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933 Chart Results

Top 5 Bands

#1: SHE
#2: FIR
#3: 飞轮海
#4: Energy
#5: Vanness and Kangta

Top 5 Female Artistes

#1: 蔡依林
#2: 孙燕姿
#3: 杨丞琳
#4: 潘嘉丽
#5: 何耀珊

Top 5 Male Artistes

#1: 周杰伦
#2: 王力宏
#3: 林俊杰
#4: 张栋梁
#5: 光良

Top 10 Songs

#1: 雨天, 孙燕姿 (201 分)
#2: 约定, 光良 (193 分)
#3: Kiss Goodbye, 王力宏 (192 分)
#4: 飞行部落, FIR (164 分)
#5: 庆祝, 杨丞琳 (162 分)
#6: 假装, 蔡依林 (160 分)
#7: Sarang Hae Yo 只对你说, 林俊杰 (157 分)
#8: 霍元甲, 周杰伦 (155 分)
#9: 过敏, 杨丞琳 (151 分)
#10: 爱失控, Energy (149 分)

consilio et animis
12/31/2006 07:22:00 PM


haha was rushing lots of essays these few days so i havent rly had time to blog but now i better finish blogging. new year resolution: NEVER PROCRASTINATE ANYMORE (: err. make the new year resolution take effect after i finish my last uni + finished mugging for my driving theory. haha as u see im not so resolute :P

hmm start talking about project superstar first. omg lah. the girls are mainly quite cmi. the guys are really tons better than the girls its a pity u have to kick out one guy and one girl every week. sobs. id rather they kick out more girls. then again, i do have a soft spot for some girls though. like maxilian. she looks so pretty in white like a bai yi tian shi. awww. although her singing sucked i really thought her xfactor would pull her through. plus averil is like how cmi lah. i was kinda thinking she would be out tts why it came as a shock when maxilian was eliminated. sobs. the fan sheng guy and girl were both quite impressive. daren's bai she feng che was good cos he had probs with pronunciation like jay chou (: oh. lesheng looks like li wei song or pin guan. its damn funny. and diya looks like yanzi. haha. im being random.

next up was the grand 25th dinner at junli's house! haha so sad i didnt stayover cos i had to rush my essays ): but the dinner rocked. before going i went to check out maydays new album. ill post my reviews later but it is one of the few albums this year where im going to give a good rating for almost every song cos almost every song impresses me after a while. even like wei ai er sheng which was initially a little noisy eventually sounded good too. hehhs. anw abt the album cover. ah xin has the perpetual pissed off face. period.

aft tt went to orchard to meet up with the other 25ths. charles die die dint want to take off his cap to show off his bald head HAHA. then we were all trying to grab the cap off his heads. hehs. then set off for junli's house and played taboo and chatted before having a grand dinner while the army boys continued relating their army experiences to us. omg. we are going to get lots of jabs inside leh. and apparently one hurts alot cos they press the syringe halfway and then they slow push in the whole thing. eeew. im so going to close my eyes. also, charles said that rj guys get discriminated inside. theres this sergeant who would call out for rj guys and make them pump 10.

more rounds of taboo after dinner. gautam was really funny when he tries to speak quickly haha. decided to go home a little earlier and being lazy as usual, got my dad to fetchme home. took a pic with junli at this spot where i thought was rather pretty. waiting for photo now :D thanks junli for the wonderful grand dinner at your house!

woke up the next day to follow my parents for shopping. started with courts and ikea. went to the new courts megastore (i think in tampines?). u mite ask: omg how come u dont know the place when u went there. well. i sleep on my dad's car 90% of the time so by the time i woke up i was in a carpark which led directly to the megastore.

anyway the megastore layout sucks. to get to first floor, u need to go to the third floor through lift or escalator, walk inside, then slowly make your way down. thats even in their guide to navigating around the place. like omg? and really. there is only ONE EXIT on every level besides the lifts so good luck to u when a fire breaks out. the best thing is the information counter, which is a barrier away on level 1. u can talk to the person at the information counter, but to get to the front of his desk u need to walk out of the complex, go around the carpark and enter through another entrance. like wth seriously.

since there wasnt any eatery within visible range, we decided to eat at the box bistro in courts, which is courts' very own restaurant. now think. courts is a furniture store. what happens when they open an eatery. yeah there u have it. disgusting food. ok. at least their portions are miserable, so you dont have to endure the torture for too long. :D

after lunch, my parents headed to buy some furniture and appliances while my bro and i feeling bored decided to play around with some laptops. however all the laptops are password protected and so we couldnt use them. or at least i thought so. until my bro showed off some of his comp skills. he could use command prompt to open another administrator account and thus we managed to use the laptops (: i decided to try the net and WOW not bad they had wireless so we were happily surfing. but i soon got bored and my bro asked me if i knew vaio could allow u to set a vaio password tt initiates on setup so if u cant key the password u cant even start the comp. i wasnt aware of that and he proceeded to show me that. haha. then aft tt the promoters tried to use the comp but encountered some difficulties and they tried like crazy for the password until the screen said: SYSTEM DISABLED. my bro thought they looked quite pathetic cos they werent even familiar with their products and they were shaking the laptop hoping for miracles. HAHA. but it was quite mean to leave it liddat so i got my bro to rectify the prob when the promoters went away (mebbe to get help?) oh anw i saw this rly small vaio which is really cute and mac-cish in design but unfortunately it doesnt have a single usb port. otherwise that wld be my nxt laptop upgrade :D

aft my dad and mum finished shopping for their stuff, they made me carry the cooking pot and the sewing machine, saying it was army training. omg i didnt know sewing machines are that heavy haha. and there wasnt a proper handle loh. :/

headed to orchard next for shopping. bought 2 pants, tie, and a pair of shoes. haha saw this rly ugly sight @ robinsons. this group of aunties were digging at sales clothes. dig and toss haha. and one of them actually tossed a bunch of clothes down frm the second lvl to the first lvl but had the ruo wu qi shi look and continued digging. if i had a camera, i would take a pic of that and post it on stomp. wahh be a bit more civilised can.

when we eventually got tired, my dad drove us to have roast duck for dinner and then went home. phew what a tiring but semi-fun day. (:

on to today! the last day of 2006! woke up feeling excited cos it is chart tabulations! :D had to wake up to wipe the top level of my house so that we have a nice clean house at the start of the new year! then continued on my essays and listened to longhubang! yayy yanzi got the top jing qu and 2nd place without having a proper album! (: so sad i thought wang li hong could trash jay chou this year, but he still lost by 10 points eventually. sobs. cannot let jay chou own evry yr loh. oh and guang liangs yue ding is damn powerful. it is the 2nd place jing qu but it never got a champion position before on the charts! now how good is that. (: charts results will be in my next post for those who missed it!

thats my last post for 2006. next year i wont be posting much i guess. ): anywayy going to go for a countdown party le! (: enjoy your last few hours of 2006 (:

consilio et animis
12/31/2006 06:22:00 PM


an interesting convo which i had with chinghui which goes something like this:

me: i still have 4 unis' essays to complete. if i dont complete i wont stay over.
chinghui: i still have 2 unis' essays. cmon you can do it!
me: but thats like 10 times better than me.
me: ok im exaggerating.
chinghui: lol your math deproved?
me: haha LOL wait.
me: im still right.
me: i was talking in binary.

funny right? please laugh. (:

consilio et animis
12/28/2006 09:11:00 PM


didnt manage to blog yesterday cos of the taiwan earthquake which caused the internet to be super laggy. come to think of it. why is our net connection so dependent on one country. omg.

anw class outing was great! met matt and kenneth at dhoby ghaut for lunch. haha. as usual, the fishball fanatic me ordered lots of fishballs haha. kenneth still highly doubts my theory that eating fishballs make u smart HAHA. aft tt headed to paradiz for kboxing with xinyu. wangkan and grace came later.

kboxing was damn fun. got to hear lots of oldies sang by matt! it was damn funny cos his voice is rly like an oldies singer. if he existed 20 yrs back he wld be famous. seriously. his voice is damn good for oldies. sang qian li zhi wai with him and i tried to sound like jay chou with my constrained voice HAHA. apparently it was a fairly good imitation. and also showed them my rapping skills in ye de di qi zhang! (:

anw the songs i sang were mainly all the saaaad songs. haha. and i sing the songs with lots of emotions. some of the songs like shi yi are so nice cos they are sad u know. other than sad songs wld be the cute songs which i was made to sing like pan duo la, ye man you xi, bu pa bu pa. HAHA. both genres suit me but i think more people will agree with me on the latter right. :D hello? kan wo! ni zai hai pa shen me! ;)

realised i patronised jay chou alot. haha. other than singing lots of his songs, i sang lots of songs which he wrote. mei ren yu. shi yi. shi shui she shan shen miao. haha. sadly they werent so updated and didnt quite knw shi yi ): such a nice song leh!

oh we sang this oldie jie jie mei mei zhan qi lai by tao jing ying. was damn funny.


and i was saying thanks to the last statement. haha. of course isnt the last one meant for me? :D

oh then at 4ish the rooms were all filled and those staff tried to cheat us by getting us out of the rooms, saying the student plan ends at 4.30 and 7 is actually an extended version ONLY IF the rooms are not filled. omg trying to cheat us lah. haha. was damn pissed and argued with the staff and they tried to con me a second time saying it was the festive season but sorry festive season ends on dec 25. dec 26-28 are non festive seasons for kbox. i chcked alr ^^ aft failing to con me twice they left us alone le.

was very yi yi bu she to leave tt place but we knew we wld be super late if we didnt leave by 6 so we had to leave aft singing the last song an jing. wangkan then suggested for a short trip to the arcade and aft persuading matt we decided to head to the arcade for a short while haha. played this game where we had to punch this figure and they wld giv an index on how hard u whacked. OMG. grace whacked harder than me, matt and kenneth! gasp. wad a violent girl.

aft tt went plaza sing to shop for some food while grace and i went gift shopping. aft tt headed to bishan mrt to meet up with lian and est and we all headed to matt's house. had to walk quite a distance in and it reminded me of the first day of class chalet where we were walking in the rain and despite having umbrellas, we got quite wet cos the rain was heavy.

cancelled bbq cos of the weather but nevertheless we had an enjoyable dinner. ^^ played poker aft tt. played till close to 11 and i emerged the big winner of the day (: fear my poker skills! (: haha. saw the time and i was like: oops. although i lived near matt's house, it was still quite late and i had better not miss the last bus or else ill have to ring up my parents to fetch me and tt wld mean big time scolding haha. had to take 3 buses before i could get home and the first 2 buses each entailed a 15-20min wait. omg. waiting for 317 was the worst cos the bus stop shelter was pathetic. it hardly serves as a shelter. plus there were like frogs croaking behind me. haha. thanks matt for being so nice and accompanying me on one bus trip (:

managed to reach home at 11.45 or 11.50 thereabouts. i wonder how many more bus services there were before the last one? i probably made it for the 2nd or 3rd last or sthg. haha. and my hp was like out of batt so if i rly missed the last bus service i *might* have to spend the nite at the bus stop LOL. was quite wet when i reached home cos the rain was really heavy ): had a nice hot bath and headed to sleep aft getting nagged at by my mum.

anw i went for a star interview today. haha. the receptionist at the counter was busy flirting with the security guards (even aft i finished my interview she was still flirting with them) that she forgot to gave some ppl their passes. lol. the interviewees were all kept in a room before that. strangely though i was thrown together with the HC and NY batch. met lots of RJ ppl aft the interview including my cousin and kenneth and grace.

the interview went quite well but the time u spend for the interview (about 10-15 min) may be 5 times the time spent waiting for the interview. anw the interview was rather relaxed even though theres this guy who likes to keep refuting wad u say. but overall i thk the interview was ok. u cant screw up much in 15 min anw. ;)

consilio et animis
12/28/2006 06:13:00 PM


for hua yang tou hao fans, the pian wei qu is so saaad and nice rite :'(








yesterdays charts was surprisngly not the last even though it was the 52nd bang2 dan1. apparently there will be a 53rd chart results this yr so next week will be the real chart tabulations. this means yanzi's yu tian has a chance of overtaking kiss goodbye as jing qu (: yayyy! (: (: (:

consilio et animis
12/25/2006 10:54:00 AM

a blur of blue

was settling yet another outing with matt last nite so didnt blog about yesterday. haha. it was like major housework day for me. had to throw away alot of rubbish from my table *sob sob* and then swept the top level and wiped the top level. all the dust from the dumping of stuff was so disgusting. the water had to be changed thrice (i usually change it once onli). aft that had to help my mum clear up a clogged sink which was even more disgusting but my mum figured that was good training for me. eeeew at the disgusting water dripping on my hand. haha my mum said i complained alot. oops. im still complaining now haha.

oh no i dont think i can finish bi xue jian before my books are due. argh it so exciting i am hooked on it alr! haha. which means my uni apps and all have been put on hold. yikes. and next week still have to keep going out and all. ok i must learn more from sheenie le. hmm. wonder how she is? so lousy didnt manage to hook up on a comp to tag on my board. hmph.

speaking of next week, to 1D people, a kbox cum bbq session is now available! go read my mail and if u r interested must msg me by tmr or u get no food for BBQ mwhahaha! (: and as of now it is 40 min away from long hu bang chart results. i cant wait already :D since it has been raining so much these few days, i hope yu tian rebounds again!

consilio et animis
12/24/2006 11:12:00 AM


Decided to update my blog since i will probably doing major blog update tmr cos it is the chart tabulations of 933 (:

ok past few days had been quite busy. and the weather here is so bad i cant go cycling and running. cos its raining everyday and many places are getting flooded. but at least its quite cooling here for once. a mini winter for singapore huh.

anw on to what i had been doing. first i went for PSC interview. When i received the notice, they said around 4 hrs for the interview and i thought it included other sections like perhaps essay writing before the interview BUT i only had to fill in some form for 10min. After that it was a full 4 hour interview with the PSC psychologist. it was a really long interview and i had to talk about almost everything in my jc life, and some background about me, my friends and even my enemies. HAHA. if someone hadnt been very active with his/her jc life, he/she would probably not be able to last the full 4 hours, or will find himself/herself repeating examples, cos they want examples to backup whatever you say for each major question. :S

thankfully the psychologist was rather friendly. and there wasnt anything such as doing well or not for that interview because it is not the interview with the commission panel. it was just me talking about my life for the past few years and my background. ok a minor hitch was with regards to me reading newspapers HAHA.

by the end of 4 hrs i was really tired. so went back and had a nice warm bath and popped online. later that day, settled class outing stuff and got really excited about class outing. wanted to sleep early but ended up talking to mj qt late. haha. its really fun to review on school life and the people in the school whom u had interacted with.

although i slept late, i had to wake up early to make tang yuans. not like i mind anyway. i like homemade tang yuans AND most importantly i love eating tang yuans. so while everyones still aslp i was prolly up and awake making tang yuans already!

aft i was done, my dad cooked the tang yuan and i just managed to eat a small bowl of tang yuan before going to seoul gardens for lunch. (: it was veri fun and im sure evryone who went agrees. theres the thrill of getting your hand splattered by oil. poor pooh in est's bag got oil stains after that. oh the guy who collected our bill put his hand over the stove for 15 whole seconds while collecting the bill. wondered how he did that. o_O ouch to the hand

hehhs those that went def witnessed my craze over fishballs. i ate no less than 15 fishballs yesterday ;) haha. and est placed coffee chicken in my plate while i was away and said it was just overly done chicken. i could tell the disgusting taste after the first bite la. coffee chicken = gross. haha. matt also tried to do this magic trick on me but apparently it failed quite terribly haha. good attempt though matt ;) oh yahh we also saw some monks and we wondered why they chose to eat there. not veri hua suan for them. hmm. they can only eat what... veggies? haha.

had a strong desire to play air hockey so we all went to play air hockey at an arcade aft that. haha. nv played for a yr le i miss playing air hockey! mebbe ill do that again at council stayover ;) also watched matthew show off his prowess on crazy taxi. haha. apparently hes well known to be able to play daytona with 1 chip for over an hr :o

went pool aft that. wanted to kbox but the *(#)&#&)# kbox decided to increase their prices during the festive season and theres no student rate for kbox during this time. it was so fricking ex i gave up on going kbox. it was quite fun watching ppl play pool and hugging the cute pooh plushie. haha. too bad there wasnt any eeyores. what bad taste est has. oh cheekie's quite pro haha. oh and aft tt i got made to xian chou and play also even though i didnt want to. and matt, grace and kenneth were trying to give me tips haha. :/ but it was qt fun la.

played past 6 and then decided to go home. whee. if possible we should go kbox asap! not many days left for us to enjoy student rates already ): next time go kbox very ex liao. ): matt, boxing day ok! haha then we see ur qian li zhi wai (: and u all can hear my ye de di qi zhang ;)

consilio et animis
12/23/2006 04:30:00 PM

受够你的约束 快还给我自由

MAJOR BLOG UPDATE TIME! didnt blog for so long already cos i had been doing quite a lot of essays this week. and after essays there are youtube videos and comp gaming to catch up on. but ive still been reading blogs and catching up with my long hu bang. nxt week is the last week of the year for long hu bang! cant wait for results! (: (: (:

ive also updated my song charts. omg the song titles are all 2 words now. ohh and the tagboard is back (:

anw. i was rushing essays after essays thanks to my procrastination. big thanks to sheenie for looking through my essay an hour before the stanford application closed. I DID IT! OMG! i completed 4 stanford essays in one day! omgomg. i wrote close to 10000 characters in a day! there were also the scholarship essays to complete. wahh. next up are my other uni essays. i shall be a good boy and start then soon so i can proudly declare on my blog that i finished all my uni essays just like wad sheenie did :D

haha. anyway i got really bored while doing essays and some time between my 2nd and 3rd essay i found myself doing this.

basically for the uninitiated, i attempted to shoot almost every round. i only failed in shooting once when i got 22 points. other than that i had been pretty successful. beautiful huh.

finally completed the whole death note movie just in time for death note 2. its really sad how they evil-ised naomi misori. but of course, its light's fault. misamisa looks really cute speaking jap. ok. im crazy how can u look cute speaking jap? :/ eeks apparently theres a twist. i want to find out who is the last name to be written in the book now! or mebbe they make light defeat the disgusting ryuk. hahahah

also finished this weeks hua yang! omg i m starting to look forward to mei tian evry time le! he makes me laugh like mad evrytime he tries to avoid ella or solves her probs. and his showdown with his sis is best la. speaking of his sis, i am starting to like his sis and also nan xue zhang. omg. that means i like their whole crazy family! haha. :D oh and jj trying to act young was damn funny. tai kua zhang le ba, YO. :P

now on to cpop. haha. theres something i really dont get. why do people accuse elva of scolding jolin in her album title 1087? they sayy 1087 sounds like 依林白痴. and whats best is jolin feels bu shuang. wth lah. haha. 1087 is just the number of days in between the previous elva album to the current one. its the people themselves xiang tai duo loh. :/

anw heres one of my favourite songs below noww. its something many would like to tell their parents (some parts of it of course)

Yeah... This is an invisible man, product chizel...(Come On)
Yeah... DT in the House, bringing in the man with the move...

受够你的约束 快还给我自由
不想继续任由你摆布 我要走我的路

脱下你的面具 露出真你的面孔
甜言蜜语已经没有用 说出你的阴谋
界限 已被你超越 我不再对你有眷恋

(不再做你的傀儡) 你的枷锁弄得我好累
(不再做你的傀儡) 我有梦想去追寻
(不再做你的傀儡) 不在乎你到底对不对
(不再做你的傀儡) 抛弃的爱已经要不回

绝望在内心泛滥成灾 我还以为空白
不相信这世界 会有所谓的真爱
我正以为松开我的防备 命运我来主宰

到底是什么 你要的是什么 做很多的坏事 你又能得到什么
我要我的自由 不要你来教我
我要做什么 去什么 看什么 HOUSE
都由我自己决定 我主宰我自己你就省点力气
先管好自己 Oh Man CRAZY!

consilio et animis
12/18/2006 08:31:00 PM

我想说其实你很好 你自己却不知道

hehhs. someone give me the momentum to start on my scholarship essays. there r so many essays to write and im just not in the essay mood anymore! help help ): stop me from procrastinating! ): ):

anw. i realised i havent blogged about the past few days. actually i onli want to blog abt sunday. yanzi is how pro cos her yu tian REBOUNDED in the charts yet again (: whee! go go go! make it to the jing qu of the yr! (: and zen me ban got on charts too (: cute and nicee (:

then at nite was star awards. this time round no more sulky face weilian le cos hes finally winning some prizes. many of the speeches were quite crappy and i was more amused at how the actors and actresses were messing up on stage. haha. it wasnt a particularly memorable star award ceremony actually ): anw i was supporting the following artistes: jesseca liu, joanne peh, jeanette aw. haha. notice they are all J. i recall mentioning many many entries ago tt alot of the ppl i support all start with j. theres still jolin, jay chou, jj, junyang, joi tsai. haha. names with J rocks (: sadly joanne peh dint win the top 10 female artistes, but jesseca and jeanette did though. (: (: (:

hehs. and tmr ill be taking my last set of pills but i havent seemed to have recovered yet. ): ): ): im hoping like i recover overnight or something :S

consilio et animis
12/12/2006 10:59:00 PM

oscar and angelfish

last nite was fun! went to mrs goh's house for pri sch gathering. haha. rly nice to meet all our pri sch classmates and chatting about our past and about our lives and about some exciting stuff happening aft prom. hehs. and the good thing is our prom king was from cat hi too (: everyone kept addressing him by prom king :P

someone commented that lin lao shi doesnt look that tall now. haha but last time she was really so tall and towering we were all so afraid of her. haha. ohh and madam lee rushed down on late notice to come and talk to us too. haha. then she said some stuff which she said i shdnt post on my blog. so ill just write this here to rmb what she said to me. ;)

turnout was quite good yesterday except certain ppl whom we have lost contact with. oh yah lin lao shi was appalled that some ppl totally cant speak chinese anymore and she tried making us to speak chinese but i realised i kept switching to eng. then we played a few games of texas poker, just like in casino royale. pretty fun nite. oh and all the teachers agree i still look the guai-est amongst all the guys (:

hehs. got qt ill since yesterday alr. for some reason i got the same prob as last yr. my heartbeat suddenly increased again and its causing me chest pains. :/ doc cldnt tell much yet so just gave me pills to slow my heartbeat. but he thot its quite weird since i had just gone for ns chckup and they did not detect anything wrong. eeks. haha i hope the pills will help me recover faster. all i need now is more sleep. so no staying up past midnite le. :/

consilio et animis
12/09/2006 10:08:00 PM

happy birthdayy (:


whee. just came back for a short while aft celebrating bros bday. going out tonite to meet up with my pri sch mates (:

since im a little free now, just remembered i want to try this playlist thingg which is qt fun. (:

basically u line up the following set of qns and get ur music player ready and randomly choose the songs and write down the song title as the answer! here i go!

1. How am I feeling today?
Ans: 世界末日,周杰伦
OMG? im very happy today okk.

2. Where will I get married?
Ans: 非常特别的你,蔡淳佳
Haha. it answers the question of who not where. ):

3. What is my best friend's theme song?
Ans: 孙悟空, 五月天

4. What is/was high school like?
Ans: 太多, 陈绮贞
haha too much of what. o_O

5. What is the best thing about me?
Ans: 瘦瘦的,梁静茹
OMG. This answer is just damn funny.

6. How is today going to be?
Ans: 飘移,周杰伦
Hmm. Maybe because I keep moving around to many places today?

7. What is in store for this week?
Ans: 野蛮游戏,蔡依林
Haha ok i know some wild and crazy comp game.

8. What song describes my parents?
Ans: 忘不了,陶喆
Of cos ill never forget them. (:

9. How is my life going?
Ans: 渐渐,赵薇
So vague. gradually what?

10. What song will they play at my funeral?
Ans: 白色恋人, SHE
Wahh so romantic arh. funeral leh.

11. How does the world see me?
Ans: Para Para Sakura, 郭富城
Err... no comments

12. What do my friends really think of me?
Ans: 爱情证书, 孙燕姿
Eh please im not ROM

13. Do people secretly like me?
Ans: 欧若拉, 张韶涵
How weird. o_O

14. How can I make myself happy?
Ans: 乐园, 蔡依林
This is the 2nd answer im amused by. haha bring me to a le yuan so i can be happy! (:

15. What should I do with my life?
Ans: 麦芽糖, 周杰伦
haha. eat mai ya tang? o_O

16. Will I be happy?
Ans: 陪我看日出, 蔡淳佳
haha. im so easily pleased one meh. kan ri chu then happy le.

17. What is some good advice?
Ans: 完美的一天, 孙燕姿
haha. okk. i shall have a wonderful dayy soon. (:

18. What do I think my current theme song is?
Ans: 我难过, 5566
ehh. whats wrong with my playlist, keep thinking im sad.

19. What does everyone else think my current theme song is?
Ans: 一下下, 同恩
hmm... haha. not a bad song.

20. What type of men/women do you like?
Ans: Super Model, SHE
GOSH. haha. the 3rd time im amused.

21. Will you get married?
Ans: 吻雨, 黄湘怡
err. whats that supposed to mean?

22. What should I do with my love life?
Ans: 80块环游世界, Twins
sure sure ill tour the world. (:

23. Where will you live?
Ans: 你不在, 王力宏
omg sounds tragic.

24. What will your dying words be?
Ans: 会读书, 林俊杰
haha. looks like ill still be haunted by my mugging days

consilio et animis
12/08/2006 03:41:00 PM


prom last night. it was just a whole night of phototaking and towards the end many couldnt be bothered about the food, haha. congrats to amanda the prom queen and matthew the dance king(: oh and my poor buddy got her wallet stolen. ): and the hotel management was so uncooperative. ):

really sad when we sang the college anthem for the last time of the year. hope i'll get to sing it again? mebbe if i get invited baq to RJ for some function then can singg HAHA. :P

hehs. anw im in a christmassy mood alr after listening to christmas songs!
go watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsG7ErHvHDY
daaaamn cute the animation! (:

consilio et animis
12/06/2006 10:22:00 PM

give me five 感受这狂想节拍

whee. haha. another group update again cos the past few days' been quite busy again.

on fri was the fishie palace visit (: haha. for some reason i was picking up coins for a lot of random ladies that dayy. ok. thats besides the point. sheenie and i watched the last 2 ep of feng wu and i was threatened to show her some of my photos to stop her from messing around with my msn. apologies to xinyu for the multiple identities msn convo! but thanks to sheenie for the cute wonkiedonkie (: and bounces around wonkily. eeyores are infinitely cute. (:

on sat went to cut my hair. my hairdresser was super busy. 8 seats inside were all filled. so no choice had to go to a nearby barber. sucks la he cant cut properly and charged more than my hairdresser. haha. for some reason i had always preferred hairdressers to barbers since i was young. ok. anw went to my cousins place to change out for the psc talk. psc talk was more interesting than i thought. they let u in on more details and they even had a delicious buffet with nice sushis. (: quite properly done. (:

AFTER SAYING BYE TO JUNLI, my dad fetched chinghui and i to sch for council farewell. haha. i made that disclaimer cos i said bye to her but apparently she didnt know and was waiting for us. haha. and it was qt funny cos both chinghui and i were in the car and she called chinghui and scolded her and then called me and said the same thing.

after that we went to the rooftop to enjoy the sunset and eat cake. apparently it was the last time we could get up to the rooftop COS THEY ARE FIXING STUFF FOR AIR CON NEXT YEAR! OMG? whyyy aircon after we leave! argh ): anyway it was the wrong place to watch sunset cos we were at the eastern most part of the school but it was still a good experience. haha and after that was some caking. i wanted to cake junli's face but missed and caked her hair instead. oops. ): hehs. she had quite a bit of trouble removing it but at last she managed to remove the cake and she says ill be her friend again. (:

on sun, woke up and aft a late brekkie, rushed to meet up with kai for kboxing. tzekwan cherie and sinwei came along too. although they were all 3f people but then cpoppers unite easily so veri soon we were all singing song aft song. started with tui hou! (: aft that kai and i managed to rap ye de di qi zhang AND we sang qian li zhi wai and i was trying to mimic fei yu qing. kai and i sang liang shan bo and zhu li ye too. i had to sing zhuo wen xuans part. omg. oh and tzekwan was wowwing at jj in cao cao and wu zun altho i realised wu zun played the smallest role in the zhi dui ni you gan jue mv.

hmm. then our room so lousy de its supposed to be soundproof but we could hear what the ppl in the adjacent rooms were singing. to our left was presumably an ah soh room cos everyone was singing all the oldies. haha. and then to our right was a more hip room with songs like get high. and kai was trying to outshout them. :P oh yahh so sad kbox didnt have bu zuo ni de peng you. how can they not have such a song. ): lousyyy. and quite weird almost noone there heard of jay's super nice GE QIAN before!

aft 5 hours of singing (thereabouts) we started playing bridge. haha. so crazyy. we were like half singing half playing bridge then ppl got very blur so it was veri funny. haha. tzekwan was my zui jia pai dang of the day cos i managed to win bids of 4 tgt with her. and when we r stuck we will sing SHE's zen me ban. :P such a cute songg kbox is how slow havent put it in their list yet. ):

had to leave earlier for dinner @ grandmas house. and then my dads car ran out of petrol. there was something wrong with the indicator. it didnt even show that the car was running out of petrol. omg. luckily this nice guy fetched my dad to buy petrol from a nearby petrol station.

yayy ok so its grad nite tmr! haha but actually im not THAT excited. hehs shall go off to continue reading death note. getting more exciting now. though i dont think near and mello are half as cool as L. ):

consilio et animis
12/04/2006 05:44:00 PM

Song recommendations

okk. a much needed song recommendation + album review update. theres a severe lack of good new albums at the moment so i only reviewed SPESHOW. gigi's new album is coming up. mite be good thoughh.

Album review: SPESHOW
Artiste: 罗志祥

#1: 精舞门
Rating: 9/10
Comments: A song you MUST watch with the MV. I like the part when luo zhi xiang is in tuxedo and the final dance part @ the long2 yi2. Tune is nice and full of energy. (: Ming fu qi shi dance song. (:

#2: 幸福猎人
Rating: 2/10
Comments: Tune isn't nice and lyrics are bad. Gets quite irritating everytime when he sings "yi..."

#3: 完美型男
Rating: 5/10
Comments: Quite a romantic song but without a climax this song sounds repetitive.

#4: 好朋友
Rating: 7.5/10
Comments: Nice shu qing song. Song gives a sad feel and there is a nice mini classical cha1 qu2 from some classical song.

#5: 几分
Rating: 3.5/10
Comments: A draggy song that is slow but doesn't have the feeling of a man4 ge1.

#6: Twinkle
Rating: 6/10
Comments: Nice collaboration with a japanese artiste, with a lively tune. Like the hu4 dong4, but then there is still room for improvement to increase the ke ting du of such collaborations.

#7: 碎碎念
Rating: 6.5/10
Comments: Light tune with a catchy chorus.

#8: 透视
Rating: 6/10
Comments: Grand opening but the number of la la las is a bit of an overkill.

#9: 国王游戏
Rating: 6.5/10
Comments: The background sound makes it sound like a computer game. Upbeat song.

#10: 自恋
Rating: 8.5/10
Comments: The best shu qing song in this album, complete with touching lyrics.

#11: 垃圾桶
Rating: 5.5/10
Comments: Not a very noteworthy song. Just very ping2 liddat.

Other Good Song Recommendations:

[Shu Qing Songs]

Song: 梁山伯与朱丽叶
Artiste: 曹格 + 卓文萱

[Cute Songs]

Song: 怎么办
Artiste: SHE

Song: 爱 x 无限大
Artiste: 元若兰

[Dance Songs / Kuai Ge]

Song: 傀儡
Artiste: 牛奶

Song: Elva is Back
Artiste: 萧亚轩

Song: 从台北到北京
Artiste: 石欣卉

Song: 诗水蛇山神庙
Artiste: 许慧欣


Song: 盛夏光年
Artiste: 阿信

yepp here are some nice recommendations for now (:

consilio et animis
12/04/2006 02:52:00 PM

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