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nites out todayy. saddd. only half of our 12 day confinement period has passed. during this time, we finished our driving package, and rehearsed like mad for our change of command parade. i was part of the parade and had to practise drills the whole day long under the hot sun. and whenever our drills were not satisfactory, we had punishment in the form of "warm up" *coughs*

this week, we started to work on our physical abit more. felt really weak having not trained for a long time alr. almost died during live run. and my SOC was pathetic as usual. HAHA. i really need to do more running le. and i havent been training on my pullups regularly too. the following week will be more physical, followed by more gunnery. we started abit on gunnery today and we will continue our gunnery package for the nxt few weeks. wow. the weapons sure are heavy. or mebbe im just weak haha.

anw im chcking out jj's new album noww. bu liu lei de ji chang is one of my fav shu qing songs :D

consilio et animis
6/30/2007 09:58:00 PM


Just had a full week of driving! (: We made big progress in a week! We started from scratch - total newbies - and now we can already clear various obstacles including anti-armour obstacles and natural obstacles like gullies (:

Started with flat terrain on monday, with basic steering, reversing and directing lessons. Following which, we changed site to a more advance driving course from tues onwards, where we had to clear sharp bends, slopes, gullies, ditches, and even stop on slope. We also learnt to park our vehicle properly (: Being quite a n00b on tues, i acherli changed from D gear to reverse gear instead of low gear cos i was still unfamiliar to the gears and my instructor got down the vehicle and threw his helmet at me. zomg. my lip banged onto the tank and bled quite a bit. still hurts ): booooo

but as the days progressed, i gradually became more confident, and dared to hold on to the accelerator more (: hehhs. but the TRUE tank riding experience comes when u r in the gunner spot and the driver is speeding like crazy. hehhs. its really freaky to stand up there, knwing u can fly off if the driver doesnt drive well.

due to a lack of tanks, we had been detailed to practice on the vehicles, and so there was quite a bit of waiting time where we got to chat with each other and talk random rubbish. (: driving package was quite fun on the whole!

then on fri we had to break track and service our vehicle. thats the start of the sian part. summore monday hav to wash and maintain the vehicle. ): can spend the whole day cleaning lohhh. sadly, driving package is ending nxt week, and following which will be gunnery lessons which are a lot less fun. ): plus our sat and sun will be burned this following weekend. so im rly not looking fwd to this book in anymoree.

was pretty shocked by charts today. yanzi's gu ji gu ji dropped even b4 it clinched 1st position. it was 2nd last week. just this weeeeny bit closer ): hopefully it will make a graceful rebound nxt week ;)

consilio et animis
6/24/2007 04:38:00 PM

JUMP! (:

a really hair-raising week this week, with 2 near confinements! we had 2 theory tests, one on signals and one on driving and the passing mark is an omg-ishly high 80! i scored 83 for the 1st and 82 for the 2nd. *gasp*

we had our driving package this week. 1st we learnt all the preventive measures and the parts of the tank. and we learnt the overturning drill just in case our tank overturned. i really hope it will nv ever happen to my tank! it wont be a nice experience at all. then we learnt to put up and take down the swimming screen, which allows the tank to ford in water. and we also learnt to assemble and disassemble the tank tracks. still havent rly gotten used to the feeling of the black grease on my hands. its like eew-ishly oily and gross OK! and the tank coolant is slime coloured green. ack.

im so not looking forward to getting my hands all dirty in the near future. and of cos. theres the bit on crawling under tanks to fit some tool which allows the tank's wheel to be raised. its super freaky to crawl under the tank, and it will be super dirty too, if we do it outfield. ): outfield next week! at least we will get to drive the tank ard now.

the driving package had been rather boring thus far acherli, but at least the talking cock sessions with my bunk mates helped liven up the moods abit. most notably theres this guy called tzeyi who has a gay way of calling me chorkchork, is obsessed over this guy whom he INSISTS is a chinaman although he cant prove it, and has a crush on this certain girl in my class. *coughs* come to thk of it i havent posted this on my class blog ;)

besides our driving package, we had a little physical trg. we had an ippt category test, using a FULLY ELECTRONIC ippt test system. evrything is electronic, so no instructors were needed to record anything. they just hav to sit in 1 corner and @ the end of the test print out the results. quite cool huh. but it was freakie when we saw tt the system was acherli quite strict on pullups. some guy acherli had a few pullups rejected. but anw, i managed to keep my silver for ippt, so YAYYY (: there was also SOC which wasnt so yayy cos we ran without rifles and LBV and i was already panting like crazy. apparently the route is longer too ): BOOOO.

at the end of the week, i had my guard duty to "look forward" to. there was some mess up in the guard duty timings and we were told we were supposed to serve guard duty frm 8am on sat to 8am on sun, when we acherli onli had to start serving frm 12 noon on sat. so we spent 4 hrs doing nothing, slacking ard. tskk ): demands compensation. anw, i was so bored i was watching cartoons like batman, then changing channels to watch the campus superstars, who were rather mediocre compared to last week's. it rained rather heavily thruout our guard duty so thankfully the prowlers patrolling the campus dint hav to go out to do prowling alot (: which was good cos i could sleep more!

came back and had dumplings (: aft tt, stoned ard abit waiting for longhubang! yayy they played mayday's latest song today! and also tanya + zhang zhen yue's new song (odd combi of artistes). liked mayday's new song alot! its soooo energetic i loved it immediately and felt like JUMPing!

丢电脑 丢外套 丢掉背包 在丢唠叨
丢掉电视 丢电脑 丢掉大脑 再丢烦恼
冲啥大 冲啥小 冲啥都让人常烦恼
恨得多 爱的少
只想越跳越疯 越跳越高 把地球甩掉
一颗心扑通扑通地狂跳 一瞬间烦恼烦恼烦恼全忘掉
我再也不要 再也不要 委屈自己一秒
一颗心扑通扑通地狂跳 一瞬间烦恼烦恼烦恼全忘掉
我甩掉地球地球甩掉 只要越跳越高


consilio et animis
6/17/2007 07:08:00 PM

new camp (:

my first few days in my new armour camp (: quite unfortunately, im not a tank commander but an armour infantry instead ): means chiongsua life hasnt ended for me. as aforementioned, the camp is extremely ULU and the trip there is reeeeally long. after entering the gates of the camp, there is still a long walk before i can reach my bunk. zai4 ulu bu guo le.

armour seems quite okk at the moment, but we were promised late nights of tank cleaning later into our course. accomodation wise. the bunk is extremely small. like 1/2 the size of a sispec bunk, but accomodating the same no. of ppl. theres little walking space within the bunk ): theres also 1 toilet shared by 2 platoons so its back to the life of rushing for toilets again. the pillows are rly skimpy unlike the pillows in sispec. the room is super stuffy cos of a lack of fans and poor positioning of windows. and we live rite opp the female bunk so we have to close windows and doors b4 changing. oh yahh. my bunk is all the way on the 5th floor so i have to climb up and down everydayy.

in my bunk, i practically knw evry1 alr. like half of them are frm my BMT section. and half of the remainder r frm my SISPEC platoon. (: nice to see evryone again. on to the food over in armour camp. the food is tons better than sispec. seriously. my appetite has increased after the 1st 2 meals there alr :D the emart is also better stocked and looks more like a proper mart (:

and of cos, the highlight of unit camps is FRIDAY bookouts (: it rly feels good to have 2 FULL days to enjoyy out of camp.

heres an outline of the activities for the 1st 2 days:

for our 1st day, we had lots of administrative briefings. then we started our course proper on the 2nd day. it was a 3km run in the morning, which sorta warmed up my muscles after the long period of inactivity. then we began our 9hour worth of lectures on signals. OMG? cramping evry single thing insidee. it was the most intellectual activity i had engaged in ever since i entered army. and the bad thing is on mon, there will be a theory test. if i fail that ill get a weekend confinement. ohh. and i am suay enough to get rostered guard duty on the 1st weekend guard duty of the course, which is this coming sat ): boohoo. b4 we booked out on fri, we all received our black berets. cool rite. black's the nicest colour IMO ;)

took a look @ the course programme. looks fairly ok ba. except that twds the end of the course we will be going for an exercise in taiwan in the camp where the 2 NSFs had died earlier this yr. like omgg. and they told us not to worry -_-" and sheenie just pointed out tt ill prolly be flying off on sept 11 :o bad omens aside, i hope ill get to meet hebe :D

anw wo huai nian de dint manage to rebound in charts todayy, and continued crashing ): all the votes r channeled to gu ji gu ji. zhong guo hua managed to continue staying as 1st and wu yue tian made it to top 10. top 10 is looking good tdy (: and wang zi got into charts too :D hehhs. looking fwd to charts nxt week :D

把爱坠落 让满地鲜红 (: (: (:

consilio et animis
6/10/2007 08:31:00 PM


watched campus superstar on monday and dint hav time to type in my comments. ANW the judges this time round quite weird lehh.

firstly li qi yu. i noticed he always gives the highest score amongst the 3 judges AND sometimes his score is DAMN off the others. haha. rly lohh. frm the time i noticed, which was F5, all the way thru the guys, li qi yu gave the HIGHEST score. so once u c li qi yu's score, expect the other judges' ratings to be lower than tt. damn amusing.

nxt is ye liang jun. OMG. he looks DAMN nerdy with his specs and the way he carries himself. PLUS he keeps holding the notebook in his hand and shifting his specs while referring to it. OMG.

on to the contestants. hehhs. the most notable one must be shawn lahh. he looks so young and kiddish. like a boy liddat. yet his voice is so good and he sings so well. he must be the most popular male contestant amongst the lot lah. and he was the onli one who had girls to hug after the contest was over :P

the rest of the guys are generally quite well built or cool looking except one CMI one who has this dull expressionless face but surprisingly made it to the nxt round ): okk i thk im being quite mean but rly. if u want to sing. sing with abit more expression lahh. anw for guys im rooting for shawn (:

girls wise. i just realised my tutee is keely's OGL. wad a small world. hehhs and shes one of the prettier contestants ard (: not alot of pretty contestants this time, no diff frm last time LOL. at least no zhong xing girls :P

anw todays my dad's bday!


went out and had a yummilicious dinner. its sorta like a last meal before i go back into prison again tmr ): boohoo. i miss this whole week of carefree days. ): i hope armour camp will be nice. despite it being so ulu AND causing me to wake up at unearthly hours tmr. EARLY WAKEUP TIMES again. arghh. i so dont feel like going back liao. i thot i shd be used to this routine by now le :/

consilio et animis
6/06/2007 09:33:00 PM


someone reminded me to change my MSN nick yesterdayy. just realised that all the wu yue tians have flown by already. kinda miss my wu yue tian nickk. speaking of wu yue tian, mayday had their concert yesterdayyy! SOOOOO jealous that est got to go there ): it must have been a very high night. i could have JUMPed the whole night long lohh HAHA. or mebbe she jumped to try to get ah xin's attn :P

and surprisingly mayday's chong shang tian came up on charts todayy! :o it isnt a zhu da so its kinda surprising that it made it to the charts. yanzi did well todayy. although wo huai nian de dropped to 2nd, gu ji gu ji shot up to 5th so she has two top 5 songs. and wo huai nian de still has chance to rebound. get a 4 x champ next weeek (: then ill go crazieee. really.

haha. todays charts quite weird lah. cao ge's tian shi ji du de sheng huo suddenly came up. his album was how long ago le :/ and then sun ho's song rebounded ):

in the late afternoon, went out to times centrepoint to place my order for harry potter :D YAYYNESS. *feels super excited* after that shopped around the area. the word SALE is splashed evrywhere but the stuff on display all didnt really catch our interests. like nothing much to buy liddat. quite a boring trip ):

consilio et animis
6/03/2007 10:34:00 PM


thur was vesak day (: went to matt's house to play poker. met grace and matt at j8 and saw my cousin in pink. haha. kenneth came late AS USUAL. had lunch @ swensens. i ate my fave chicken baked rice. aft tt we all shared an EARTHQUAKE (: my lime flavour rocks lohh. we finished that first cos lime flavour is sooo nice. should have chosen 2 scoops of that :/

after the yummie lunch, we went to matt's house to start our game proper. my luck wasnt that good and i ended up having a small loss. kenneth was on a roll that day, winning like 170+ chips. and we all started with 200 chips. so he almost doubled his initial capital. with such a big winner, there must be a big loser :P grace lost 190 chips and was left with 10 chips right at the end of the game. that is, if i recall, even worse than what i was left with when i got trashed in my 1st game ;) *coughs*

had to end the game early cos our lousy coy wanted us to book in at 1900 for god knows what reason. the other companies all had to book in only at 2200 onwards. and golf coy got to book in at 2359. bleahh. thats juliet for u. and the pissing thing was, after we booked in, the instructors didnt know why we had to book in so early too and really had nothing much for us to do :/ so we were rotting away. bleahh. juliet had to play us out on our very last book in with this kind of lousy timing.

my platoon mates then made section 1 a gambling bunk. apparently they played through the night till like 4.45 thereabouts. and they were playing real money. at first the stakes were in single digits, but i found out the next day that the stakes went to hundreds after that. goshhh. the fun i missed out :/ anw i was just spectating cos i had a feeling i was down on luck that day (after the card game in the afternoon)

the nxt day was sispec anniversary day. was a really boring day. rotted away most of the time watching all the lousy games. they should just let us appreciate sispec in the comforts of our own homes u know. haha. and the CO smartly said this in the closing speech "i thought i came to the wrong place to work today, because the place is so full of life". just something for u all to laugh over.

consilio et animis
6/03/2007 10:20:00 PM

the last week

have been really laggy with my updates because i have been prepping materials for my tutee's CTs, as if i were taking his common test HAHA. havent event checked out all the blogs on my links for a long time. nvm, 1 thing at a time. i shall update in bits (:

ill start with the last few days of my BSLC course first. while other coys were having a relaxed last week, our coy had late nights up till the the very last day thanks to our lousy training programme and our inefficiency. we started with live firing, where echo company finished like 3 hours before us?

the weather really hates me, cos dark clouds started to gather just before i entered the live firing field, and it started raining heavily whilst i was doing my live firing in the open. kai warned me that i had the muddiest portion of the field and it was true lohh. ): after a hot morning, the mud had been baked dry but it HAD to rain after i entered the field. live firing was scary cos u are afraid the person next to u might accidentally misfire and kill u. cos u r dealing with loads of live rounds. i was a SAW gunner so i had the most rounds - 100. it was really fun to hold on the trigger and fire a spray of rounds (but of cos its the scariest weapon because u can spray).

back to the weather. we were cursing at the lousy weather and our luck. if we went in 1 detail earlier, we would have escaped the rain and would be under shelter in the training shed. nvm. i went back to the training shed all muddy and GUESS WHAT! 5 min later it stopped raining! ARGH. THE WEATHER HATES ME.

after the live firing (noone died so we dint get 3 days off to commemorate the person's death), we fired penflares which were like mini fireworks in the sky. was quite pretty but it was a pity we fired it in the day.

when we went back to our company line, hotel had a nights off. that was when we started cleaning our weapon. and guess what. when hotel came back from nights off, we were STILL cleaning arms. they must think we r crazy.

ok. the next day was prep for our 28km route march. dint get much sleep, which was veri diff frm wad we were promised. we started packing up and emptying our cupboards and sending stores and all. we then went for many many parade rehearsals. later in the evening we started our 28km route march. the first 20km was easy peasy for me. it was the last 8km that was really tough cos we had to go thru NTU a second time.

haha. basically the route was 1 round outside the camp, then to NTU, out of NTU to our field camp site, then return in the reverse direction. this route was repeated twice. the NTU part was the worst. i was very happy at first cos we get to walk on nice pavements. but the route was really screwed cos it had lots of really steep upslopes and downslopes. and when we were heading back there the 2nd time, all of us were filled with immense dread for the slopes.

when we completed 28km, we immediately marched back to camp, re-organised in a training shed beside the parade square for a new minutes then marched straight into the parade square for our graduation parade. it was a really tough parade cos we had our field packs on, rifles on and stuff. and we had to endure thru the whole parade AND stand in attention. everyone felt like dying cos of the weight on our shoulders. and we still had to listen to all the rubbish which the speaker was talking about HAHA. after that, we had to wait for our PCs to issue us our corporal ranks, one by one. and we all became full-fledged corporals (:

after that, we did area cleaning and tidied up the place (as usual, X was sleeping) and prepared to leave. unlike BMT, i felt totally nothing for juliet coy. cldnt wait to leave that coy. however, we had to wait for our posting order before we could leave thoughh. had a long wait and finally we got our posting orders. got posted to armour ): BLEAHHH that sucks. its either a 18 or 21 week long course boohoo :/ and it is one of the ulu-est camp in singapore. some of us got posted to the much coveted air force and medic units, but as usual, im not lucky enough. so ull hear me talk more about tanks over the next few weeks :/

consilio et animis
6/03/2007 09:58:00 PM

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