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feeling royally pissed.

sighh. parents just like ranted about my sats score lahh. true lahh. its tragic. but i hate it when they link with lack of effort and me wasting my time on other stuff. ): and im also extremely irritated when they keep saying that i had not impressed them with my results ever since my Os. then theyll say: oh, u must be getting complacent.

and yeahh. if theres something else i dislike. its when u r alr feeling down/pissed and someone offers to talk to u but is not really interested, like giving you delayed responses or end up giving half-hearted one word responses. it only succeeds to make me feel more irritated.

consilio et animis
5/31/2006 11:10:00 PM


performed tragically for my sats. every section was a deprovement and i deproved by close to 200 points. and now my parents are taking the opportunity to reprimand me about everything and anything. RAH. ):

consilio et animis
5/31/2006 07:12:00 PM


Oops. just realised the past few days had been a whirl i forgot to update! anyway, im here to update about what happened for the past few days! (:


started the day spending 4+ hours freezing in LT1 while attempting logic, math and reading problems for the psc psychometric test. the logic part was quite a breeze, math was insane coz they require u to perform extensive calculations without the use of a calculator. and then reading was just like sats. i couldnt finish reading. not like i was sure of half the answers anw.

prolly looking forward to the results of my personality test thoughh. but i found that some of the questions are rather weirdd because they prolly want to find out whether u hav inclinations towards the arts or the mechanics. much as i love mechanics, i wont def prefer listening to classical music to building something in my free time. and i realised that for many arts VS mechanics sort of questions i usually preferred the arts option.

aft that, went to canteen to hav a quick lunch before attending rakuda's phys lesson. i still dont get much of analogues and it doesnt really help when things i dont understand are out of the syllabus.


sat thru chem and fmaths lects. almost slept through fmaths lect. really. its so word intensive just looking at the notes make u feel like sleeping. its just page after page of texts. extremely boringgg. ): thankfully there was class outing to look forward to. went home to dump my bag before that. and then rushed to meet to the class at S11. realised how long i havent had lunch there. ): kinda missed that place thoughh. and i havent drank the bubble tea there for ages i even forgot how to order my usual. :/

aft that, we went cine to watch x3. on our way there we met this woman we asked for directions to a far off place and despite our futile attempts to explain to her, she insisted that we do not understand her. :/ anw, x3 is overall an ok show lahh. the ending wasnt as great as expected. though i wld have loved it if certain characters played a larger role. and i was pretty grossed out by the scene where angel cut his wings. the action was enough thoughh. just felt tt the plot could have been better thought up.

went around shopping aft that and saw lots of cute plushies. saw this extremely cute eeyore plushie, but i realised i am repeating myself coz eeyore and extremely cute are synonymous. (:

on my way back, i told est that whenever i take mrt back to bishan, i have a high chance of meeting someone i know, and indeed, i met eggy at the bus stop. haha. was about to go back when my mum made me do errands at j8. apparently she still needed some ingredients for dinner. and so aft i reached home, i still had to wait for her to prep dinner. (:


reached nus extremely early today coz i was following my dads car to nus. stoned there for a really long time before going to take SMO. kinda missed going there, having stopped visiting S14 for almost a yr. aft the jun hols it will be a year. yeahh. kinda wished i could go for the camp again. :/

then i found out that i was badge-less and got really horrified at the thought of my council badge going missing. combed the place for the badge but couldnt find it and i realised only later that my badge was still at home.

anw, i forgot my sweater once again. why is it i somehow always forget my sweater. so i sat thru the paper without a sweater. was positively freezing inside the LT. brrrr. ): the questions were extremely difficult too and i made stupid mistakes here and there on those questions which i actually knew how to solve. finding out when einstein was born was quite interesting thoughh. (:

realised my hp kinda sux coz the messages on my phone cannot be received in the train, and the moment i stepped out of the train (to transfer or to alight), the messages suddenly appear. :/ anww. aft i alighted at j8, i hopped on the first bus home and surprise surprise, i saw my bro on the bus! talk about perfect timing huh. (: then again, the return of my bro means the departure of peace @ home so i guess ill prolly be complaining about him in a few entries' time. (:

consilio et animis
5/31/2006 04:16:00 PM

Pretty messy

Yayyy! Puzzle 2 on my puzzle site is up! (: woahhs at the quick solving of puzzle 1. haha.

anw, todayy was a terrible day for my parents. it was my mum's office's family day and its held at sentosa. while i would have loved to go there, i seriously hate family days and so i rejected my parents' offers to bring me along. imagine waiting ages to get a parking lot, and then having to squeeze with tons of people. you cant even enjoy a beach walk properly. not to mention there will probably be pesky kids and kiasu people to ruin your day. yes. and so i was smart and rejected their offer.

haha. they spent like 5 hours there, coming back only at like 2 with out lunch. and they were complaining that it was raining super heavily and there was no proper wet weather plan so alot of stallholders refused to open their stalls coz it was raining. and there was a severe lack of seats so people were like fighting over seats. i was so glad i wasnt there lahh. haha. but they said it was really pouring very heavily there so it was like impossible to do anything outdoors.

meanwhile, i was at home listening to the 933 top 20 charts and they sorta screwed up for 15 minutes coz they were reviewing last week's charts. i was like: huhh? u mean the positions dint change at all. and i realised the djs were saying the same thing as they said last week, so i found out that the top 20 charts segment was fully recorded, though i usually thought that the djs were actually present. :/ and its pretty sad that im banned from eating 80% of the stuff at home until my cough gets better. tskk.

aft lunch, i was attempting to clear my really messy table but ended up falling asleep instead. and i thk me falling aslp is contagious coz subsequently my bro fell asleep. he was sound asleep by the time i woke up, and he doesnt usually sleep in the afternoons. :/

consilio et animis
5/28/2006 05:30:00 PM

Explosives in the Stairwell

yesterday was the last day of school and it was quite a fun dayyy! was helping sheenie attempt this DC question and i realised how much revision i need for DC. i forgot everything about kirchhoff's law liao! hehhs. and she helped to complete est's 杰作 on my hand! ): my skin is PINK absorbent! took ages to wash off lahh.

haha. aft that went treasure hunting for maths soc. the locations and puzzles were all rather lame. one of the location was in a lift, so we were lift hogging and going up and down the lift tons of times while trying to solve the puzzle in the lift. ppl would have thought we were a childish bunch of ppl. another puzzle was in this narrow tunnel leading to the air rifle range and i dint even know that place existed in rjc! and it wasnt very comfortable to crowd around in that narrow space too, and the air rifle girls were all giving us weird looks.

haha. im good at guessing words so before we complete the whole puzzle i usually guess the word. aft tt we had to find the missing maths soc exco member in the sch. haha. the name was hidden in an anagram while the location was: Explosives in the stairwell. and guess what. the answer is the C4 staircase (which is supposed to be where the secret toilet is). coz C4 is supposed to be explosive. :/

aft that, had dinner, and decided to pop by council room and saw that darren, yusheng and zhuoyi were still around. hardworking darren was trying to complete his econs essay while yusheng and zhuoyi were playing battleship. took over zhuoyi and had a close fight with yusheng who placed his ships in such a cool fashion that i had such a hard time guessing WHICH ships i hit (coz he placed his ships in a C shape). so i was like: Huh, this ship is 6 units long? and another instance, i sunk a 2-unit ship and 3 parts of a 4-unit ship, but i thought the "sunk" was for a 5 unit ship so i was rather shocked when i hit upon another 5-unit ship. and i lost to yusheng by 1 unit.

went to j8 with ahkang, zhihao and weizhong and met jiashen there. and a bunch of 3P ppl. so cool. everyones flooding j8 on the last day of school.

oh yeahh. aft solving so many challenging puzzles yesterday, i suddenly had an inspiration and decided to bring back:
for those who have not heard about it before, basically, these puzzles are generally logic based puzzles which requires a bit of thinking to solve. i had previously set close to 50 chorks puzzles but unfortunately, i ran out of ideas then and totally shut down the puzzle site. now its back on a new site:
so do patronize it so that ill be motivated to keep it alive too! link is found together with all the other blog links at the side.

Puzzle 01 is out. hope its not too difficult! (:

consilio et animis
5/27/2006 04:07:00 PM

changes with council teachers

from jun:
helloooo (:
some switches within the council teachers side that ms hor smsed me abt today:
Welfare - Mr. Justin Tan
CCAD - Mr. Tan BP
CommzD - Mr. Keith Wong and a new teacher
BW house mistress - Ms Kristine Ong and Mr. Someone new
Development - Mrs. Dayna Chia
OMG. our 2 wonderful welfare teacher ics! ): haha. i always thought mr justin tan was more of a ccad-er type of teacher! :/

consilio et animis
5/25/2006 11:34:00 PM

Badminton Finals

wheee! our whole class went down for badminton finals todayy! (: congrats to jiashun and the rest of the badminton team for putting up such a valiant fight and bringing back double golds for raffles! (: and this will prolly be one of the last few match supports ill ever be going for (mebbe track n field and swimming nxt term). really miss match supports coz u can really feel the rafflesian spirit as u cheer along with ur fellow school mates. ull really have to be there to feel it.

haha. and as a result of going to the badminton match, we skipped a whooping 4 hours of lessons. we will have to make up for it, of course. haha. still have to come back next week. :/ but im sure it was worth it.

aft match support, there werent any buses back. initially a few of us wanted to bus back but with the load we were carrying, jun suggested we cabbed back. rahh. those evil taxi drivers who had a big fat JURONG stuck on their windscreen. i mean we were @ jurong alr, why do we still want to cab around jurong? but no, they say they can only fetch u to somewhere in jurong. it took ages before we found a taxi driver who was willing to cab us back to rj, tho he dint really know the way backk so we had to guide him abit, but at least we made it backk, with the load of stuff. and my hand + hp was all black from the pieces of paint that came off. took me ages to wash off lahh.

went to talk to sheenie for a while before i decided to go home. did i mention, she decorated my periodicity notes with my favvveee character, and the only complaint i have is that it looks alot like a girl's notes lahh. :/ hehhs. oh yahh. and i forgot to sayy that i forgot to bring my wallet todayy. so i must thank kenneth for lending me the notes and jun for the coins, without which i would not have been able to eat and bus back home. and of coz thanx to grace for her pouch, so i dint lose all the money i borrowed! (: silly me left the wallet in yesterday's bag. :/

consilio et animis
5/25/2006 10:30:00 PM

a bit of everything left.

whee. tomorrows prolly the last match support which j2 s will get to support. my whole class is quite keen on going to support, plus we get to support jiashun BUT the problem lies in how we will get approval from rakuda. ;) 25A treat's been cancelled and welfare treat tmr is cancelled too. both treats will be aft cts. what a long wait. i want food. :P nahh. im not greeedy. (:

oh yeahh. i think i prolly wrote the best essay that i had written for gp this year during todays common test 2. but thats not saying much coz my highest this yr is 31/50. but still, i have a feeling this essay is going to be at least a 32.5 ie 65% (:

just got addicted to fish leong's 我还记得 again. haha. the lyrics are really meaningful. it is a story of how someone meets another person whom he or she was very close with ten years ago - the flashbacks and the prelude to the meeting. which reminds me of our 25ths time capsule. we will be burying our time capsule soon, and we will be uncovering it 10 years later. i wonder if the same lyrics will apply to my fellow 25ths when i meet them? what about all the other people around me now? will i only get to meet them 10 years down the road? and how will they be like then?

渐渐我们都有新朋友 多久不再并肩走 忙忙碌碌看人生匆匆 忘记了年轻的梦

i hope this will not happen, at least, not with my close friends. if u dont read any of my previous lyrics, u must at least read this! (:








consilio et animis
5/24/2006 11:19:00 PM

Nintendo Controller!

omgg. this is just way cool, haha. new nintendo controller which can be used a virtual sword, bat, fishing rod, racket and more! apparently theres this laser which senses your movements and u actually do the actions which your characters do in the game! (: more info about it here!

haha. whyy m i checking all these out a day before gp commons? just fyi i was absorbed reading about opus dei the whole afternoon! :P anw, good luck to all of u for gp commons and looking forward to the treat tomorrow! (:

consilio et animis
5/23/2006 07:08:00 PM

Mechanics in action

was attempting mechanics s paper question todayy and i couldnt understand what a particular question was talking about. the question is like 6-7 lines long btw. ah kang spent a long time trying to explain to me the movement of this particle in the question but i just could not get his explanation.

before putting down the phone, he suggested jokingly, if u have pins you can go try constructing a model so you can see how the particle moves. and so i thought, that's not a bad idea. so here goes! (:

consilio et animis
5/21/2006 10:40:00 PM

Invest 06! (:

thurs nite was the night before invest. technically called final night but we had final night on tues, so i guess its called final final night? haha. we had our last technical rehearsal, and had the same meaningful activity at the field, where the 25ths passed on the flame from the candle to their buddies'. then, dar brought out the tray of paper which we had written our regrets on prior to the event. he then poured kero on the "regrets" and set fire on our regrets. which was quite sad, really, coz "regrets" dont really disappear when u burn them. just like how there will be ashes after we burn those papers, if u understand what i mean.

aft that, i decided to sit at the specs gal steps to reflect about my council term. its a really quiet and nice spot, and u get to admire the beautiful stars in the sky and how beautiful the school is at night. sadly, it was quite a starless night. and also, it would probably be one of the few times i will be staying so late at night in school. wanted to enjoy the moment while thinking about my council term, but dad called saying hes fetching me back, so had to go back.

the next day, woke up insanely early to get final briefing on invest. haha. invest turned out quite well - the GOH kept her speech short and sweer, and the 26ths dance item was rather impressive! after that everyone was immersed in an atmosphere of photo-taking. (: gave me buddies each a flower which some 26th thought it was the chrysanthemum and claimed it was for dead people. please lohh. -__-" the teachers also baked 25th cakes for us, though i dint get to eat it. here r the pics which i had taken thruout the course of yest! (:

me and the all rounded loser. thanx for ur note which i owned u at guessing the hangman, and thanx for the wire-ing my name (below)!

photos with buddies weilin and brian in our very own welfare room!

thanx to sheenie and kai for posing for this photo!

*drumrolls* UNGLAM photo of lizhan! this would not have been possible if not for my pro photo taking skills!

the 25ths cake!

aft that went for match support - bball girls finals! it was a very close match at the start (scores were within 3 points from each other for the first 3 quarters) but eventually we fought harder and harder and we managed to clinch the gold! well done raffles for bringing back the gold!

then took a bus back to sch and met sheenie. was nice enough to walk her to the bus stop, and met est and matt aft that, and they dint believe i went for the match support. tsk, what rubbish. went back to council room and we started banging tables rhythmatically so if u stopped by the council room then u would be thinking that the councillors went crazy. time passed quite slowly as we awaited for our dinner, but luckily met sinyong who pulled an impressive trick. (:

chatted with weilin and realised that the jap teacher was still CMI as usual. but shes good at jap. really good. so better not ban men nong fu in front of her, heehee. (: then jonny came along and started snapping photos of weilin and later changed target to me, and then he snapped some buddy photos of the 2 of us too. hehhs. then went to challenge chinghui and jonny to carrom and lost both games. ):

our pizzas arrived aft that and we had dinner thanx to josie and charles for coordinating! (: yummy pizzas! have been missing hawaiian pizzas, they are like my fave. finally got to eat them again! was supposed to have dinner at the parade square but we ended up eating at the council room coz we were lazy to move plus u cld have dinner under the stars at council room area anw. again, another starless night. haha. wonder why am i so crazy over watching stars nowadays?

aft dinner, we decided to play EXCO concentration with forfeit. we would have to do a forfeit if we made 3 screwups. haha. when we introduced that rule, yowie had 2 screwups and when we started the next round, he suddenly screwed up right at the start of the game probably so he can do a forfeit ;) cunning right? haha. other ppl who had to do forfeits included cedric, nat and honloong. basically the forfeits got more and more evil and we promised to keep it to ourselves so i shant say what dares they did, but they were quite embarrassing and bed, and it involves using a speaker phone. haha. hope we can play another round of EXCO concentration one day, but without forfeits! (:

it got quite late and i decided to go home. walked home with weilin and chloe and was deciding whether or not to go home on bus but was too lazy and bus-sed home aft i left them at j8. reached home feeling very high coz our duties are finally over (well almost, until i just received a mail from josie just now regarding welfare debrief next monday.) looking forward to the 2 treats by mrs chia and ms ong next week! yepp yepp! bounces around happily.

consilio et animis
5/20/2006 03:14:00 PM

Final Night + Rugby Finals

had napfa retest yesterday! scored ABBCCD, so i got my silver and i am exempted from 2 extra months of NS! rahh. come to thk of it i can get gold, if i dint walk one whole round on round 5. but i was totally not motivated to run so yeahh. :/

aft that went council room area and stoned and talked to the all rounded loser who wanted me to sing to her. treated me like a jukebox lahh. the songs she dint like she will say: next! sang 安静 which is like a super nice jay song. (:





haha. somehow i have an intense feeling of sadness when i sing this and 搁浅. after that, had an unhealthy dinner of instant noodles and then played carrom with chinghui and he must be really off form coz i actually managed to win him once. aft that we started challenging each other to naming phy equations, haha. many ppl werent amused.

aft that was our final night, which was full of thanks. and then we had to write down our regrets for our council term, before everyone got into the awww mood and started thanking everyone else and exchanged hugs. reached home real late and mum insisted that she should cook a meal for me so i waited for her to cook and then by the time i finished bathing and eating it was 1. and i slept at 2.

dying from lack of sleep. and tmr will be another late night! i think i shld just forget about sch work this week and try to catch up next week. sleepie yawn.

today we got our batch sweaters. my, was it chaotic! haha and aft that we had soccer for pe and was reminded by my pe teacher that he reads my blog. so if mr shah is here again, *waves*. aft that had a phy test. tho it turned out to be open book coz *cough* yeahh he had to go for rugby but then i still dint understand anything abt EM and EMI (i dint do the tuts STILL) and so i dunno how well ill do.

aft that went to help kangya with making boards for senthil, just and ilman. hehhs. guess my art and craft career had not ended still! then the bus arrived and i slept all my way there. anyway, we fought hard for the match but we still lost the gold. it was really sad to see the ruggers crying. who would expect a try to be scored in the last 3 min of the match? ): and we lost hockey girls, and it was yet another close match again. we lost by a penalty kick. -_-"

hehhs. just hope this whole week will be over soon. but i wonder how i will really feel when it all ends. junli was telling me that she felt like she has just broken up. i dont think ill feel that sad, but it just feels weird that im not busy for once! ponders about how life will be like but dozes off to sleep.


consilio et animis
5/17/2006 09:27:00 PM

Time bomb

just had a gruelling session of chem makeup lect on group ii elements. and going for napfa retest later. haha. the 95% confidence interval for my running time must have a really large width. i really dont want to screw up again, but sighh. listening to my mp3 and zhaoyan had kindly let me blog b4 i go for my run. oh yeahh, and hes amused that my gmail interface is japanese.

anw, lots of thoughts have been going thru my mind right now, and it certainly doesnt help that:
1) theres just so little time and i go back so late everyday
2) im lagging behind badly for physics. AND theres a phy class test tmr. AND he koped our civics for it. like seriously. ITTAI. (a new word which i taught est today)
3) those crazy gamers are screaming and shouting like the end of the world in the comp lab.

yeahh. sometimes, i dont know whether i should give up or not, but i dont see any sign or clue. things are just running weirdly. i dont even know whether they are the same anymore. and when you cant even be sure of your the current status of the problem, or if it even exists, how do you go about solving it? haha. when everything's shifting, what matters.

kangya, im sorry for wasting your time talking to me. i guess my head was too thick for you to drive anything constructive through. but to some extent, it does help. sometimes, i just want to give up. but i realise that i would not only have to say sorry to myself, but also to you and all the other people who are always there for me.

i rmb junli asking me why i always look so happy even though i am stressed. many ppl also commented that i am like the most positive person in the world. and now ill tell all of you, its because of you people that im staying positive. and thats how i stay hopeful.

i guess i can describe my current situation as a time bomb. either i solve the problem by deactivating it and live happily ever after, or i run out of time and the time bomb explodes. and everything just comes to an end. and the time is ticking...

playing kelly's 计时炸弹 now.

consilio et animis
5/16/2006 03:25:00 PM

Love Story

haha. sorry to disappoint all of u who thought there would be a love story in this entry. this is 范逸臣's new song - love story. love it loads.





P.S. to kai, your longhubang guess was CORRECT! omg. u shld hav guessed it lahh. $80 lehh. :/

consilio et animis
5/14/2006 03:35:00 PM

Welfairies unite

i thot my career in arts and crafts would have ended with 25th anniversary, but apparently, i was wrong. todayy, i went to school to make mrs chia's bday prezzie - a life size welfairy and a picture book of shoes (haha, in case u dint know, she's crazy over shoes :P)

hehhs. right from the start when wes described the steps to do the welfairy, i knew it was going to be insanely crazy to make. true enough, we faced lots of probs while making it and at some point or other we would be complaining, lyk how difficult it is to create a model out of wire, how the double sided tape sucks etc. and when i get bored, i start making lame comments. heres the WORST joke of the day: hello, is that a halo?

luckily i brought my cam so u all can get to see the process of making a welfairy! unfortunately i dint set the date correctly so the timestamp is wrong. ):

after much hard work, we created a wire sphere, which is the head of the welfairy. though it looked a little deformed... :P

a wire frame of the skirt!

denise arrives and at last we have a girl to help a bunch of guys with craftwork! i swear guys suck at crafts! anw, shes wrapping up the head of the welfairy now...

wes introduces triangulation to stabilise the skirt framework!

a wing of the welfairy done by me!!! A GUY DID THIS!

the skirt is up, with a beautiful ribbon! now the welfairy begins to take shape...

how can fairies not have wands! we created a star shaped wand for the fairy, and denise doesnt seem pleased in this photo for obvious reasons. :P

the welfairy, with eyes, mouth and a veil.

me and the almost-done welfairy (without wings and hands)

yeahh, unfortunately it was alr 7ish and i had to go baq, so i wasnt there when the whole welfairy was completed, but as u can see, it was real hard work, esp since we had mostly guys working on this. once again, GUYS CANT DO CRAFTS! ):

oh yeahh, heres some of the shoes we r giving mrs chia, though we speculated that she would prolly point to the pics in the book and go: ooh, i have this! oh! i have that!

haha. and here are 2 failed attempts to create the word WELFARE! there were more failed attempts, but denise was so sad that she dint want to pose anymore. :P

other things that happened todayy: ccad had their structure building session, where they learnt how to tie knots and build structures. since ccad is so trivial compared to welfare, plus the all rounded loser comes from ccad, ccad only deserves one photo. =p

and then later, chinghui said he saw a dead bird and we decided to take a picture of the murder scene as incriminating evidence. ;) but in view of the wisely show i watched today, maybe it wasnt so good an idea to check out the dead bird. (:

i must say that making the prezzie has been real fun, though i sincerely hope this spells the end of my art and craft career in RJC. :P

consilio et animis
5/13/2006 10:24:00 PM

Weird dream

yayy! public holiday todayy! slept late coz i dint sleep well last night. woke up from a dream, which felt very real, although the dream was just plain crazy. the dream is so real that i can still remember all the details of the dream now. mebbe i shld post it and if some pro dream interpreters can tell me what it means! ;)

basically in the dream, i was with a friend. i just know that its a very close friend, but somehow i just dont know who he/she is. in the dream i just know him/her as a close friend. yeahh. haha. now the crazy part begins. we were attacked by a huge bear, right outside AMK library. i can rmb that place very distinctly even though its at least a year since i visited that place (i now switch to visiting marine parade lib).

in the dream, i owned a car lahh, but then the bear was attacking us right outside my car, so we couldnt get in and escape. i was trying to run from the bear but got knocked down and slashed by the bear. my friend was trying to help me and the bear turned to him/her instead. i then took the opportunity to chiong into the car, and then my friend quickly hopped in too. however, the bear was very smart and held on to the boot of the car, so i was desperately pressing on the accelerator and make the car chiong as fast as possible, but it was moving very slowly coz it was dragged back by the bear. it sounds weird, but i actually thought of motion under variable forces at this moment (driving force minus the drag force introduced by the bear).

back to the story. yeahh, so i was driving my car, dragging a huge bear behind me. as i got onto a road, i saw a truck nearby and drove my car to collide with the truck sideways so the bear got whacked and thrown off a distance. i took this opportunity to drive full speed but the bear recovered very quickly and was hot in pursuit for my car.

after driving at full speed (and aimlessly) for a long time, my friend pointed out that we already lost the bear. but we were at some place which we dint know. my friend recognised his/her friend's house nearby and he/she suggested that we should go there to take a breather. i was quite paranoid that the bear was still around somewhere so i asked my friend to go fast and ill catch up with him/her. so i was surveilling the place, checking out for possible traces for the bear when suddenly the bear appeared again. i quickly dashed for my car, and was about to drive off when the bear smashed the glass window of the car and slashed me and at this point, i woke up with a jolt.

haha. couldnt go back to sleep after that. i remember my heart was beating very quickly and my whole shirt was drenched in sweat, so it must have been a really terrible dream. anw, i find it weird that i can remember the details of the whole adventure but cant rmb who my "friend" was, and also the gender of my friend. cool dream huhh. :P

oh yeahh, jolin's 舞娘 album is out today! i sampled all the songs. got alot of slow songs in this album, which isnt jolin's forte, so the album on the whole is disappointing. 舞娘's great though. and im now addicted to a rock song in her album entitled: Mr. Q. what a cute name rightt. overall i give the album a 6.5/10, coz all the slow songs arent very impressive.

consilio et animis
5/12/2006 12:13:00 PM


Haha. dint blog for the past few days coz i was bz prepping for my concert but at last its over! was still a little tired todayy, but generally quite happy coz concerts over, so its a happy sort of tired, not the dreary sort. :P

yeahh. our concert was a success, ending with a spectacular piece - carmen (my personal fave) and of coz the encore piece, tong hua, was a nice song too. the makeup part wasnt so good thoughh, i had to hairspray my hair and keep it spiked, and i am very sure it spoilt my hair lahh. now it feels waterproof. im serious!

anw, the last few days had not been easy. late night preps, lack of sleep and all. if not for u ppl, i wld not have survived those dreary moments, so heres some word of thanks! really, u ppl make me feel that there are people who care for me even though i feel that at times, i dont really have many close friends to turn to.

kangya! thanx for talking to me at the expense of your chem retest! u r great! (:

est aka MORTAL for boingboing! (: haha. now i feel old coz i own the great grandpa of a series of boingboings? its so cuuute that i dont want to bully it lahh. the eyes alone are cute enuff lahh. thanks for being there for me, even though half the time (or is it 80% of the time?) i keep stuff to myself. haha, mortals cant understand angels' problems.

lian for supporting my concert too, even though i dint support ur performance! and for all the weird and funny comments (and glances) u give. (:

matt for coming down to support my concert, though i suspect u came down coz of kenneth. haha. shant be so bad. yeahh. thanx loads for bringing your camera, without which i really would not have any pictures to keep of such a great concert, and i wont be able to see myself with that disgusting hair coz im def not going to get any icky stuff on my hair ever again.

grace, zhaowei and all those who came down to support harmonix 9! hope u all enjoyed urselves! (:

kenneth for his encouragement even though there were times i felt i would just screw up the piece and embarrass myself.

honloong for feeding me with nice food after seeing the sucky packaged food which the harmockers get for their dinner. and for giving me encouragement and letting me amuse myself for not telling u the answer of a p n c question! (but u solved it anyway!) (:

nat for the nice note and gift!

last but not least, sheenie for not going for my concert! nahh, joking. (: haha. thanks for attempting to make me a bimbo, though im not! thanx for the encouragement u gave, and for so quickly sensing when im alright and when im not. i guess i really cant hide from u lahh, though i wonder how u guessed.

oh yeahh, i guess i must sorta have a disclaimer, haha. if i forgot to mention any of u, im really sorry about that! (: do tell me and ill add an entry for u! (:

wheeee~ so im officially hyper now. haha. shall talk abit abt todayy.

firstly, i self-jacked myself in the lift thanx to the all-rounded loser. ): omgg lahh, just because i own her at hangman, that sore loserrrr.

we dint have gp so math was brought forward and we were dismissed early though we had a gp question to discuss. i was in lian and est's group, so we went lib to discuss. it was supposed to be a 5 min discussion, but we were just stoned and all so in the end lian and i ended up feeding est with random jap words. but she's good. she's picking up lots of jap phrases, which surprises me, like how she knows baka. haha. and inu for dog. (:

oh yeah, and she can rmb the jap writing lohh, like how she quickly spotted the word "hai" which she unfortunately thot was a bad word and kept calling me "hai". heres how she thought that it was a bad word. coz i was telling lian that est is a baka and lian replied with a "hai" and so she thought that "hai" was another bad word. hehhs. actually, "hai" means yes in japanese. (:

yeahh. so that was how we slacked and dint get much work done. but it was still completed in the end lahh, we r responsible ppl. (: then went for mathssoc where we learnt pigeonhole principle. i love combinatorics! (:

你在那里 听不到我呼吸着分离
我走向前你看不见 真的遥远
就连叹息影子听见 也是无言

consilio et animis
5/11/2006 07:31:00 PM

Uncharted grounds

haha. stayed up to watch the general elections last nite. must say that the opposition is really strong this time, and aljunied was like such a close fight lahh. the whole thing ended really late so i slept late and woke up late todayy, but no big deal coz japan hr did not show today anw. hehhs. i thk im really addicted to the jap hr food liao. addicted as in addicted to seeing the oishi food. (: maybe i shld go baq to visit my host family some day @ fukuoka, and shun bian try out all the food + impress them with my new jap skills. (:

oh yeahh. charts today was quite expected, so it came as a surprise why no one managed to guess the top 3. my guess was correct la, just that i dint sms it. if not ill be like $50 richer. congrats to jj 's sarang hae yo 只对你说 for finally making it to the top! acherli i like li hom's 大城小爱 too, so whichever was first wouldnt have mattered!

consilio et animis
5/07/2006 10:49:00 PM


yayy! sats ended today! haha. mebbe its fate or its just my suayness but i got assigned to acjc again. haha. see? my choice is limited by circumstances (hehhs, if u took the sats paper u wld know what i mean) oh yeahh, and did i mention, kamel's invigilating at acjc again. saw him twice le. i was stumped on the critical reading sections again and i conclude that reading is my eternal weakness. ):

now that sats is over, i have harmonix left then... life will be better? (:

oh yeahh. one weird occurence happened to me on fri. i was flipping thru my tutorial, and then i saw this weird compound drawn in my tutorial, beside my own solution. what was freaky was that the compound ALMOST fit all the conditions of the question!

the question was 5b of the tutorial, where we r supposed to identify compound B, C6H10O2, which has singlets with an area ratio of 2:3. anw, the compound that i found drawn in my tutorial is this:

it fits the question right! ratio 2 (the 4 on top) to 3 (the 6 below). just that the question also stated that the relative integral is from left to right, so thats the only condition it dint fit. but its still very freaky nonetheless.

and if u r observant enough, u mite have noticed that it looks like a friendly alien? plus it has hands sticking out, waving at me. so friendly rightt! *waves back* yeahh. now the mystery is to figure out who drew it on my tut.


consilio et animis
5/06/2006 10:56:00 PM

只是爱你也难 恨你也难

haha. was quite dead today. slept dur lects and skipped half of phy S. cant wait for this sat to be over. at least one burden will be off. hehhs. and when im half-dead, my resistance is low, which prolly explains how i got my hand vandalised by est. ): just u wait when i get livelier.

phys pract was exciting for once, with the prospect of burning copper wires, generating sparks and burning your hand. of coz, the boring phy pract worksheet would never have allowed that, but well, we are THINKERS, LEADERS and most importantly, PIONEERS, so we should always be willing to try out new stuff. (:

whee. 2 days more!

天可不可能 变亮

consilio et animis
5/04/2006 07:22:00 PM

May in a glance

Just looked at my timetable for the first 2 weeks of may. i must say its really really really really insane! ): Today is probably the last slack day i have until next wed. the next few days will be intensive pract up till 9ish. which means, since i havent started mugging sats, i have zilch time left. i thk im just going to collapse and die on wed aft the concert, but even if i die then, ill die in pure joy. (:


ive rushed a bit of tuts, hope its enuff to last me for the 2 weeks. but i dint touch phy at all. for some reason, phy and phy s just puts me off now. haha. like ive tons more interest for chem than for phy now, and it used to be the opposite at the start of last year? oh yes. not to forget theres AL FRESCO on wed. hope everything goes well and that evryone will have a nice time eating! (:


go listen to 过敏. its a nice song.

consilio et animis
5/01/2006 10:17:00 PM

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