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hubble constant

Went for cambridge interviews this morning. Met ahfoo in sch hahas, along with many other ppl, including julia yet again. OK at least i rmb her this time haha ;) Got back the same interviewer hahas. Was quite nervous at the start cos this time round i had to solve some question related to hubble constant which i knew nothing about. I was quite stumped by the first few questions but it generally got better so i think i did better than last yr (: then the interviewer started telling me about how close fitz is to the maths dept, and started describing the area ard the math dept like really graphically hahas. nvm i shall go there and see for myself LOL (: hopefully ill get the chance to lah!

tried to find some of my teachers after interview but couldnt find any! went over to the lib to borrow some books after that then headed home and watched mvs of recent songs. (: hahas qiang qiang looks super ugly loh! speaking of the song qiang qiang, my frens keep singing it to me now for obvious reasons. qiang qiang, ni yao ji de wo. LOL

consilio et animis
10/30/2007 09:21:00 PM


went for cambridge written tests ytd @ HC. this yrs paper was alot easier than last yr's so i acherli felt confident when i walked out of the exam hall (: mebbe its also becos i dun hav As like 3 days later, unlike many of the other j2s who were sitting for the test tgt with me ytd. met hc and some of my juniors there too. ZOMG almost cldnt recognise some of them hahas. like julia came up and said hi to me and i was like: errr. sry i cant rmb u.

ok. now for the big news! jay's 2nd hit is OUT! its DAMN NICE OK! (: its called cai hong! been playing it alot and i thk its great! u can ask me to send u if u see me online

看不见你的笑 我怎么睡得着

consilio et animis
10/28/2007 09:41:00 AM

learning the ropes

got new rps this week (: hahas. great bunch of guys! looking forward to working with them over the next yr. and finally i c more ppl whose ord dates are later than mine ;) *evil laugh* then again. i am not rly in position to laugh yet cos i have like 1 yr ++++ to go ):

met beow dur life run today. he got posted to AHQ in the end lol. and he brought over some photos which ATI still owed me for a long long time hahas. havent collected frm him yet but i suppose i shd hav more opportunities to meet him over the next few days ba. anw i acherli look fwd to life runs not onli becos i get to train myself but also becos i get to catch up with my old course mates and find out how their instructor / admin spec lives are like hahas. then we will compare who got luckier and stuff like tt.

anw, i just realised i dint take any photos @ pizza hut last fri with my classmates and it will be a while b4 we will gather again. nvm mebbe we will all visit cheekie's house this christmas and get him to show us ethan :P so long alr still havent show us his baby. must c how cute the baby is alr! ;) hehhs or mebbe hes still afraid we will terrorize his baby.

speaking of babies, harry showed us his nephews baby video. hahas its so cute la. the way the baby cringes his face and cries. hahas :P makes u feel like u want to hong3 the baby. but all babies are cute i guess. hints at poohbabie. how have u been (: (: (:

been prepping for my cambridge written paper this sat and interview next tues ): hopefully ill be able to ace both of it and secure a place in the uni of my choice (: then again, ive been out of touch with maths for so long im rly afraid i mite just blank out when i sit in for such a long maths paper. i shd make use of the last few days to brush up on my proficiency in maths :/

consilio et animis
10/24/2007 09:18:00 PM


been a busy weekend and didnt have time to blog ): heres a quick update about this week b4 i go to sleep, cos i have to wake up rly early tmr to do bus checks.

anw, i continued learning all the important aspects of the duties of an RP spec. and the first nasty surprise came - we will have to do AOS duties (which is basically the admin i/c of HQ of the day). while it is not a tough job, it is rly bad when our AOS duty falls on a sat/sun. being newcomers, we got bullied and detailed to do several weekend/pub holiday AOS duties ): hahas. this is one of the prices to pay for an RP spec.

up till now, RP work is still quite interesting to me. at peak periods, it can get rly busy and u have to work rly fast. sometimes, u may even meet uncooperative ppl, or ppl who will piss u off. i was exceptionally pissed with this guy on friday hahas. but its quite inappropriate to talk about it here.

on fri morning, i decided to go for life run so that i wont be so "nua" (lazy) inside the guardroom. It was a 5.2km run. averaged at 5km/h for the run, so it was quite a satisfying run for me :D in the evening, i was supposed to meet my classmates for dinner but got held up cos the weekend guard comms were all newbies and wasnt sure of how to take over and stuff. rushed down from CCK to bishan anw, and upon reaching bishan mrt, i asked kenneth where the lot of them were, and he told me: pizza hut.

my first reaction was: since when does j8 have a pizza hut? now, ive been going to j8 like at least once a fortnight so i was quite surprised when i learnt that there is indeed a pizza hut outlet in j8 now. hahas. at least its beside swensens, and i dont usually roam to that area. had pizzas with the rest of my classmates: est, alvin, qiaoli, weijia. zhaowei and lian joined in later too (: was great meeting them, after not seeing them for such a long time! anw the service there was rly terrible cos we had to wait ages for our soup. then after like 20min or so, they served us our drinks and we had to wait another 20 min or so before our pizzas arrived. like zomg rite ): kenneth alvin est and zhaowei had to rush for the movie so we cldnt enjoy our pizzas slowly :/

on sat, had lessons with my tutee then went to had my lens changed cos they were terribly scratched after an MG whacked my specs in taiwan. had to roam ard bras basah without specs for half an hour or so. went to popular to buy some stuff and then went to check out albums. aft tt went to collect my specs (which look so clear now!), and headed home. later in the evening, my grandma and aunt decided to drop by since my cousin was learning music in a music sch sumwhere near my hse.

after that, i finally got to spend some quality time on the comp. hahas. decided to listen to the secret OST. (: turned out to be rly nice. i love the si shou lian tan, the secret, and qing ren de yan lei! speaking of qing ren de yan lei, listening to tt song reminds me of what the contractor told me on fri. basically a fresh coat of paint was given to the guard room on the fri. then the contractor had to paint the ceiling and asked me to get out of the way. then he said something like, later the paint will drip down like qing ren de yan lei. hahas wad a funny analogy. :P

kk back to the secret OST. its so great i even forgo listening to all my CPOP songs! hehhs. looks like classical music does provide a fresh change from my usual routine of cpopping (:

consilio et animis
10/21/2007 10:41:00 PM


havent had a chance to blog about last week cos i was bz over the weekends having sessions of tuition with my tutee! The big 'A's are really round the corner, and ive been doing lots of prac qns so that i can explain the qns to my tutee. u mite think im crazy, but i rly miss the feeling of prepping for As, staying in the lib going thru tys, and doing prac papers! :P

last week was quite depressing. had to wake up to do SOC evry morning, in a last bid to pass SOC so that i can get my rank. however, after much training and many attempts, i still failed. as a result, i didnt get to participate in the parade. had to watch my course mates pass out in the parade and getting promoted and all. ): after slogging 19 weeks, it seems that all had amounted to nothing.

but at least i had a consolation. a huge consolation in fact - im posted to be an RP spec. ie ill get to sit in the air conditioned guard room for the whole day. hehhs. this is like my dream job in army. zomgz. :P

anw on to songs, i heard 2 nice cheery songs this week. the 1st is jay chou's niu zai hen mang. which is veri diff frm his usual style. its like banjo-themed and the lyrics r rly cute. :D didnt expect a song with such a lame song title to be that nice! the next one is guo mei mei's wo de da ling. another nice and cute song :D hahas. addicted to both rite now. replaying these 2 songs tgt with rainie's ren yi men alot. cutie songs wan sui :P

consilio et animis
10/15/2007 09:37:00 PM

jay chou on the run

been quite bz these few days prepping stuff for my tutee and having lessons with him, hoping to do some last minute wonders for him (: anw, my tutee was quite sweet cos he acherli prepared a tchers day gift for me. i missed getting it cos i was already in taiwan on tchers day. its rly belated by now but still, its nice to receive my first teachers day gift :D

charts today had like major changes, and was packed with surprises. there were 4 new songs, including some of my fave songs like ah du's cha yi dian, tanya's dang ni li kai wo de shi hou AND rainie's REN YI MEN :D shui ba ren yi men jie gei wo~ the biggest surprise was jj's xi jie, which had been previously doing very well, dropping out of the charts from POSITION 7 ): booo it was quite a pity cos xi jie cld almost score as a jing qu this yr!

i made a mini tabulation of the points which each song this yr chalked up thus far, and came up with the top 10 jing qu list at the moment:

#1: wo huai nian de (212 points)
#2: zhuan shu tian shi (204 points)
#3: bu neng shuo de mi mi (185 points)
#4: ai qing zhuan yi (181 points)
#5: 3 7 20 1 (178 points)
#6: xi jie (173 points)
#7: ai dao (167 points)
#8: chun tian de wei xiao (162 points)
#9: zai ni sheng bian (159 points)
#10: gu ji gu ji (156 points)

hopefully we will see a jolin song and another jay chou song inside. speaking of jay chou, his new album is predicted to be released on nov 2 and it is titled wo hen mang! like zomg. wad kind of lame album name is tt. plus he openly proclaimed tt he onli spent a mth on this album. which sorta makes me kinda disappointed that jay chou isnt treating music as seriously as he used to. haha. his first hit is apparently niu zai hen mang (cowboys are busy), featuring a song on cowboys. shd be able to hear it on 933 nxt week or the week after. haha dunno y but im feeling skeptical abt this album o_O

P.S. jay chou looks quite gross in cowboy attire

consilio et animis
10/07/2007 08:31:00 PM


booked out on thur for a long weekend. quite a pathetic repayment for the long trip, but better than nothing hahas. finally had time to check out on blogs. was reading datoufen's blog and realised that the story had fastforwarded to the time when datoufen is working alr. zomgg. had lots of entries to read lohh ): i also watched jolin's te wu J movie which is quite cliche but cool cos it manages to put in all the new songs in the 1 hr movie. however, i srsly recommend the movie to jolin fans ONLY.

went sch again on fri to hand cheekie his prezzie. found out to my surprise that it was

the sch was quite bz when i arrived. lots of ppl at the different stalls and the performers at the amphi were getting ready to put up their performance. met beow on my way to the staff room. tried to look for cheekie but found out that he left home early. ran into ms wang and mdm teng instead and had a short chat with them, then went to watch the performance. the wushu club's performance had SHE's zhong guo hua as the bg music, which reminded me how long i hadnt listened to that song alr hahas. then all the other ccas started showcasing their ccas. gym had an extra long performance showcasing lots of stunts hahas.

aft the performance, the visitors were supposed to roam around to check out the displays lined up for them but instead they started leaving in large nos so the sch pretty much cleared out quite quickly. meanwhile, while roaming ard sch, i was pestered to buy chari-tea for charity, cotton candy and muffins :X so i was quite stuffed by the time i left sch to meet est for dinner.

had dinner at swensens cos i was craving for baked chicken rice. *drools over the lovely cheese* but unfortunately both of us were quite stuffed so we cldnt finish all the nice food we ordered. i ate my sticky chewy choc too slowly so it melted into some gooey mess in the end hahas. gave est her prezzie which was a pink dolphin haha. the dolphin's supposedly a guy tho cos the pink ppl ard est were mainly guys hahas.

aft tt, went to my grandma's hse to continue giving soft toys to my other cousins. hehhs. just fyi, i went on a plushie craze in taiwan and went to hug and pat all the nice plushies i saw LOL. and my frens wld all roll their eyes hahas. visited many other relatives' houses in the end, just to show them that i was safe and sound, back in singapore :P hahas. and the first thing which evry1 wld say is tt i had become darker and skinnier. eeeks ):

consilio et animis
10/06/2007 03:35:00 PM


my blog seemed so alien to me i almost cldnt start blogging. i havent seen my blog for a month or so alr ): and the songs on my blog are like disgustingly old and needed some good updating. hahas. anw, yeahh. i was away for over a month in taiwan. it was quite a terrible trip especially cos i met up with typhoons along the wayy haha. plus the weather cld be disgustingly hot at times. ZOMG ): thank god im back from tt dreaded place, but im afraid i cant say much more about my trip le.

anw, i came back on oct 2. aft some sleep, the first thing i did was to check out the 10 albums i missed, in this order:
#1: Jolin
#2: FIR
#3: Chen Wei Lian
#4: Fan Wei Qi
#5: Ah Du
#6: Rainie
#7: Pan Wei Bo
#8: Kelly Poon
#9: Shi Xin Hui
#10: Zhang Feng Qi

zomg. i was like shocked when i found out tt a spam of albums were released in sept while i was away. on sept 28 alone, at least 3 albums were released loh. hahas. bet evry1 is trying to avoid releasing @ the same time as jay chou :P

anw, jolin's album is actually quite ok, contrary to what ppl around me tell me. this is mainly becos the hits this time are not exactly the nicest songs in the album. listen to these recommendations: yi ge ren, fei mai pin, tao hua yuan, let's move it and re-rate the album again (: haha let's move it is quite a cool song cos its a song about newtons laws (even tho it mixes up 2 of the laws LOL)

FIR managed to maintain their standard set frm the previous album. but no tu1 po4 in any way, except mebbe a duet ): still, their rock-styled shu qing songs still rock. haha forgive me for the pun.

rainie continues to become some super act cute cyndi-wannabe in this new album. hahas. u hear less of her ai mei and li xiang qing ren kind of shu qing songs, and more of her cute songs in this album. still, im pretty satisfied with the cute songs, especially my fave song of the album - ren yi men, which est correctly guessed :P

ah du's album surpasses my expectations this time. and my fave song frm all the albums is acherli ah du's cha yi dian. mebbe its becos i didnt hav much expectations in ah du's album to start off with...

anw, i also made a trip to sch on oct 2, cos i missed sch so much hahas. aft unpacking all the stuff i bought, i went online for a while. met sheenie (: BOOOOO! fishie misses sheenie and poohbabie ): no more star waves and late nite chats le ):

aft tt, i had to start packing my camp bag. i acherli had to book in back to camp less than 24 hrs aft touching down ): that sucked totally, but i decided to copy all the albums into my album to listen in camp, so that i wont be in such a complain-y mood.

P.S. just realised yang chen lin's ren yi men exactly described the weather in taiwan which i just mentioned



consilio et animis
10/06/2007 03:20:00 PM

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