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谁 - 蔡健雅

还是对爱 充满疑惑

保持沉默 独自走过
空虚和寂寞 它们陪伴着我
装作洒脱 其实很懦弱
有太多的借口 终究没有结果

谁让我感觉 他最了解我
眼神交错 话都不用说
就抱紧我 让我感受

谁让我感觉 不需要再躲
过去心痛 从此被淹没
就抱紧我 让我感受
让我感受 他多爱我
让我相信 他是爱~爱我的

一个人过 也算不错
冰冷的手 插入口袋也算暖和

日出日落 都差不多
若有谁陪我 那一定更好过
天空为我 一直闪烁着
用太多的借口 我在拒绝什么

ive always enjoyed tanya's compositions, and this time round, her first hit certainly lived up to my expectations!

apparently tanya was travelling in france, and saw this guy chatting happily on the phone, with a smile that can only mean that he is speaking to his loved one on the other end. and a short distance away, she saw another lady who was also on the phone and was also carrying the same smile of one that is loved. as the man and lady walked towards each other's direction, tanya wondered if the 2 were actually speaking to each other. her question was answered when the 2 met in a warm embrace, and the rays of the sun seemed to encircle them with a glow. it was such a beautiful scene that it inspired tanya to compose this song immediately.

its such a sweet story, and i guess the scene must have really touched her so much, that she filled this song with so much emotions. :D this song is highly recommended, and im definitely looking forward to her new album in late aug (:

consilio et animis
8/08/2009 12:24:00 AM

back where i started

the number of hours im sleeping can be described as a strictly decreasing function for the past month. and the strange thing is, i dont feel tired at all. in fact, my body has kind of adapted to the lack of sleep and is requiring less and less sleep by the day.

this week was supposed to be my long-awaited break, but quite evidently i cannot allow myself to relax, and im back teaching all my 5 classes in rj once more. it had been quite a struggle for myself. on one hand, i wanted to give myself a break after having packed schedules since the start of the yr. on the other hand, i was really excited to meet my students again, and also, teaching them pure maths would be a different experience from stats since theres much more room for exploration in pure maths. thus, when the opportunity presented itself, i debated with myself for a long time, but i guess the largest deciding factor were my students, and i gave in and agreed to return to teach my classes till the end of term 3.

and theres another problem. now that im back, its harder to leave than ever. im even contemplating to see my students through promos (leaving me with only 1-2 days before i fly to UK for my studies). there are so many decisions i have to make... and amidst all these considerations, i still need to do much preparations for the upcoming lessons (since i was asked to come back at a short notice). the next few weeks now seem quite intensive, but i dont think ill ever regret this decision. and the warm welcome by my students really helped me affirm that i made the right choice (:

anw, today afternoon i came across this interesting intellectual game in the maths department, which was called "tipover". it was one of the "rush hour" series kind of games. for tipover, u had to push over crates across the board so that u can get from one place to another. it was very fun, and i spent an hour solving the puzzles together with another math dept teacher. after that, he showed me some tricks which he used to introduce some mathematical concepts and they were really quite impressive :D i tried doing some of the tricks but realised i was always too obvious and will let slip some part of the trick. and my teacher pointed out that at the crucial part i will probably turn red anyway and hence the trick will be a failure. LOL

consilio et animis
8/05/2009 09:15:00 PM

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