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saying goodbye is always difficult

its emo time again! ): i knew its coming back just didnt expect it to come so soon! im referring to the end of my stint as a relief tutor in rjc. i remember how sad i felt about leaving my classes on my last day a few months back. due to some unexpected circumstances, i was given another chance to take back my classes and teach them again shortly after my "last day". and ive agreed to stay on till i cover the syllabus for their promotional exams, so i have essentially taught them for an entire school year. never expected myself to do something like that.

and now that im back for a second time, leaving is going to be much harder. for some of my classes, next week will be the last time ill ever see them in class again. i think im going to miss them all alot. and shortly after my last day at RJC, ill be preparing to leave SG and embark on an important leg of my journey. and ill have to bid goodbye to my parents, friends and relatives in SG too ): oh... and also say goodbye to the wonderful SG food! (i still cant cook many dishes decently!)

2 more weeks left in SG! ill make good use of the time and make sure i treasure the last moments with my students, friends and family.

anyway, heres another nice song :D

让我照顾你 - 张芸京

你一个人失了魂 清晨哭到夜深
我不出声 一直等 听你说你心疼
当时好傻 好天真
如果可以 我愿意 这样陪你到永恒

让我照顾你 面对再大的风雨 
也能微笑做自己 像个孩子 躺在我怀里
让我照顾你 在这荒芜世界里
就算有新的剧情 在明天等着你
然而在你最需要的此刻 请让我轻抚你

总有一天会有人 一个懂你的人 
如果可以 我愿意 这样陪你到永恒

让我照顾你 面对再大的风雨
也能微笑做自己 像个孩子 躺在我怀里
让我照顾你 在这荒芜世界里
就算有新的剧情 在明天等着你
然而在你最需要的此刻 请让我照顾你

你看破了虚伪 拆穿爱的假面
後悔曾经为他付出一切 喔~
我会在你身边 当你伤心欲绝
不奢望你涌然泉源 喔~

让我照顾你 面对再大的风雨
也能微笑做自己 像个孩子 躺在我怀里
让我照顾你 在这荒芜世界里
就算有新的剧情 在明天等着你
当你对这世界失去信任 请让我照顾你

consilio et animis
9/20/2009 11:12:00 PM


one of my favourite songs from weilian's new album! i think he has made tremendous improvements to his voice in this album, and he even composed several songs on his own! very impressed by his performance in this album (:

永远的朋友 - 陈伟联

到底是谁 害你这么想

我很想给 你却不要

却听见你说 情人比不上朋友


on a side note, Singapore Hit Award voting has opened! If you are a c-pop enthusiast, head over to this link to vote for your favourite singers:

my votes for the various categories are:

最受欢迎男歌手 - 周杰伦
最受欢迎女歌手 - 陈绮贞
最受欢迎新人 - 梁文音
最受欢迎团体 - 五月天

quite a tough decision for the female singer category though, cos there were many nice albums by female singers in the past yr. in the end i chose cheer chen because i thought she made a breakthrough in her latest album, by striking a nice balance between commercialising her songs so that they are more well-received, and maintaining her personal feng ge (: all the best to all the nominees of SHA 09, though im pretty sure it will be another 分猪肉 ceremony :/

consilio et animis
9/09/2009 10:51:00 PM

Happy Teachers' Day!

my blog had been terribly dead for a while, and it's time i post another entry (: anyway, today's teachers' day, and it is a different experience for me this year, as it is the first and last time i am celebrating it as a teacher.

for once, im both on the giving and receiving end of the gifts. since im working back at rj, i could conveniently give all my teachers a teachers' day gift (: it was a pleasant surprise to some of my tutors, except cheekie, who, as usual, said something hou lian pi like: "oh, don't need to get me a present, just get my bank account number and go to the ATM downstairs to transfer some money into my account."

the teachers' day celebration was quite nicely done, and i helped ms ong and the 29ths council with some of the preparations the day earlier so i got a mini sneak preview haha. after the celebrations, some of the teachers went to the staff lounge to sing on the karaoke system, and i joined in the fun. it was certainly an interesting experience to sing in the staff lounge with my teachers.

sat and sun were quite crazy for me. on sat, i went to the cambridge freshers' chalet, where we played several icebreaker games and got to know each other. after that, we played a variety of games like saboteur, random card games and mahjong. a number of them even stayed up throughout the night. i eventually conked out and fell asleep at around 3+ to 4 in the morning.

the next day, after leaving the chalet, i went home to get a quick shower and rushed down to kwanie's BLING birthday party @ kbox. it was the first time i kboxed with so many people + strangers (: but it was fun, and the birthday cake was good. given that im a non-cake lover, it means that the cake was really awesome :D after that, sheenie's parents were rly nice and gave me a lift back to bishan where i had my dinner and then went home to catch up on my sleep.

today, i had to wake up at an ungodly time of 5.45 AM, so that i could rush down to the uk visa application centre to get my application done. i reached there at around 6.55 AM, and CAN YOU IMAGINE there was a queue outside already! and the application centre actually opens only at 8am. i was the 9th person, and after i arrived, more and more people started queueing up behind me. by the time the centre opened at 8, there were around 30 people queueing outside already, so good luck to anyone who arrives promptly when the centre opens. thanks to the advice of my friends, i was cleared very quickly and was done by around 10.30. im so glad i sacrificed a little bit of my sleep and saved up on so much waiting time at the application centre :D

on to cpop songs... soda green is releasing their 2nd album of the year! (not surprising, since they already said they are releasing 4 albums in 2 years, which will be named after the seasons of the year) anyway, following their first album, 春.日光, they are now releasing the 2nd album called 夏.狂热. im really impressed at how they managed to come up with so many songs to be able to release 4 albums in 2 years, and how the songs are organised in the albums according to their themes. so the first album contained many warm songs, whereas in 夏.狂热,the songs are all very lively and rock-ish. i really love their first hit, 狂热 (:

during this time, i also sampled a few older albums which i havent had the chance to sample, and found this nice song in 徐佳莹's album, which i would like to recommend. 词曲 both written by 徐佳莹 (:

一样的月光 - 徐佳莹

倔强的表情 就这样隔离了
我们想触摸的脸庞 不在体贴退让
沉默的对话 就这样取代了
我们想聆听的愿望 不在交换悲伤


喔~ 一样的月光
喔~ 就这样吧 我的爱

自由的路况 就这样阻挡了
我们想加速的逃亡 不在戒慎坚强
独处的时光 就这样取代了
我们向搜集的拥抱 不在殷切需要


喔~ 一样的月光
喔~ 就这样吧 我的爱

都是提醒我 失去他声音
喔~ 一样的月光
喔~ 能回来吗 我的爱

consilio et animis
9/01/2009 04:56:00 PM

Rock 'n Roll

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