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sleep is of the essence

got back phy todayy and it was alrite aft all. so sad. my weathering geog answer wasnt accepted for the last question of physics. LOL. id be even more amused if it were accepted. was quite heng for gp. managed to get a b3 even though i screwed my compre so badly. hehs. so thats about it for my results, minus the s papers.

see. i came out of math S saying it was easier than the prev fmath paper, which was paper 2. and im so right. 58 for my fmath paper 2. haha. i m qt sure i wont do worse than that for math S, but then, i cannot be sure as i bravely attempted the 15 mark mechanics question (no part qns) even though i had died in the 11 mark tobbagon question. hehs cambridge should stop setting these evil chunky questions. as kai said, chunky and chorky dont go well together.

we got our hard-earned lemon tea treat from mr lee today. heh. other than that today was a pretty boring day and my eyes got super sensitive for some reason. u know my eyes are a haze/smoke indicator. if theres haze or smoke i rly wldnt be able to open my eyes properly. and then i had to go and wash my face before that irritating feeling was gone.

hehs. evry1's so bored todayy. pinkchieks was getting along very well with pigletie, much better than trudi with pigletie. but then pinkchieks is nice unlike trudi. (: the two of them spent a lot of time sleeping todayy. cos it was a lazy and boring dayyy. and they were sleeping in all sorts of positions on each other. hehhs. pinkchieks' head is too big so it has to sleep with his legs in the air, head at the bottom. cos of CG. HAHA. but dont underestimate him. he can bounce higher than boingboing and his dumbo-like ears (dumbo the elephant from disney) gives him the ability to fly. so mebbe what i saw that day was neither a helicopter nor an aeroplane. it could be a flying pinkchieks. (:

oh something amused me qt a bit when i walked into class before gp. hehs. the dudes were playing cards and the loser had to get his name on the board with a degratory adjective of some sort. like: XXX is a sexgod. XXX is a pimp. XXX is a necrophile. XXX is a paedophile. these were some of the stuff on the board. maybe cos today was so boring, i found that rly amusing at that point in time.

shall mention about maomao cos she was so nice to come up to the sixth floor to find me. hehs. she looked so flustered at that point in time. take care alritee! (: dont befriend the headache. befriend the smile so u can smile more and be a SWEETIE.

P.S. u shd notice that my blog texts r a bit bigger now cos uncle says he has difficulty reading them. :P this week shall be a trial week to see if i like this new look or not. :/ i still thk smaller text looks more professional...

consilio et animis
9/29/2006 10:41:00 PM

the worst ever trudi day

trudi day is a truly bad day. haha. it sorta rhymes?

haha. to lighten the mood first, i should talk about class outing. hehs. realised i dint blog for past 2 days! and class outing is def sthg i shdnt miss blogging about.

we dined @ pizza hut and aft a while we got bored so i suggested zhong ji mi ma. and obv u dun play zhong ji mi ma without a forfeit right. so i looked around for ingredients and mixed it all into a cup which looks like this:

oh we didnt order any drinks that is remotely close to yellow by the way. (: too bad i didnt get the ketchup. hmph.

ok lahh. not bad out of the many rounds we played i only kena-ed once. same as hongfei. est kena-ed thrice and kenneth was close behind with 2 strikes. each time u hit the zhong ji mi ma u will have to drink a sip from that cool concoction i created. haha. only lucky matt didnt get to taste it at all. oooh the sweetness. (:

oh yahh. and est bought me a prezzie! (: its a pink donkey that looks really like eeeeyorrreee (: so cute right! heres a pic of him, posing beside pigletie.

ahhh. see that pink donkey? hes called pinkchieks (: say hi to that cute fellow! actually, there was a nicer pic. with me posing with them, with a knife in hand preparing to stab pigletie but unfortunately the pic got deleted! hmph. wldnt that have been a pretty fine photo?

ok. on to today. wahh. i really didnt know what i was doing with fmath paper 2. 58/100 for that paper? i was pretty shocked myself. like omg? it was certainly not expected. sigh. i guess i pretty much wanted an A but overall i missed that. :/ how i wish i could donate some marks from math to fmath.

i know there r prolly like ppl going: wahh. u got B still complain. haha. but the point is my parents were totally displeased lah. even tho i made a tremendous improvment with chem. hehs. basically, if i dont get at least 4 As ill hear no end from them lah. gp and s papers still can negotiate but the 4 main subjs must be there lah. but omg. haha. actually im still qt in shock lah. paper 2 is prolly like my worst math paper of the year. and ms wang actually said: how can this be? when i went to check my score. haha. i cant rly answer that qn myself. just dunno how it ended up like this. ):

oh and im praying for a good essay grade so i can get a b3. my gp compre was just horrendous.

oh yah and rakuda had to go on reservice and so we had kristine ong taking over our class. edwin lim was supposed to come too but then he didnt want to, so in the end we just went thru paper 1 and that was pretty much it for the day. haha. ms ong was really q funny and shes def teaching better. (:

ughh. and maomao is after my meat! yelps and swims off :/

consilio et animis
9/28/2006 10:11:00 PM


somehow theres little hype about idol 2. haha. when i saw the results i was just: ok loh. not much comments. haha. and they dint make it a grand 1 day kinda thing. it went over to the second day. hehhs. and many people cant be bothered. haha. somehow the final showdown has many similarities with the showdown between sly and taufiq. and todays chi papers analysed how these past idols have been doing. sly is probably the suay-est one, having gotten his contract terminated before it ended. weilian is alr prepping for his next album and hopes to have some of his compositions in the upcoming album.

was flipping thru wo bao and saw sweety intro-ing hereen. just a random comment. one of them loves pink and the other hates pink. hehs. its quite hard to believe that the duo is just 18 years old and alr hav a whole bunch of fans le. i want to be like them! (: and continues to dream on.

consilio et animis
9/25/2006 10:20:00 PM


was quite bored today and started playing 7 hand poker with kenneth and justin. haha. turned out to be quite an addictive game even though we all dint know how the game was played right at the start.

chart rants again today. haha. i actually guessed the top 3 today. so proud of myself. (: and YU CHENG QING owned the male artistes with one song - jie bu diao! how pro is that! haha. and FIR's fei xing bu luo is jing qu! and that song is not even out of top 5 yet! great potential and surely one of the jing qus of the year alr! (: go go FIR! stop letting SHE own the charts. (: ive surprisingly little to say of todays charts cos im pleased with the results haha. qian li zhi wai got first as expected. ;) and tai mei li dropped only by a fraction. yep yep. good results todayy! (:

hehs. realised ive been sleeping a lot these few days. omg. i also cant believe how much ive slept these few days lah. sleep at nite and in the aft. and each time i sleep ill have some rly rly weird dream and i can rmb myself getting veri involved and agitated in the dreams. i cant rmb the exact details in all these dreams. but i can rmb one of them. i was a detective and i was trying to crack this case and encountered several baddies. haha. weird dreams huhh. mebbe if i slept less i wld get less weird dreams. :P

consilio et animis
9/24/2006 10:52:00 PM


just went running todayy and realised how unfit i was. haha. almost just made my 6th round without dying. and the most paiseh thing was, when i started, there was this girl who was already running le. and she can run lah. she was alr running for how long alr and still owned me for my first round? felt damn demoralised and almost didnt want to run aft my first round le cos kept getting owned, but ended up just running 6 rounds anw, just to test my perseverance LOL.

argh. im daaaaamn unfit.

watching zhi dui ni you gan jue mv now. why oh why do they not make hebe the actress in the mv?!! what a waste. hmph.

ok. chart guesses for tmr! havent done this in a long long time huh!

#1: (3) Qian Li Zhi Wai
#2: (1) Tai Mei Li
#3: (5) Xiang Xin
#4: (2) Bei Ji Xing De Yan Lei
#5: (6) Yi Xia Xia
#6: (7) Wo Yao De Shi Jie
#7: (4) Fei Xing Bu Luo
#8: (13) Finally
#9: (8) Bu Shuo Chu De Wen Rou
#10: (9) Ai Qing Fu Xing

the number in brackets r last weeks positions. oh and its the quarterly tally tmr!

more predictions:

top female artiste: jolin
top male artiste: fan yi chen (?)
top band: FIR
jing qu: scandal! (:

consilio et animis
9/23/2006 09:49:00 PM


haha too lazy to transfer some random pics and upload them yest, so only did so today. haha.

first up is my national day optical mouse! (:

then i got a new 1 GB thumbdrive just cos the thumbdrive is cheap... and its pink! no lahh. just joking. it is white, but it comes with different skins so i can change the skin of the thumbdrive as and when i want! (:

oh and last up, a few days ago, my mum thought this looked cute and bought a few. Fishie mooncake! haha. it looked so cute i almost didnt bear to eat it. speaking of mooncakes, i cant wait to go crazy over mooncakes again! (: oh btw, this fishie is sadly in my stomach now. ):

consilio et animis
9/23/2006 08:51:00 AM

losing control

yayyy! im back to the blogging world! prelims have ended and strangely i feel good about the last 2 papers compared to all the past few papers (save maths). maybe its becos i went in to my last 2 papers telling myself i would die and i ended up being able to do like over 50% of the questions. its a matter of expectations VS reality. now i sound like mdm ho haha. so it has all ended and im relieved and happy that ive a few days of freedom before the truth gets to me. and i seriously hope i dont miss too many As.

before i started writing i had a feeling i would forget alot of things i wanted to blog about. cos ive accumulated alot of thoughts during these while but i had refrained from coming online so i dint blog. im proud of myself for not breaking the hiatus.

aft paper today hung around to play some cards cos i had a little wait before my appointment. OMG. can u believe it i realised im losing my touch. how can that be. gasp. nooo. thats what the prelims did to me. sadly we dint play long enough for me to regain my form. aft that went for lunch before heading to the dentist. met mj and yantong and we chatted about phys s and aft tt they alighted at orchard. i would be heading back there later but i had no luck in meeting them again.

anw i had to visit the dentist cos my gum was bleeding everytime i brushed it the past week. and theres this gross white stuff on my gum. when i stepped into the dental clinic (i havent visited that place for half a yr le) i realised the staff now hav PINK staff uniform. haha. it looked out of place in the greenish building lehh. but its a nice change. ;) oh for some reason weather was so fricking hot this afternoon i almost melted by the time i reached the clinic.

anw the dentist came to chck my teeth and said the bleeding was because i brushed too hard and the white thing was like a wound of sorts. and to confirm that it was just a simple injury and that there arent complications, he made me take an xray. haha. so overall i paid 70 bucks. ouch rightt. hehhs. then the dentist asked whether i took physics and requested for the rj physics prelim questions. hmmm...

aft tt i was very happy cos the bleeding wasnt a big matter after all. before leaving, the dentist asked: "you are still wearing retainers right?" i was like: "errr... yea." haha. pls. who in the world wears retainers a year and a half after ur braces r taken off? so i had the sheepish look and i guess he might have understood?

so i was heading to my next destination - orchard. haha. along the way i passed by those adidas posters again and i realised how many i had seen already on my way here. for some reason i dint find them amusing at all and i got a bit sick of them spamming the whole place. but hey, they are advertising the model of shoe which im wearing!

ok. went to get my laptop screen replaced at wisma. after that went around to hug plushies. LOL. no lahh. that wasnt my aim ok. i was just wandering about and only when some real cutie comes into my view then i go and ruffle its hair and hug it. oh yeahh. after that i bumped into geri and i acherli saw quite a lot of rj people in taka.

came back home and gasped at the sight of my desk. nahh. im not touching it today. mess clearing will be tomorrow. how i wish i could use some magic to make the mess disappear.

est, kenneth and i later had an msn convo about class outing. haha. i cant wait for class outing. i want to watch ye yan!!!!

hm. wad else am i missing. haha. i def missed quite a bit of stuff i want to sayy. ill prolly add them in in tmrs entry if they r still relevant.

the rest of the entry is devoted to two issues: 2 people and cpop.

firstly about the 2 people. if u have been following the news and all, u might know that 2 of our fellow rafflesians have parted with us. i guess it just made me understand that life's can be really fragile and im grateful that i am still here, living, breathing. thinking such thoughts made me gripe about the prelims less. haha. lifes precious. treasure it.

on to cpop. im starting to get hooked on jay's new album, esp ye de di qi zhang. and OMG. 2 albums are coming up! yanzi and fish. wahh. im going to get hooked again and again. but then. yanzi's album isnt promising. its a jing xuan. there r only 2 new songs and the first zhu da make u feel like sleeping. really. still, i find it quite qing kuai. fish's new song is ok on first listening, means it has potential.

oh yeahh! great to see energy back. regrouped and only 3 members left. quite sad. making them something like SHE. haha. but then i loooove their 2nd hit - ai shi kong. much better than their first hit. u should go listenn! (: jiang mei qi's ai ku gui is great tooo. these great songs had kept me company while mugging for my prelims.

with so many good songs, how can i not be hooked. ;)

consilio et animis
9/22/2006 11:47:00 PM


went online and OMG. so many turtles. found out that it was a tribute to the croc hunter. to think i acherli dint know about him before this. haha.

anw, jay's ye de di qi zhang is really interesting. the story is modelled after a sherlock holmes story, haha. the blue flower in the mv is really beautiful too i wish i had one. (:

^from the song. haha. how true.

on a side note, quite a lot of people commented that they heard jay chou spewing vulgarities in "ye de di qi zhang". haha. it did seem like it at first (at time 2:17~2:20), but the actual lyrics are "far far farther" x2, not ffffff. xin bu xin you ni le. ;)

qian li zhi wai mv is quite good too, just that the ending was just so sad lahh. ): oh yeah. fei yu qing does starr in that mv.

anw, ive officially done with settling the teacher recommendations bit for my uni apps yesterday. saw cheekie in school. haha. he still come back dur hol to teach students. hehhs. then met a few councillors around school. kinda miss them after not seeing them around for so long. and i realised its been a long time since i got a good laugh. haha. yeahh. so going back to school was good.

anw, with recommendations off my mind i have to go chiong my revision le so im going on hiatus from todayy onwards! hopefully ill have enough time to revise.

meanwhile, heres my latest song craze. bei ji quan by FIR. (:

今天 寂寞感觉忽然又出现
浮现 过去梦中的画面
哭泣 因为不想伪装悲伤那一面
当你 头也不回离开北极圈

有谁能为我 捡起了伤痛 
洒向了海中(天空) 能重新再来过

我不要听借口 我只想一人走掉
把泪留在街角 我不过希望你会听到
爱情化作 一片片冰雪单调
不用你多说 我现在通通都了

我不要求什么 我只想不被打扰
把爱留在街角 就当你永远不会看到
记忆化作 极光出现那一秒
我开始微笑 以后会努力过得 很好

weird. i remembered wanting to blog alot of things yesterday but cant rmb anything now after a long sleep. yeah. haha. my right eyelid started jumping last night and then i decided to take a break but just ended up sleeping till this morning. :/

anw, realised some songs in my album review had wrong titles thanks to the lousy forum which i dled the songs from! ): haha. anyway the titles are fixed now, and they sound more decent than the long titles before this.

kai u might want to take note of ur wei zhi zhi juan, haha, its mi die xiang. :P this time round the titles are confirm correct cos the song titles are printed on the album cover AND the album is officially released today so it is confirmed correct. so sad no more "tian hui hui de" ): its just called "tui hou" now.

so heres my last post before the prelims. take care evryone and bb~

consilio et animis
9/05/2006 12:11:00 AM


YES! fei xing bu luo is 1st again! JIA YOU FIR! haha. finally got a good contestant against SHE. dont let them whole day own the charts. (:

lots of great jumps today. like tao zhe's tai mei li jumped from 9th to 2nd. And my HATED zhang zheng yue jumped from 15th to 8th. like omg? that song i thot it died last week since it dropped by 1 position. eeeks. get that song out of top 10 please. its the only top 10 song not currently on my playlist.

hehhs. quite sad that ma de li bu si yi crashed without even making it to 1st. jolin fans! last song le lehh. jiayou abit cans? zhang yan fa also dropped without making it to top 3. sobs. ): but not many people like that mystical song. which means tanyas latest album doesnt have a single champion song at all! ):

good news last. BU SHUO CHU DE WEN ROU, after crawling by 1-2 positions a week for the past 6 weeks, finally made a huge jump to the 3rd position! haha. sadly i dont foresee it getting 1st next week. tao zhe is just too popular. aiyoh. tao zhes fan should get back wang bu liao la. encore! encore! but then i just found out 3rd hit of tao zhes album is zi dao zi yan de bei ju! which is goood! (:

kai should be really happy that ai qing fu xing shot up by 7 ranks this week. haha. but that songs almost out of my playlist le!

scandal must continue staying in charts for as long as possibleeee! (: and sadly, nan dao dropped out of charts this week a valiant 9 week struggle! :'(

oh yah i found out that the girl singing with jay chou in ye de di qi zhang is none other than tao jing ying!

consilio et animis
9/03/2006 02:11:00 PM

not the point

it is really irritating how my parents always say something discouraging while i am trying to revise for prelims. as such i made a decision to mug somewhere else other than at home for the whole of the next week. if i could stay somewhere else, like RIB, even better.

hehhs. anw i realised that, for a long time, (with the exception of my parents), whatever i do gets approved, no matter the situation. take tday celebs for example. i was really messed up with my uni apps then xinyi came by and commented that i had a super neat system of file categorisation which impressed her. haha. really i was super messed up at that point in time.

and when i tell teachers that i have trouble with the prelims cos i cant settle down to mug, they say im just too worried, and that they have no worries about me.

haha. im just amused la. how ive been assured time and again, even when i am so obviously messing things up. :/ just wished everyone wouldnt have so much faith in me, then i wont feel so guilty about disappointing everyone.

EDIT: guesses for charts!

#1: 马德里不思议
#2: 飞行部落
#3: 障眼法
#4: 戒不掉
#5: 太美丽
#6: 不说出的温柔
#7: 反转地球
#8: 触电
#9: 北极星的眼泪
#10: 我们的纪念日

consilio et animis
9/02/2006 10:23:00 PM

Album review

Album review: 依然范特西

General comments: Listened to jay's new album today and my mum was quite pissed i spent over an hour on it. haha. anyway, i still think the album title is lousy. i mean wth lah. reuse album name. a few general comments. this album is heavy on rap + fu4 gu3, so dont be too hopeful that you will get a lot of hei se mao yi, lang man shou ji songs which dominated the previous album. was talking to justin today and we both agreed that the second half of the album was super disappointing after listening to the first half of the album. but as long as you dont listen to the second half basing your expectations on the first half, the songs are still not THAT bad.

NOTE: PRESS RELEASE today. the date of release has been brought forward to sept 5.

Recommended rap songs: 夜的第七章, 本草纲目
Recommended shu qing songs: 退后, 千里之外
Miscellaneous recommendations: 听妈妈的话

#1: 夜的第七章

Rating: 7.5/10
Comments: A mystical and mysterious song. Sounds rather freakyyy haha, like theres this spirit wailing. :P Good rap and tune, but Jay sounded a bit gay at some point in time. could have gotten a higher rating if it didnt have such a disappointing ending.

#2: 听妈妈的话
Rating: 7.5/10
Comments: Nice, light and casual tune with a good rap.

#3: 千里之外
Rating: 8/10
Comments: Good tune, but I stick to my belief that the 2 of them are incompatible. if they sing individually, it will be good. Still, I will not fault Jay for taking this gamble. It is probably a refreshing change to the rest of the album because it is probably the most different in nature from the rest of the song. For that reason, I have upped its rating after sampling the whole album.

#4: 本草纲目
Rating: 7/10
Comments: Great upbeat tune, but I have a feeling the opening tune was copied. Haha. still cant find the song but I'll continue searching. Another rap song, which means you cant hear what hes singing. I presume it is about medicine?

#5: 退后
Rating: 8/10
Comments: Slow and sad song. When he goes to the high parts, it reminds me of feng. (at around 1 min 18 sec) One of the characteristic jay songs.

#6: 红磨坊
Rating: 6/10
Comments: Grand retro opening. The only other thing to be amazed about is the incredible speed which Jay raps the song at.

#7: 心雨
Rating: 4/10
Comments: Another shu qing song, but it seems quite a boring song to me. No climax also.

#8: 白色風車
Rating: 6.5/10
Comments: A song with more ceng ci gan. A passable shu qing song. Great development to the climax.

#9: 菊花台
Rating: 7/10
Comments: Another old-ish intro. Some sloooow cello opening, haha. AND it didn’t sound like jay chou at first. For the first 30 seconds or something, you just cant tell its him! He sang the song so clearly! Anyway, good use of Chinese musical instruments in this song

Rating: 5.5/10
Comments: Sounds like some sleazy singer in a ye zong hui, haha. And it is really reminiscent of the past, where there is this singer singing on a ge tai and the people start dancing and waltzing. Hehs. Tune sounds a bit ripped off from some old song tho. i think the song is 马桶. (really theres such a song)

consilio et animis
9/02/2006 06:40:00 PM

happy teachers dayy

ok. heres the exciting story of yesterday. didnt sleep at all yesterday, all the way until 2pm in the afternoon. so i dint sleep for 30 whole hours. haha. what else but uni apps.

so i was this walking zombie, walking to school, trying to stay awake in case i get knocked down or i do something embarrassing. luckily nothing of that sort happened on my way to school. when i reached school, it was quite late alr. cos i realised i got billions of forms to print off the net. haha. the process is so fricking tedious and just when i was down to my last page to print, a familiar flash entered the screen. the printer is out of ink. RAH. i took out the catridge and reloaded it back in hoping it might work but new catridges nowadays are smart and the printer detected the empty cartridge. so i got all panicky and all and chionged down to school.

GG. the students were just released and the whole place started flooding. the entrance of the staff room was jammed up right into the staff room and poor teachers have to worm their way in. hehhs. got news that mr vadi (did i spell his name correctly) got mr hot bod. hehhs. thankfully he did not have to be put through the abovementioned ordeal. dr chan won mr joker and the teacher whom i voted for got the keratin award. hehhs. guess who? its none other than LI XIULI! nice hair really.

met mr lee and mdm ho outside the staff room. had a chat with mr lee and he is looking forward to even better prezzies next yr! haha. so greedy. we shall give him a dictionary next year. :P

then, i rushed to comp lab to print my stuff. oh great. comp lab wasnt open. chionged into lib to print even though i was in the pink zkardia shirt and pe shorts. haha. so i was like this blur of pink zooming into the library. really i ran. haha. (: ok. i am deviating. anw. all terminals were used! ahh. i spotted this s01 guy whom i dont know personally and he was so nice and let me use the comp to print and he even helped me with the printing process cos i dint know how to use the lib printer. (: thanx a mil to that guy whom i dunno what his name is.

ok. now all my forms are ready. and so i headed down to the bookshop, armed with close to 100 bucks in cash to buy stamps and envelopes. manually weighed all the envelopes and started pasting the air mail stickers. then i slot in all the documents and YAYY I WAS READY TO ASK TEACHERS TO WRITE MY RECOMMENDATION!


i missed putting in the uni's sch report forms and the results slips. haha. but cheekie alr said can extend to mon so i wasnt that worried. hehhs. but somehow evry1 at the council room said i had a flustered look even though i was trying to stay calm. hehhs. i thought i had a zombified look instead? but well. thats what they said. and amelia and kangya were trying to ask me to calm down.

after that, i realised i messed up the order of slotting in certain forms. in all. i had to go back to the bookshop FIVE times to buy stamps. haha. the auntie should know me very well by then lah. hehhs. just messed up the stamps bit totally. and dint want to risk underpaying or else the envelope wont reach the uni mahh. towards the end i was so exasperated i couldnt count mentally. then the councillors were all shocked cos i was desperately hunting for a calculator. haha. rare sight that i needed the calculator huh. ;)

okk. my last task was to personally inform the teachers that i wanted them to write the letters of recommendation. but they were all enjoying their lunch at the amphi. they were facing the lift region and i was waiting there so i must have been parading there for them to see for quite a while. yeah. i thought it wasnt nice to go in and ask them, so i just stood there and waited until they finished their lunch + dessert. haha. that took like over an hr. hehhs. talked to mdm ho aft that and she hasnt finished reading our story! hehhs. finally talked to cheang to get my recommendation written by her. haha. oh yah. apparently shes famous cos i was talking to lionel before that and shes well known as the teacher with super loud voice. next year they should have a power lungs award la! then she will own le.

so i was waiting there for more than one hour cos i was afraid that i might miss any teacher if i go off to eat. while waiting i noticed alot of random things. like i randomly noticed that edwin lim was sitting with the chem dept. hmm. watching them eat made me hungryyy, and i was suddenly reminded that i had not slept for a long time. big yawwwnn. (:

finally, i managed to talk to the teachers. by then it was pouring, so i figured i might as well have lunch in school. managed to chat with quite a few councillors and i ended up talking quite a bit of rubbish cos i was obviously feeling off. and they all threatened to post on twentyfifths blog but im sure they are nice people. (: hehhs. oh yahh. lizhan was talking about some ranking thing which he saw jt conducting and everyone got so excited over it and aft that they started asking me to work out their probability of getting presidents scholar. lol. haha.

helped lizhan with maths for a while before heading for home. realised i didnt bathe for close to 12 hours so i had a good bath and without waiting for my hair to dry, i plonked onto my bed and entered slumberlanddd!

thus concluded my exciting 30 hours of no sleep.

oh yeahh. HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY! (:

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9/01/2006 06:05:00 PM

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