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Dance in joy

Gosh. spent 4 hours watching wisely dur the weekend. tskk. i need to like start mugging sats. ): but its quite funny lahh, esp how baoyu and honghong quarrel. :P its really interesting to watch the serial esp aft u hav read the stories. at least u wont be so anxious to find out how it all ends - u know the ending alr. though they really changed the storyline quite a bit. for instance, qiwei dint die, and bai su and wisely got married aft the first adventure.

and i thk the char chosen to act wisely is really inappropriate. i rmb watching a wisely movie on lan xue ren (blue blooded ppl) and the wisely was so much cooler and more wisely like. and this bai su wasnt as chio as the bai su in lan xue ren. in lan xue ren, it was shu qi who starred as bai su.

enuff of wisely rants. anw, was chatting with josie on our term and all the welfare projs (8 in total!) which we held is a remarkable feat to be proud of! at last, we managed to survive every single of the 8 projects amidst all our school work and function planning. the success of every project is really rewarding, and i really hope the 26ths can carry on our good work. jiayou! (:

finally, feeling really random, i shall give some recommendations for new cpop songs, together with excerpt of the lyrics and my rating of the song)

我要快乐 - 张惠妹 (10/10)
我并不是天生爱寂寞 却比任何人都多 就算把世界给我 我还是一无所有

都是你 - 光良 (7/10)
我望着天在心中默默念 下一秒你出现在眼前

Happy Birthday - 阿信 (8/10)

happy birthday 你就在我身边 和你吃苦一生 胜过天堂一天

Hurt so Bad - 张敬轩 (9/10)
baby i love you so much 你走了我的心在淌血

舞娘 - Jolin (releasing on may 12) (8/10)
白雪 夏夜 我不停歇 模糊了年岁 舞娘的喜悲没人看见

oh btw if u all dont know, jolin's releasing TWO ALBUMS in may, one with sony bmg and one with her new company so its a jolin VS jolin situation. cool huh! :P

consilio et animis
4/30/2006 10:37:00 PM

The 99 club

Just read this meaningful story and thought it would be nice to share to all u people who have been overworking. Remember that u too can also lead a happy life! (:


Once upon a time, there lived a King who, despite his luxurious lifestyle, was neither happy nor content.

One day, the King came upon a servant who was singing happily while he worked. This fascinated the King; why was he, the Supreme Ruler of the Land, unhappy and gloomy, while a lowly servant had so much joy in his heart?

The King asked the servant, “Why are you so happy?” The man replied, “Your Majesty, I am nothing but a servant, but my family and I don’t need too much – just a roof over our heads and warm food to fill our tummies.”

Later in the day, the King sought the advice of his most trusted advisor. After hearing the King’s woes and the servant’s story, the advisor said, “Your Majesty, I believe that the servant has not been made part of The 99 Club.”

“The 99 Club? And what exactly is that?” the King inquired. The advisor replied, “Your Majesty, to truly know what The 99 Club is, place 99 Gold coins in a bag and leave it at this
servant’s doorstep.”

When the servant saw the bag, he took it into his house. When he opened the bag, he let out a great shout of joy… so many gold coins!

He began to count them. After several counts, he was at last convinced that there were 99 coins. He wondered, “What could’ve happened to that last gold coin? Surely, no one would leave 99 coins!” He looked everywhere he could, but that final coin was elusive.

Finally, exhausted, he decided that he was going to have to work harder than ever to earn that gold coin and complete his collection. From that day, the servant’s life was changed. He was overworked, horribly grumpy, and castigated his family for not helping him make that 100th gold coin. He stopped singing while he worked.

Witnessing this drastic transformation, the King was puzzled. When he sought his advisor’s help, the advisor said, “Your Majesty, the servant has now officially joined The 99 Club.”

He continued, “The 99 Club is a name given to those people who have enough to be happy but are never contented, because they’re always yearning and striving for that extra 1 to round it out to 100!

We can be happy, even with very little in our lives, but the minute we’re given something bigger and better, we want even more! We lose our sleep, our happiness, we hurt the people around us; all these as a price for our growing needs and desires. That’s what joining The 99 Club is all about.”

consilio et animis
4/28/2006 11:12:00 PM

Destress detox delight

went for the destress civics elective and we learnt how to message todayy. haha. got messaged by yowie. its really quite shiok, haha. and aft that was trying out on some of my classmates. :P i hope i can properly destress after the 4 weeks' sessions lahh. life's like totally crazy now.


consilio et animis
4/27/2006 11:16:00 PM


fell asleep at 9 yesterday and refused to get up despite my mum's numerous attempts, so i dint blog yesterday. anyway was real sleeeeeepie yesterday particularly coz i havent managed to catch up with the lost hours of sleep during the camp. haha. i got punished dur math S and had some words written on my arm, and those words took numerous scrubbings to get rid of. tskkk.

todayy kenneth and i were discussing about our life for the next 2 weeks which would basically be totally crazy. harmonix is drawing near and we have like close to 20 hrs of pract a week (spread over 4 sessions). and we both have SATs coming up, which is like BEFORE harmonix. not to mention ive been missing mathssoc olympiad trainings which i really want to go for. missed fermat's coz of match support. ): speaking of match support, yeahh. theres still several matches coming up. so life is like totally insane, i just hope to pull thru these 2 weeks. aft that life will be nice and slack! (:

2 weeks. i hope i have all the strength to survive it. (:

anw, today afternoon i went back with lian and matt and as expected it started raining coz we were jinxed. *cough* being nice + i figured that the rain wouldnt get heavier, i decided to lend lian my umbrella coz he had to go and buy stuff, and he cursed me saying that the rain will get heavier, and it really started pouring when i reached my bus stop which was only 2 stops away, so i got really really wet. tskk lahh. hao xin mei hao bao. ):

consilio et animis
4/25/2006 10:35:00 PM

Council Camp

d Yay! The 3 day long council camp finally ended. It was really fun organising the camp, and getting to know the 26ths (especially my buddies) throughout the camp.

On fri aft, we had rugby match support and they owned SAJC 13-7. everyone's voices were quite dead after match support. we then headed over to have our dinner while the 26ths had their bags checked. they then went into the indoor gym to play some team games before going to sleep. was prepping buddy gifts that night and playing music in the council room before finally knocking out on the council room sofa.

next morning, woke up shivering coz it was like sooo cold. had a bad stomachache attack and after that the whole of the OPs room (even mrs chia) knew about my stomachache. haha. the final attack was so bad i took 6 flushes to flush everything down the toilet bowl. aft that was the much awaited 4 hour break for us. was catching up with my sleep, and then had lunch and aft that went to cover more clocks around the school with amanda. and the jap stall auntie's kids kept tagging along with her and she cldnt shake them off, haha. following that was lots of intensive activities to keep the new elects sufficiently challenged both mentally and physically.

later at night, chinghui and i decided to go and bathe and according to senthil he saw us coming in just when he was running out of the toilet and he dint warn us lahh. apparently, there was this cubicle which i used on day 1. and its now locked. and theres noone inside. chinghui and i were quite freaked but then since there were 2 of us it wasnt that bad. but neither of us dared to take a peep at the toilet. *shudders* went off to sleep and was woken up by shuyan early the next morning for the final activity. she was like the ultimate alarm clock lahh. everyone in the council room got awakened by her. u r damn good if u dun get woken up by her. and so, in a flash, the whole of council camp ended. personally, i feel that organising the camp was equally meaningful as being a participant.

aft that sammy came and a few of us had buddy lunch together at prata house where i got to satisfy my milo dinosaur craving! (: oh yeahh forgot to mention something suay happened to me. while the j1s had debrief a few of us went council room to nap. i slept on the council room table and when i woke up i found out that i cldnt turn my neck anymore lahh. it was really funny and frustrating at the same time. and amy kept tapping me at the back coz she found out i had to turn my whole body to find out who tapped me. tskk.

last but not least, i hope my buddies brian and weilin have rested well! (: so proud of u guys for pulling thru council camp! take care!

consilio et animis
4/23/2006 11:18:00 PM

Council camp ahead!

i wont be around this weekend coz ill be away on council camp! i guess it is a good time to let myself settle from all the crazy things that happened this week, get over the problems, and come back next week, recharged! (: really need this break, though once i come back i have to chiong all the undone tutorials, but still, it forces me to really really just have some free time to myself, to rest and to think. (:

and my buddy sammy just called and we chatted for very long over the phone. haha. hes in OCS (omg) and apparently hes in the same block as many councillors. wonders who ill be meeting next year. but i dont want to go to OCS. that will be like ggxx for me. haha. oh yeahh, sammy still sounds as blur as ever. :P

cant wait for council camp! here i come~

consilio et animis
4/20/2006 11:08:00 PM

Fishie and cute bears

Skipped PE again coz of my leg, but its recovering le, so thats good. glad that i skipped PE coz i had time to register for my civics module. found out to my horror that all the popular choices were all gone! ): ): ): thankfully as i was probably the only one on the site then (first lesson), the site was super fast, but dur our break it suddenly became super laggy and there was a mad rush to register for the civics module. signed up for mrs chia's destress, detox and delight coz i thought it wld be good for me to go relax abit. (:

haha... everyone say hi to my latest bear addition... meiji! (: meiji is this sweet bear that loves making people fat. realised that meiji actually looks like the RIPB bear i had. many points of similarity lahh, dun u agree? (btw meiji is the bear on the left)

sheenie! looks like we had a meiji trade today huhh? ;) meiji for meiji! (: thanx for meiji, ill make sure cheekiechorkie takes care of it! (: hope u liked YOUR meiji too! u lahh. foiled my plan. go and run and burn away all the fats. :/

aft that was prepping my buddies' buddy gifts. then found this super nice bear (whats with nice bears) paper to write on! hehhs. while prepping the buddy gifts i suddenly had a strong desire to chck out my buddy's gift last yr. realised its yet another cute bear!

anw, my buddies are brian and weilin (haha i rmb commenting on how her campaigning strips were in the GUY's toilet)! cant wait to see them tmr! BUDDY MEETING TMR MORNING!

oh dearr. but aft that will be spa. argh. which reminds me i havent began mugging. why must out last spa be the worst. :/

consilio et animis
4/19/2006 11:07:00 PM

Buddy Gift Shopping

Whee. went buddy gift shopping todayy! (: first went to buy my buddies some sugary sweeties for council camp! then shopped around for gifts during our first buddy meeting, which would be tomorrow! *gets excited*

finally settled on this cool metal photo frame! just in case u dint know, i love minimalistic stuff, so compared to photoframes with thick sides, i thk a metal photo frame is just plain cool. hope we'll have lotsa wonderful memories to put in the frame! (: oh btw the metal photo frame has 2 little chicks not without a reason. haha. chicken little here is the big chick and the other chick will be chicken little jr! (: mebbe my buddies can continue the chicken little line! :P

got our buddy book and post camp prezzies but just to keep it a surprise i shant post them here yet! (: really really really looking forward to seeing my buddies, and congrats to the 88 (if i counted correctly) new councillors who have made it into the 26th students council! (: this means that each councillor will be getting an average of 1.7 buddies! i rmbed commenting that to gautam, before chinghui and i locked him up. :P

consilio et animis
4/18/2006 08:57:00 PM


im rly sorry about it all. so sorry to make u cry. but im glad its all over.

consilio et animis
4/18/2006 08:52:00 PM

Mixed Feelings

ok. this entry is probably not going to make sense to many of u, but i just needed to blog anyway.

haha. my feelings now are... mixed. :/ to say i am not sad or hurt will be a blatant lie, but yet i am happy too. so now u get why ive mixed feelings. i guess i need a while for these mixed feelings to settle. and blogging will help a little. decided to express everything in terms of songs on my playlist for now.

乌云在我们心里刻下一块阴影 我聆听沉寂已久的心情
(枫, 周杰伦)

请别介意我会将信纸好好收著 当我需要你关怀的时候
(爱你不是两三天, 梁静茹)

无论你肯或不肯 我都选择等 等到你结束好久 探险的旅程
(隐形人, 孙燕姿)

原来从未忘记 melody脑海中的旋律转个不停
(Melody, 陶喆)

原来快乐从不曾离开 原来真心无可取代
(无可取代, SHE)

谁改变了我的世界 没有方向没有日夜 我看着天这一刻在想你 是否会对我一样思念
你曾说我们有一个梦 等到那天我们来实现 我望着天在心中默默念 下一秒你出现在眼前
(都是你, 光良)

每一封简讯传出的思念 都对你说 sarang hae-yo means i love you
(只对你说, 林俊杰)

yepp. and lastly, lets not forget our promise, and also, stay happy, always! (:

我们勾勾手 不准不快乐 就把舍不得 都丢进回忆的黑洞尘封
(勾勾手, 郭美美)

consilio et animis
4/17/2006 11:58:00 PM

Ballotting Day

Haha... finally ballotting day todayy! (: very soon we'll know who our buddies are! wheeee! Left chem lect halfway todayy to report for the ballotting @ the comp lab. was super sian inside there and decided to dl some JJ songs and play in the lab. :P

aft sch had first aid course and was used as a specimen, as promised. -__-" eew. amputation looks gross. i thk i shld be happy enuff that mine's just an abrasion! (:

consilio et animis
4/17/2006 10:16:00 PM

The end is near

went back to school for council meeting + council camp dry run. i realised our term is ending really soon. all the slogging we had done, all the things we have achieved. we have indeed come a long way, and ill save reflections till investiture. (:

hehhs. i rmb during our 25A dinner viz asked me: so what do u do now that you have no games proposals to update? and chinghui's reply was: he lost all his meaning in life. it was funny at that point in time, but i realised it might be truer than i thought it was. i guess in my council term ive been really very focussed with the tasks im given, to the extent of sometimes neglecting my friends, my classmates. and even when im working with other councillors, i tend to do as much as i can myself, and in so doing, lose out on opportunities to get to know my fellow councillors. in fact, my interactions with most of the councillors are on a work-basis more than a friend-basis. and now its all ending, all the stuff ive been working for have come to a closure. ive done the tasks which i had been given well, but at what cost? i really regret how ive executed the tasks which i had been given during my term, but theres no turning back already.

went thru lots of stuff during council camp dry run and council gm. cant wait to get our new shirts! and hopefully ill rmb the whole of council oath by council camp so we will not screw up in front of the 26ths. (: jiayou everyone who's trying to memorise it by heart. we did it last yr - we can do it again! (:

consilio et animis
4/15/2006 10:48:00 PM

Do Solemnly Promise

argh. feeling super vexed. attempted to do a sudoku, but realised either i lost all my sudoku solving skills, or i was in no mood to solve it. bleahh. and 933 is playing all the depressing songs too. ): hehhs. my table is all a disaster of half-dones. half done sudoku. half done tutorial. half read book. half mugged oath. :/

consilio et animis
4/15/2006 10:22:00 AM

Will the sun rise tomorrow?


just saw my bros philo qn. "What justifies us in believes that the sun will rise tomorrow?" roughly looked thru his paper and he argued it thru inductions and deductions. hmm... haha. looks like RI teachers like to set questions relating to the sun. before this he got a question: why does the sun rise from the east?

anw, updates on my leg. the pus and all have started to harden and now my leg feels useless coz i have to use my hand to push it before it can bend. rly. it cant bend on its own. argh. and when i bend it yellow stuff flows out. eeugh. im officially disgusted, and its rly frustrating to have to use my hand to move my leg. it feels as though im disabled or sthg. ): sometimes, i wonder how i managed to run that 6 rounds. this small feat still amazes me alot up till now.

will the sun rise tomorrow?

consilio et animis
4/14/2006 04:06:00 PM

The Pain Isn't Real

we learnt during gp today that everything that we can perceive using our senses are not real. the only thing that we are certain of is the uncertainty and the intangible. so everything around us is false. haha. philo is so abstract.

the wound was more a bother than i expected. pfft. everytime i bent my knee i had to do it in slow mo. and just now on my way back, i could not dash across the traffic light even though i had 12 whole seconds. (i usually can beat the light at 4 seconds) or rather, i knew i would not be able to make it and so, for safety purposes, i did not attempt to hobble across.

speaking of hobbling, yeahh, i have to hobble around school. how irritating is that. esp with so many stairs in school. i usually skip like 3 steps when i walk, now i have to walk 1 step at a time! arghh. i just hope my wound heals faster lehh. it is inconveniencing me more than i expected. (not to mention i feel so unglam)

thats not the worst. i now have difficulty putting on my socks and shoes, and putting on my pants. and heres the worst bit: i could not eat my fav sotong and prawns just now coz my parents say it would leave a scar on the wound after it heals. so i had to 眼睁睁 watch the prawns get finished, right in front of my eyes.

): the wound sucks. grrr.

thanx anw to limin who helped me get melolin which was much better than gauze. for one, it was not as painful (and i dint have to rip out skin) while removing the cover.

and to sweetiesheenie, even though u were so naughty during physics S lecture, i hope your stomach pains dun come back again! get well! (:

consilio et animis
4/13/2006 07:11:00 PM

Suay Day

Suay day todayy. haha. napfa went well for me until the run. at the start line, after the whistle was sounded, someone pushed me down and i fell on the track lahh. at that point in time i just knew it was a stinging pain but i attempted to finish my 6 rounds coz even if i fall out ill have to retake anyway.

so i attempted the run and i got an E. yikes. which means i have to retake. arghh. and thats not the best part. after the run it was the first time i saw my wound. omg. it was a super big wound lahh and it was bleeding quite badly. mr seah alcohol wiped the wound (which he claims to be shiok) and then put antiseptic.

aft that headed for match support. coz we took napfa, we missed the bus and had to cab down to CCAB. cabbed with koo and there wasnt a single taxi in sight and we had to walk all the way down to j8 before we managed to catch one. luckily we heard about the jam at braddell and asked the taxi to avoid that route, or else we will be stuck in a ggxx jam. oh just a random fact. a couple was like having a private date or sthg on the pretext of match support. tskk. skip sch alr, still dun come and support the sch. naughty naughty.

we finally reached CCAB for the polo match support. sighh. we missed the gold by 1 goal. the polo team members were all very sad lahh. its no wonder, coz we could have broken a record. argh. and so the championship title was lost to HCI. and we had to face the same sch @ softball in the afternoon. and the same councillors from HCI too. argh. but during softball match support it was quite hot and for some reason my wound hurt alot. ): and pus is still flowing and flowing and flowing... if onli i can put a plug for the pus to stop flowing. oh dearyyy.

thanx to wes for helping me clean my wound todayy, though the iodine was ever shioker than the alcohol wipe and of coz when i got back, my mums medicine was the shiokest. i jumped for that one. and thanx to all those who supplied me an endless supply of tissue. (:

consilio et animis
4/12/2006 10:19:00 PM

Of billycocks and refectories

2 strange board games have made their appearance in the council room and we don't even know who donated them. the strange thing about these board games is, the game pieces are all there, but the game rules have been mysteriously removed. koo and i decided to try one of the games called 'gizzajob', and we had to figure out a good portion of the rules lohh.

The game is quite fun. basically it is like a mix of game of life, trivia, and abit of monopoly (the chance cards). u start unemployed and are supposed to eventually get a golden handshake. hehhs. i thk my luck was veri good todayy coz i was earning loads of money. :P haha. and there were random trivia questions which u had to answer, and the easy questions were already very challenging lohh. like:

which country has guilder as its currency?
who invented the first petrol car?
where do you wear a billycock?
what do monks do at refectories?

These were amongst the few "easy" questions that stumped us. We realised that if we could answer all the questions inside, we would be damn shen. so mebbe we will start memorising the answers to the questions. haha. so interesting lohh, all these random trivia facts. and our fmaths tutor ms wang seems to know alot of trivia too, always dropping one or two interesting trivia facts to spice up the lesson.

oh yeahh. went out with parents and bro for dinner and saw this motorcycle beside our car which has a number plate: FV 7232 C and i wanted to comment that the motorcycle is very powerful but i think my bro will give me the -___-" look. i wonder if u ppl get the joke. if u dont, i guess ive been doing too much work liao.

lastly, the photo i took with xinhui yest! (thanx chinghui!)

consilio et animis
4/11/2006 10:30:00 PM

25A Comm Dinner @ Marche

went out with the 25A comm for comm celebratory dinner to celebrate our success for the opening ceremony and raffles trail. met @ city hall and dint see any1. thot i rmbed the place wrongly but realised i was just early. then aft that went to HMV while waiting for the other latecomers. listened to tomoro's album, which wasnt that good, and then went to check out the top selling chinese albums. omg. the superstars album is still top selling and weilian's album owned JJ's cao cao! ):

we then headed to marche for dinner. haha. gave rosti a miss todayy, and treated myself to roasted chicken leg plus a pizza. ahhh! black pepper pizzas are so nice! haha... evry1 was in a happy mood coz our event was a success! chatted loads and had quite a lot of fun and then... OMG! we saw xinhui!!!

eggy and i took this rare opportunity and went up to take a photo together with her! chinghui! must rmb to send the photos! (: aft that watched in amusement as guanghao and bryon fought over food, leaving eggy looking extremely horrified. stoned @ marche for quite a while before deciding to leave that place.

sum1 suggested going to esplanade to watch stars after that, but after walking ard suntec (saw this phony bottled PURE birds nest for $2), many of us wanted to go back and sleep so we gave esplanade and the beautiful stars a miss! ): awww.

twinkle twinkle little star, how i wonder how you are.

consilio et animis
4/10/2006 11:20:00 PM

Regular dose of screenies

Haha. now that blog's back in action, my screenie habit is back in action!

a scandalous person finally admitting that she is scandalous - a slip of tongue while ranting about her sweetheart.

thanx alot! (:

consilio et animis
4/10/2006 03:41:00 PM

New Blog, New Bag.

I've decided to move to blogger somewhat permanently. Haha. Realised that theres Blogger Tags, so knowing HTML alone dint work out, but still, after ONE day of playing around, i managed to come up with this rather decent blog template, dont u agree? (:

Haha. Realised that the colour of the blog is similar to my new bag colour (yes I persuaded my parents to change my previous bag after using it for only 1 week!), just like how my previous blog colour is the same as my bag colour! Oh yeahh! My new bag's huggable and pokable! Wheee! -pokes-

Still feeling quite proud of this new blog, though my previous entries are all killed. Nevertheless, if u have any comments, pls tag, esp if u notice any problems. I know its v12, but its the first time im using blogger! And thanx to kai for dropping me advice! (:

consilio et animis
4/10/2006 11:01:00 AM

Run with the Vision

and so its overrr. the event was a success, with a few hiccups here and there, but otherwise, im pleased. haha. not exactly super happy, but suitably happy. i must be super hard to please huh. ;) not unlike chinghui, my entrance into the 25A comm was rather unusual too. basically i was just sitting in the room, listening to wes and viz talk about the raffles trail and they realised they had let me in too much on the trail and bullied me to join the comm. and so that was how i entered the comm.

the months of planning was tiring, but i enjoyed it alot. i just love creating games, puzzles and these sort of stuff. its really fun u know, imagining how the participants will respond when they play your games. i love being a games i/c so much so that i can memorise how every single game is run, dont believe you can tell me. also, tell me your station location and i can tell you which game is played there. yepp. most importantly, coming up with the points system, the introduction of certain "chance" elements into the game, all these that might possibly induce unnecessary worrying and planning amongst the participants... they all delight me. (: really, i was amazed at the wonderful plans that some groups came up with, factoring in the details i have supplied them with: points for reaching, points for completing the task and most importantly the max number of teams that can reach a certain station. some of my friends who were participating in the race were all speculating how guailan my high-pointer tasks can get. weishern said im a super good secret keeper. thats of coz. all my friends participating in the trail had not been able to get a single tip-off from me. HAH.

alright. so after going thru all the dry runs, we got the final set of logs thanx to chinghui and lizhan. we packed all the logs nicely, so that the distribution of logs will be organized, but to our horror yesterday morning, we found that the locks for josie's station had been STOLEN. yes. GONE. ZILCH. they just disappeared like that. wah. imagine the heart attack. tskk. and to make matters worse, shops in j8 dint open until 11, which is 9 minutes after the teams flagged off. which means, bryon, who was sent to j8 to buy the locks, will not beat the teams to josie's station to deliver the replacement locks. thankfully the teams are not allowed to take cab, so bryon was able to cab down and beat the teams to SMU by a bit. that was really the greatest heart attack of the day.

at ard 8, i gave my final station master's briefing, distributed the police permits, and sent the station masters off, carrying their super heavy booth. :P then went to LT6 to give the participants their final briefing, and watched them come up with brilliant plans, much to my amusement. at slightly before 11, pm lee flagged off the teams, and the teams actually ran. was running after one team going to ghimmoh market. followed them there, and had lunch there. ate the BONELESS CHICKEN which i promised myself i would eat! (: wahh. thankfully i ordered at around 11.30. approx 15 min later, the queue started building up and by the time i finished eating, the queue was as long as that which we saw during dry run. went back outside to meet yowie the station master of that station. he was rotting @ that station, very obviously, coz this was one of the most not-worth-it station to go to.

at that point, i got a call from cedric. apparently the toa payoh station masters stationed themselves wrongly, and the first few times had lots of problems finding it. that was prolly the second hiccup of the day. hehhs. im so proud of my area2-ers! they dint give me a single problem! THANK U peeeps! after ghimmoh went back to old RJC to meet jonny and velda. it was drizzling alr, and by the time i reached the station, it started raining heavily. yikes. apparently this station was quite popular. to get to old RJC, you actually bypassed the ghimmoh market. so it was quite sad for yowie coz ppl took the bus, past his station, to come to jonny's station. reason was quite simple, coz jonny's station was worth a lot more points! haha but the teams were in for a surprise - SUDOKU! it was quite amusing to see one group filling in the wrong stuff. hehhs. but really, teams just came in one after another, huddling under the small little bus stop. yeahh. and all the teams came in drenched, coz they dint want to use umbrellas. was really impressed coz the participants just ran in the rain after hearing from us that the bus takes 20-30 minutes to arrive. the teams were basically just running from one station to another, and in the rain! the powers of ipod. hehhs. i was hoping for it to stop raining ASAP lohh, and thankfully the rain really stopped! (it dint rain for more than 20 min, at least at holland V!)

aft that shah and another female pe teacher came to pick me up and we drove to NUS, where darren's station was. the station was so far away and the task was worth so little points that no teams apart from the compulsory teams bothered to go there. which was quite expected. darren was so bored that he and the first aiders were playing hopscotch with pens. :P then darren decided to make shah play his station, which was animal charades. it was so funny to see shah crawling, roaring, doing all sorts of weird actions! we laughed till our stomachs ached! :P

shah and the female pe teacher then dropped me off @ buona vista MRT, but not before going on a joyride on the car. omg. she was like speeding like mad, it felt like riding in a race car! haha. i then decided to drop by raffles place MRT, and coincidentally charles decided to call me just when i hit his station. ooh. that station had reached the maximum number of teams! dint know it was so popular! bryon and eggy came shortly after and we headed back to RJC together to watch the teams come in. along the way we talked abit about the 25 A planning process and how i was forever bugging bryon and eggy for work so much so that they were frightened of me. :P oh wells. the bugging has finally ended, hehhs. so sorry to give u all so much stress! :P

when we reached the end point, a few times had checked in alr. went to tabulate the scorecards of the teams, and then went ahead with the prize presentation. congrats to the moor tarbet team who walked away the ipod videos, chalking up over 2K points (but was reduced to 1970 or so due to their late return). saw their impressive scorecard. omgg. they reached a grand total of 8 checkpoints in a matter of 4 hrs! still rmb how participants were arguing with me that they might be able to fill up the scorecard. (oh yes, and the canoeists claim they can go to all 24 checkpoints) hah. i confidently told them that it was not possible. (:

later, met up with the checkpoint masters that returned to sch. nat's station was the hottest station, as i expected. it maxed out super quickly, and apparently it was very chaotic coz many people came to that checkpoint. in case u all dont know, nat's station is the one which gave the highest number of task points, and the task was to write lines! they were given "RAFFLES JUNIOR COLLEGE 25TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS CUM OFFICIAL OPENING CEREMONY" in our 4 different national languages and they had to write that in each of the 4 languages a whooping 25 times! (: koo's station was rather popular too and thankfully there wasnt any explosion anymore thx to the reduction in ingredient quantities. any other station maxed out? josie's station dint max out, though i thot it wld max out too. teams had to break open a key lock and a combi lock there. :P

aft that was the final debrief and all the congratulatory messages. haha. and got a traumatising hug from guanghao coz eggy commented that i cannot be hugged or ill turn red. and bryon almost wanted to join in too! of coz i quickly siamed! walked to j8 to take bus home coz i was feeling lazy, and who shld i meet but the almost-forgotten 156 P. like why so qiao! mebbe he was in RJ the whole day, knowing that he wld get to meet lotsa RI and RJ guys. oh dearrr. and he still had that perpetual sick grin on his face, and he was standing right next to me! argh. and all the buses EXCEPT the buses that wld get me home arrived at the stop. finally my 88 came and i went home and had a nice long bath. mebbe i was just rejoicing over the success of the trail.

oh yahh. forgot to say. the campus superstar from RI was one of the raffles trail-ers, and aft prize giving, they invited him to go up stage to sing! he was so paiseh @ first lohh, so unlike what i wld expect of sum1 who readily sang in front of a panel of judges and crowds of thousands. but his voice was really good and i still support him! he sang jay's jian dan ai and zhou chuan xiong's nan ren hai yang, two of my old time faves. (:

yeahhh! and this marks the end of my last major council function! *jumps around in delight* glad that my council term ended on such a beautiful note! YIPPEE!

omg. i just typed 1670 words in one shot, right after i came back from sao mu-ing this morning and having breakfast with my relatives. hehhs. went to unpack my bag from yest (was too tired to unpack yest!) and realised i havent read the 2 thank u notes, which were supposed to be read BEFORE the event. haha. thanks to viz for her silver flower too! amanda's note had this pic which said: 1.21 gigawatts. haha. i wonder if it meant being a dian deng pao. :P


last but not least, HAPPY BDAY EST! (:

consilio et animis
4/09/2006 10:20:00 AM


4. (:

wahh. got drenched like totally on my way back coz the place outside rj was like flooded to half-shoe level deep? i looked really really sadcase by the time i reach home lahh. coz the wind kept blowing the rain into me, so my umbrella was useless. then my shoes and socks were drenched. and the rain was so bad that even with an umbrella my specs was totally wet. and my bag totally sucks in the wet weather. its waterproofing is like the rj shirt. for the first few mins ull see cute droplets on the bag, and after that, ggxx. rahhh. was feeling damn lousy lahh. coz i was like holding a bag of stuff with one hand and carrying my umbrella with another. yeahh. and my pe pants were totally wet lohh coz the rain SN1 attacked me. like the wind direction chg or sthg. i hate the freak storms these few days. i really really really really really really hope that we will get superb weather this sat.

haha. thankfully to save the day there was my good phys results and sheen's potato strips! i like that snack alot lohh, like ull nv get tired of snacking on it one. phys was rather boring so i blatantly snacked on the strips. :P thanx goes to sheen for being so nice (: (haha, is that going to make u hate my blog less? ;))

P.S. i regret giving my no. to a raffles trailer. ):


consilio et animis
4/04/2006 06:47:00 PM

Poor Little Fishie

whee. my bag's quite spottable now but unfortunately it gets dirty easily coz i dun take veri good care of my bag. whee. all the wonderful decor is up for opening ceremony, and with the big tentage and all, it feels like we r holding a wedding ceremony. haha. looks like things r all set for the arrival of the pm!

aft sch went to watch cheekeong own ppl in our class @ badminton. woahh. hes really very good lohh, sad to admit. but of coz he was no match for jiashun lahh. math S was rather boring today, coz its vectors. and the next math s session is complex! like my 2 hated topics. and it has to be taught by beethoven. -___-" aft that got bullied by a really mean girl, but as i told her, it was not the first time i was bullied by her. hah. posting this on the blog now so she cant 恶人先告状. started pouring torrentially aft that. goshh lohh. its like the sheltered linkways are totally useless and summore flooded lohh. lousy architects. tskk.

went for harmoc aft that. TRE and i agreed that jiaolian was on drugs todayy. he got excited very easily and was super on lohh. plus he made us close all the windows and doors and turn off all the fans coz he says the fans will disrupt the sound of the harmocs. so this large group of us were in a totally enclosed room and melting and all, and he was there making all sorts of weird gestures and getting excited and all. dont u think hes on drugs? :P

consilio et animis
4/03/2006 10:51:00 PM


just went to grandeur @ AMK and the design is damn nice although my parents wld think otherwise. u know frm all ur rooms u can see the houses opp u. haha. my parents were very scared coz its ez to fall over due to the low railings, which is true lahh. so alot of houses with kids look like prisons coz the parents barred it up. went there for my aunts housewarming and the buffet was damn good. started with pineapple rice with pork floss, followed by hai sheng, and then mushrooms with abalone, and steamed prawns, and fried fish and fried chicken. and dessert was almonds with longans. wahh. first time i took 2 helpings lehh. then played @ the playground with my cousins coz function rooms are so boring but the playground wasnt entertaining either, so we just bugged our parents to let us go back and watch campus superstar. congrats to zhiyang! oh yeahh. forgot to mention. i got a new bag that is the same colour as my blog. (

consilio et animis
4/02/2006 11:56:00 PM

Fishie Tootsie

haha. shall start the month with some ego stroking entry as promised so my blog will be more loved than hated. :P forgot to mention about sheen's incredible achievement of getting 45/50 for a gp essay! too bad its practice not the actual ct huh, but im still suitably impressed. maybe u just need to keep up with this good work and mebbe next week ull get this pleasant surprise for your gp essay. hehhs. u know, i havent gotten a gp essay higher than 36/50. maybe becoz she has a better command of the language. mebbe thats whyy she can come up with such creative and interesting names. NCFT. tskk. wheres the angel and nice? -pokes- happy le mahh? one para of ego stroking.

anw this morning was raffles trail briefing for the participants. wes, viz and i were very happy coz it went super well and we were super efficient. maybe thats what u get when u put fmaths students to run the show. managed to brief the participants and got them all excited. plus there are now new prizes! first is still ipod video, but second's a nano now. and third's canon powershot. fourths the palm and fifth and sixth are crumpler bags. thats what u get when u have rich people feeding u with the prize budget. really rich people im talking about.

aft that went to put up the mega banner with mr koh, wes and viz. the banner is damn fricking nice, except for the sponsor logos. anw ull be able to catch a glimpse of it on the parade square if the whole tentage and all isnt set up by mon. its just chio lahh, but it was a terror to hang up such a heavy banner, and we rly hope it holds till the end of next week. the worst thing that can happen is pm making his speech and the banner crashing beside him. then we were all like sticking our fingers thru the holes of the pac metal grill trying to tie down the banner to the holes and it was one of the few times i complained that i had large fingers. mr koh was complaining too. i thk our fingers were jammed a few times, hehhs. but it was one of the few times i enjoyed putting up a banner. aft tt was council camp briefing. ended quite late though, but the itinerary looks gr8! (:

yayy! 1 more week to go! (: psyche up~

consilio et animis
4/01/2006 11:50:00 PM

Rock 'n Roll

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