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pc show (late blog)

I realised I haven't been blogging for a while, ever since I started my internship. I guess it is not only because I have been busy, but also because I am not allowed to disclose my job scope and department related stuff. I realise I just can't blog properly about my experience without talking about the things I do, but generally, the experience has been a fun one so far, and I've been enjoying myself (:

Anyway, I finally have some non-work related updates to post about! (: Last Saturday, I went down with my parents to the PC show to buy my new laptop and mp3. As usual, it was crowded, but at least the organisation is neater this time round, and they channeled the people entering and leaving to 2 separate queues, so there was less confusion and i guess that helped to speed up things a little.

After a quick tour around the major booths, I quickly narrowed down my options to 3 different laptops, namely a vaio CS36, HP DV3 and an acer model. Here's how the 3 laptops look like:

Basically, in terms of specs, the vaio loses out to the other 2. and the acer has the best specs of all. It is also the lightest and cheapest out of the 3. however, acer laptops are not known to be reliable. on the other hand, the hp laptop will be more reliable, and still reasonably light. the vaio has the lowest processing speed of the 3, BUT i was so in love with the red vaio. plus the cs36 has some cool LED light feature (useless but brightens up your day) which will flash to the rhythm of your music AND when u touch the laptop cover to open it, it will flash :D when u press buttons on the laptop there will be a silver glow too. so design wise, i thought that the vaio beats the other 2 options hands down.




so i was quite torn between the HP and vaio. if i went with my mind, i would choose HP for practical reasons. but if i went with my heart, i would choose the lovely vaio. the RED vaio was practically saying: BUY ME BUY ME to me. my dad had this idea that if i made an uninformed and hurried decision, i will regret my choice later, and wanted me to go home and check up more about the 2 laptops that night, and make some careful considerations before going back to the pc show to make my purchase on sunday.

and so, after mulling over it for a night, I decided to go with my heart and chose the vaio :D went down the nxt day to the pc show to make my purchases. bought a new mp3 player first. haha decided to stick with creative and bought the zen mx. after that, i bought a portable hard disk, before finally buying my vaio! :D its nice and red, and the matching red case is lovely too i think im totally in love with my new laptop... the only gripe i have is that it is heavy!

anyway, i spent quite a while playing with my new purchases that night. the vaio has the cool LED light bar, which flashes lights to the rhythm of the music which u r playing! also, when you boot up and turn off the laptop, the LED light bar flashes too! (:

later in the night, i found out that a student in rj is down with h1n1 at the end of last week. its quite scary to realise that the virus is now affecting the lives of people that are so close to me (esp since my bro is from rj). i really hope that the sch management will be able to handle the situation efficiently so that the school will be able to run as normally as possible.

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6/19/2009 11:16:00 PM

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