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omg la. my parents just pissed me off immensely today. ): wth lah. just kept scolding and nagging non stop. just because i screwed up the app form last time. then they decided to pick on me on alot of stuff. like forgetting to boil the water. forgetting to clear 2 rubber bands from the dinner table. (rolleyes) and not finishing with my packing.

anw spent a great part of today chionging death note. misamisa is so cute ans innocent!

here are some classic scenes

L goes bang. -_-"

L wondering if he is a pervert. LOL

I was laughing like crazy here. dunno why. anw light (the guy) is just using this girl and didnt rly expect her to say something like that ;) misa is so cute rite. loves her eyes even though they r shinigami eyes. (:

Anw L is my fave character. his weird ways and his love of sweet stuff. (: and of cos the fact tt he is a genius (: and his big eyes. still rmb how i was trying to act as L dur class chalet ;)

consilio et animis
11/30/2006 10:58:00 PM


the past few days had been rather busy. was out most of the time. faints with exhaustion and lack of sleep. but im not sleepy anymore now, so i shall try to talk abit about each day. (:


on sat, my parents decided that since they were free, they shld take me out to buy my prom dress. haha. but what they dint tell me was that they were settling some fixed deposit stuff at uob first. the wait seemed quite long so my parents suggested that i bring my bro to shop ard. went paragon and headed for (where else) toys r us first. haha. so sad they didnt have the dog biting toy so i cldnt play with my bro.

aft that shopped ard paragon and found some prom dresses tt i liked. aft tt, went taka and continued shopping around and saw wong chu lin. haha. went kino and koped an idea for my puzzle before heading back to meet my parents. by then, one and a half hr had passed and guess what? they werent ready.

we waited at the bank for half an hr and my dad realised the parking coupons were running out so he asked my bro and i to return to the car to update the coupons. once in the car, i was tired and decided to stay in there.

bad decision. we stayed inside there for over 2 hours and the weather was fricking hot i literally melted. we reached orchard @ 10.30 and by the time my parents came to the car, it was 2.45. OMFG! haha. oh anw just a side note, the orchard decor sux totally. it is still abit redeemable @ nite but in the day the gold is just so damn gaudy.

we went off to eat before we went funan to buy a router and returning to orchard to get my prom dress. of cos the suits i liked all got rejected and we started shopping down from paragon to robinsons. haha. we finally decided on a pierre cardin suit @ robinsons but i cldnt find a matching tie so ill hav to get it another time. anw, at that time it was 7.30 already!

we left orchard to go for dinner. that was when something horrible happened. my dad went to buy my mum and his food first. and placed 2 plates (of diff stuff) on the table before heading off to buy my bro's and my dinner. meanwhile, my mum picked one of the plates and started eating. and when my dad came back, he saw the uneaten plate and said: "this is meant for you." and swapped with my mum. and my mum complained and he flew into a rage and started threatening to slam the plate of rice into my mums face. OMG what was he thinking la. so dinner was quiet and scary.


chionged chorks challenge throughout the night and almost fainted of exhaustion. you might want to visit my challenge here: http://chork.sitesled.com/puzzles/index.htm. With the benefit of hindsight, i think it was a really bad idea chionging the puzzle then. shall elab later.

aft listening to long hu bang (where jing wu men got up on charts!), went to attend my uncles graduation ceremony and to congratulate him. haha. it was at victoria theatre and we bypassed both stamford raffles statues and of cos i took the opportunity to pose beside them with the dao raffles pose. :P

aft that was lots of phototaking and then i went to get treated by my cousin who got second highest for psle with a score of 280. hehhs. it was a seafood treat so the food was omg-ishly nice cos i love seafood. went back very full and stubbornly wanted to finish up with my puzzle. only started with the a-star scholarship application at 10pm so i was quite screwed.


slept for only 2 hrs before waking up to finish the 2 essay questions again. was really zombified by then and what i was typing didnt make sense but i didnt care la. i just wanted to finish it. intended to finish by 10.30 and go to meet up with my friends to buy stuff for chalet but at 10.30 i was still rushing my essay. big thanks to sheenie who came online to help me so i could get a mini nap. (:

at last, the forms were done by 12.30 and i rushed to pasir ris mrt station. OMG. the trip was so long and i realised i didnt bring alot of stuff, most importantly an umbrella. i realised that when i was heading west and it started pouring like mad.

we headed off to the chalet and kenneth told us we had to walk in to the chalet. OMG lah. it was raining like siao and by the time we reached the chalet my pants were all wet so it looked damn disgusting. and when we headed to check in, ggxx. the receptionist told us we were at the wrong costa sands. omg? there r 2 costa sands like 600m apart how the hell are we supposed to know which to go to? luckily we managed to catch a cab and cabbed to the right chalet.

at abt 6ish, 7 we went out to bbq. it just rained so our pits were freaking wet. thankfully i managed to find some nice person who gave us lots of newspapers. haha our first pit took ages to start up and some others decided to start a fire at the 2nd pit. aft tt some girls went to get help and we eventually managed to get 2 bbq pits working. (: the bbq food was great and there was this cat wandering about our pit area. then another cat joined in and they had some private moments of kissing which we were observing from a distance. aww. so cute.

was really sleepie due to the lack of sleep and decided to go back up to the chalet to sleep. slept for 20 min thereabouts before starting our nite session of cards, mahjong and video watching.


Watched death note till i really cldnt take it alr so i just slept. haha. subsequently the others also slept, except a bunch of guys who were still ps-ing till i woke up in the morning. wanted to go to the park to cycle but wth lah. it was raining all through morning and evry1 was so sian. just played nothing but cards.

went to the food court for lunch before going to take a look at wow wow wet. the water looked significantly cleaner than when i visited it the last time round. aft tt, we headed back to the chalet. by then there were quite few people left. played some more cards before evry1 was too sianified and we all decided to check out early. wondered if the UV stamp was still on my hand? hmm.

had a long trip back home. decided to go dinner with kenneth first @ toa payoh hub. then took 88 back and my mind was in a blank on the trip back. by the time i reached home, i took a much needed bath. didnt feel like sleeping though. so i went online to chck but i was just super stony. haha. watched abit of ep 2 of hua yang (finished watching this morning). haha. nan xue zhang is the coolest. followed by yu ci lang. the furr. omg. haha.

oh. my parents came back and the first thing they did was to scold me. wth lah. haha. first thing leh. nv see them for 2 days and tts the first thing they do. apparently they helped me chck thru my a-star app form and i made a lot of typos. for instance, for the bdays, i wrote my bday as Feb 2, my bros as Dec 12 etc. basically i wrote the day corresponding to the month. so got scolded by them lah. then felt super sian and decided to sleep early.

thus concluded my activity-filled past few days. (: photos are coming later if people rmb to upload on class photo album. *hint hint*

consilio et animis
11/29/2006 08:50:00 PM


yayy! (: freedom at last! and it ended on a good note! physics s was alot easier than expected! (: (: (: and i actually managed to answer every single question? OMG!

at last the ordeal is over and can go and enjoy le! (: whee ive so much stuff to do at the moment
- class chalet + prep for class chalet
- death note manga
- death note anime
- death note movie
- create a mega puzzle site
- watch hua yang shao nian shao nv
- comp!

whee. haha. okk im death note crazy nowww!

anw today aft the paper it was raining freaking heavily! wth lahh. haha. we bussed to j8 and ate there. food court was super crowded so i taught them a method to get seats: walk up to a seat and peer at the people eating. :P wahh later some ppl rly used tt trick on me.

aft lunch we were all set on going to vivo city and then hongfei realised she lost her wallet and went to look for it. thankfully she found back her wallet. haha. to thk i found her wallet like no less than 5 times in 2 years. she says she has a lucky wallet always can recover back de. :P

we went vivo and met matt and weijia and daniel. whee. then we headed to get tix and the girls made the guys queue for the tix. :/ hehs. the queue was damn long lahh and their bond showtimes were so screwed lah. so we settled for happy feet. aft tt we walked around the top level of vivo and it was quite a nice view except that u see this stupid snowman there. and also people tried pushing me down. hmph.

aft tt we headed down to the playground and tried playing but then there was a security guard there so we dint dare to fang4 si4. :P whee. aft tt matt and daniel went to arcade but zhaoyan and i dint hav change so poor him had to follow me to toys r us.

was crazy over all the cuties there haha. thk he was damn bored. haha. tried guessing the cars also but zhaoyan told me not to bother. oh and i saw the damn huge buttersworth which i was crazy overrrr. haha. turned out that its tail isnt as nice and silky as i thought. ): which was quite a disappointment. the eiffel lego tower and the esplanade towers were damn nice thoughh! and i got zhaoyan to play the dog biting game with me. haha. okk. basically u wont recognise me at toys r us lah. aft tt when we came out there was this hello kitty and dear daniel show! (: haha. ohh and there was this cute limited edition dear daniel i saw on papers. so shuai4 qi4 rite!

okk aft tt was happy feet! ok much as i wanted to watch casino royale, it turned out that i enjoyed happy feet alot! hehs. it has happy moments. exciting moments. sad moments. i love the amigo penguins lahh! they got attitude and speak like punks. :P whee. the only bad thing was the ending though. suddenly evrything just flashed by so quickly? haha. they should have made the leopard seal attack again lohh! more ci4 ji1!

ohh. anw vivo city the design is quite weird. haha. i was asking matt whyy the design all so curvy de. :/ hehs. and omg theres candy empire i can just feast on that place lahh. haha. so u see, even though i spent like 4-5 hrs there i havent rly visited 80% of the places there. hehs. i just headed for all the plushies and candies first ;)

yayy! todays such a fun day! and more fun days to come! life rocks!

consilio et animis
11/24/2006 10:57:00 PM



decided to break my hiatus for a day. WHEE! your blog entry should sound more like this lahhh! ;) right now it sounds like wen lan's zhu wo sheng ri kuai le. HAHA.

ehh, your big day lehh, sound more enthu can! must indulge yourself abit, ego abit, pretti-fy yourself abit, slack abit, pamper yourself abit, bounce around abit and eat abit of all the sinful stuff (: most importantly you must FEEL HAPPY! (: heh, im boosting your ego abit by dedicating an entry for you! (: (see, this entry only has pooh's pic, no eeyore!)

yayy welcome to the 18-year-old league. wo men dou lao le! ): but 18 means can go take highway code. hehh see who gets driving license first ;) is that a challenge? HAHA. (:

stay sweet and nice! but a little less sleepie and wonkie ;) whee. xi wang fan nao dou neng tong tong xiao shi! then everyday will be a bday! (: cc bounces over to type a hello to sheenie and wishes her an enjoyable birthdayy! (: trixie loads sheenie with lots of fresh flowers which she collected! (: and everyone gathers around and shout to sheenie the birthday girl:


best wishes! (:

consilio et animis
11/11/2006 01:50:00 PM

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