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fattening up

GUESS WHAT. OMG. i woke up at 0530 today. guess my body clock is messed up already. but thankfully i could still fall asleep again aft that. but i was feeling rly hungry. cos thats about the time we have brekkie.

finally got to listen to longhubang todayy (: and wheeee @ wei ai er sheng getting first! (: extremely satisfied with chart results today, except mebbe the crash of nuan nuan which was quite sadd. surprisingly huang jin jia dropped out without even getting first.

amidst longhubang i went out with my parents to eat my fave roast duck. haha. guess what i did so as to not miss the longhubang? i recorded the longhubang on my zen and later transferred to my comp to listen. hardcore liao haha ;) roast duckie was good since i dun get to eat much duck in tekong cos apparently 1 duck = 3 chicken.

aft that went to army market. fell asleep on dads car. afternoon naps are good but i guess i wont be enjoying them anytime soon alr. sssleepie is good at making me sleepie (: aft buying the stuff i went to shop for snacks and energy bars before heading home to do a massive bag packing. i rly hate that disgustingly huge duffel back. imagine having to lug it back later. now im awaiting dinner and aft this it will be back to tekong with their odd tasting water and mud again. and i will miss the hot baths i had had these 2 days. ): at least dinner will be good - abalone and mushroom soup (: i need to fatten up (:


consilio et animis
1/28/2007 04:52:00 PM


BOOKOUT BOOKOUT DAY~! yayyy (: my first official bookout. then again. come to think of it. ill be back on that island tomorrow. ): okk. i shall spend my time todayy well. (: k. once again i must remind myself to watch what i say lest i get confined. okk. the 2 weeks hasnt been that tough yet, except our sessions with jackson. *gasp*

haha. anw, im in hawk company and theres rly alot of rj ppl in there. tgt with alot of hc ppl. other companies know hawk as the rj company. lol. my bunk mates have been veri nice people and i believe we can count on each other to overcome the challenges to come. (: anw i was collating the contact list this aft and i found out someone in my bunk has the same bday as me AND that someone's bday is on feb 29! :o

okk. on to some stuff about life in there. as kai mentioned in his blog, vocab there is rly limited. haha. other than some foul language, the other most commonly used word is outstanding. haha. food there is really outstanding and i managed to find an outstanding cpop group and we will start singing chi songs whenever we r bored. mebbe ill train up my singing skills in army and can show off during kbox sessions. haha. ppl want me to try rapping ben cao gang mu. lol. but seriously. i realised how deprived i can get without cpop. whenever theres a chance ill rush to the annex to turn on the radio and listen to the radio, or run over to wenwei's bunk to listen to his radio. CPOP! i felt so outdated lah.

we finally cleared our rifle sessions yesterday. seriously speaking. i was a little nervous firing the rifle. cos i realised what i am firing can actually have the potential to kill. :o its just. so scary lah. seriously. and the rifle bangs are super loud. ):

so ended our 2 week adjustment period. after this week, when we go in tmr, we are in for a tough time. :/ booked out early this morning and headed home where my cuties wereee (: cuties do a wave to sheenie cos they are staying over at my place for tonite (: aft unpacking my stuff, i was hoping to catch some sleep but ended up hooked on the comp listening to cao ge and tank's new albums. heres my ratings for tank's new album songs:

#1: 反恐小组
Rating: 7/10

#2: 街头霸王
Rating: 8/10

#3: 延长比赛
Rating: 7.5/10

#4: 非你莫属
Rating: 8.5/10

#5: 岚
Rating: 7/10

#6: 第二次初恋
Rating: 5.5/10

#7: 晴天雨
Rating: 6.5/10

#8: 专属天使
Rating: 9.5/10

#9: 城里的月光
Rating: 7.5/10

#10: 最后微笑
Rating: 6/10

#11: Dear Tank
Rating: 6.5/10

basically tank's new album reminds me of jay chou in several ways. haha. mebbe its too much r and b alr. okk. i have to go off to my grandma's place alr. ill continue blogging mebbe later or tmr morning, but tmr i have to go army market. ): sians. ):

consilio et animis
1/27/2007 06:10:00 PM


HELLLLOOOO all! im backkk! (: haha. i have like super little time to blog and i cant say much in case i mess up and say some military secret and get confined then ill be very sad. sheenie! (: fishie misses war and beauty!!! ): hugging my cuties now. awww (:

anywayy i went toilet and for the first time i could pass motion. haha. yeah i couldnt shit for the past 6 days for some weird reason. just ate ice cream. awww. my bunk mates wld be jealous. then im like charging lots of hps for my bunk mates now. omg its going on overload.

thanks to est and sheenie for bumping my blog. DARN i have not enough time left to finish blogging. shall do a major update on my proper bookout then. haha guess wad im like the onli one in my bunk who uses darn and omg instead of the f word.

consilio et animis
1/19/2007 02:55:00 PM

looking forward

my last post before army. sobs. after this ill be sent into zi jin cheng alr. haha. stop me from my war and beauty craze please. evrything im thinking now ill associate with it. ):

xinyi! thanks for the war and beauty dvds AND getting me hooked. haha. i watched all the way till ep 20 yesterday. i just need 2 more bookouts to finish watching. yayyy its so addictive (:

est! thanks for your advice haha. (: live for today (:

haha. so cool the lyrics is exactly what i shd be told.

ok. i shall recount wad i did on my last day before booking in. woke up really late and was lazing around and didnt feel like making brekkie. finally decided to make a simple brekkie and bathed and then started work on my essays. OMG I FINALLY COMPLETED MY ESSAYS! yayy for me. no more uni essays to be bothered with! jumps around happily (: it shows that i CAN do 3 essays in a day if i want to. just that i havent been motivated enough.

then i was chatting with xinyu. HAHA. i want her job! then can make all the pri sch kids cry with my incredibly tough questions. anw its not teaching. i wont terrorise kids as a teacher. (:

played comp aft that for the last time, then went for a jog. came back and had my 2nd last bath at home. im going to miss the nice hot baths. aft that had dinner then finished packing my bag. omg. i am actually bringing so much stuff. ok. it wld appear much less than most ppl, but as a scout, we were always taught to bring like the bare minimum. like 2 shirts and pants for a 1 week camp. :P

kk. i digress. then at nite, aft finally packing, went online and chatted again. packed some final stuff and then went to watch war and beauty and came back online. haha. OMG lahh. MSN is being super screwy so my convo with sheenie kept getting cut off ): BOOO. but thanks sheenie for taking care of my cuties. haha. u shall zhang guan 6 gong1. then when i come back my cuties can come and ci4 hou4 me again (:

consilio et animis
1/12/2007 11:23:00 PM


ive been extremely irritable. is it pre-army syndome? haha. i think my parents have been extremely bitchy of late. and i am so damn irritated with people who dont talk to you on msn for ages and finally after a few years, they start by saying: hi, long time no see. and start asking about unis. wadevr ok. then again, mebbe its not just these people who are irritating me. it could even be myself. haha. im talking rubbish ok.

anw. big thanks to sheenie's mum for getting me the talisman. (: so nicee of her. haha. ning ke xin qi you, bu ke xin qi wu. hopefully i wont see stuff that others dont see. if not ill have to change my astar form answer alr. LOL.

okk then something weird happened at raffles place. i was stopped by a security guard to do a bag check. apparently the security guard had called out to me a few times and i didnt hear it. according to sergius, if i hadnt heard him in time he might have tackled me. HAHA. okk. this is so weird. i was dressed up for an interview and carrying a sling bag do i look like a terrorist? o_O

then headed down for dsta interview. okk. the interview was quite weird cos i think the interviewer spoke more than i did, and my interview was mainly regarding math VS engine. that was abt all we discussed. haha. cos the interviewer wanted me to take engine over math lah, and he even listed down my career options in dsta if i were to take engine VS if i were to take math. aft that took a long ride back from buona vista to bishan. thankfully i dint get stopped by any guards this time ^^

consilio et animis
1/11/2007 09:42:00 PM



你的美 有些憔悴



开始结束 仿佛公式


consilio et animis
1/09/2007 08:58:00 PM


went for astar assessment centre yesterday. apparently i was in the first batch of candidates for 2007. which means i cldnt have found out what it was about anyway. haha. there were tons of forms which we had to fill in. theres this life history form where u can skip 1 page if u answer no. haha. (: i wonder if matthew answered yes today? ;) justin and i were talking about matthew the celebrity stomper.

okk filled in over 800+ questions. one form had 567 qns. and the questions had some major topics, one of which was related to sex life and outlook on sex. another set was related to spirits, like: were u possessed by spirits before? do u see people and creatures which others do not see? and another set was related to paranoia. like: i think sum1 wants to rob me. i think sum1 wants to stab me. i wonder if they are chcking if we are sex maniacs, mentals or psychopaths -_-"

aft that headed down to the new S11 to eat for the veri first time. its so much cleaner and almost all the stalls there have newspaper and tv recommendations. the fishball stall uncle was gone thoughh. ): hehhs. i still rmb how zhengkang and i onli needed to sit down and wave to him and he wld remember our exact orders. including my special request of not adding all those cong1 and stuff. :/

went to school for onight aft that. hehs. the skits were really spastic but that wasnt the main thing anw. its onight evry1s just supposed to enjoy a moments of spasticness. the fire at the parade square was really beautiful (: and this year they used gunny sacks so can burn alot longer. yayyy. then i was running late for my war and beauty and rushed home. heng arh. the security guard was just about to close the RI back gate, luckily i left rj in time.

reached home 5 min late, expecting to watch war and beauty and my dad actually made me help him with his office work. OMG lah. i was so pissed and he said it was my fault i came back late. like wadevr lah. im booking in in a few days time, see how he gets help after this. hmph. cld onli watch the last 15 min of war and beauty and my dad was still complaining i was so impatient. hello? i just missed 45 min of that show? hehhs. pls learn to do your own office work yourself. :/

consilio et animis
1/09/2007 06:30:00 PM


major chores day for me todayy haha ): mum was being a slavedriver but thats cos she just quarreled w dad and was pissed. hais. :/ i want PEACE.

got some peace by listening to my last longhubang before army. sobsob. mayday got on charts today! omg. position 14 so pro! now to vote up tian shi! (: hehhs. yang nai wen and huang li xing got voted up too. omg? those 2 songs were so yucky. and yanzi's yu tian still stayed on charts :D

in the aft, i went army market with my dad. it was quite disgustingly crowded and wherever you go people will be shouting at you asking u wad u wanted. managed to buy the stuff i need for army including some spare accessories like gutters so i wont get into trouble if i lose them hehheh (: the lady was sharing with me lots of interesting anecdotes which she heard from all the army boys who had visited her shop.

anw i was thinking of all the physical training in army in time to come. and i rmbed how we were told in scouts that wad we were going thru scouts is a lot worse than army so if we cleared scouts we shd be able to clear army. we learnt tt evrything boils down to mentality. i rly need to psyche myself for army and shldnt be going in with a negative attitude. but well. everything just seems so dreadful. even my run. before i begin on the run i told myself i wont be able to complete it and indeed ill give up before i finish the 6 rounds. bleahh. mentality. mentality.





consilio et animis
1/07/2007 09:47:00 PM


day started off good but ended off bad. ):

went to take theory this morning. had to guess quite a few questions but the end result was a big PASSED. yayy so happie! i was so worried about not passing. ): next up will be final theory test and then after that will be practical and OMG ill be getting my car next! wahh xiang de hen yuan hor.

ok then headed home myself from the YCK bus interchange. haha. i almost didnt know how to go back until i recalled i had been there for class match support so i rmb can take 13. single beep again HAHA. start to get used to it le.

went for a run and trained pullups. haha. im so dead cos im so not up to standard. ): how do i improve my speed in a week. help! haha. pullups wise still ok lah. but my run! anw i think its a mental thing cos i enter a run telling me i cant clear the 6 rounds so i give up aft 4 even though i am not completely exhausted yet.

then aft that bad news come alr. as expected i got rejected by cambridge boohoo. ): then as if that wasnt enough my parents started quarreling over my bro. it is a stupid quarrel but it certainly made me more 心烦气躁. ):

consilio et animis
1/06/2007 10:20:00 PM

Album review

Album Title: 为爱而生

omg. i must say this is the first album in ages where almost every song is fit for a zhu da for me! if u have the chance this is a MUST LISTEN to. however, if u are not a rock fan, or have low tolerance for nice, im afraid youll have to trash this album. that is probably the only down side to this album. otherwise it is a perfect way for mayday to make a comeback. good job (:

#1: 为爱而生
Rating: 9/10
Comments: Powerful rock song with a nice rock interlude. Shows the power of love (:

#2: 天使
Rating: 9.5/10
Comments: 不管世界变得怎么样, 只要有你就会是天堂. That's what you would tell mayday for such a nice love song (: you will feel very angellic after listening to this song :D

#3: 我又初恋了
Rating: 8/10
Comments: This sounds just like the sequel of lian ai-ING. haha. you lian ai-ING alr then now chu lian again :D the feng ge is almost exactly the same as lian ai-ING, happy, bubbly with rock in the background. if you loved lian ai-ING, there is no reason why you wouldnt love this.

#4: 香水
Rating: 7/10
Comments: The rap in this song helps to bring a big element of surprise to the song. That is something you can look forward to in this song. Another of mayday's na shou rock song (:

#5: 摩托车日记
Rating: 7 /10
Comments: A highly encouraging song for you to pursue your dreams. Similar to jue jiang in lyrics content.

#6: 最重要的小事
Rating: 6.5/10
Comments: Does not start out as a particularly nice song, but has a nice chorus and the song gets better as it progresses.

#7: 快乐很伟大
Rating: 6.5/10
Comments: A lively and energetic song which makes you feel very high.

#8: 忘词
Rating: 10/10
Comments: My favourite shu qing song in this album. Nice build-up with a great climax, which is sure to make you feel loved if you hear it (:

#9: 宠上天
Rating: 7/10
Comments: Another song for you to get high with. Very rock and energetic! (: You might confuse it with kuai le hen wei da earlier thoughh.

#10: 米老鼠
Rating: 7.5/10
Comments: A song about mickey! (: Didn't sound that nice at first, especially when the front of the song seems to be describing about mickey and it also sounded a little cute. But the song quickly moves on to the sad side of the story, which is the nice part (:

#11: 一千个世纪
Rating: 8/10
Comments: Wow what a powerful song to conclude the album again. Another rock love song which brings out the album title again -- wei ai er sheng. living on a thousand centuries with love. Great way to end the album.

consilio et animis
1/05/2007 01:10:00 PM


didnt have to wake up so early today :D yayy. woke up quite late, read abit of bixuejian and went to meet sheenie (: now i walk to j8 le since it costs so much to bus down to j8 now. GIVE ME MY FRICKING 45 CENTS CONCESSION! ): now i have to calculate whether mrt or bus is cheaper loh. last time im so used to tapping and mrt-ing around. *gasp*

while walking there guess what. at the traffic light. once the green man started flashing only (not even red man yet) this taxi just decided to u-turn and zoom before me lah. i was horrified mortified shock-ified. AND the best thing. the car behind him decided to do the same thing too. hello did they pass their driving theory. and to remind all of u. I WAS JUST STANDING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD WAITING FOR THE CAR AND TAXI TO PASS. wth? i had a full 15 seconds of flashing green man and those idiots just zoomed at full speed right before me, like ignoring me liddat. tsk.

anw i safely delivered my gift to sheenie. was so afraid it wldnt make it even before it reached her hands. yayy and i got a cute eeyore handphone accessory and AS USUAL i dont know how to hang a huge accessory on my phone. treated sheenie to ramen ten. the ramen wasnt good but the ebi was quite well done. :D their proportions were quite small too. i mean i wasnt complaining lah i had such a small appetite but sheenie's soba rly looked. miserable. HAHA.

aft that we decided to have some ice cream. OMG. the belgium chocolate was really heavenly. and the lime ice cream was refreshing too. haha. actually aft tasting both the lime ice cream is more like my kou wei. next time i go far east ill try that (: but then again i can really COUNT the number of times i go far east with 2 hands, so mebbe i might not even get to try. ):

shopped around abit and decided to go school cos sheenie had to collect money from the school. the bus ride was surprisingly cheaper (i peeked!), cos there was a 25 cent discount so it only cost 40 cents! oh btw now if i decide to use my card, ill tell myself not to peek at the price so i wont get a heart attack :D

haha when we reached school the j1s were having station games. went to collect the cheque first and OMG sheenie actually didnt go to the finance office before for her 2 years. i still remember the first time i went up there. it was such a weird place lah. i wonder who wld have thought of building such a small confinement?

tried to find cheekie again AND he wasnt at his table. haha. i was thinking yesterday liu bei san gu mao lu, on his 3rd attempt still succeeded. haha that was my 4th attempt still failed. decided to check with the staff where he was and realised he was doing j1 timetables. it was quite weird. then i msged him and OMG he was really so busy doing timetables that he couldnt even say hi to me. ): he said he even had to come back on sat.

went to B33 and A24 aft that. haha. i just gotta love that air con. now councillors staying late at night no longer need to be troubled by the central air conditioning system in LTs le. (which shuts off at 10ish)? WHY CANT WE HAVE AIR CON EARLIER? ): and the class using A24 is crazy. yesterday i went in, the temp was 26. its the same today. whats the point of turning ur air con on if the temp is set at 26?

went bball court to say hi to weilin! it was rly hot at the basketball court, poor her had to stay there for the whole aft cos shes the station master. i remember last yr at the bball court it was a paper ball game with jorina, klarissa and elaine as the station masters and i remembered how the sun was so blazing hot too that when i tried to sit on some metal flat area i jumped up immediately. hehs. seems like station games day will always be so ever hot right.

then brian came along too! wah buddy jiu shi buddy. got so much mo qi. haha. like yesterdays station games i said bye to weilin and randomly walked around the compound but ended up finding her anw :D haha. got brian the DR TOMATO to tell me the full plot which was really lame. :P aft that sheenie and i decided to watch that station. haha. it was a basketball shooting session but for some reason, amongst the people there, the girls seemed to shoot better than guys. true, the girls dont shoot as coolly -- they stand aim properly and shoot but they aim better. the guys will try all sorts of cool stunts and end up missing anyway. then i saw this damn embarrassing SJI guy. omg. he was saying he is oliver kahn (my foot) and trying to show off his keeping skills. ok lah he is quite good but he was just like doing some beckoning action and standing with legs so spread out he looks like an ape. really. omg.

by then, cheekie still hadnt replied my message so sheenie and i decided to go home le. walked past the carpark and sheenie had a brainwave and suggested for me to paste a note on cheekie's car HAHA. i dun rmb his car number but when i saw this car with cute toys and a car @ the windscreen i could tell immediately le. (:

as we walked out, the sky suddenly became very dark. i decided to chiong to the RI bus stop and all along there was this gigantic rain cloud behind me, heading towards the RI bus stop direction, it was almost as if the rain cloud was following me :o i reached the bus stop onli getting a little wet thankfully :D then i noticed this teacher standing at the bus stop and he kept looking at me. now i cant rmb who this teacher is but he is certainly familiar, so i didnt know how to address him either. and he boarded the same bus as i did so it was quite weird.

reached home, bathed, had dinner and then proj superstar again! :D the guys are like 10 times better than the girls loh. lesheng was DAMN DISAPPOINTING TONIGHT! he was usually one of the best but tonight he was the most conservative guy on stage. the other ppl were so high and exciting. (:

i liked sun wen hai's performance more than daren personally. he sang an oldie in rock and it was really damn rockish and his voice is alot nicer and got more hou du loh. JUST that daren looks better than sun wen hai. sun wen hai too scary looking le :/ kengbai did a good job but personally i feel he doesnt look shuai enough to be a superstar. the other 3 have more passable looks. but if looks were all that mattered then maxilian wldnt be out so early. OMG whats with my obsession with maxilian. haha. shes almost as pretty as silver ang! and omg i just found out a few days ago she was an NY dancer lah. i knew she was frm NY, just didnt know she was a dancer. so shes like charmaine's senior. hehs. finals of proj superstar is on feb 4 or sthg. sadly im going to miss it in army camp. ):

haha FINALLY got cheekie's reply like veri much later and OMG apparently mr tai has left RJ so he is now roped in to help out with the j1's timetables, headed by mrs cheang. LOL he was saying busy until want to faint le. so saaaad. saturday still have to go back to school. :/ haha i wonder if mr tai got sick of his job and decided to quit before he had a new batch of timetables to handle :P

consilio et animis
1/04/2007 11:20:00 PM

Going to school (:

haha the top 100 now im abit lazee ill update like laterr. (: im actually blogging about yesterdays stuff but since theres a little too much to squeeze about 2 days my next post will be about today.

ok. crawled up at an unearthly hour yesterday morning to go to school! like OMG? how often do u get to do that. by unearthly i meant 7. like OMG when was the last time i woke up at 7? was so sleepie and blurr. went to brush my teeth first and then went to bathe (which was already the wrong order, i bathe first then brush my teeth). im too used to brushing my teeth aft bathing that aft i popped out of the bathroom, i went straight to the other toilet to brush my teeth again! my mum was like: err why u brush ur teeth twice. haha. omg. i cant believe i was so blur.

headed down to school on bus. imagine the horror. when i tapped my card and i heard JUST ONE beep. and i realised. OMG. we are now paying adult fare :o OMG! really can bu ren du, the fare prices. aft i alighted the bus, i walked thru ri compounds. saw 2 prefects camping at the back gate bus stop ready to pounce on latecomers and book their names. haha. the back gate bus stop was where i was assigned to alot last time also ;) disappointingly the school compound was still not done up yet. ): and its still so dusty. hmph.

the RI students were having their first assembly of the yr at the new parade square, which is so RJ style with a platform in front. the parade square was converted frm the carpark so now there are less lots for the teachers to park so mebbe they hav to park in RJ. anw. the new parade square is omggishly disgusting. its new BUT when u step on some bricks they POP OUT! OMG YOU HEAR ME RIGHT THEY POP OUT!

when i reached RJ this guy approached me. he looked quite old but he looked lost too. then he was asking me where the hall was. i asked if he were a j1. he replied with an uncertain yes. but after chatting he finally admitted to me he is a j5. wah. so sly. haha. and later i saw him around participating OG games. omg? so old le still not enuff of orientation huh.

headed to council room and only saw kangya and rilong. looks like evryone couldnt wake up. shortly aft ching, lizhan, amy, josie, wes, darren, charmaine, akkshay joined us. we went to buy some food from the stall 2 auntie first. she was complaining like mad about the new 7-11 which robbed her of her snack and drinks business. quite sad haha. we decided to check out 7-11 and for god knows what reasons they sell FHM and condoms. like omg do they expect to sell them? the 7-11 was fully stocked though. damn zai. u have almost evrything u want for late night study in school. all the rows upon rows of instant noodles :D

went to hall to chck out orientation after that. this years theme is quite cool. its cluedo. basically the rafflesian has been murdered and the suspects include one representative from each house and the butler. so the costume is nicer and simpler to find (not like last yrs greek clothes). basically the guests of the rafflesian just dressed up as rich aristocrats. the names were quite funny although i wonder why they didnt just chose the cluedo names.

for MR theres ms aquamarine. HH colonel black. MT dr tomato (haha reminds me of myself). BW mr sunshine. BB mrs chlorophyll LOL. the murder scene table created at the entrance of the canteen was really creative too :D the banners and setting and all is really ichiban (: kudos to the storyliners this year.

the storyline then began with the rafflesian being murdered and the police assistants coming in. they came in introducing themselves as misa misa and watari. i was laughing like crazy haha. misa misa rly had two ponytails and high socks HAHA. and watari had the nice trenchcoat and hat. then watari spoke his famous line: L will now speak to u. and opened up the laptop. but the laptop didnt work so he revealed the identity of L which was HIMSELF! he took off his trenchcoat and inside, he wore a white shirt and jeans which was characteristic of L. he then hopped onto the chair, squatted on the chair and sucked his thumb. HAHAHA so funnyyy (:

the storyline ended with L wanting to know the suspects' backgrounds better - what a nice start to icebreakers right? icebreakers was kinda boring. dar and i walked around and laughed at all the dumb icebreaker games and the awkward silences in some OGs. haha it was like all the OGs were a public display for us. met jiayi! OMG shes the onli one in my OG who became an OGL haha. but good job anw (: her dance was brilliant (:

continued walking around and laughing at how we used to play those games and our fellow j1 (j2 now) councillors kept saying we were giving them pressure. dar was also trying to look for some chiobus so that the timing will be just nice -- theyll meet in uni (: haha. amy was amused at how far ahead dar had planned for ;) then he kept repeating the "will you wait for me" line HAHA. oh and we also met this gpa 4.0 og where almost half the og had the sick gpa score. for RI guys of that batch they prolly know WHO is in that og haha. i also saw many lame OG names like l'aifoshi. and l'maorofl. cos this year the theme is l'audemus so need to start with l. haha. i still think the name for my OG last year was so nicely thought up. jacharis. niceee. (:

went back to hall after that to chat with weilin and brian. (: then was lunch. beat the crowd to lunch YAYY. hehhs lunch for the j1s was quite funny cos the wanderers get kidnapped and brought to a room. hehs. the kidnappers were all well dressed up and some looked really cool like alvin was wearing a top hat with a walking stick and looked just like a mayor :D aft that went to A24 (OMG OMG) and just spent like 10 minutes in the class (enjoying the air con) fyi now classrooms have aircons installed le :D

met zhenghong and we chatted on the updates of our OG members. haha. apparently our OG members are all very happening now. theres a king of night life and 3 girls who has lots of guys who like them. then watched the IHC opening ceremony with the councillors. the dancers were brilliant loh. good job jiayi (: the rapping session was also very exciting. all the house capts had to rap for their house. :o if i went up there i'd rap ye de di qi zhang :o joking. if i were spotted id be killed by leong who didnt rly want us to be around ):

oh yah did i mention, i tried looking for cheekie but all 3 times i failed (i found out the reason today, which will be elaborated in my next post). dint see rakuda around. wonders if he got fired already? :D

after that the councillors went minds cafe but i wanted to watch station games so i stayed :D the station games were so fun it reminded me of my own orientation and all at once i felt like i wanted to relive that experience again :'( there was this human mastermind station which is the one i created for 25A. haha its nice to see how my ideas get recycled. for instance, the RI sec 1 orientation camp hike was SO my idea. the RI participants must have recycled it. this was because i was the only one who came up with that weird rule for our race, where there are green stations, black stations and white stations all around singapore and u had to visit any stations but u just had to follow the green-black-white order. there was also the bit with points for arrival and points for completing a task, where teams can decide at each station whether they want to complete a task for more points. any person who completed 25A would definitely agree that this whole arrangement is EXACTLY the same as my 25A race haha.

speaking of RI's sec 1 orientation, its rly sad that the sec 1s are getting more and more pampered. no physical punishment AT ALL. not limited to pushups onli now. and they have something called fright night where they have to follow a trail through the whole school and at diff parts of the school they will be told a ghost story and complete a task. the stories are so lame lah i felt more like laughing cos they are all F-A-K-E. one story is abt this grp of ppl playing late night hockey then the ball flew down the slope. when a boy went to collect it, he never came back. when his frens went to check they saw the tree sucking the boy and in the end the boy and tree became one and the boy's horrified face was imprinted on the bark of the tree. like hello? tell me how scary this is? :o

anw weilin and i chatted thru the station games (thanks for keeping me company!) and after the station games ended, i went to bishan lib to renew bi xue jian then went home. my dad tested me on the road signs and i must say my theory is quite CMI at the moment ): later yest night was proj superstar. OMG. the girls are like nowhere good compared to the guys lah, except mebbe diya and perhaps carrie. haha. AVERIL should have been kicked out ages ago her voice piao dao hen li hai loh. its a pain listening to her evry week, i wonder why ppl r voting to let their ears suffer :P

consilio et animis
1/04/2007 11:18:00 PM

933 Top 100 Charts

Live update of the 933 Top 100 Charts today (:

#1: 雨天, 孙燕姿
#2: 约定, 光良
#3: Kiss Goodbye, 王力宏
#4: 飞行部落, FIR
#5: 庆祝, 杨丞琳
#6: 假裝, 蔡依林
#7: 只对你说, 林俊杰
#8: 霍元甲, 周杰伦
#9: 过敏, 杨丞琳
#10: 爱失控, Energy

#11: 舞娘, 蔡依林
#12: 大城小爱, 王力宏
#13: 退后, 周杰伦
#14: 触电, SHE
#15: 痛彻心扉, 张栋梁
#16: 亲亲, 梁靜茹
#17: 我只是想要, 陈伟联
#18: 千里之外, 周杰伦 + 费玉清
#19: 隐形人, 孙燕姿
#20: 太美丽, 陶喆

#21: 爱.无力, 潘嘉丽
#22: Love Story, 范逸臣
#23: 飘洋过海, 何耀珊
#24: Beautiful Love, 蔡健雅
#25: 戒不掉, 庾澄庆
#26: 爱情复兴, 容祖儿
#27: 人质, 张惠妹
#28: 爱.恨.难, 陈伟联
#29: 马德里不思议, 蔡依林
#30: 梦不落, 孙燕姿

#31: 菊花台, 周杰伦
#32: 不想长大, SHE
#33: 相信, 林忆莲
#34: 手, 莫文蔚
#35: 天天夜夜, FIR
#36: 原来, 林俊杰
#37: 我们怎么了, SHE
#38: 沙沙的谁, 洪俊扬
#39: 都是你, 光良
#40: 雨人, 周华健

#41: 遇上爱, 杨丞琳
#42: 曹操, 林俊杰
#43: Get High, FIR
#44: 原来爱情这么伤, 梁咏琪
#45: 一下下, 同恩
#46: Superwoman, 曹格
#47: 过云雨, 张敬轩
#48: 不怕不怕, 郭美美
#49: 残废, 吴克群
#50: 下次不敢, 刘德华

#51: 北极星的眼泪, 张栋梁
#52: Finally, 王力宏
#53: 我们的纪念日, 范玮琪
#54: 一眼万年, SHE
#55: 不说出的温柔, 范逸臣
#56: 珊瑚海, 周杰伦 + Lara
#57: Happy Birthday, 阿信
#58: Hurt so Bad, 张敬轩
#59: 还是会想他, 何耀珊
#60: 爱哭鬼, 江美琪

#61: 我要快乐, 张惠妹
#62: 对不起谢谢, 陈奕迅
#63: 只因为你, 张栋梁
#64: 计时炸弹, 潘嘉丽
#65: 不准哭, 同恩
#66: Scandal, Vanness and Kangta
#67: 我要的世界, 萧亚轩
#68: 我很想爱他, Twins
#69: 暖暖, 梁静茹
#70: 一个像夏天一个像秋天, 范玮琪

#71: 无可救药, 品冠
#72: 真的, 张韶涵
#73: 障眼法, 蔡健雅
#74: 做你的男人, 张信哲
#75: 唯舞独尊, 蔡依林
#76: 远远在一起, 龚诗嘉
#77: 爱情树张智成
#78: 世界唯一的你, 曹格
#79: 淡水河边, 戴佩妮
#80: 难道, 洪俊扬

#81: 精舞门, 罗志祥
#82: 完美的互动, 王力宏 + Rain + Lim Jeong Hee
#83: 独唱情歌, Tank + Selina
#84: 花田错, 王力宏
#85: Give Me Five, 李宇春
#86: 忘不了, 陶喆
#87: 将军令, 吴克群
#88: 初恋粉色系, 南拳妈妈
#89: 梁山伯与茱丽叶, 曹格 + 卓文萱
#90: 爱情路, 周华健

#91: 爱情, 郭富城
#92: 只对你又感觉Hebe + 飞轮海
#93: Hip Hop Tonight, 李玟
#94: 反转地球, 潘玮柏
#95: 美人鱼, 徐 若瑄
#96: 傀儡, 牛奶
#97: 盛夏光年, 阿信
#98: On My Way, 潘嘉丽
#99: 不想想太多, 苏慧伦
#100: 等待, 陈奕

consilio et animis
1/01/2007 10:27:00 AM

New Year Challenge

wheeee! sheenie and i decided to challenge each other to see who can stay up later again this year. Stakes last year was a cup of ice milo and i won the challenge last year! This year stakes are higher and more exciting - treat to jap food! OMG. haha. im drooling le and feeling so hungryyy! sheenie prepare to treat me k! okk. heres a log of our 战情! (: also featuring sheenie as the guest blogger in purple (:

12 midnite
sheenie logs on and i just reached home from my countdown party. i went for a bathe to get myself refreshed for the challenge so now im feeling 精神百倍 (: ooh i hear firecrackers and fireworks!

12.20 am
sheenie's new year resolution is: she musnt pout! (:

1 am
the stakes of the challenge is set! yayy for jap food (: now i feel much readier to win the challenge (:

1.20 am
a failed attempt by me to hypnotise sheenie using the pendulum method. ): felt more sleepie myself instead.

2 am
pooh babie had miso and nattou as a night snack and goes into a blissful sleep. oooh sleep tight!

2.20 am
sheenie takes a toilet break and water break which means -gasp- shes preparing to stay for much longer. oh dearie. i suddenly dont feel so confident anymore :/

2.40 am
out of boredom, i start to miss my violin. ok dont ask me why, but i just missed my violin.

i decide to keep a log of the exciting 战情 since its getting a little boring now. a log would certainly spice things up a bit. sheenie is invited as guest blogger :D the challenge has ran on for 3 hours le and it seems to have reached a stalemate. :/

3.27 am
sheenie comes along to blog. rahhh. fishie should just fall over and sleep. then i won't have to treat him to sushi tei or whatever. hrmph. a cup of ice milo from the rjc canteen is enough. by the way, in case you guys get poked by him, his new year resolution is to NOT poke people. so he is forbidden from using the words poke, poking, pokes or other variations of poke. nudge and bop are disallowed too. if you find him using these words, you can poke him as hard as you like. EVIL laughter...

3.32 am
WOW sheenie just admitted that she is evil. the wonders which lack of sleep can do to you (:

3.34 am
sheenie again.. can fishie just go to sleep? ARGH.

3.37 am
well, i never said i wasn't evil. i'm amoral to be specific ((:

3.40 am
eeks we both realise it is a stalemate. omg im sure we both need the sleep but girls need their beauty sleep more righttt. (: come on.... :P

3.43 am
obviously it was going to be a stalemate right from the start. well. there's always the face masks and the creams that fishie so hates. HA HA HA. you know what, i'm of the opinion that i should just force fishie to treat me to kuriya's. now that's EVIL. of course, i'm not like some people who go around proclaiming that they're tenshis. i have no need for that ((:

3.47 am
haha a little reminder for sheenie: lack of sleep causes pimples :D and obviously i cant be forced into giving sheenie a treat. guess whatever she typed above is a result of lack of sleep again :P

3.50 am
fishie obviously doesn't know how much kuriya's costs. if he does, he wouldn't be using such lousy tactics. LOUSY. try harder fishie.

3.54 am
sheenie yawns loudly. a sign that she is sleepie already :D

4.01 am
fishie asks if there's an alternative way to solve this checkmate, which proves that he is equally or even more sleepy. HA HA HA

4.11 am
it appears that we are not going to give up any time soon and i decided to ask sheenie for a truce :/

4.17 am
sheenie feels that since fishie asked so nicely, she shall call it a draw. boohoo for her kuriya's.

4.25 am
ok i must admit that sheenie is really pro this year. and so the challenge has come to an end. but since im nice i shall still treat sheenie to something nice anywayy the next time we go out but it must be reasonable enough ;) yayy sheenie must be happy to hear that! ohh and my mum just came in and i told her it is 1am. or she would definitely kill me :o

consilio et animis
1/01/2007 03:08:00 AM


whee just came back from the new year count down but this year came back a little early cos my mum has to work tmr! OMG! can u believe it? haha SPH mistreats their members loh! ): the bbq was pretty fun just that was my bro was really a noob at bbq. can u believe it he made all his satay sticks catch fire. after that, on his second attempt, all his satay got stuck on the grill and when he tugged at the satay they fell through the grill. brilliant. haha. and he rejected my taiwan sausages saying the wax looks disgusting. :/

anyway the countdown bbq dinner was fun. aft dinner my bro went to dota while i bejeweled and played cards. had to go home early, then passed the field opposite my house and OMG its so brightly lit and theres performances going on. haha. then suddenly everyone was cheering and there were firecrackers and fireworks! woohoo! a new year has arrived!


wishing you all the best in your endeavours in your coming year! (: may it be a fruitful year ahead and may the guys survive NS haha! jiayouuu and hope we will continue to keep in touch even after everyone starts flying off this yearr! HAPPY 07! (:

P.S. i had my first bath of the year 10 minutes into the new year :D wheeee! (:

consilio et animis
1/01/2007 03:06:00 AM

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