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yay milubing's lu got on charts today (: was quite disappointed that the song didnt go up while the golden path was being aired. but at last, the song has finally entered the charts! mebbe milubing fans miss listening to that song evryday le, then vote it so they can listen to this song for a longer time. if im not wrong theres no single for this so cant keep playing it even tho its such a nice song. hav been sourcing for the mp3 for a while alr ):

我们都该 回头看看 来时路
就算起风 偶尔有雾 模糊不了幸福
我们都该 在心里数数 感动的次数
谁培你疯 谁培你笑 拍拍肩 一起追逐

却发现一开始 就是个错误

每一段路 都是一种领悟
珍珠再夺目 留不住心头热乎乎
真心的鼓舞 能温暖一生的旅途

每一段路 难免刑荆棘密布
把坚持牢牢握住 不怕艰难险阻
学会去爱 就不会迷路

anyway the past few days have been quite busy cos we were preparing for the mob ex. on the actual day, there were hitches at the start but the whole exercise ran rather smoothly and it was quite fun. aft that, jeremy's dad gave us a ride on his lorry haha. the lorry ride was certainly smoother and faster than ah goh's ride (: and it was really cooling that night so i enjoyed that ride!

consilio et animis
1/27/2008 07:35:00 PM

passed FTT!

yay i passed FTT! haha i was so worried during the test cos the people all around me failed loh! then i was sitting there wondering if i should end the test. hahas but so glad i passed it on my attempt! so now on to driving (: darren recommended me an instructor alr so hopefully i can start lessons soon hahas. cant wait to get a real license to replace my PDL HAHA :D then i can drive to camp on my ORD day :D

anw watched last ep of huang jin lu today. it was generally quite ok until the last few minutes loh. i thk they wanted the last ep to be exciting till the end so they crammed alot of stuff in the last few min too. the final part where kaijie died was so abrupt loh. like who was this random guy who walked in to the hotel and just stabbed him. but i liked that scene cos it showed him trying to reach out to his wallet which has his wedding photo with linfei. showed that he still had that tinge of ren2 xin4. in the dying moments he acherli still thought of linfei haha. and the nice thing was no matter how hard he reached he couldnt get to the photo. sort of sums up his rshp with linfei ba. :D on the whole though, the ending was a little too abrupt for my liking :/

yayy after a long break im finally returning to guardroom tmr le haha. kinda missed this super extended weekend :D

consilio et animis
1/21/2008 10:04:00 PM

day off!

took a day off to settle some of the forms for cambridge and also revise for FTT. was quite surprised with the efficiency of the cambridge admissions office cos they actually replied my mail in 4 MINUTES like zomg. i was shocked cos after i sent the mail i went to another page and when I checked back there was already a new mail. I thought it was an automatic response at first but it wasn't. was positively impressed.

anw jay's basketball show is coming up. nxt month 7th or 8th! watched the mv for the zhu ti qu and it looks quite nice, so i might consider watching. seems quite action packed. hopefully jay's next film will be something like the secret. haha. anw, the theme song is really lame ok. its called 周大侠. like omg i cant believe he actually came up with such a name for himself.

heard the song and it sounds really lame and crappy anw, and it was supposed to be called 我要卖豆腐 at first loh, which was even lamer. haha u can hear lots of "豆腐" in the song. seriously jay's songs/compositions are becoming more and more nonsensical. have a feeling that his fans now accept whatever rubbish he throws them le. here are the lyrics for those interested

Song Title: 周大侠
词: 方文山 曲: 周杰伦
演唱: 周杰伦、杜国璋

我一脚踢飞 一串串红红的葫芦冰糖

一截老老的老姜 一段旧旧的旧时光
我说啊 屏风就该遮冰霜 屋檐就该挡月光
江湖就该开扇窗 平剧就该耍花枪
扎下马步我不摇晃 闷了慌了倦了我就穿上功夫装

我不卖豆腐(豆腐) 豆腐(豆腐)
我在武功学校里学的那叫功夫 功夫(功夫) 功夫(功夫)
赶紧穿上旗袍 免得你说我吃你豆腐

你就像豆腐(豆腐) 豆腐(豆腐)
吹弹可破的肌肤在试练我功夫 功夫(功夫) 功夫(功夫)
赶紧穿上旗袍 免得你说我吃你豆腐

我稍微伸展拳脚 你就滚到边疆
回旋踢太用力 画面就变的很荒凉
落花配对配夕阳 翻山越岭渡过江
我清一清嗓 清一清嗓 唱起秦腔

飞天飞敦煌 北方北大荒
啊这什么地方 这什么状况
啦啦啦啦 闷了慌了倦了我就踩在你肩膀

previews of jay's upcoming movie can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeIhmz4gb2M

anw i borrowed flowers for algernon from the library and re-read it today. the book is about an experiment which gives artificial intelligence to someone who is retarded. we can see how the person in the story, Charlie, changes after the experiment was successful. and we also see the importance of having emotional development balancing out with intellectual development. as the story progresses, Charlie realises that there is a flaw in the experiment and his intelligence will begin to deteriorate after reaching a peak. it is a really nice and touching story. even though it was probably my third or fourth time reading that book, i still enjoyed reading it alot. (: felt veri satisfied cos i havent had the time to properly sit down and do some good reading for a while.

consilio et animis
1/18/2008 04:35:00 PM

lorry rides!

went tiger brewery this week to send back some of the used beer barrels. that was the first time i ever sat in a lorry k. anw we saw tons of crates of beer at tiger brewery u really cannot imagine drinking all THAT down in your life time. anw the place smelt like bread that was being fermented loh. my bio is getting a little rusty since i dint take it in jc but i believe mebbe the processes were about the same thats why the place smelt like that haha.

ok anw that wasnt my first lorry riding experience of the week. today we hitched a ride from our best friend ah goh (: he was so nice and offered us a ride out of the camp. seeing that the ferry bus queue was really long, we decided to take his offer. we had to sit at the back of the lorry though. aft mounting the lorry, ah goh went to outfield area to pick up one of his frens first. we went behind the SOA vehicle shed where i recalled moving my BX out thru that gate countless times. brought back lots of memories, both good and bad. haha. anw riding on the back of the lorry was a really cool experience, even though it was quite cramped. whenever the lorry turned, you can feel the centrifugal force acting on u. lol i dun thk im exaggerating. i really got this feeling that i mite just fly out liddat. esp since im so light HAHA.

consilio et animis
1/16/2008 11:14:00 PM

hard at work

charts was a big shock today. imagine my surprise when cai hong, which just earned a 2 x champion title last week, suddenly crashed to 5th. and bai gei ni, which just entered top 3 last week, fell out of top 3 too. and whats worse was, DA ER WEN acherli got 1st. omg. imagine DA ER WEN owning cai hong and bai gei ni and cest la vie. looks like tanya has a superbly strong fanbase.

anw today i did evry single of the 625 prep questions for FTT on the website i signed up for. not bad, got 94%, but i need 95% to be able to qualify for money-back-guarantee. haha. fell short of about 6 qns. but 94% is quite an achievement considering a week or 2 ago i totally knew nuts of what was going to be tested.

FTT drawing near le... *crosses fingers*

consilio et animis
1/13/2008 06:59:00 PM


haha finally gotten over my joy le (: haha the first thing i did when i came home last nite was to go to my rm to take a look at the letter of acceptance. when i couldnt find it on the table i acherli wondered if what my mum smsed me was part of my imagination. i later found out that my mum had placed it in my drawer (: yayyyness!

ok anw i listened to nai cha's album this morning and realised i like the first hit quite alot. mebbe cos the lyrics r meaningful ;)

我不再问 "I'm Fine. And you? "
现在,要学着说: "I'm Fine. Am I? "















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1/12/2008 01:51:00 PM



OMG damn excited now ok

consilio et animis
1/11/2008 11:39:00 PM

HAPPY-ing, HECAI-ing

OMG i just received like the best news of the yr (: but i must see it for myself to believe it!

consilio et animis
1/09/2008 10:27:00 PM

Night at RTC

went with darren to Raffles Town Club yesterday to help out with BG Bernard's Farewell dinner. our trip there was really slow and the weather was hot and drowsy so i fell asleep. thats not supposed to happen cos darren drives his car super fast, but what happened was we had to follow a military van which had this big fat 50KM/H sign pasted behind so we had no choice. darren commented that he had never driven so slowly on the long empty stretch of road leading to camp hahas.

when we finally reached there, we helped unload the canisters of beer and helped move the stuff to the bar counter. then we receed the carpark since we were supposed to marshal there later that night. after that we were briefed on our duties and we headed off for lunch. we had to draw some money frm standard chartered too, and darren sort of lost his way while driving there and we almost ended up at my home loh. home was like soooo close away ): then we headed back towards town and we bypassed nassim road, and darren told us thats where the house of the hourglass chairman who came to our guardroom for reservist before.

we finally reached our destination and headed for lunch at fish n co. after that we drew money and bought lunch for the other ppl at RTC before we headed back. then we stoned for a while and i dozed off while sitting on the sofa. aft that i met a few of my frens at the event too. apparently they were from music n drama company and were going to peform later in the night. we then received our final briefing and were free to roam ard. we went to play at the arcade in RTC. it was quite fun getting excited over the games but the games there were very short n boring. ): so it was quite a waste of money.

aft the game we got into our positions for the marshalling. the first level of the carpark filled up pretty quickly and we had to direct people to fill up the second level. along the way some of the RTC club members winded their windows down and told us off, saying stuff like: we paid for club membership, why don't we get level 1 parking lots? and they said it in this damn snobbish tone it sort of pissed us off alot. like whats the big issue. i mean its not like level 2 and 3 dont have lift access. they still get to take lift to whichever floor they want to.

after the marshalling we went out for dinner. went to great world city and that was srsly my 2nd time there. ate at some thai restaurant and i ordered curry soft shelled crabs since i love crabs so much and havent had crabs for a while. OMG the crabs rly tasted like crap HAHAHA. or mebbe i just cant appreciate thai cuisine but it srsly sucked and was very floury. darren wondered if the crab was fake HAHA.

aft that we went back and i was offered some beer or wine but i turned down the offer. aft the event ended, we went to help out in marshalling the cars that were departing. we then went back up to the lobby. there were only a few officers left by then who were still guzzling beer non stop hahas. some were like visibly drunk loh. anw they finished up one last canister and we helped clean up some stores before we could say da4 gong1 gao4 cheng2. we were quite exhausted by then and had to head back to camp cos i had SOC the nxt morn. we also had to fetch 2 people back. it started to rain and it was quite nice to cruise along quiet streets in the middle of the night with light rain pattering on the windscreen.

ok. anw, one of the guys we were fetching was SUPER drunk and was spouting rubbish for a while before he conked out. when we reached back camp, that drunk guy could not be woken up even after shaking him veri hard. after much effort we finally managed to get him out of the car and his fren brought him back up to his bunk. thankfully he didnt vomit in the car or it would be so gross.

went back and quickly bathed and went to sleep. it was 1ish by then. i wanted to set the alarm to wake me up to draw arms for SOC the nxt day and to my horror, i discovered that someone had STOLEN my clock. omg. i cant believe people acherli steal clocks lah. haha. thkfully darren offered to wake me up the nxt day and i got like 5hrs of sleep or so before waking up to draw arms today. skipped breakfast and just headed straight to get ready for SOC. performance was absymal again. its worrying, considering the fact that the test will be on friday. ):

consilio et animis
1/09/2008 09:40:00 PM


old yanzi song, but i suddenly love it alot again (:








是否太晚 路已走远



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1/09/2008 04:43:00 PM









consilio et animis
1/07/2008 11:24:00 PM

new week - a step closer to ORD

had SOC training again today. was super tired after that hahas. ): my whole body was aching cos i havent been running combat run for a long time le :/ almost wanted to give up today loh.

anw today was quite an exciting day. after the run, i chionged back to watch amazing race. haha i hope nathan and jennifer wins (: aft that, i made an achievement by completing BLOONS 2 on hard difficulty without losing a single life :o

oh then this lizard entered the guardroom and a few people were trying to shoot it down with rubber bands and paper bullets. zomg. then in the end the poor lizard suffered a terrible death. jeremy whacked it with a broom and the juices spurted all over the floor. eeew. DAMN DISGUSTING OK. i was laughing like siao when they were attacking the lizard. it was seriously funny to watch the lizard hunting. ok these are the stuff that spice up ur boring guardroom life :P

consilio et animis
1/07/2008 10:27:00 PM


3 albums were released on Jan 4 and i reviewed all of them today (: Overall rating for each album was worked out by: (Top 5 songs' ranking + Bottom 3 songs' ranking)/8

专辑: 喝彩
Overall Album Rating: 5.8

Individual Song Ratings
1. 喝彩 [7.5/10]
2. 漫游中国 [5.5/10]
3. 不辣不辣 [5/10]
4. 月儿光光 [1.5/10]
5. 我的背后 [6.5/10]
6. 小小小孩 [6/10]
7. 变色龙 [7/10]
8. 误会大啦 [6.5/10]
9. 心如刀割 [5/10]
10. 青鸟 [7.5/10]

专辑: Super Sunshine
Overall Album Rating: 7.1

Individual Song Ratings
1. Super Sunshine [9/10]
2. 起床歌 [7/10]
3. 无辜 [8/10]
4. 妹妹要快乐 [7/10]
5. 吹吹风 [4.5/10]
6. 奈斯男孩 [5.5/10]
7. 单数 [8.5/10]
8. 爱到最后一秒也不委曲 [9.5/10]
9. [8.5/10]
10. 爱的弧度 [3.5/10]
11. 你的歌 [6/10]
Comment: Gary recycled alot of nursery songs in this album o_O

专辑: 双面
Overall Album Rating: 7.1

Individual Song Ratings
1. 新窝 [9/10]
2. 为你存在 [6.5/10]
3. 出神入化 [5.5/10]
4. 不会爱[7.5/10]
5. TiAmo [7.5/10]
6. 爱的王道 [6.5/10]
7. 心里有数 [8.5/10]
8. 明日香 [6/10]
9. 至少还有我 [7/10]
10. 一万个快乐 [5/10]
11. 小小大人物 [7.5/10]
12. 超喜欢你 [8/10]

meanwhile i have been trying to make sense of the whole advance theory book but i think i dont have the tian1 fen4 to drive loh. seems like im going to fail the FTT ):

consilio et animis
1/05/2008 08:26:00 PM

933 Top 100 Songs of 2007

The top 100 songs of 2007 on 933 (: Thought they wouldn't have it anymore since they didn't advertise it. Was very glad that they still had this (: Anyway, the bolded songs are my personal favourites of 2007! Songs highlighted in red are amongst my top songs of 2007

comment at 1050: why luo zhi xiang songs all dian4 di3 ): 2 songs appear in 81-90 category alr.
comment at 1235: still no SHE, mayday, stefanie, jj (:
comment at 1305: OMG! i just dont get how su li zhen is so high. it will only mean that ai ai ai will be super high later.
comment at 1443: major update!
comment at 1507: is super surprised lu kou is so high.

#1: 我怀念的, 孙燕姿
#2: 专属天使, Tank
#3: 不能说的秘密, 周杰伦
#4: 爱情转移, 陈奕迅
#5: 3 7 20 1, 曹格
#6: 西界, 林俊杰
#7: 爱到, 飞轮海
#8: 春天的微笑, 何耀珊
在你身边, 张学友
#10: 咕叽咕叽, 孙燕姿

#11: 牛仔很忙, 周杰伦
#12: 落叶归根, 王力宏
#13: 爱爱爱, 方大同
#14: 好久不见, 张学友
#15: 一人一半, 伍家辉
#16: 中国话, SHE
#17: 其实很爱你
, 张韶涵
#18: 你是爱我的, 张惠妹

#19: 我又初恋了,
#20: Never Let You Go, Vanness

#21: 好听,
#22: 特务J,
#23: 当你离开的时候, 蔡健雅
#24: 离开地球表面,
#25: 逆光, 孙燕姿
#26: 错了再错, 张栋梁
#27: 我不是F4, 周渝民
天使, 五月天
#29: 自由不变
, 林俊杰
#30: 崇拜, 梁静茹

#31: 杀手, 林俊杰
#32: 为爱而生, 五月天

五月天, SHE
#34: 改变自己, 王力宏

#35: 败给你, 罗志祥 +
#36: 如果你也听说, 张惠妹
#37: 私奔到月球, 五月天 + 陈绮贞

#38: 梦里花
, 张韶涵
#39: 不会爱, 飞轮海
#40: I Love You, 陈伟联

#41: 怎么办, SHE

#42: 王子, 张栋梁

#43: Shakalaka Baby,
#44: 路口, 张震岳
#45: 背叛, 曹格

#46: 天生反骨, Energy

#47: 旋律, 林宇中
#48: 普通的人, 陈伟联
#49: 听袁惟仁弹吉他, SHE
一, 刘德华

#51: 她们说, 郑秀文
#52: 到底多久, 黄义达
蔷蔷, Ella
#54: 一枝独秀, 罗志祥
#55: 你是我心内的一首歌, 王力宏 + Selina
任意门, 杨丞琳
#57: 不会分离, 光良
#58: 泪, 迷路兵
#59: 我不想忘记你, 郭静
淘汰, 陈奕迅

#61: 玩酷, 潘玮柏
#62: 一个人, 蔡依林

#63: 小情歌
, 苏打绿
#64: 苏丽珍, 方大同
#65: 需要你的爱, FIR + 信

#66: 说你爱我, SHE

#67: 适应, 迷路兵
#68: 不远, 萧亚轩
#69: 101 封情书, 欧得洋
#70: 喜欢你, 庭竹

#71: 月牙湾, FIR
#72: 不痛, 张韶涵
#73: 其实还爱你 , 阿沁
我们的歌, 王力宏(?)
#75: 烟火, 光良
#76: 哲学家, 范玮琪
#77: 牧笛, 刘德华
#78: 缺氧, 杨丞琳
#79: 我们的歌, 王力宏
#80: 最爱还是你, 唐禹哲

#81: 想太多, 李玖哲
#82: 达尔文,
#83: 好久不见, 陈奕迅
#84: 爱转角
, 罗志祥
#85: 无与伦比的美丽, 苏打绿
#86: 路太弯, 潘玮柏
#87: 小小, 容祖儿
#88: 记得我吗, 陈冠希
#89: 必杀计, 罗志祥
#90: 非你莫属, Tank

#91: 那首歌, 林宥嘉
#92: 迦南美地, 刘耕宏
#93: 因为我相信, 星光帮
#94: 出神入化, 飞轮海
#95: 彩虹, 周杰伦
#96: 最爱, 周蕙
#97: 思念是一种病, 张震岳 + 蔡健雅
#98: 亲爱的做个好梦, 陈伟联
#99: 我可以, 蔡旻佑
#100: 一秒钟的永远, 潘嘉丽

consilio et animis
1/01/2008 06:50:00 PM

New Year, New Blog

YAY my new blog is finally out! been rushing it the past few days so dint really blog. anyway, HAPPY 2008 to all of u! May you all have a fruitful year ahead (:

ill start with by blogging about the past few days first. on sat there was class outing #2 at wang kan's house but my parents wanted to bring me to shop so i had to give the class outing a miss. haha. for some reason the clothes i took fancy with that day were all pink. bought a pink short sleeved shirt and a pink long sleeved shirt. o_O my mum was wondering whats with my sudden craze over pink.

then, to end off my pink day, matt dropped that night to give me a belated christmas prezzie which was UBER pink ankle socks ok. haha what a way to round off the pink day (: thanks so much matt. wonder if ill ever be man enough to wear that ok :P

then on sunday there was 933 final chart results. the top male female artistes, group and song were all as i predicted but i dint win the prize hamper ): sun results were a little surprising too, with tanya's da er wen rocketing to 2nd place (: i hope it wont be any threat to cai hong, which is 1st this week. cai hong must get 3 x champion at least!

on mon, which was yest, it was half day at guard room but it was super stressful cos a lot of troubles suddenly occurred on that day. it was like giving us a 1 x good one before the year end. thankfully everything was resolved and we sorta ended the year on a good note (: haha 2008 means im on to my last year of NS! (: 10 months left! can start counting with my fingers le. that day will be coming soon (:

finally last nite, went for bbq + countdown at my mums frens house again. haha. their dog was super greedy ok. thruout the whole nite it would devour ANY FOOD u throw it. omg. his stomach is like some bottomless pit loh haha. it even eats curry chicken LOL. ok aft that when i came home, i used comp for a while and worked on my blog. and the first song that i played on my comp for 2008 is CAI HONG! (: yayy and now the blog's done. it looks veri colourful and cheery! hopefully the rest of 2008 will be like that!

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1/01/2008 10:30:00 AM

Rock 'n Roll

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Heroes and Sheroes

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Other Kingdoms

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