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eeyore day!

hehhs. today's eeyore day and i saw whyy during fmaths lect. after going thru like pages of matrices i looked up at the clock and HORRORS OF HORRORS only 30 min has passed. and after going thru a disgusting question, the clock hand has only moved by 5 min. the lecture was reeeeall slooooow. ):

anw, this week is tengs week. for an obvious reason. in her pissed mood (since the normal maths teacher koped her afternoon lect today) she demanded all the lectures this week to be handed to her. and there you have it. a week of teng. and she was ranting about how she had to squat and wash transparencies. and how the sch invests heavily in IT yet she still has to be so miserable. umm. actually theres such a thing called powerpoint so u dont have to wash your transparencies. ;)

consilio et animis
7/31/2006 10:49:00 PM

weekly chart rants

OMG. im quite shocked. i actually guessed the 4th - 7th position songs + 9th position songs right! pro right? haha. i knew the top 3 songs will be the same 3 songs la, but my permutation was wrong, hehhs. so sad. but once again, with the exception of piao yang guo hai, my guesses are within 2 deviations from the actual position. (: (: (: (: (:

really proud with my guessing performance this week. it was quite a hard to guess week, but my guesses were so close. really quite shocked that my prediction that chu dian will rise by 7 positions was really true!

but the happiest piece of news to note is that SCANDAL is the top song! OMG.

zhiyong said this is the best performance of a korean artiste on the 933 charts, ever. cos it is the first time a korean artiste made it to FIRST on 933 charts. li hom and rain and lim jeong hee's combi cant even match this. jiayouu! And for goodness sake please play their second hit - 127 days. it got on 100.3 charts le but not 933 simply cos 933 never even play this song! ull get to hear the duo sing a shu1 qing2 song, a refreshing change from the energy packed Scandal! play it play it play it! Kangta + Vanness rocks! (:

havent gotten down to predicting next week's charts, but ill def be rooting for scandal as first. (:

fei xing bu luo also got on the charts! and so did zhang yan fa! (: (: (: zhang yan fa's entry is quite untimely for this means that beautiful love will never get first le. yay. frm my preliminary predictions yi ge xiang xia tian yi ge xiang qiu tian will have a breakthru next week, joining hai shi hui xiang ta in the top 3! (:

hehh. now on to the "twins" jj and jy. :P really dint expect jj's yuan lai to drop by only 1 position only. i guess the fan base here for jj is quite large, but if it were really so large why didnt they vote it all the way to first! hmph. wasted a good song. and i hope jy's NAN DAO will faster get in to top 10!!!! (: (: (: zhiyong says that the company was deciding between nan dao and sha sha de shui as the first hit and most ppl liked sha sha de shui more than nan dao. what rubbish! nan dao is so obviously 10 times better! (:

hehhs. kai should be quite sad that twins and sweety's songs simultaneously dropped to the bottom of the charts this week. but good news for u! (n bad news for me) ai qing fu xing will jump back to 3rd in world charts tmr... displacing scandal to 4th. rahh.

consilio et animis
7/30/2006 06:14:00 PM

a really sleepie fishie

omg. guess what. they officially opened the amphi today and called it the founders concourse. -.-" the school just has to name everything in the compound.

haha. heres my chart predictions for tmr!

#1. Beautiful Love
#2. Scandal
#3. Jia Zhuang
#4. Yi Ge Xiang Xia Tian Yi Ge Xiang Qiu Tian
#5. Hai Shi Hui Xiang Ta
#6. Bu Zhun Ku
#7. Chu Dian
#8. Piao Yang Guo Hai
#9. Jie Bu Diao
#10. Yuan Lai

this week is significantly harder to guess cos alot of songs are on the rising trend and its kinda hard to guess cos they only entered the charts for 1-2 weeks and are fast rising. the permanent resident, piao yang guo hai, also gave me quite a big headache while guessing. its been there for so long le and just when it dropped, sun ho fans voted it up again. plus the performance of the 2 sun ho songs are kinda relative. cos since the votes are split, the higher one goes, the lower the other will be. and the top 3 songs seem to be the same songs, but i just cant figure out the order. ):

consilio et animis
7/29/2006 11:30:00 PM


life's cruel and unfair. especially to someone so nice like urself. while reading ur blog i feel really sad for u but for once, i cant really help u much. all i can say is u r good. for being able to stay so calm. for always trying for hard. and most importantly for continually helping ur frends even despite all this. u rock, really. thanks for being u. (: and do take care of yourself. take carrrreee. (: (: (: (:

today started out with a rather interesting phy lect, with wong chu lin showing us to the formula one site, and various different cool cars although all the details were banned for some reason. =/ the level of excitement of the rest of the day was like a negative exponential graph cos the day got moooore draggy and boring.

dur chem cheekie figured i was too cold cos i was wearing a sweater and decided to warm me up by making me run to the bookshop to get TM answers. was feeling quite hot aft that so used my sweater to make pigletie feel cosy. haha. cheekie was rolling his eyes at the sight of a piglet dressed like darth vader. eh. im creative k. haha. and aft that he helped liven up the lesson by telling us about carbon monoxide posioning (where u r supposed to turn purple) and lead poisoning (after which i offered him pencil lead and realised that pencil lead was carbon).

no gp today cos gp teacher isnt ard. fmath was boring too and est was writing down her days of the week, starting with fri as pigletie day cos its the weekend and she gets to zzz. :P i helped to contribute a few days, haha. if u r interested to find out est's days of the week, u can check out her blog. (:

and btw ive decided to remove my entry yest cos i thought it is really bad to post it up here, even though the entry was about an anonymous person.

consilio et animis
7/28/2006 10:10:00 PM

disgusting pe session

pe was totally disgusting today. i thought alot about it and realised i should still post my thoughts. its my blog anw. im sorry ill be harsh in my blog entry, u can choose not to read it if u dont want to.

much as i feel that est's scream was uncalled for, i realised im not that pissed with her. but at that point in time, i really dont see the point of her screaming at that time. if she had screamed earlier before the guys were ready, it would have been ok but she screamed after the guys had split up. if she had noticed, the other half of the guys were already standing beside them and actually jiashun kept asking when the girls were ready to join us. the actual fact was that the girls werent ready either. i didnt even see the girls standing in 2 pitches and a couple of them were still stoning at the side. on the other hand, the guys were already split up. i agree that the guys were abit slow at first, when i was coordinating them, so if the scream was done before that it was alright. but the point is, the guys were ready waaay before the girls and it is undeniable cos from what i had checked, several girls also dint know what was going on.

but yeah, after hearing frm some girls how mr seah was bugging the girls to get the class ready i guess ill just take it as a misunderstanding that happened under stress. shrug and move on, haha.

but i realised, that while reflecting, the only person i was really pissed at was grace, for her second scream. i would say it served totally no purpose cos:
1) before this, she was from a bystanders pov, so had a better view of the situation before she reacted. if she had thought clearly before screaming (which i believe for the sake of it) she would have realised that the other half of the guys were standing RIGHT BESIDE HER.
2) she repeated everything that est said.
3) wad she said only served to add oil to fire.
4) she 针对人 more than 针对事.

yeah. after some reflection i realised point number 4 was pretty evident cos wad she did really served no purpose on its own, (especially since mr seah has already stepped in) unless, of course, she is a parrot. to grace: really, if u have anything against me, take it out with me directly. im glad for today cos i finally have a chance to ask u to stop it. yes. stop it. and dont u feign innocence. i can quote u numerous instances if u really want.

as u can see, i m really quite pissed cos i dont rmb myself being so harsh for a long long time. yeah. and when im pissed i like to play sports to vent my frustration. haha. so i went to play bball but suayly smashed my specs, haha. wes says: "u got play sports meh". my reply: "which shows i dont get pissed often."

oh yea, thanx to some of the class girls for helping me sort out my thoughts. special thanks to sheenie. (:

EDIT: kai just pointed out that my nick was a line in music diary today. haha. i was listening so i rmbed, although the person used it in a really sad way, which is not my intention of putting that line in my nick.

consilio et animis
7/26/2006 10:20:00 PM


really tired but ill take no more than 5 min for this entry!

hehhs. i thk teng's going crazy. really. but its not really her fault. we r all under lots and lots of pressure. haha. a sign of her stress is that she no longer sits down, grab ur tut and mark it. ;)

ok. aft sch went with matt and grace to j8 to buy prezzie. but i shall be discreet on my blog. haha. yeahh anw i was gushing over the plushies alot cos they were just DAMN CUTE. (: ahh. bring me to a soft toy shop and u prolly cant tell me apart from a girl.

matt and grace commented my blogs boring. haha. oh wells. guess they cant appreciate the randomness of my blog entries. i blog for myself anyways. ;)

poooh! pokes. (: (: (: i hope i can make u smile evryday! (: (: (:

consilio et animis
7/26/2006 12:33:00 AM

zero, null, closed under

linear spaces just sucks totally.

heres an excerpt from our lecture notes:
0 + (0 + 0) = 0 + 0 = 0
(0 + 0) + 0 = 0 + 0 = 0
Hence 0 + (0 + 0) = (0 + 0) + 0

Admire the math man.

and the operators suck lahh. theres a diff between this + and this +. yes. it makes a diff when one is bolded and is slightly larger. yawns.

we had 2 hours of this torturous rubbish cos of 1 hour in the curriculum time and another hour after school. brilliance. its little wonder why i slept during the lecture.

oh yah. did i mention? the past few stats topics have been named after my friends. first up theres est theory and then theres kai (chi) squared tests. tskk. so now u know who to go to suan4 zhang4 with. ;)

consilio et animis
7/24/2006 10:45:00 PM


OMGG. i was so close to guessing the top 3 of the charts today! hehhs. charts not that hard to guess after all. but i bet noone expected Scandal to jump to top 3, past all the zaiii songs. hmph. but whatever the case noone else guessed it anyway plus the prize was only $40. ill win it next week and its $80! ;)

anyway, i realised my trends are quite close to actual chart results lehh. all my predictions are within plus minus 2 of the actual position! mebbe i start to get the feel of the charts le! (: haha. if my prediction is right, the top 3 of this week will stay as top 3 next week, just a shuffle in positions but ill predict next sat. chart predictions is fun! ;)

haha. and i guessed right. WANG BU LIAO is recommended in hot stuff. and omgg. jolin has a 4th hit? rahh. haha. dont want jolin to own the charts later yanzi cant get top! ):

anw i did get to listen to the charts after all cos i made my dad bring me to cut my hair earlier! and yes. i cut my hair and its super short now! but at least i dont have to keep brushing my hair away from the side of my ears. and i dont need to dry my hair, lol. hehhs. before that had roti prata as brekkie! yummm. todays a fun day so far. sundays are always fun cos charts are THE thing i look forward to every week.

consilio et animis
7/23/2006 03:37:00 PM

cant forget

omgg! i am in love with david tao's first hit! cant wait for the rest of the songs. arghh. but why why why must wait until aug 4! ): anw, the first hit is called wang bu liao which is actually a very old song, the one which goes "wang bu liao, wang bu liao...." haha. but i like his rendition. so hippp! (:

忘不了 忘不了
忘不了 你的好
忘不了 你的泪
忘不了 你的SMILE

i thk the song sounds more qin1 qie4 when he sings 忘不了 你的SMILE instead of 忘不了 你的笑 which the original artiste used. david tao rocks, paying attention to the smallest details of the song. as he said, this new album comes with less suprises but is more heartwarming. looking forward to his album! (:

wang bu liao. how can we ever forget david tao! (:

they MUST MUST play it dur hot stuff tomorrow! haha. speaking of tmr's charts, boohoo i think ill be missing it cos ill be cutting my hair. rly want to see how scandal owns the charts. haha. heres my prediction of top 10 tmr. shall see how close i get tmr. i predict top 10 songs last week will remain in top 10.

#1: jia zhuang
#2: scandal
#3: beautiful love
#4: yi ge xiang xia tian yi ge xiang qiu tian
#5: yuan lai
#6: sha sha de shui
#7: piao yang guo hai
#8: bu zhun ku
#9: hen xiang shuo
#10: on my way

quite fun predicting actually. i rmb last yr my bro + me + kai played the charts guessing game. can win money some more! :P

忘不了 你的SMILE

consilio et animis
7/22/2006 10:33:00 PM

condor hero

omgg. slept close to 12 hours! i fell asleep on my study desk last nite while reading (what else but) linear regression. Sxx Syy Szzzzzzzzz. sometime aftermy mum dragged me to bed (or i sleepwalked which is unlikely) cos i woke up at 8ish this morning in bed. haha. guess i was reeeally tired and conked out by linear regression. somehow i just hate linear regression. and estimation theory. ):

but now im super refreshed le and can bounce around like trudi~ (: (: shall attempt linear regression again! anw heres a recap of yest.

haha. i forgot to mention that i was self-proclaimed yang2 guo4 cos my right hand was maimed by matt and grace. so disgusting lohh the cuts are still there. :/ haha. then cheekeong heard about it yesterday and suggested for me to summon my diao1 xiong1 so that the whole class can BBQ the bird. ): no respect for my diao1 xiong1! tskk and he nv show respect to our pinkshorts frend too, keep joking about him! ): pinkshorts is very sadd lohh. hmm. but he will be joined by his friends in a few days' time!

aft sch was working out the eigen assignment qn with ms wang and found out that there was no ans to one of the questions. zzzz. -.-" then played cards with kenneth, matt, alvin and john. (: headed home for dinner and dumped 1/4 plate of food to my dad again.

which reminds me how i dumped away 1/4 plate of stew yest. but its not my fault k! let me tell u the HORRIFYING DISCOERY OF STALL 4:
Evidence: ordered beef stew yesterday which consisted rice, beef, potatoes and carrots. but i found MUSHROOM and shortly after, a chunk of CHICKEN inside. mushroom + chicken is part of the chicken stew recipe the day before for your info.


consilio et animis
7/22/2006 09:34:00 AM


brought trudi to school todayy! (: haha. trudi sure had great funnn, even though todayy was a rather boring day. got called like tons of times by rakuda. ): ): ):

hehhs. and the LT was chlorinated again dur our phy S session. ): ): ): and clp was going ever sooo slooowly.

todayy was sooo boring i rly dont know how to continue this blog entry le. im glad i brought trudi to liven up the dayy. trudis really tired and sleeping now.

consilio et animis
7/20/2006 10:21:00 PM

Ola Ola Hey

Ola Ola Hey! Ola Ola Hey! haha. listening to sweety's Ola Ola Hey noww. dint like it the first time round but now i like it le. hehhs. went to watch judo finals todayy. b4 that went kfc to lunch with est and was under the constant scrutiny of the 156 P. why cant he go and get a life? he was def grinning at me when i left the place. ):

we went 7-11 aft tt cos est said she saw poohs therre! the toys look abit old there. haha. but i saw this naughty looking pooh which reminded me of a naughtie pooh. :P too bad it wasnt in pink and the pink one looked innocently cute. the eeyore is cute too but then its super old i bet its one of the rejects from action city.

headed for yio chu kang stadium aft that with grace and kenneth. those 2 on people decided to go choa chu kang to support track first cos someone couldnt wait to see her *ahem*. when we reached yio chu kang we saw a 26th so we were following him hoping he would lead us to the competition venue. then behind us was another girl who was prolly following us too (thinking that we know the way?) and it was really funny cos the 26th was heading to a nearby food centre for lunch. :/ anw, the match was really exciting but i silently said ouch for the competitors each time they got squashed or thrown. and our girls managed to bring back the gold for RJC! (: yayyy! good job xinyu! (:

consilio et animis
7/19/2006 10:21:00 PM

friendly visitor

got back gp todayy! haha. first time my essay ever hit above 30 for a gp exam. i got 34 for my essay which is quite commendable. if not for a lousy starting paragraph i wld prolly have gotten more, coz all the red marks are credited to my starting paragraph. :/

gp was rather boring but at least we were entertained by our pink-shorts friend. haha. so sad he didn't get a table, only had a chair to sit on. no wonder he felt so left out and kept talking to est and i and then we got caught chatting with him. but hes a nice guy, really, altho i mistook him for a girl at first. haha. our pink-shorts friend is really a hungry ghost lohh. aft lesson he zoomed straight to the canteen without even waiting for us, no wonder matt and kenneth could not see him. matt is so bad lahh. go bully him and dumped a bag at where he is sitting.

sheenie! your choc chip cookies are brilliant! (:

argh. and chinghui just made me realise that ALL departments of the 26th students council have done something, except welfare department. i shall console myself that the welfare dept is preparing to launch something real big that would own ccad and commzd. (: yepp, thats it, a big bang from there pretty soon rites? :P

consilio et animis
7/18/2006 10:56:00 PM

Forever Album Review

yayy! after waiting for so long finally hav some news of SHE le! (: got to hear all the 5 new songs in the Forever album! (Note: The rest of the album is a compilation of their older songs) heres my review of the Forever album!

#1: 触电
Rating: 7/10
Didn't really like this song at first but after listening to it for a few times i sorta liked it. or mebbe my opinion was greatly changed when i heard jay chou composed this song. ;) but yeahh. i thk this song doesnt rly sound nice at first, but aft a while u realise its a really sweeet song. (:

#2: Ring Ring Ring
Rating: 4/10
Quite a crappy song and the tune sounds odd in my opinion. The points awarded for this song is because the song is very lively, fully reflecting the youth and energy of the members of SHE.

#3: 我们怎么了
Rating: 5/10
Another shu1 qing2 song but I just don't feel touched enough by the song. Feels quite normal liddat lohh.

#4: 紫藤花
Rating: 8/10
Wanted to give it a higher rating cos the tune is sooo nice. But after listening to it a few times I realised the starting tune is abit too familiar, in fact it is a rip-off of one or more of the songs I've heard. Very sure about that, just can't pinpoint to the exact song. :/ But nonetheless the song's still very nice overall and the chorus is great. (:

#5: Goodbye my Love
Rating: 2/10
This song really can fall asleep one lohh. No climax at all. Haha I know you are trying to say goodbye to your love but don't need to be sad until the song sounds so lifeless right. :/

overall id say it's not a particularly good album esp since there's a lack of songs featured (since this is a compilation album) plus these 5 songs will prolly be in their next album too so id not recommend buying this album.

consilio et animis
7/18/2006 10:50:00 PM

panda invasion

seeing lots of pandaren brewmasters around in school. haha. sorry i mean pandas. hehhs. they are sooo cute but rly sad that commzd made the first hit this yr! ): what happened to welfare? last yr we were the first to make our presence felt in the school lohh!

lots of math todayy. in fact it was math for the whole day except 1 hour of chem. haha. the life of fmaths students, but i LOVE it! haha. eigenvectors is so fun to do esp since i hav a graphic calculator so i can cheat and rack up lots of marks just like how my graphic calculator earned me 12 marks for the graph drawing qn during ct!

aft sch was math s. dint rly hav a good impression of the lecturer coz i hate lecturers who work out ans on the spot (fmaths students should catch this EXPLICIT clue as to who im talking about) but he impressed me with a much shorter method of how to do one of the questions so it cancels out. haha. normal math students taking math s should be eternally grateful that its chan doing the last lecture instead of.. *coughs*

sheenie! nudges. (: your cookies are great! and so chocolate-y! (: fishie looves them! (: haha hope u r alrightt? stay happy alwayys!

est! thanks for the sweater if not i would hav frozen to death! :/ and green fruitips own all the other colours. (:

anddd..... SCANDAL is 2nd on world boards! kangta and vanness have good potential they shouldnt break up! (: hope next week scandal will be first on both 933 and world charts! (: tho kai wouldnt be happy to see his ai qing fu xing lose its championship title. :P

consilio et animis
7/17/2006 10:37:00 PM

chart rants

ahh. i so hate to bump down the wan mei mv so u all faster watch! kai! im disappointed! no wan mei screenies on your blog? anw, of course to bump down wan mei mv, it must be something important! yepp, major updates on charts today!

guess what, SCANDAL jumped from 16th to 8th position today! and this is only the song's second week on the charts! i was so sadd lahh. coz up till position 11 still nv hear thought it drop out after 1 week, but omggg. it actually rose to 8th! my bro gave me the o_O look when i cheered after hearing the "what" (the first word of the song) from SCANDAL. ahhh. still cant believe the pro-ness of this song. but of course, it is pro.

but when i reached the 6th song i was not so happy le. coz JJ's yuan lai dropped, and it hasn't even made it to first yet! ): this is JJ's last hit must make it stay as long as possible! and yuan lai has the makings of a good song lohh!

i correctly guessed that kelly's on my way will drop today, but did not expect it to drop so muchh. ): guess kelly will nv get to clinch a first for her first album le. and one last sad thingg. joi's song dropped out of the charts, and her highest position was only 19! i KNEW that was a sucky song. rmb ranting about it a few entries ago...

but theres one more thing to celebrate! fan zhuan di qiu entered the charts today @ position 16! (: go pan wei bo! go kangta and vanness! (make it to top 3 next week?) go JJ! (fan3 tan2!)

heres a list of other songs which i hope to enter the charts:
- hebe tien + fei lun hai - zhi dui ni you gan jue
- fan wei qi - hei bai pei
- fan wei qi - wo men de ji nian ri
- FIR - fei xing bu luo

jiayouu jiayouu! (:

consilio et animis
7/16/2006 10:27:00 PM

Wan Mei MV!

Ladies and Gentlemen. WELCOME! (:

found out how to upload youtube mvs on my blog! now you can watch the mv! you are in for a visual treat! (:

consilio et animis
7/16/2006 09:41:00 AM

Wan Mei

haha. kai and i both like the wan mei mv! plus my bro too! haha. i like all the different zao4 xing2 of jolin in that mv lohh! so creative and it brings out the best in jolin! (:

heres my fav zao xing:

this picture just doesnt do justice to jolin in her black suit coz the legs part looks abit eek-ish but then in the mv u dont see her legs, u see the top half of the body so she looks veri sleek in this black suit.

now for my second fav zao xing:

ahhhh! the hair looks so brilliantly white and beautiful! and it looks soft and smooth too u just want to touch it! ahhhhhh! and she has a pretty white dress to match! looks pure, innocent and pretty!

and even if u dont watch the mv for jolin, the interior of the palace looks quite grand too! (: you just cant miss this mv! goes on to watch the mv over and over and over and over againnnn. (:

consilio et animis
7/15/2006 11:34:00 PM


went to the viva world cup event todayy. haha. phy dept so lousy got pwned. thanx to lian for the cookie and bubble tea treat. as i said i quite shuang, go there for slightly under 1 hr to pian4 chi1 pian4 he1. (: and thanx to est for the gummy sweets. rly saw lots and lots of my classmates there. quite surprised actually. and zhiyan always looks so paisehh when he sees me. had to go back for lunch so missed sin yong's magic performance. n he said he cannot perform magic before a performance coz it will be mentally draining. ): oh wells. i look forward to his teachers day performance! and of coz i can always tag him ard in sch to show me something interesting. :P

on my wayy back this mum was dragging a kid and asked me where the hall is then i was leading them to the hall then i randomly asked her wad she's here for coz i thot shes here for the viva world cup. then she said shes going to RI open house and i was like: omgg. haha. qu4 cuo4 di4 fang1 le! and led them to RI, although RI has no hall anymore. so its not my fault i mis-led them coz RI dint hav a hall! hehhs. RI was rly super busy lahh and i was practically walking in between cars on my way back. met a tour grp so i dropped the mum and kid with the tour grp. hehs. RI was so busy, met alot of my ex-teachers but they all super busy so dint get to chat with them.

oh yahh. there were alot of cute pandas @ council room! (:

consilio et animis
7/15/2006 05:00:00 PM


just came back from dinner treat by mrs dayna chia and ms kristine ong. feeling really full now BUT not fat (tskks at sheenie). the treat was @ hong kong street sumwhere in thomson. was quite full halfway so dint eat alottt towards the end. there was:
- hor fun with fish slices
- claypot tofu
- veggie
- fried prawns
- fish
- fried chicken
- sea coconut + longans
got home extremely tired and intended to sleep after a bath, but after a steaming hot bath i realised i couldnt fall asleep anymoreee! haha. the treat was superbbb, though i wonder how the junior-treat-senior treat for harmockers went.

consilio et animis
7/14/2006 10:38:00 PM

dying of boredom

quite a boring day todayy so dur fmaths lect we spiced up our dayy by competing sudoku puzzles. hehhs. think we got so excited that we were quite loudd. :/ had a gross quantum test todayy. haha. realised i was quite lucky to scrape thru quantum qn dur cts coz i was stumped on many questions. then was phys S, which began with clp shrieking. and then the entire LT was chlorinated so we were all choking. :/ came back home le then felt very sleepyy so slept 2 hrs aft dinner and woke up a while ago. and managed to catch FIR's new song on 933. sounds quite rock-ish but a bit of it reminds me of yanzi's zhong. thus concludes my reeeallly boring dayy.

consilio et animis
7/13/2006 10:25:00 PM

brokeback concerts

whats up with my fav local artistes and brokeback mountain? arghhh. first JJ and ah du had a short re-enactment of brokeback mountain @ JJ's concert. and now yanzi and jolin are having another re-enactment of brokeback mountain on yanzi's concert. RAHH. stop it lahh. its not funny lohh. :/

haha. heres the best bit. jolin wanted to be a guy in the re-enactment instead of having a "nv3 sheng1 ban3" of brokeback. but yanzi says jolin's "xiong1 tai4 da4" so she cant be a guy (wad's she suggesting about herself lahh) so in the end they settled with both acting as guys. i do not find this amusing at all. but at least jolin willing to shang3 lian2 and come to yanzi's concert lahh!

finally re-watched the whole of tuoqiang alr. wahh. the last few eps veri sad lahh. all the major relationship developments. haha. yingzi's love life bit not that exciting m i think sunnie + xiaosheng are a good match. oh yah cheng feng and san yuan are a very sweet couple its really sad to see san yuan cry. and its really amusing to watch the big shots in hong ying get weeded out one by one. one of them kana headshot. damn cool. (: okk. this show rly makes u sadistic haha. everythings perfect except the ending. just dont have too high hopes on the ending.

oh yeahh. materazzi finally admitted to insulting zidane. haha. anw if u missed that scene, you can always re-create many on your own! (: came across this funny site: http://widelec.org/zidane.html! go kick (i mean head) some butt. (:

consilio et animis
7/12/2006 10:11:00 PM

inspiring a shared vision

got back math, got back phy. got AAAB this time round which is an improvement from AABB in CT1. so if we follow this pattern then prelims will be AAAA? :P i wish. (: did estimation theory till like 5 before we had a talk by ms melissa lim. councillors r going thru an evaluation period now. just completed like 4 disgustingly long evaluation forms last night which was totally sleep inducing so i promptly fell asleep aft typing them.

okk. so at the end of the talk, guess what. we are presented with a task! and that is to create a portfolio of ourselves AND present to our parents on SCHOLARSHIP DAY. huge protests there. like OMG. protest #1: doing our portfolio. protest #2: presenting to our parents. protest #3: we are presenting to OTHER parents too. omgg. i can imagine going up and saying something cheesey and end it with: i would like to thank my mother, my father, my brother... ZZZ.

aft that we had 25A post mortem cum treat by mrs chia and mr koh. we had canadian pizza and SAKAE SUSHI! omgg. the squid was sooo nice. i looooved the sushi to bits. :P and got to try pepsi gold which everyone thought had alcohol content at first coz of the colour. after that still had ice cream and mochi. wahh. ate until super full lahh. then went home and dint feel like doing anything until my mum had to drag me to bathe.

hehhs. at this rate im REALLY going to get fat. this is only one treat. im going to get welfare treat this fri. then when mrs chia meets her mentees prolly a treat-talk session again? ;) but i realise i very you3 yuan2 with her. dept tcher i/c, mentor, tcher day comm i/c, 25A comm i/c. (:

oh yahh. rakuda is spending this week to do QUANTUM with us. -.-"

consilio et animis
7/11/2006 10:18:00 PM


in an unlikely collaboration, we have korean artiste kangta (安七炫) and (ex?)-f4 member vanness (吴建豪) releasing an album entitled Scandal. the korean album also has a chinese version. im currently addicted to the korean version of "scandal". and apparently theres a korean version of "yong qi" in this album too, if possible id want that too!

heres how the korean version of the album looks like:

and the chinese version of the album:

2 comments to make. one: dont you think the korean version of the album looks more scandalous, so its more appropriate? (: two: i like vanness' new image. the specs look great. in fact thats the perfect kind of specs i was looking for when i was chanigng my specs but too bad cannot find so my current specs is the closest i could get to something like this. ahhh! i want those specs! reaches into photo and attempts to grab those specs. ):

consilio et animis
7/09/2006 02:42:00 PM


last nite was the first 3am match that i was allowed to watch. (: hmm. i went to bed at 10 but i woke up at 12.30 and then couldnt sleep aft that. :/ anw, for last nite's match, the goalie was kahn who was just brilliant. klose was rather off last nite and i was hoping he could score one more to secure his golden shoe. hehhs. so germany won last nightt but i dint expect them to manage 3 goals. oh wells. so last nights game ended without a hat trick again. guess we wont see any hat tricks this world cup le. tonights match is almost impossible for a hat trick lahh.

oh yeahh. becoz so many of u havent seen xu chun mei before, i shall show u the grossness of that woman. but because i dont want to turn people away from my blog, i shall make the photo a clickie. so ull have to click this link if you REALLLY REALLY REALLLY want to puke. (:

watched Mr. Q MV last nightt. i totally agree with hongfei. chen guan xi was like molested by jolin lahh. she was seducing him and touching him all over. its how gross the mv. :/ now whenever i listen to Mr. Q ill remember those scenes. ):

got a mail yest from the Asian Pacific Children Convention. its amazing how they have endlessly sent mails to me from japan since the time i went there. i guess once u sign up as a junior ambassador it is a lifelong kind of thing. mebbe next time ill be a chaperon and bring a new batch of junior ambassadors to japan. (:

anw, they want me to write a note to support the bid for japan, to be precise, fukuoka (the city i went to) as the host for olympics 2016. just thought its weird whyy they need to ask someone out of japan to write to support japan's bid. any supporters of japan who wants japan to be the host of olympics 2016 can tell me what to write and i can help you fill it in!

of course ill still be writing on the card coz theres a section for the message to this year's participants of the APCC. really hope i can attend this event again, but then the only chance would be if i become a permanent ambassador next time or be a chaperon.

which reminds me my japanese host family has yet to reply to my last postcard which was slightly over one year ago. how saddd. ): if possible i want to visit them again next time. then maybe i can try out some of those recommendations on japan hour too. oh dearr. mouth is watering le. :P

fhm! rakuda means camel in japanese. hope it answers your question! (:
est are you trying to say im smart? (:

consilio et animis
7/09/2006 09:27:00 AM

E is for Evil

goshh just came online and got a huge surprise. apparently, while our group had been assigned a gp research task in the comp lab, evil est spammed my tag! tskk u should feel guilty because:
1. the other group members had to do extra work
2. you ruined a nice tagboard
3. your statement "pink sucks" is a blatant lie to yourself. :P

anw back to the highlights of todayy. aft sch i had lunch with my classmates and we were talking about the grossness of xu chun mei! :p aft that i was heading for home when i met jcho at RI. apparently she was with her golf club students. and she made them greet me a few times coz they dint greet me properly. so paisehh haha. :P then we chatted for like half an hr plus while they waited for their bus. realised i havent met jcho since march so we were just talking and talking and we happened to talk about weiling. apparently we've lost contact with her, even the chi dept isn't in contact with her. hmph. must be earning too much money at microsoft le then forgot about us. ;)

aft that went back home for a few hrs and then came back to RJ to do some leadership model evaluation. haha. collected the invest dvd and had a sudden urge to watch the RIPB campaign video where me and huanna were emcees and were introducing the campaigners. ok my mind works in weird ways. how i can link an invest dvd to a RIPB campaign video. haha. so i just dug it out and re-watched the movie. heres an interesting scene from the movie:

wonders if any RI guys remember the lameness of it all. (: ahh. it certainly brings back lots of memories of my crippled days. good old days. (:

oh yeahh. haha. some people would be delighted that pele predicted italy would win. i think pele's just DAMN amusing. (:

consilio et animis
7/07/2006 10:15:00 PM

Blatant discrimination

during civics we had to create a racist society and our group created a society that is 99.99% black and discriminatory against the pink race. here are some of the discriminatory measures of members of the pink race:

- are not allowed seats on buses
- have to wear cow bells for identification
- have to live within 5km radius from the rest
- are denied healthcare coz they are always in the pink of health

people who came up with this must be real evil. i mean arent we taught to live harmoniously? hmms. dint know people actually had such evil discriminatory thoughts. tskkk. :P plus pink is such a lovely colour i bet the creators of these measures have secret likings for pink too!

oh yeahh. we got dismissed 2 hours early coz rakuda wasnt in school todayy! haha. wayy to go! (:

consilio et animis
7/06/2006 10:38:00 PM

black n white

just sampled fan fan fan wei qi's new album and interestingly enough i noticed a song called: 黑白配 which is a colour combi i was just talking about a while ago. i think the lyrics are very nice although its a super short song (not even 3 min!)





i love the contrast of black and white in this song. and i think this line should be deliberate right. "也许永远不明". nice pun there dont u think! when i first thought of black and white i thought of the most common and boring things like lecture notes and zebra crossing. dint think of piano keys. and of coz day and night! i think fan fan fan wei qi's album is great! (: i love almost all the songgggs! (: i rate it 8 out of 10!

anw, i dont get my parents at all. they sayy i am not allowed to watch the matches coz i will be sleepie the next day and yet they stayed up to watch. i mean shouldnt they yi2 shen1 zuo4 ze2 abit? tskkk.

consilio et animis
7/05/2006 10:31:00 PM

lucky starrrrs

i really have to thank my lucky stars for my fmaths. scraped an A! omgg. unbelievable. 70 marks exactly. WOAH! and for once i got 9/10 for fmaths complex. is that even remotely possible? (: and mdm teng said onli 4-5 ppl out of the whole cohort solved the last part. haha. complex was really an achievement for me. though if they gave a summation question for complex i wld have died. (:

oh and a graphic calculator was really useful esp when they brought the maths C curve sketching to fmaths. i was like: wth? free marks? haha. really it saved me lots of time without which i prolly wouldnt have done so well.

cheekeong had to depress us with chem today. no As in our class at all. can u believe it. :/ haha. i am one of the lucky ones who got a B. my organic chem is mostly correct but my phys chem still need to brush up. (:

okkk. so i guess maybe i will have an improvement this time from the last common tests. probably can get AAAB if i dont screw up so much for phys.

oh and guess what? my parents' comments on my chem and fmaths.
chem: such a low B. room for improvement. -.-"
fmath: u are just lucky that u made it to A. more -.-" looks.

oh yes. OMGG. can u believe it. i got addicted to wang li hong's rendition of this super old song "long de chuan ren". arghh. what a song to get obsessed overr.

遥远的东方有一条江 它的名字就叫长江
遥远的东方有一条河 它的名字就叫黄河

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7/04/2006 10:19:00 PM

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