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Ang 5.0

had AOS duty on sundayy. was bored to death being cooped up in a room on sunday. ended up challenging DO to flash games on orisinal hahas.

played this very cute game called winterbells. http://www.ferryhalim.com/orisinal/g3/bells.htm where the rabbit has to leap from one bell to a next higher bell and climbs higher and higher up the sky. if u miss a bell however, the poor rabbit will drop from the height it was at. cos both of us were quite n00b, our poor rabbits probably broke all its bones by the time we decided we should stop playing alr. then ordered pizza and watched batman begins.

that night i had a very weird dream. in the dream, i was like 2 weeks or so away from As, and i still havent mugged for my japanese paper (which doesnt make sense since i dont take jap A level anw). to make matters worse, i lost my jap textbook and i was looking frantically for it in my dreams while getting scolded by my parents. ive never had dreams of A levels for like over a year alr. in fact, during the As period i dont think i even dreamt of As. so i find it strange to have such a dream.

anw new MP specs have arrived at our guardroom on mon so now i probably will have less AOS duties to do :D *cheers*

and updates on angela's new album is finally out! the album will be released on DEC 14! (: the album, entitled ang 5.0, features 5 different images of angela, which are 5 As: attractive, action, athena, arena, ace. :D angela keeps a much longer hair this time in her new album cover, and apparently she dresses up as a greek goddess inside the album too :D wonders if she will sing some greek goddess song like yue gui nv sheng :P *awaits ang 5.0 with much excitement*

consilio et animis
11/28/2007 09:27:00 PM

staying in

checked the mrt tracks on thurs but was unable to find my wallet. no calls regarding my wallet either, so i guess its rly gone forever le ):

stayed in with yf and hongrui on thurs. decided to go gym together. there was one treadmill which was quite hard to use and i decided to choose a program on it. the speed was quite slow so i decided to change it abit but i couldnt seem to change my preset max speed. so i was playing around abit then suddenly i managed to change the speed from the original max of 4 to 56. the treadmill started running like crazy and i was like clinging onto the bar at that instant cos i was abit shocked. it was so malu lah hahas. but stopped it anw hahas.

then went to train on the chinup machine and some rowing equipment. then did 1000 strides on the strides machine before going to the bicycle machine. sat there to watch tv acherli. then i rmbed there was deal or no deal featuring fiona xie, so i switched to ch5. haha. within 15 minutes there was like a whole crowd of ppl gathering behind us loh. fiona was so act cute lah, and she only won $250 which is quite noob. lol.

after that went to bunk and hongrui warned me that i am not allowed to sleep early or else he might camo my face or sthg. hahas. so stayed up to watch the chu guo VS han guo show (haha my ancesters :P) then went to sleep anw. apparently hongrui and yf tried to disturb me aft that but i thk i was too tired to feel anything.

on fri, ronn brought the rps to train soc tgt with me. hahas. was breathless aft low ramp as usual. so i was acherli glad the test was cancelled so i could buy more training time.

anw today i watched a bit of dou niu. :D hebe looks so cute playing bball in a dress with heels, VS he jun xiang in a suit. LOL. and this was what hebe said at the start of the show:

突破你 超截你 穿越你

which i found quite interesting.

anw i realised my appetite has decreased quite a bit recently le. recently there had been a few times i get this wretched feeling when i see food. :/ mebbe i havent been exercising that much thats why i dont feel like eating as much as b4 le.

consilio et animis
11/24/2007 03:21:00 PM

suayness continues

haha wenwei read my horoscopes frm papers today and said that a red token/item will bring me good luck at the end of the month. bleah im seriously in need of luck. today, i went to PLC with ronn and darren to get some stuff printed at the printing centre. we went to pass office to chg pass and told the counter RP that we were going to printing centre. He then pointed to a big fat sign which said "PRINTING CENTRE IS CLOSED ON 21 Nov 07". Of all days, we chose to go printing centre today and it had to be closed on this EXACT day. if it was say a period of time, we wont feel so suay. but its onli closed on ONE day and tts the day we r visiting it.

when i went back, bro was still not back. apparently he went kayaking w his frens. hahas. then came back super late for dinner. wahh dint knw hes so into kayaking lol.

aft dinner, chcked my old hp and to my dismay, noone has called. day 2 since i lost wallet le. tmr i shall go chck the train tracks to see if i had accidentally dropped it in there. :/ if theres still no news aft tmr, guess ill nv see it again le.

consilio et animis
11/21/2007 09:42:00 PM

unlucky day

Today must be my most unlucky day EVER. Woke up early to get to camp, and was feeling veri sleepie so i fell asleep on the train ride. When I woke up, I realised I was at Bukit Gombak station already and the door was about to close so I made a dash out and went to take the ride back to CCK. After alighting the train, I reached the control station and reached for my wallet and WTH its not there! I probably dropped it on my train ride since I love to hold my wallet on the train instead of putting it in my pockets, and I distinctly rmbed that I did not run out with anything in my hands, so it should have been dropped on the train I took to gombak.

I freaked out and dashed over to the control station to ask for help, but they said they cldn't do much because they don't know the train number. like omg? i could tell them that it was 2 trains ago loh. they said they had to ring up all the stations to help me chck if there is a report on a found wallet, so they asked me to write details of my wallet down, and will get back to me when they find the wallet.

ok thats not the best part. feeling like super suay, i went to take the bus to camp. and upon reaching camp, i realised something. i gave the CCK control station my OLD hp no! i quickly called back home to ask my mum to switch on my hp (i didnt want to let my parents knw abt this at first so as to save myself from a screwing session). then i rushed to AHQ to try to find the CCK control station number online, but GUESS WHAT! the i-NET crashed and i had no access to the net. i was feeling super panicky, until damien helped me obtain the no thru the yellow pages hotline hahas. i quickly called CCK control station to update them on my hp no, and chck on any updates on my wallet but they said that they have yet to receive any reports.

bleah. so many misfortunes have happened on me in such a short span of time today, i really got to believe in something called bad luck. bleah. and i really need to learn to keep calm when things do not turn out fine. but anyway, i pray that nothing worse will happen to me later, for the day isn't over. yet.

consilio et animis
11/20/2007 11:17:00 AM

long weekend

took 2 days leave and enjoyed a 2-day break (: supposed to make me more recharged but i have a feeling im more sleepie after this long weekend hahas. i guess its inertia at work.

anw thur dint start out well at all. for some reason the sky was super hazy when i woke up and i rly felt like i was choking. i thought it was the haze but read in fri papers that it was because of some changes in wind direction. :/ ok. then aft that during lunch, i was bringing a bowl of rice to the dining table when my dad suddenly swung his arm and knocked the bowl off my hands and the bowl smashed onto the floor. The broken bits were mixed together with the rice so it was no longer possible to salvage the rice. ): bleah so suay rite.

on fri, mum asked me to run with my bro. haha hes quite cmi lah. started walking after 1 and a half rounds loh. aft that he said he was unconditioned. hmph. aft breakfast, i started work on my berkeley essays. later in the evening, i was happy to receive an informal letter of acceptance frm imperial and a letter of acceptance from warwick :D haha now waiting for the big prize le (: *wishes that jan 08 will come faster*

today morn, my dad brought me to thomson plaza to open a MySavings account which has quite high interest rates and gives a Kenneth Cole watch as a free gift. im personally not attracted by the watch la but i thk my dad likes it. hahas. they shd like giv the new credit card sized zen instead loh :P

in the evening, i crystal jaded tgt with my relatives at toa payoh. hahas. we chose a set meal and it started off good but the last few dishes were quite disgusting so it sorta spoilt the whole dining experience. the roast meat, soup, tilapia and prawns were the opening dishes. but aft tt came the century egg dish and i was like. EEEW i totally hate century eggs. bleah. then there was the super soggy version of fried rice. which turned me off completely. and the roast pork ribs were super salty. and the worst thing was, my relatives kept insisting that i shd eat more food. ):

oh yeahh. over dinner, my aunt kept pointing out how i cannot hold my chopsticks properly hahas. made me feel so paiseh and can kui :X and my cousin kept asking me about army life. hes like super interested to find out about the guns i used and the creepy crawlies i encountered b4. lol. then after that he started drawing pics of my family haha. the pics were soo funny i just kept laughing all the way :P

on the way back i saw the kbox centre and rmbed the visits our class had made there. wonder when ill go there again? having kboxed for a while le.

consilio et animis
11/17/2007 11:27:00 PM

C'est La Vie

v13: 1%

spent my deepavali hol in the complex doing duty ): the complex was unusually quiet and there were onli 3 ppl ard so it was quite freaky at night. cos the complex is super empty, and the top few levels have long dark walkways. plus sometime at night the dogs will start barking for no apparent reason :/

the duty itself was rather relaxed. managed to go online and chat with ppl while i was free (: was surprised tt many ppl were acherli awake early in the morning on a public hol. talked to cj too on the first civilian day. haha. felt weird giving him lots of advice frm a theoretical pt of view cos i hav like zero experience with the stuff i was talking to him abt. but still haha. all the best with ur civilian life (: haha miss you......r car rides :P sounds like wad xiaoyu does in the secret?

anw. recently ive been seeing alot of "ORD loh" in MSN nicks. whens my turn? ):

heard liang jing ru's new album. its so so onli ba. i like 101 a lot though. that song is super catchy even kai agrees after i sent him the song (: sheng ming zhong bu ke cheng shou de qing rox too. these 2 songs make chong bai pale in comparison hahas. anw chong bai MV also quite dumb, unless there is some hidden meaning inside which i dont get. it features fish singing to the wall thruout the whole mv? like srsly? :S

anw todays charts was crazy. theres lots of sharp jumps and drops, making the chart rly unpredictable. 5 songs dropped out of the top 10 charts today.

qiang qiang dropped from 10 to 18 ): booo poor qiang qiang! te wu j dropped from 8 to 16 ): i love you dropped from 6 to 14. wan ku dropped from 7 to 13. yue ya wan dropped from 5 to 11.


tian sheng fan gu rose from 14 to 5. wo bu shi f4 rose from 19 to 10. yi ge ren rose from 13 to 6.

li jiu zhe's xiang tai duo also got up today. quite sad that jocie's wo de da ling still not up yet ): such a cute songgg! i want to hear it on the charts ^^

lastly, i realised i have been using this same blog template for a long time le. its almost time to get a facelift (: haha. i shall start work on it. ive got the idea le. and the blog shall hav a light background. im thinking of white atm. (: the blog theme is in chinese this time hahas. stay tuned for more updates!

all i wanna do is find a way back into love

consilio et animis
11/11/2007 08:55:00 PM

happy birthday


have a memorable sweet 19th!

consilio et animis
11/11/2007 08:29:00 AM


some of my fellow RPs have started calling me lu xiao yu as if im rly gui lun mei loh. HAHA srsly i watched the movie THRICE b4 and looked at gui lun meis photos and i dun find anything similar. then the way they say it is like there are some scenes where they think im inside the movie :S well. too bad i dun hav asthma and i cant play the piano well haha. and i dont like qing ren de yen lei.

anw ran SOC today and achieved quite a miserable timing. haha. cos im like super unconditioned. then had to run again and again and i was super out of breath ): then the encik suanned me say thats the result of staying in aircon room for too long hmph :/ i think i need more training on my own so i wont sia suay myself again when i go for trg hahas.

consilio et animis
11/06/2007 10:45:00 PM


heard jays latest album earlier this week! (in fact, 2 days before the album was released cos apparently the album got leaked) ke ting du of the album is quite high, but sadly there arent any songs with super nice lyrics ): several songs in this album are distinctly familiar cos they are cha qus in the secret movie. this is prolly how the busy cowboy managed to come up with a new album in 1 month. im not saying those songs arent nice - in fact, i like all the songs which re-created from secret cha qus - but i realised this just reconfirms jays ability to make good use of his "standard formula". true, i feel a bit cheated, but at the end of the day, im still in love with those songs. so i guess ill continue to fall prey to jay's standard formula (:

recommended shu qing songs in the album are zui chang de dian ying (personal fave), pu gong ying de yue ding, cai hong. recommended fast songs are: niu zai hen mang and wu shuang :D

on the same day jay released his album, SODA GREEN also released their 2nd album! their first hit is great and i like how the zhu chang plays with his voice in both xiao qing ge and this first hit (wu yi lun bi de mei li), so if you arent as busy as jay, you might want to consider checking out soda green's new song. 怎么说他们也是跟五月天一起拿下最佳乐团奖项的 wo~ *coughs*

on to charts today. the top 3 from last week totally changed and there was a new set of 3 songs replacing them. quite disappointing cos i expected yue ya wan to clinch 1st today ): anw, no 1 is bu hui ai by FLH! yayy :D well done for beating jay and rainie! they managed to rise from position 9 to 1 which was rly impressive! ren yi men rose from 6th to 2nd position while jays niu zai hen mang rose from 10th place to 3rd. close one eye also can tell which song will be 1st nxt week hahas. but i want ren yi men to get 1st at least once! its such a nice and cute song hahas :D

oh yah later in the aft i malu-ed damn badly cos my mums fren came to visit. and she seriously looks like a guy OK! like really lah. so i called her uncle and it was damn malu cos my mum was like: its auntie lah, wad uncle. then u can imagine me instantly turning red loh. ): AHHHH! i still feel so malu OK! *goes to hide*

P.S. as im typing now, energy is performing their tian shi fan gu on cai hua. and their performance is zomggishly impressive with their cool dance moves. plus they nv missed a note at all :o

consilio et animis
11/04/2007 09:06:00 PM

Rock 'n Roll

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