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consilio et animis
11/19/2009 04:48:00 PM

my cambridge experience so far

I realised that it's been over a month since I last blogged. It had been very eventful since I arrived at cambridge and I must say that it is a totally new experience for me to be studying here.

a noticeable difference between singapore and UK is the weather. firstly, its rather cold here, even though it is only autumn. and the temperatures have taken a dip over the past week and are now in the range of single digits. the skies here are almost always gray, and you will have to be lucky to see a bright sun and blue sky. after the change in daylight saving time, it gets dark very early, at around 4ish, and so the nights here seem longer. it took me quite a while to get used to the weather, but thankfully, after getting some nice warm scarfs and gloves, im more ready to combat the adverse weather here.

the food in my college is passable but not exactly fantastic. there are some nice desserts to look out for though, which im often unable to resist :D food is generally quite expensive, especially if u want something good. an alternative to that will be to cook something on our own, and we often hold cookouts where we invite fellow singaporeans to taste our cooking (:

im glad that there are a number of singaporeans in my college (fitzwilliam college). coincidentally, 3 of the 4 singaporean freshers are living side by side in the same block along the same corridor, and its great that we have much in common to talk about. my other corridor and course mates are also very friendly, and some of them are impressively smart and really knowledgeable in their respective fields.

generally, cambridge is a nice place to stay in. the buildings and scenery here are also very beautiful, not to mention the river cam, which flows through several nice bridges such as the bridge of sighs and the mathematical bridge. the only problem about staying at fitz is that it is located at the top of a hill, so ill have to cycle up and down hill to the town centre for lectures everyday. the uphill ride was quite tiring at first, but i gradually got used to it so it became better after that.

on to my math course. the math course here has a really steep learning curve, and i really struggled to keep up with the course. a lot of new concepts and ideas are continually thrown to us to grapple with, which may be very daunting for a first year. nevertheless, im still learning to adapt to the challenging nature of the course and hopefully i will be able to keep my head above the waters :D

that pretty much sums up my life so far... which is quite different from my study experience in singapore. life certainly hasnt been a bed of roses so far. perhaps it is because i was not fully prepared for my studies as i was working right up till a few days before i flew over... i just feel that i am not mentally ready to take on, and fully benefit from all the challenges that my course has to offer. or perhaps it is because i have very high expectations of myself, but so far, i feel that i have been underachieving, and not fully maximising the opportunities here in cambridge. but im still working, learning, and adapting, and i hope that this new experience will be allow me to become mentally and intellectually stronger.

consilio et animis
11/11/2009 05:55:00 AM

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