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happy birthday (:

booked out early yesterday night! (: but of cos there was a price to pay. we had to clear: IPPT, BCCT and SOC. haha. on my 3rd round on SOC my grip on the horizontal beam slipped, and i fell forward, superman style. and my thighs whacked into the horizontal beam so it hurt alot. but then i was like: 3rd round le. CHIONG. and i just sped thru the last 3 rounds (for real). haha. but then aft the whole thing it hurt so much i was limping around. :/

still, we managed to survive the physically demanding day and return to our home sweet homes (: watched hua yang on the ferry, which reminds me that i havent finished watching it! oh dearr theres so many shows i want to watchhh!

aft reaching home, my mum went to rub medicated oil on my bruise super hard. and the strange thing is, it hurts alot but u dun see any bruises at all. while those with bruises showing dont hurt half as much. weirddd. ): then went online to chat so i can stay up for my first few hrs of my bday. was rly in a wols and wonkie mood yesterday i mixed up alot of stuff and i actually typed taught as thought. army dissolves my brain.

slept quite late last nite. thanks to jun for the first bday SMS (: stayyy happy and u r an equally fabulous friend! and thanks to grace for the earliest bday wishing. (: thanks also goes to kangya, miao, amelia, senthil, nina, josie, kenneth and xinyu for their bday calls/smses. and of cos last but not least, thanks to sheenie for your wonderful bday prezzie and for todayy (: but no thanks for making me feel old and calling me an old man thruout the day! oh and just in case u didnt know, today is evryone's bday cos it is ren2 ri4. so im like sharing bday with evryone else. hmph. :/ and tmr is my bday again! on the chi calendar (:

woke up late this morning and had a nice brekkie prepped by my mum. then went dhoby ghaut to meet sheenie. got my bday prezzie! (: it was a nicee red jacket, with a card in SILVER envelope! yippeee. anw, guess what i did. i tried to put the jacket on like a shirt, forgetting that theres a zip in front. EEKS. army dissolves my brain! ITS TRUE ):

aft that went to PS for lunch @ manhattan fish mkt. just had to eat fish todayy. aft eating so much chicken everyday in army. had yummie grilled fish! FISHIES rock (: hehhs. and the rice was so good too bad sheenie didnt choose it. it tasted really nice, better than salads, which are like so girls' choice. pfffts at salads. haha then we both ordered a drink which cost the same, but then my drink was alot taller than sheenie's. HAHA its a treat for the bday boy i bet ;)

got to see poohbabie and sheenie's PSP! the pink looks quite ugly lohh. but still. its a PSP. with cool interface (: haha. played lord of the rings and i was asking: do you get a chance to be a baddie and whack all the good people like frodo and aragorn? and then i found the baddie mode! FUNNN! u can actually be ringwraiths and hit sam, frodo and aragorn! MWHAHAHA! too bad sheenie didnt allow me to and she CHEATED and made my ringwraiths not move at all while sam, frodo and aragorn hit them! hmph. i wanted to see wad wld happen if aragorn was slaughtered lohh, but then again, sheenie wld prolly not hav allowed that.

aft that went around shopping abit. checked out nicee plushies (what else would i go crazy over) and went daiso where theres lots of jap products to test my jap on. unfortunately my jap still cant make the mark yet. i figured out sweet potato and some flavours but i couldnt tell wad this white round hello kitty plastic sheet was meant for. bought this packet of jap flavouring which i remembered purchasing huge amounts of when i went japan last time. hehhs. i rmbed how i liked it so much in japan tt the host family had to re-stock their stock of those flavouring for me during my stay! :X ohh it was quite nice hearing local japs speak japanese too. like how mums scold their kids and tell them not to playy.

aft that, we went for ice cream since i was craving so much for it! yummie chocolate goodness. (: chocolate = bliss! haha. mebbe im just deprived from chocolate and ice cream for so long that they tasted super good together ;)

went barang barang aft that. omg. all the nice furnitureee! haha i wonder if bai jia le goes there to film. got lots of nice armchairs, rocking chairs and beds. some of them were so nice u just feel like sleeping aft u sit down in it lohh! or mebbe it was because i was just feeeling a little sleepie aft sleeping so late last nite. finally headed to marks and spencers to buy yummie goodies. i bought white choc raisins and sheenie bought sour cherries! haha niceee! marks and spencers has so much delicious goodies. i still have some wine gums frm last week. and fizzy fishies! (: is going to get fat from all the goodies! not to mention i still have leftover CNY goodies. quite alot actually. :o

and aft that we both headed home, turning our heads away from the tempting secret recipes booth. hehhs. so nice to be actually out ard singapore shopping in places other than the emart HAHA. (: ohh and i forgot to mention. for some reason i kept kicking sheenie accidentally todayy. mebbe its becos she kept calling me an old man. :P haha retribution. ANW im hoping u turn into an old woman soon too. just be 2 YEARS OLDER and ill be veri happy le (:

aft exiting at bishan mrt, to my surprise, i met my section mates - zhenghan, sherman and senghean. (: they were all waiting for cab to go RI to play soccer haha. but my leg was def in no good condition to play soccer so i hung around with them until they got a cab then headed home le.

WHEEE! i enjoyed my birthday loads todayyy (: says hi to sweet 19 (:

consilio et animis
2/24/2007 09:58:00 PM

CNY day 3 ):

chu san and last day of CNY! i think i woke up to drink like 5 cups of water thruout the night. bleah. all the CNY food. now im going to book in with a bad cough. hehhs. went to do a quick morning bai nian and then rushed down to cheekie's house where lots more goodies awaited. haha so we were faced with the option of whether we should eat all we want and get ATTN C and get to go home / sleep in sick bay :P we chatted with cheekie and it soon came to army again until i decided to break the monotony and get ppl to play cards.

haha. cheekie was occupying the 2nd last spot for the majority of the game, and close behind was wangkan. it was funnie to see how they try to promote themselves ;) had to get home by 2 but at 1.30 i was still at tiong bahru haha. rushed back and made it back 15 min late. thankfully my parents were in a good mood and dint scold me (: ate dinner and went to the last few places to bai nian and then came back for a good bath. and so here i am waiting for my dinner and going back to tekong in an hr. sobs ):

hehhs. tmr theres IPPT trial test and fri is the real thing. i am so going to fail it ): ive been running 30 secs slower than the passing timing. and i hav been doing 1 pullup less than the passing score. :/ and with all the lack of exercises during CNY, i think im rly going to dieee for my IPPT tmr. and dreads going back ):

consilio et animis
2/20/2007 05:59:00 PM

CNY day 2 (:

started chu er by visiting 2 aunts' houses. then came back and prepped for lunch for my maternal side grandmother so it was another nice meal! (: aft lunch, i just plonked into the sofa and dozed off again. deja vu huh. like wad happened the day b4. so i slept thru all the gossiping ard me, and the crashing of the uno stacko towers.

and then i suddenly woke up and saw the time. *gasp* 4.25. and i had a council gathering at 4.30. luckily i live in bishan and we were meeting at bishan mrt. so i just chionged down to bishan mrt and made it in time. (: but still had to wait for many ppl thoughh. and then when we were ready to set off, we narrowly missed our bus. and we had to wait another 10-15 min.

headed down to charles' house. loads of thanks to his family for opening up their house to us and for the angpow and nice food (: we chatted along the way and when we reached there, we decided to play blackjack with real money. haha. i had a huge stockpile of winnings until i became banker and lost all my winnings just cos i dealt one person 2 aces and 2 ppl blackjacks. wad r the chances of that lohh. all 4 aces expended and *rightly* paired up. i must be rly *cough* lucky. also chatted with junli while playing. haha. and she had to remind me of the treat i owe her AND how i caked her hair. hehhs. girls can JUST remember such stuff right. hehhs. treat shi nan mian de lah. haha. but too bad i lost all my winnings so hav to cut down on expenses. j/k ;) yikes. but this means now i hav unsettled debts over new yr. :/ wheee and anw to junli: its CNY! think happie thoughts (: stayy happy (:

wanted to continue chatting with the councillors but then my dad drove to pick me up and we went to my dad's fren's house. there were many guys over there who were the same age as myself so they were all talking army stuff. im prolly like one of those guys who r so ever unenthusiastic when it comes to talking abt army stuff. HAHA. i mean its our civilian life time! dun let military life infiltrate ur civilian life! (: (: (: then we had another round of gambling theree before we headed home. my cough dint seem to get any better and so i ate lots of pipagao. and sadly my cough woke me up thruout my sleep last night. or rather this morning ;)

consilio et animis
2/20/2007 05:43:00 PM


and now i shall continue on from my reunion dinner! it was sooo wonderful and thinking of it makes me kind of not want to go back and eat cookhouse food ): there was my fave abalone soup. with steam fish, crab (!!!!), roast duck, chicken, shao rou. yummieee! but i dun like all the new yr veggies thoughh ):

2 of my cousins started learning jap this yr so they were asking me abt my experience and all. haha. jap is so niceee i rly hope i dont forget the language! which reminds me of missing the opportunity to meet my jap pal. aft my relatives left, i started cleaning the house tgt with my family and we had a nice clean house for cny (:

nxt day morning had to wake up early to giv offerings to my deceased grandparents. haha. most ppl will thk its weird cos ppl usually only do this dur qing ming but there r acherli quite alot of ppl who do tt cos the temple was actually quite crowded. then went to the relatives on my dad's side. had a vegetarian brekkie. eeks. haha. i was rly stuffing myself with rice most of the time. then aft tt headed to my grandma's house while listening to longhubang! yayy for tian shi getting up on the charts (: its such a nice songg! and yayy for 3 7 20 1 rebounding to 3rd! im starting to love that song alr, with its cool jazzy feel.

had lunch at gran's house and aft that i fell into a groggy sleep. aft that went over to my aunt's house for lunch and i found that many of my girl cousins got new bfs. hehhs. not bad lahh they look quite shuai but one of them has a sneakie look haha. ok i was told im in no position to comment but still.

hehhs. then my relatives started gambling while i fell asleep again cos by then i suddenly had a fever and coughh. it must be too much kueh bangkit that i ate. thats my fave new yr goodie (: despite having a cough, i ate tons of bah kwa, love letters, kueh bangkit and other new yr goodies thruout chu yi, it was no wonder my cough worsened. it was so bad that i was coughing till i had a stitch. ): so i was just sleeping while my parents and relatives were gambling away and when i woke up they were still at it. :/

mebbe cos ive been missing the CNY goodies that badly, or i just dun hav good discipline, i rly ate a lot and lying on the sofa i regretted eating so muchh ): and so i resolved not to eat so much on chu er. finally pestered my parents to let me go home so i can rest. for the next dayy.

anywayy. the whole day was rly quite a nice dayy. nice long hu bang and nice food and nice angpows. despite me being sickk, it was still nicee (: and its the year of the piggie! haha pigletie must be really happie (: yayyy! HAPPY CNY ALL! (:

consilio et animis
2/20/2007 05:26:00 PM

the lesser chosen path

okkk i shall be less lazy and update my blog! (: went for SITEST last week which was just another field camp (with missions). quite sian cos we had 2 side by side field camps. haha at least now theres no more field camps for bmt (: still. our field camp started with a march on VDAY. hehhs. we were all talking abt how we r spending vday with guys haha. and ppl started calling each other their valentines hehhs.

got to cook this time round. and i was on a major maggi spree. ate 2 packs alr still went around asking moree. cooked food owns combat rations anytime (: haha. i swear its the combat rations thats worsening my cough lohh.

booked out on fri and we were all looking forward to the yummie CNY goodies when we bookout but bookout turned out to be real late. reached home like 9? had a nice dinner and started unpacking all my disgusting smelly field camp stuff. rly grossd out by the smell of my vest ok!

then yest was chu xi (: in the morn caught up with my war and beauty! the chars turn out to be rly pitiful okk. including ru yue. ): aft that went to have my princeton interview. it was supposed to be @ american club but then 1 hr before the interview the interview called saying he realised that the american club was closed by 3 yest, so he changed the venue to his house instead. which was all the way @ admiralty.

thankfully my dad was ard to fetch me to his house. its quite a cool house. cos the whole compound takes up like a football field thereabouts. but its super eerie at nite. apparently it was a british base area dur the world war. u can even see bomb shelters around. he has a mini football field, swimming pool, garden, pavillion and basketball playing area in his house lohh. and inside his house is a trove of asian treasures like all the buddha statues from thailand and indonesia, and various other artifacts. it was like a mini museum inside lohh (:

chatted with him about princeton, how my school life was and such. and he actually asked if it is true that ur brain dissolves in army :P yayy. it was a nice and casual chat and we talked about sudoku. apparently he loves solving them too ;)

aft that headed back for reunion dinner but that will be for my next entryyy (: is coughing rly badly now and need rest so i shall go sleep le ): shall post tmr and looking forward to meeting councillors tmr :D

consilio et animis
2/18/2007 11:24:00 PM

jo and gerry

Booked out yesterday. kinda sucks to realise that it was only the second bookout even though we have been in there for a month alr! it was a well deserved bookout cos we just came back from field camp. field camp really makes u appreciate BMTC. now cold showers and cook house food are heavenly as compared to the powder baths and rubbery rations we have. haha. but then again. im the one who finishes every pack of rations and gets leftover rations from people. not becos i like the rations but because im hungry and unlike the cook house u cannot ask for extra!

oh yes. and having camo on your face for 6 days is plain disgusting. its just layers upon layers of camo. gross. to think we r doing that again nxt week. and after i took off my camo. to my horror, i realise my hand and face is in a terrible state. the camo induces pimples and my hand was filled with sandfly bites. ): but then again, according to our commanders it doesnt matter cos there r no girls to show off to in BMT.

evryone was in a happie mood yesterday cos we were all going to bookout, but i woke up finding myself having a fever and cough. bleah. but obviously noone reports sick on bookout day. and immediately aft bookout i had to rush to DSTA for the assessment centre. it was a really long assessment, unlike the astar one. but i found it alot more fun (:

went home and got 2 surprises. firstly a letter from PSC and secondly a letter from my jap family (: i was so excited when i realised i could understand the whole letter OMG (: the youngest girl of the family will be going on an exchg programme in australia and will be transiting @ changi and would like me to meet her but i chcked the calendar and OMG ill be in army camp ): what a waste! totemo zannen desu ): a level results pls be released on that dayyy!

went to PSC tea session this morning and aft that went to shop for some CNY clothes. and my mum commented that soon my younger bro will be wearing a larger sized shirt than myself. this sort of comments always come during our family clothes shopping. ): blame my skinniness on my metabolism rate.

in the evening i decided to go for a run while waiting for sheenie to deliver her cookies. haha. turned out to be a really long run but it was good training. but i know my physical is still CMI de. ): anw the long run was worth it cos i get cookie treat aft that (: hehs. thanks sheenie for the cookies! they taste greeeat (: too bad i cant eat too many cos of my sore throat ): i shall eat a few more before i go back to army tmr (:

oh yes. just realised my tagboard is transformed into a chatboard between est and sheenie le :D omg all the talks about driving i wish i could get to drive ): hehhs and u 2 baddies shirking during work huhh ;)

consilio et animis
2/10/2007 09:57:00 PM

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