 7/10
Comments: The part sang by SHE sounds like good material for a nice shu qing song, but the portion where they added in a segment of Mayday's Wen Rou sorta spoilt the song abit. Or maybe fei lun hai's voices dont rly match SHE's.

#03: 听袁惟仁弹吉他
Rating: 7.5/10
Comments: A song dedicated to yuan wei ren. It's a really amusing way of inspiring music enthusiasts.

#04: 五月天
Rating: 10/10
Comments: EXTREMELY sweet and romantic song. It's just too good. The small rap segment has the hua long dian jing effect, completing this perfect song.

#05: 藉口
Rating: 9.5/10
Comments: A song which has lyrics consisting entirely of jay chou's songs. A must listen for jay chou fans. even if u arent one, the rap and tune itself is catchy enough.

#06: BOOM
Rating: 4.5/10
Comments: The rap in this song gets on my nerves for some reason. Maybe cos it is quite repetitive.

#07: 再别康桥
Rating: 8/10
Comments: A generally pleasant and soothing song.

#08: 伦敦大桥垮下来
Rating: 7/10
Comments: Song title is a direct translation from "london bridge is falling down". indeed, you hear the famous london bridge tune at various parts of the song. Very qing kuai and happy song.

#09: 说你爱我
Rating: 8.5/10
Comments: Hebe's attempt to write a song! (: Although this is only her 2nd attempt, it is surprisingly very good. Simple and sweet!

#10: 好心情Just be yourself
Rating: 7/10
Comments: A very high and cheery song (: Definitely able to lift one's spirits

#11: 老婆
Rating: 8/10
Comments: Written by Selina and Ella. A song dedicated for themselves. A bit weird that they should be calling each other lao po, but still, a very nice song.

BONUS: Always Open
Rating: 7.5/10
Comments: This is prolly one of the few ad songs where u acherli hear the name of the organisation/brand being advertised. Nice cute starting, and a generally bubbly song (: 7-11 must be really lucky to have them to dai4 yan2.

consilio et animis
5/13/2007 03:00:00 PM

happy mothers day!

woke up yest feeling rly sickk and decided to head straight to visit the doc. ): the medicine was rly very good, cos aft the first dose, i was well enough a few hrs later to manage a 4 hour tuition lesson (: basically yest was quite an uneventful day, and i took the chance to slowly recuperate.

felt better todayy, tho fever's still there. woke up quite late, and promptly wished mum a

thanks mum for being so caring always (:

consilio et animis
5/13/2007 02:27:00 PM

hell month

hell month has finally arrived. our first field camp finally began, after all the *anticipation* and dread. says hi to my hated pimple cream- err i mean camo cream. as promised, it was highly taxing physically and mentally. but at least we all managed to survive through the first field camp. 2 more await us before we graduate. endure guys (:

they sayy that people show their true colours during field camps. it is true. u start to c who r the people who can really keep their cool and react fast even though he is extremely worn out. u also c selfish people who only care about themselves when they r tired. u also c some ppl losing their cool. i admit i am one of those who hav lost my cool sometimes. cos there r some idiots whom i rly kan4 bu4 shuang3.

theres this guy, whom i shall name as X. X basically goes thru the whole camp carrying all the lightweight weapons. so obv he can run and move much faster than those carrying the heavy weaps like the 10kg matador, or the LAW and SAW. X never offers to help carry these weaps, but instead complains that others r moving too slowly. then whenever the sergeants r around, X will shout some words of encouragement very loudly. pls la dont be so fake can or not. if ur words of encouragement rly mean it. u should be telling it to us. not to the sergeants. oh yes. and whenever people mess up during section fighting, he would start bitching about that guy behind his back. but when the sergeants r around, he will be like this patient mr nice guy, who will point out the mistake of the people, and tell them how they should improve. *vomits*

basically, its no secret that my PC and PWO are extremely mean during field camps. they dont kill u by punishing u. they kill u by making ur whole section execute the whole drill again and again and again. so u get in position, prone down on the thorny grass, dash, fire, charge and everything over n over again. by the time u finally get the drill right, ur knees and ankles hurt, u r super tired, sweaty, camo cream trickling all over u, and the worst thing is, u have to carry on with your next mission. ARGHHH.

as if our ordeals arent enough, we had to experience some lousy weather thruout the field camp. when it rains, it pours really heavily. when it shines, u can feel the heat radiating from the ground. and the final blow was our last morning. when we were about to break tent, it started raining like mad. we had no choice but to hide in our bashas, which is 3/4 filled with out weapons, stores and field pack. everything is muddy all around us and we were all shivering in the cold. ):

the rain certainly didnt help my fever at all. on the 2nd last day, i alr had a fever of 38.7. i decided to continue on after taking panadol. but i knew something was wrong cos i was shivering despite the hot weather. after waking up the next morning, i had a really bad headache and i felt like i was dying lohh. and it was pouring outside and there i was huddling in a miserable basha. immediately aft the rain cleared and we were allowed to run out of our bashas, i took a temp chck and found out that my fever had rose to 39. According to the medic, my pulse rate was also very slow, so he put me on drips immediately (which was what i feared he would resort to).

i was veri afraid of getting dripped by the medic cos ultimately hes just an NSF. like how much experience does he acherli hav. veri scared he cant poke his needle properly. eeks. i told OC i dint want to get dripped but he assured me it was fine. so i laid down on the stretcher and got 2 bags of drips. thats like 20 litres of water lohh. no wonder i kept having the urge to pee even though i didnt drink any water. i onli realised the reason after i got dripped 20 litres and went to pee like 2, 3 times.

halfway thru the drips there was this big scare. the medic was talking to me suddenly he noticed an air bubble in the tube and he quickly stopped the drip and ripped the needle in one swift motion. LIKE OMGGGG! ARGHHH! no warning. then there was blood spurting evrywhere. my blood! rly alot lahh. his pants had a huge blood stain. the floor had a palm sized blood stain. blood was flowing all over my arm. arghh. it was real scaryy. but still. thanks to his quick reflexes, i did not die. imagine if the bubble got into my bodyy. then i wont be blogging now le.

anw i was quite glad when the medic finally removed the drip from me, when my temp stabilised at around 38 degree celcius. and i acherli decided to go out with my section to watch n learn wad i missed in the morn. i cant believe i acherli did tt. bleahh. when i came back i realised my fever shot up again and i felt rly sickk. rly wanted to report sick but i risk having to stay in the sick bay, while the others book out, so i decided to ren3 abit.

had to clean our rifles and clear our stores before we could book out. the rifles had to be inspected by our sergeants before we can send them. but some people, most notably X, didnt get their rifles checked, and just sneakily made their way amongst the group of people who passed the rifle chck. seriously lohh. theres one thing for sure that they didnt pass. their character. and now, X still has the cheek to shout at people for cleaning their rifles so slowly, saying that he wants to bookout early. seriously i was really so pissed with X i might have just screamed back at him if i wasnt cool enough that day.

anw, we got to book out at 10ish, much to the envy of the hotel and golf coy people, and i went back to get a quick shower before getting my much needed rest.

consilio et animis
5/13/2007 02:25:00 PM


just heard SHE's 借口 and the lyrics were quite familiar. onli aft a while did i realise the whole song consisted jay chou's songs! OMG :o a rly amusing song to listen to haha! but its like free ad for jay chou lohhh. anw ive tried to identify the songs (in bold) frm the lyrics n was quite surprised to find so manyy. dunno if i missed out any thoughh.

ill be doing album review for SHE's latest album laterrr. just wanted to post this amusing song first :P

伊斯坦堡的你 爱情最后的战役
听妈妈的话 别让我受伤

你的滥借口 分裂了你我
同一种调调 没有轨迹的痛
好瞎的借口 飘移了你我
困兽之斗 在在在在在在在

<止战之殇 interlude>

每当孤单的时候 望着那反方向的钟
听妈妈的话 别让我受伤

你的滥借口 分裂了你我
同一种调调 没有轨迹的痛
好瞎的借口 飘移了你我
困兽之斗 在在在在在在在

外婆 可不可以告诉我
庆祝开心的朋友 我强颜欢笑的度过
外婆 你可不可以告诉我
别慌我的超人朋友 你的秘密我会保守

consilio et animis
5/12/2007 12:25:00 PM

short entry for a short week

this rather short week has ended, and my field camps are about to begin. had ippt this week and i managed to clinch a silver (: YES! is proud of myself. this means i can have my own free time in future ippts alr!

anw, i was still pitying the past weeks' LPS on how miserable their lives were and lo and behold. i was picked to be LPS. BLEAHH. haha. some of them say im like the cutest LPS thus far. haha. i thk i must hav looked veri weird giving instructions to the platoon and hurrying them and all. :S

bleahh. i have a feeling ill love buildings and civilisation and even the warmth of my bunk after this week. *cross fingers and hopes it doesnt rain during my field camp* according to kai, they had to prone in mud alot ):

anw, as im typing. i just realised i ALMOST missed ANGELA on ch 8! ahhhh! haha (: her superb singing! (: so saddd her song nv rise on charts today. nvm, but yanzi's wo huai nian de finally made it to first. happie enuff le (: (: (:

consilio et animis
5/06/2007 08:24:00 PM


its mayday! (: hehhs bet est wldnt want this month to end! anw todays the start of a niceee may! but unfortunately it doesnt have a good start, cos its also the end of my nice 4 day long weekend. oh wells. but all good things have to come to an end anywayy ): just wishing it could be a weeee bit longer ):

anyway, i enjoyed every single moment in my home. i am like so in love in my home i dont want to go back and live in my bunk anymoreee. the devil in me is beckoning me to AWOL. sobbbs. was too lazy to go out these 4 days (only went out to exercise), but i dint feel bored at all at home! theres like a billion and one things u can do at home, including crunchyroll. CRUNCHHH :P wanted to go sch on mon but in the end i was too lazee so i dint go aft all. kinda ironic to miss school only after u leave it. :/

ok i realised my 1st para is super incoherent. HAHA. ignore my rant. i just dont feel like going back. run AND SOC tmr. OMG. and aft that is ippt. pokes my untrained muscles. bleahh. and i still havent recovered frm my heat rash, so im like itching all over still. scratchie scratchie.

heard datoufen yesterdayy.

i give my love to you

haha. bet its ego peifen's idea. hehhs. its quite weird to send a mail with just that line and my particulars over to her lehh. well. basically there was a quiz at the end asking what were the lines under the mini toy which datoufen bought and that was the answer lohh. hehhs. i hope i manage to win the mystery datoufen gift :P i submitted like almost immediately ;) anw i think datoufen's story is so interesting now its almost becoming my 1st read when i book out evry weekend (:

k. nows the start of may! when this month ends, my BSLC course will be officially over! this whole month is packed with deadly field camps, but i still hope it is as nice as a may day in SHE's wu yue tian :P


i wonder how ill feel at the end of the month...

consilio et animis
5/01/2007 04:57:00 PM

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